Chapter 107: Before summer vacation

Demon general Rona. Secret information and magic expert.

There was no error in that reputation.

Lime, Akua, Eris, Shiki, and Rona. These five people swiftly investigated the Academy’s inside and outside. There’s no knowing how much of her real skills in information gathering she showed, but it seems that she still showed pretty high skills, mostly in the bad side.

Except for Shiki, everyone else didn’t hold any animosity towards their first meeting with Rona, but at their last reports, the three of them were all hostile, no, it was more of disgust. I felt like I wanted to know, and at the same time didn’t.

Rona likes nabe as well, so it would be better if Shiki and her were to become nabe friends or something. The only one who treats her as a disease is Shiki.

“Fast doesn’t mean better”

“I learned that I prefer a useless one over scum”

“This discomfort… I will cleanse it with a banana”

“It was as usual. She was efficient, but truly coercive”

There wasn’t a single good evaluation. If one banana is enough to forgive all the intense emotions they have, I will happily give it to them.

Tricking, seducing, and also killing. It seems like it was literally a whatever-goes overbearing investigation. It was as if she didn’t care if it would be discovered.

Since the time Lime was in Tsige, he has been fitting into the town and obtaining information, listening to the talks of the information sellers who he is friends with. That’s most likely why he didn’t like the way Rona acts.

Akua and Eris who were taught the ways of information gathering by Lime, were also unable to sympathize with Rona and seemed like they were now respecting their current way of doing things.

It looks like Shiki used a reasonable amount of hypnosis, but he did use it in a considerate manner. Rona ignored after-effects and stealth, so it looks like it was no good with her. For her, after-effects on hyumans are not of her business after all. A complicated topic there. Her method is one that prioritizes efficiency, so it is correct in a sense.

That they were able to narrow the related party in just a few days certainly proves that she is efficient and capable. I can’t ignore that in my evaluation. We can’t have Eva-san living in the company for so long, so resolving this fast is honestly a big help. I also placed some caution in her little sister and had Shiki stick with her, but this also can’t stay like that forever.

However, from the related parties that were narrowed, one was arbitrarily killed. Just as the word says, so arbitrary and conspicuous. Thanks to that, the other one is also beginning to act weird. We haven’t confirmed any external contact yet, but we definitely must move fast.

To think that instead of a business rival, it would be a coworker sensei that I would be introducing my company’s behind the scenes attraction, the underground torture room. Really, out of my expectations.

Moreover, it is someone that I know and have related to. The one who has built up high trust in the staff room, Brait-sensei.

In the end, he went further than the limit time and continued to introduce students to my class. That’s why, even I who thought of him as dubious, began to think that he might actually be a good person. And yet, hearing this kind of report, I am scared of turning into a distrustful person. No, more like hyuman distrust.

A full-time teacher in an elite academy with lots of students. He doesn’t give the impression of being involved in an organization though.

In 2 weeks, the academy will enter summer vacation.

‘Isn’t this an academy that trains elites?’ is what I wanted to retort, but having heard of the existence of several otherworldlers in the past from Root, I am not really that surprised about the existence of a long time holiday.

Just that, there is knowledge that came from the otherworldlers in this world and yet there’s no guns. That must mean magic really does surpass gunfire. Well, it isn’t like I know everything about the otherworldlers that came to this world, so this is only mere speculation. It is true that I still don’t know the intentions of the empire.

Besides, even when there were several predecessors, it is surprising that there is no clear information of their existence. We three were the first ones that the Goddess summoned, so the others were just results of accidents and was not made public in this world. Instead of revealing that they are otherworldlers, they all decided that it would be better to just blend into this world and live like that, maybe? I think there is no few amount of people that faced the same kind of hardships I have because of their outward appearance. Also, it seems that the earthlings have a physical strength superior to those of hyumans, so maybe there were also people that were persecuted because of that. The several people that Root didn’t divulge their details were probably in the same situation as me.

