Chapter 106: The spider’s thread. Tomoe grieves.

I regretted it.

After only 5 minutes in, I already began regretting it a lot.

About the contents Root was talking and the explanation drawn out.

Because it was practically at an incomprehensible level already. Right now he is smoothly writing down a mathematical formula I can’t understand at all.

“That’s why, when people fall to this world, it is normally done in this manner…” (Root)

Root draws a circle on a part of what he wrote while continuing to explain on and on. Tomoe is p-probably still able to follow this. I want to believe that.

“And in the case when it synchronizes from A to D, the phenomenon called transfer happens between the worlds. In the cases where a God orchestrates this, there will first be a time division joint…” (Root)

Forever, it is truly continuing on for eternity. Now even the words I can understand are starting to become fuzzy. In the several parts like people, gods, and transfer; they probably still hold the same meaning that I know of.

“… And so, a discrepancy in the world’s times will be created and it will become extremely difficult. I think you already understand this part, but the time paradox created from the flow of time will originate an outbreak of energy, which is an incredibly important problem, but at the same time, the chances of this happening is low…” (Root)

I… What was I asking to begin with?


“And because of the stated reasons, the time passage of this world and the time passage of the original world of Makoto-kun are managed in a totally different manner. This is the reason why my first husband and Makoto-kun know about games and RPGs that have been recently introduced to your world, but…” (Root)

Root looks at me. I didn’t understand most of what he said, but I was able to stay conscious. Mission clear.

“So, in the case that I want to return to my original world, is there a chance of success?” (Makoto)

“… You, didn’t understand my explanation right?” (Root)

“The moment science and magic began mixing up, I wanted you to understand that there’s no way I could get it” (Makoto)

“Eh? Isn’t all this science talk? Ah, that’s right. Your original world doesn’t have the concept of magic in your science” (Root)

Concept of magic in science? It is such a contrary statement that I can’t even put my finger on it.

“Are there worlds where science is combined with magic?” (Makoto)

“Of course. Broadly speaking, this world also has magic and science mixed you know. But it has already been forgotten. In Makoto-kun’s world, just by being able to put out magic power from your body, you would be considered a psychic. In that case, things like warp, time streams, and also world dimensional navigation would be pretty difficult” (Root)

Instead of saying it is difficult, it is in the sci-fi reign already. I remember my physics teacher saying that warp needs an incredible amount of energy so it is impossible. Root also knows that kind of techniques? With magic you can move with teleport formations, so it is probably a part of his everyday life already. When I think about it calmly, it is pretty impressive stuff.

“Leaving aside magic and science for now… Tomoe probably understands, so I will have her resume it and explain it to me later” (Makoto)

“Waka, I honestly didn’t understand all” (Tomoe)

What?! Then there’s no way I can understand it. In the middle of it, I even though he was playing around with me.

“Should I explain it one more time, in an easier to understand way?” (Root)

“No, it will probably be the same. *I think the line I don’t understand is just several minutes late*. I can understand that it was incredibly advanced talk, so I would be happy if you were to answer my questions concisely” (Makoto) <Literal translation of this. わからなくなるラインが数分遅れるだけだと思う>

Well, he did say to listen to him till the end, but didn’t say I had to understand it, so there should be no danger of him attacking me, probably.

“… No helping it huh. Well, there’s only been two otherworldlers that have understood this talk after all. Okay. The question was if Makoto-kun can succeed in transferring to your previous world, right? The answer is: close to impossible” (Root)

So there were two. Even though it would probably take me an eternity to just understand 15 minutes or more of what he said.


Tomoe isn’t saying anything. So the answer to my question is: close to impossible, huh. That means, there’s a way.

“You are saying, there’s a method right?” (Makoto)

“N, it is a bit different. With Makoto-kun’s current magic power aggregate amount, transfer itself will practically succeed without doubt. The technique is child’s play, so just by studying it there’s no mistake. That I can guarantee” (Root)

Eh, isn’t he talking in a pretty positive way here? I have been doing archery frequently after all. I think my magic power has increased quite a bit. I still have problems with the amount I can use. I have been studying a decent amount in that aspect since I arrived at the academy though.

“Then why is it close to impossible?” (Makoto)

“To pinpoint the destination is crazy hard, moreover, there’s the high rate of randomness. Well, if you repeat the transfer a thousand times, you will probably be able to arrive at your original world. Just, there’s no way of knowing which time your original world will be in. The chances of returning to the Japan of your current era, optimistically thinking, is close to 1 in a billion” (Root)


“Is what I have been explaining to you since a while ago though. Well, if you go about increasing the number of times you can transfer in a single day while thoroughly putting in order the conditions, I think the success rate will be higher than what I mentioned. Regarding how much time it would take to get to that point, even I don’t know though” (Root)

The chances are not zero, but it is close to impossible. Is what he is trying to say huh.