People that became heroes, ones that became knights under a king, became absorbed in magic and tried to peek into its possibilities, ones that spread their names as adventurers, ones that were called crazy warriors and perished, and even people that passed their life researching baths (probably Japanese).

Everyone lived their life in their own way. But it seems that not a single one of them was able to return.

The talk of the world and so on of Root was mostly undecipherable for me. And even when I asked Tomoe, she didn’t understand it either. However, I did understand that the difficulty of the trip is high and that I will need to resolve myself before trying. I also have to keep in mind Asora, as well as Tomoe, Mio and Shiki, before testing it out.

No matter how capable my subordinates are, doesn’t mean that the master can do whatever he wants. Just like when one person in a family does whatever he wants, and somewhere along the way, discontent gathers and the family begins to warp. That’s why I have to compensate little by little for the parts of myself that are still lacking.

I have the objective of landing a hit on the Goddess, but in the meantime I have other things like the expansion of the Kuzunoha store, increasing the residents of Asora, and in the future, investigate the movements of the Empire. Now that I know of it, I want to stop their development of gunfire.

The first and foremost task is the forced summoning of the Goddess. This one comes first. It seems that Shiki is also pitching in to help on this subject, so I think this will be solved in time. Doesn’t seem like I will need to directly take part in it.

In the future, what’s most important is to get surplus. I just can’t help but feel like I am falling behind the others after all.

To be surrounded by outstanding people is a good thing. The current me feels like Liu Bei from the Three Kingdoms, not in a positive way. Liu Bei possesses power like that of a rook, however, he doesn’t have a sharp brain like Zhuge Liang. But it isn’t like Liu Bei used all the ability of his subordinates for himself. I don’t have as much virtue as him, but it is fine to just do my best in my own way to get stronger.

The first thing I have to learn is already decided. I am in a standpoint where I administrate Asora and the company. That’s why I have to learn the decision making and cautiousness in order to protect them. Fortunately, I don’t need to be adventurous, I just have to act steadily and the Kuzunoha Company will definitely grow. The intuition that a merchant should normally have when one obtains a store, I still haven’t gotten it yet. Because I have practically never had any problem related with the company after all. I shouldn’t be thinking about gaining more than what I have, but about how to crush the problems before it causes damages.

For example; this time’s case, if it were Tomoe, she would probably have Brait-sensei swim around for a while and bait a bigger fish. But we will be capturing him as soon as summer vacation begins, and have him spill out what he knows. Eva-san and Ruria’s safety are at stake here after all.

Judgment and cautiousness, in those points, at the negotiation I had with Rona I think I got a passing mark.

In the current case, after the report, Rona left the academy as if natural because she seems to have finished her business. And so the person called Karen Frost disappeared from the academy. My class will now have seven people, but well, that part is not important. She told me to handle the paperwork in the summer vacation and make it as if she dropped out. Rona intended to just write it as if she died, but thinking about the remaining students, I asked her to erase the part of her death. Rona didn’t seem to really care about it, and told me that she would follow what I write in the academy’s documents.

“There’s really no problem if it’s just that. In the Fusk kingdom I will have it treated as death though. If I don’t do that, there would be people that would grow suspicious after all. But since we have the chance, can you please give me a bit of your time?” (Rona)

With a way of speaking as if saying she doesn’t want any reward, she firmly places out an exchange condition. There are no demerits in just hearing her out, and things like seduction and half-assed drugs don’t work on me, so I nod at her proposal.

“In these few days I have been working together with your intelligence members, but you see, well, they are quite the pure people. They are capable, but they are not utilizing their skills to their best. I do think it is normally a necessary emotion and way of thinking, but in the intelligence world where your objective is to gather information in the deepest of waters, ethics and morals are just in the way. If you think about what’s best for your company, you should put underhanded methods as an option as well” (Rona)

“Thanks for the advice” (Makoto)

“Also, it seems it is true that you don’t make distinctions with demi-humans. Your clerks, intelligence members; there really was no person who was concerned about races. From the ones I have seen, you are the strongest of hyumans so far. If you so wish, I can even make it so you can directly meet with the demon lord-sama” (Rona)

“The demon lord-sama that makes the hearts of people tremble? I am happy to hear that offer. In a future, I definitely would want to” (Makoto)

“However, those two brown skinned demi-humans and your follower Shiki, they are existences that will bring you harm. This is a pure warning from me since I have taken a liking to you. Cut your ties as soon as you can” (Rona)

“Akua and Eris, and also Shiki? The three of them are being a big help to me though?” (Makoto)

What pure warning is she talking about? Does Rona want me to doubt my own friends?

“You may not know, but those two are Forest Onis, atrocious demi-humans. Because of their combat power, there were people that suggested inviting them to the demon army, but they are a race that hates working under someone. They splendidly cut us off. They probably slipped into Tsige and made contact with Kuzunoha Company, but they will someday definitely betray you. Also, Shiki. Just by being a male, Shiki must be a follower that you can trust, but he is being possessed. Seeing him together with the Forest Onis, I finally noticed it” (Rona)

“Forest Onis. And Shiki is being possessed?” (Makoto)

Ah, I see. It seems that she has noticed Shiki’s true identity and is having a weird misunderstanding.

“I don’t know his name, but he is a Lich that doesn’t follow hyumans nor demons. A Lich normally can’t possess someone, but he can do it. He is someone that can kidnap someone at whim and practice inhyuman experiments on them or impersonate them. The demons call him Larva. No matter if it’s the information network of Kuzunoha Company, I thought that it was just too strange to know so much information about me, but if it’s a person that has been possessed by Larva, the story changes. I have met him several times in the past, and there have been times where we have been enemies or allies. What I can say for certain is that he is someone that you can never believe in.  Seeing that you are so accepting of the demi-humans is something extremely fantastic in the eyes of us demons. That’s why, Raidou, be careful of them. If there’s a time when you need the help of us demons, contact us. If you use the aria that is written in this paper, you will be able to contact me directly. I will assist you” (Rona)

Saying that, Rona gives me a single paper. It is conscientiously decoded in a language easy for hyumans to read, and there was a peculiar thought transmission aria composed in it.

The moment I saw it, I was about to let out a voice of surprise, but I was somehow able to hold it in and receive it silently. When Rona saw me putting the paper in my pocket, she smiled satisfied and left the room. I probably won’t meet her at Academy Town anymore.

This thought transmission aria… might be the one Tomoe was searching for. If I have Tomoe, Mio and Shiki check it out, they might discover something.

I think Rona tried to make me have doubts of the Forest Onis and Shiki, and put the demon race in a favorable position. If that’s really the case, she is a scary individual I can’t lower my guard from. This time, because she misunderstood Shiki’s situation, there was no fear of me being led by her words. But depending on the situation, Rona’s words sound incredibly convincing in my ears. About the Forest Onis and Shiki, she mixed some real traits and truths, and warped the conversation in a direction that she wished. I need to stay cautious when talking to her if there’s a chance in the future.

In any case, my situation differs from that of full-time teachers, so I am not tied to the academy. That’s why, while thinking about how to pass my summer vacation, I checked the inventory of the store.


In the time soon to be summer vacation.

The academy was suddenly wrapped in a merry atmosphere. There will obviously be a lot of students that return home, but the students that have no classes now, will have free time.

Summer vacation. What should I do?

Those kind of conversations can be seen all over the place. It was the same for the modern Japan and in parallel world schools. Hanging out with friends, going on a trip, helping out the family, training their own skills. The way of passing the long time holidays for the students is important and it isn’t that different.

The nobles and merchants return to their households and participate in social gatherings. There are many occasions where they have already prepared a special event beforehand, and many return home. Of course, in this period, the noble’s dormitory and the advanced class dormitories get pretty busy.

However, there were two that were walking in the halls in a really calm manner. The other students and staff members are running around, and yet they were continuing their pace onto the library.