“I see. In short, it is incredibly difficult. I have understood that it is not an objective I can pursue yet in my current state” (Makoto)

“Yeah. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to look around a bit more? I will make it so you can contact me anytime you want, so call me anytime you want a talking partner. If possible, when you are alone” (Root)

Today I learned that you can be both a genius and a pervert. I don’t think I will ever contact him(?) when I am alone.

Honestly, it would have been better to just think in an Urashima-way and ask him questions on my own. This tired me like crazy.

After Root’s words, a curtain of silence descends. Then in less than a few minutes, Root suddenly stood up.

“Well then, since I have already finished my greetings, I will be excusing myself tonight” (Root)

Tomoe sees Root out and leaves together with him from the room.

Ah, that’s right. If Shiki were here, it would have probably gotten through him. He is attached to the talks of world travelling after all.

It will be at a later time, but let’s have Tomoe tell Shiki what she understood of Root’s talk.

I cover the sleeping Mio with a blanket and silently leave the reception room.

Let’s think a bit in my room. About what I want to do.



“Ring. That’s right, I didn’t ask about the thought transmission jamming! I was pretty surprised about the Guild talk after all. Hah…” (Makoto)

Did he give me the slip, or is it that I just didn’t ask him.

Damn it…

I still have a long way to go.


On the way back from the Kuzunoha Company to the Adventurer Guild, Root and Tomoe were walking in line.

“You guys are pretty interesting. It may be because it is a relationship between someone that hasn’t stood in a high position before and people that have never stood below anyone though. It is quite the amusing master and servant relationship. A master that even when exchanging a ruling pact, he still thinks of them as family. A servant that acts as an elder of sorts, trying to guide her master; a servant that blindly obeys her master; and one that had to go through the trouble of putting a pile below and stand on tiptoes to barely reach the condition of ruling. Fufufu, not a single one of those have been in a slave relationship before. It is truly strange… and interesting” (Root)

Root’s mouth continues to talk. But the warmth in his voice when talking to Makoto is not there and it is more of an indifferent tone.
While saying it is amusing, there was no fun mixed in his tone. It was just like telling his results of an investigation, cold words of an observer.


Tomoe doesn’t show any special reaction and just followed on Root’s steps.

“What? If you want to ask something, go ahead” (Root)

“… So you noticed” (Tomoe)

“Of course. I was even thinking about talking with Makoto-kun the whole night you know. But your gaze was so annoying that I left didn’t I? In the first place, what was that about not understanding anything? Tomoe, you understood all. If that weren’t the case, I wouldn’t have explained till the end” (Root)

“Right. There are a number of things that… I want to ask no matter what” (Tomoe)

Tomoe’s tone was heavy and hard.

“You said that people are liars and deceivers, and yet, you were lying to your master as well didn’t you? Well, we are both dragon acquaintances, go ahead and ask me” (Root)

“Otherworldlers, humans that have come from the world of origin. As expected, they die in a hundred years or so?” (Tomoe)

“… Yeah, they do. Actually, it is unusual that they live till the hundreds. They seem to get longevity from magic, but even with that, the most they can live normally is somewhere around two hundred years, maybe. More than that… I don’t recommend it” (Root)

The last words of Root had the color of anguish in it.

“I see. So short. Really… short” (Tomoe)

Tomoe whispers the word short several times. It looked like she was trying to permeate herself with the reality she can’t accept.

“There’s nothing we can do about that. I have met with more than 10 humans in my life and have parted with them, but there’s no choice but to get used to it. Every single one of them is charming in their own way, and when I have to part with them, it is truly painful though” (Root)

Root’s eyes look at the distance. Most likely reminiscing.

“Root, you are a very old acquaintance of mine so I will endure the embarrassment and ask this-ja… Is it hard to bear? When Makoto-sama dies, will the world I see return to the dull colored one?” (Tomoe)

“Yeah, no doubt. When I lost my first partner, I was engulfed with an overwhelming sense of loss. To the point that, for a while, I couldn’t see the value of the world I held so important” (Root)

“For the current me, Makoto-sama is my everything-ja. To lose the time I have with him, I just can’t picture it” (Tomoe)

“Right, I understand you. I also think he is splendid. I didn’t think you would make a pact with a person, but honestly, I am jealous” (Root)

“You, don’t understand it. Makoto-sama’s gonna get scared” (Tomoe)

“How awful. Even though I was agreeing with you. And in truth, Makoto-kun is nice. It may be a rude way of saying it but, he is a jackpot. It is the first time that three humans come at the same time here, so the world will change greatly” (Root)

Root’s voice turns slightly lively. It looked like he couldn’t contain his happiness at having the world change because of the humans’ arrival. From his wry smile, he did a complete change into a cheerful expression.

“Change huh. Root, how did you know of Makoto-sama? If you said jackpot, does that mean you checked the other heroes as well?” (Tomoe)

Each word of Tomoe was emitted as if confirming Root. She probably doesn’t know if the change of the world will be positive for her or if she should carefully take counter-measures for it. This is the first time she has lived along a human, and this is the most time she has been in society. She didn’t know if she could be like Root, who has experienced many turning points in his life and has just accepted them, living his life with enjoyment.

“I learned of him, or more like, about you guys when you registered in Tsige. The 4 digit level you both had that has never happened before. I soon discovered the existence of a third otherworldler. I confirmed the information and sealed it. That’s why, when the names of Tomoe and Mio leave Tsige, they remain anonymous. I am truly grateful for you two. Because thanks to that, I was able to learn of Makoto-kun’s existence. It is okay to consider the information sealing as my gratitude. Not a human and yet, human; doesn’t have talent, and yet, surpasses talent; doesn’t worry when killing someone, and yet, when his family is hurt, his heart will suffer. Terribly opaque, vague, his thought patterns and decision making is that of a commoner; and yet, he is walking a completely different path from a commoner. There’s no otherworldler who I have felt so much interest in watching his progress at his side. It really… arouses me” (Root)

“Root, why are you so into Makoto-sama? I don’t think it is just because he is an otherworldler though…” (Tomoe)

“It may be a repeat of what you said but, otherworldlers die in about a hundred years. But you see, listen closely okay? We are unable to make babies with hyumans, however, if it is a human, we can” (Root)


“True, they do die. But they are able to leave the crystallization of their emotions in our bodies” (Root)

“No way. We live as individuals. In other words, we are separated from the world. No matter if you say they are humans, to be able to make children is just…” (Tomoe)

Tomoe’s words tremble in confusion.

“We can actually do it. I haven’t had a woman bear my child, but having a child with a male, I have. That’s why, I want to be loved by Makoto-kun as a male and female, and I want to love him in return. I want to live beside a human that is so interesting. It is to the point I even want a pact. Well, I do have the public image of a guild master, so I can’t stick to him all the time though” (Root)

“I… met the Empire’s hero. That thing also possessed excelling power you know?” (Tomoe)

“Ah, him huh. He is not bad either. In terms of how interesting they are, it would be: Makoto-kun, Empire, and Kingdom; in that order. In terms of danger it would be the same. The eyes of the Goddess to find heroes is as one would expect. Kingdom, Empire, Makoto-kun. She isn’t a god for nothing. Well, the empire’s hero probably won’t live long. He is completely entranced to his own position of being a hero, or more like, drunk at his own position as a special being. For the sake of protecting that, he would easily sacrifice anything. Counting himself. In reverse, the Kingdom’s hero has everything hidden inside her. To the point that it is not even interesting. That… will probably rule over the hyumans in a future. Naturally gathering people around her, naturally utilizing people; in that sense, she surpasses the millions. Truly a history engraving hero. I can predict the movements of those two to a certain extent you see. And regarding that, I don’t know what Makoto-kun will get into next, so it is pretty appealing” (Root)

Root gives a brief review of the two heroes. He indifferently talked about them, and there was no passion like the time he was talking with Makoto. What Root looks for in an otherworldler is unexpectedness and amusement, this attitude is proof of that. That he didn’t show himself to the one with properties of a ruler and the one that doesn’t flinch to sacrifice someone, but to Makoto-kun, supports that truth more.

“About the other kids, I have no other choice but to believe you, however, I see, because you can’t predict what will happen next huh… Hey, those two wish to return to their previous world? Just like how Makoto-sama wishes in a part of his heart. Do otherworldlers really… want to return?” (Tomoe)

“So next is that huh. As expected, everyone thinks the same way. The answer is no. From the otherworldlers I have met, only 3 actually tried to do it. 1 in every 3, is how I would divide it” (Root)

“1 in 3 huh. Not everyone right?” (Tomoe)

“By the way, the current two heroes don’t wish to return. The Limia hero has been in low spirits recently, but it seems that she got over it already. Seems like she has disposed of the few articles she had of her previous world. She has probably prepared herself to leave her mark in this world. The otherworldlers that think about returning in the beginning, by the time they get more deeply connected to this side, they normally continue their lives here. It is probably the ability to adapt that humans possess by nature. Ah, from the 3 that wanted to return, I don’t know if any of them was actually able to return. Just like I told Makoto-kun, in that group there were 2 that were able to understand what I said, so parting with them was regrettable” (Root)

“What do you think Makoto-sama will do? Being told about the possibility by you, do you think he will begin moving in order to return?” (Tomoe)