“At this time there are a lot of people returning so it is pretty hectic huh. This year we are fine though”

“Papa was crying right. ‘Why are you not returning immediately?!’ he said”

The ones exchanging words were the Rembrandt sisters that had just returned to school. They didn’t have any plans of returning to their homes in this summer vacation, and were able to take things calmly.

The girls were walking while doing a pretty normal conversation, but most of the students that were walking in the corridor like them, shrank their shoulders when they saw them. Their expressions were those of a scared small animal, as if waiting for an incredibly scary thing to pass through.

There’s a reason why the Rembrandt sisters are beautiful and were yet feared in this way.

Before returning from school, those sisters were the worst kind of students. In the required classes they attend when they wanted, and in the practical skills one, they crush anyone that they don’t like; on top of that, they flung their influence as an economic power. They possessed the same skills as scholarship students, so their bad nature stood out even more. If they have their eyes on you, you wouldn’t know what they would do. That’s how those two were. After all, there’s even rumors that said their father obtained the first-class noble’s dormitory admission by buying in gold a peerage from the Aion Kingdom, and in truth, they are in the noble’s dormitory. It can’t be helped that they think common sense won’t work.

After their return, it was as if completely different people were naming themselves in the same way. The girls showed sincere attitude at the classes, were welcomed by the teachers, and the students were bewildered. That is the current situation of the sisters. Well, there are many students that think they are people who have taken their shape, and many maintained their distance from them.

Those same girls were always thinking about how to repay their lifesaver and sensei Raidou, and actually, they have already repaid him in a time he didn’t know of.

It was something that happened a few days ago.

The student mob that came to confess to Raidou also shrunk back at the appearance of those two. But if Raidou didn’t dislike it and actually felt happy about being confessed by girls of age they would just be getting in the way, that’s why the sisters didn’t want to make a mistake and endured it. They have occasionally taken meals with Raidou and learned that he was troubled by their annoyance, and after knowing of his feelings about it, the two of them nodded and began moving.

Several of the students that confessed and got rejected, Sif and Yuno whispered this:

“If you are thinking of marrying him, it will be troublesome if you don’t get along with us as well. You have the resolve to do that right? Of course, we won’t forgive a single trace infidelity”

“If you want to marry Raidou-sama, you should be careful. If it’s a boring household, papa might crush it and make you servants. We should at least get our families know each other, right?”

The results were immense. The ones who said these words were not the graceful Sif or the cheerful Yuno, but the two who were clad by the same air as their reputation. That must have influenced the action of the students a lot.

That rumor didn’t spread to the public, but between the female students that were thinking about confessing to Raidou, it spread incredibly fast. Until now there had been no risks in confessing to Raidou, but now it had become dangerous in an instant.

The number of confessions to him decreased at a fast rate. Seeing the relieved face of Raidou, the sisters were simple mindedly happy about it. He himself thinks that this is because of people’s rumors, and hasn’t noticed that it is the work of the sisters.

And so now, Sif and Yuno were heading to the library exactly regarding Raidou.

Without getting lost in their promised destination, they continued on to the grand library and find a desk where a mass is gathered.

“So we were the last ones huh. Even though we are newcomers, sorry” (Sif)

“Next time we will come faster okay, senpais” (Yuno)

The two of them already knew that they would be gathered here and apologize. This is also something that one wouldn’t expect from their previous reputation, but for the members that have been together with the sisters in the same class, they have already gotten used to it and stood up from their seats to receive the two of them.

“Don’t worry, everyone just got here. Sorry for calling you out here”

The one who voiced out was Jin. The people here were seven in total. The students that are in Raidou’s class. Aside from Sif and Yuno, the others are scholarship students and this year they don’t have plans of going back home.

Today the seven of them were gathered like this, obviously because of Raidou’s class which they all share in common.

“I don’t mind. We are also worried after hearing of the next class after all” (Sif)

Yuno nods at Sif’s words. The lessons of Raidou were unexpectedly intense and if there’s a chance to prepare for them, it is not bad to take it, is how they think.

“In the next class, the chances are high that Sif and Yuno will be participating in the enjoyment lecture. The two of you are strong even when you have just recovered after all. You trained in Tsige to get back in form right? As expected”

While suggesting their seats, Amelia begins the talk. She proposed this gathering because of Raidou and Shiki’s hinting, and everyone agreed to it.

“Enjoyment lecture…”

Sif and Yuno make a wry smile. In those expressions, there was expectation and within it, undisguisable fear.

“A torture that goes by that name. Here, take this. This is the report we presented to Sensei. We didn’t even get half out of it. Because you know, that lizardman called blue lizard-kun wasn’t serious at all. It can be said that this was the obvious result”

“It must have been incredibly strong. To think that five together didn’t even measure up”

“Those lizards are all high level. In terms of physical strength we can’t even compare, and the magic arias are also short to a crazy extent. He avoids the arrows as if he could see the future”

The boy that uses a dagger to fight in close combat and inflict abnormal status spells, Daena, lifts both hands as he continues saying he has given up hope. In the gathered students here, he is the only married one.

“On top of that, he even uses his tail to fight in a characteristic way, and his weapon skills are top notch too. There’s practically no moment where our attacks landed properly. In present, we don’t have a choice but to do a combination attack with me, Jin and Daena, but…”

Calmly analyzing the situation is Misura who has a one handed sword just like Jin. He excels in support magic, and specializes in sword arts that uses self-defense as its core. Just like Jin, he is also a swordsman but his aimed style is quite different. If we place Jin’s sword as sharp and accurate, Misura’s one would be like a spiked shield.

“His elements are a combination of water and wind. I have never heard of such a lizardman though. And in fact, he has used both water and wind attack magic. There’s no signs of him using healing and support magic yet. There’s also the chance that it is because we haven’t cornered him up to that point”

The one who pointed his elements is the only person here who pursues magic, Izumo. He is a magician specialized in wind, but after taking Raidou’s class, he has been able to use several elements and has begun understanding the importance of it.

In essence, Raidou’s class’ objective is aimed for magicians, but the spells can be considered as a sub. This act is heavily different from the other magic teachers and the common sense that they have known of, but the number one reason is probably because even though Raidou himself is a magician, he has the body strength that surpasses by leaps and bounds that of a warrior. Izumo has taken several classes in other schools, but this is the first time he was told to form an aria while being attacked. Normally, one would put up a barrier and block the attacks while they complete the spell. Raidou also uses barriers. But he said that even though he is a magician, there are times when one uses shields and his body movements to nullify the attacks while forming his arias. He told Izumo to think of such a situation when training. The difficulty is high, but Raidou is actually able to do it. Moreover, he lowers the level to one that even Izumo can catch and shows them how to do it. Izumo had his pride hurt, and is currently desperately clinging onto the lectures.

Jin, Amelia, Daena, Misura, and Izumo.

The reason why they called the Rembrandt sisters was because they thought the sisters would also have to participate in the rematch against the blue lizard. For the sake of preparing a counter-measure, and also another objective.

“Water and wind. In that case, I can probably participate in the fight as firepower” (Sif)

“In a situation where there are three at the frontline, the bow might be best” (Yuno)

“Yeah, that’s what we first thought. But in that case, the rear guard would have to individually evade the attacks of the lizard-kun right? That’s why I thought that we should have Daena or Misura to the back and have them follow up on the magicians…”

The plan making of the seven continued earnestly. In the middle of their heated discussion, there were several teachers who stopped their feet and looked at that scene pleasantly. And while thinking ‘as expected of scholarship students, their motivation is on a different level’, they left the library.

That scenario played who knows how many times. Finally, the discussion of the seven turns silent.

“… Well, this much should be fine for now. Listen, at any rate, just don’t let the team be wiped out. Find out patterns where we can make direct hits with both weapons and magic. We will do it as if our life depends on it” (Jin)


Jin wraps it up and the six others agree. They must have made enough counter-measures for Raidou. Their faces were all satisfied.

“And so, it took time but, today we have another topic. Please listen well. It’s about the summer vacation…”

Close to evening, the meeting of the seven continued.

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