“If what I predict is correct, he… will probably not return. Just that, I still don’t much about him yet. Bluntly speaking, I don’t understand him. But instead of an adventure that follows a spider’s thread, I prefer the soft people like you guys” (Root)

“I also think that way. That softness is his strength and also his weak point. But, I don’t want him to lose that. It is not because I don’t want to resign myself to a ruling relationship, but simply because I want Makoto-sama to remain as he is” (Tomoe)

“What, so you do understand. Then you should be a bit kinder to Makoto-kun. Always showing your back that can do all things, isn’t that harsh for the current him? He has his own pace. Within the otherworldlers I have seen until now, he is quite the abnormal one. Especially that mind. At this rate, he will probably bring that magic power which surpasses Gods to his grave, but with just one trigger, it can flip everything” (Root)

Just a bit before reaching the Adventurer Guild. At that place, Root stops his feet and looks straight at Tomoe. In there, there was hope, grief and fear. A deep and complex light that mixed all those.

“Trigger?” (Tomoe)

“That’s right. Right now he is bound. Counting the softness that you pointed out not too long ago as well. But on top of that, he is still in his self who lived in the original world. The other two heroes have already separated the original world and their current world and have begun determining their own path. Well, it is not restricted to differentiating. With some sort of trigger, there’s the chance he will understand the importance of his own power. That magic power, that strength. Depending on the trigger, he might hold the key for a third choice. A choice that differs from if he will return or not that you are worrying about” (Root)

“Are you saying there’s a possibility other than return or not returning?” (Tomoe)

“Come and go. Being able to actually travel between worlds, in other words, a superhuman type of existence. The current Makoto-kun has enough magic power even for creation. And I wonder what kind of “trigger” will awaken it. I am looking forward to it. Just, it is better to not hurry his growth. I don’t know what method you used to stimulate it but, that amount of magic power increase is abnormal. Even from my eyes. If he pushes himself at that pace, there’s the chance that he might break. If that happens, I will be stepping in got it? The way to increase magic power capacity is information that hyumans would go crazy for, but I won’t forgive anyone that uses him as an experimental subject, uses him in such a boring way. Well then, see you again in a near future” (Root)

“… Trigger, huh. If I can avoid a future where Waka simply returns to his world, I…” (Tomoe)

Tomoe realizes that she has totally gotten dependent on the time together with Makoto. Strictly speaking, it wasn’t only to him. It was to Makoto, Mio, Shiki, the world of Asora, and their residents. Since the time she made a pact with him, Tomoe has left behind her body. It is a dependence to this comfortable time.

No matter what she does, it is fun. She is able to engross herself into a single thing. Everything was as Root said. The density of every single day is totally different. Tomoe didn’t want to think that this present will finish in just a hundred years like a festival. No, if it were a festival it would be better. If you wait, it would return again. But the time she passed with Makoto will never return. A once in a lifetime happening.

The more fun it gets, the more she fears of losing it. She never shows it outside, but that’s Tomoe’s anxiety. That one in a lifetime supreme bliss, if she were to make a child with Makoto, there’s a chance of prolonging it. Root seemed to be wishing it, but Tomoe’s wish seemed to be a bit different. Root has his own way of thinking, and she decided to not think too deeply on his words.

In truth, if Makoto truly desires to return and asks for Tomoe’s help, no matter if it is a ruling pact, she would still try to grant it for him. Her feelings of wanting to be of use for him are also her true feelings after all.

Now, the supreme dragon Root has pointed out a new choice. That is… a way for Makoto to stay as Makoto, and while granting his wish it will also grant Tomoe’s wish.


That one word resounds countless times in Tomoe’s heart as she returns.

“… Tomoe-san”

In the late night’s street, in the street where not a single resident can be seen, Tomoe reacts to that voice that came from herself and stops her feet.


“Did you see off that pervert-desu no?”

“… Yeah, that’s right-ja. Mio, what’s with that appearance? Having a blanket wrapped around you. Don’t tell me you really walked all the way here looking like that” (Tomoe)

“Yeah. Something wrong with that?” (Mio)

“Even if it’s night, I can’t say I admire that. We won’t be staying in this town long so I don’t care, but there will be strange rumors flowing about Waka you know?” (Tomoe)

“… It is fine to just promptly make the people that have seen it to forget-desu wa” (Mio)

For a bit, Mio considered the words of Tomoe about troubling Makoto, but in the end, she decided to stay wrapped and somehow deal with the witnesses. In the depressed face of Tomoe, a small smile returns.

“What a troubling fellow you are-ja no, fufu” (Tomoe)

“The same goes for you-desu wa” (Mio)

“N?” (Tomoe)

“Tomoe-san, even if it is you, if you lose your mind and try to do something to Waka-sama, I…” (Mio)

From the two footsteps, one stops. The feet of Mio that have been following Tomoe from a few ways back, have stopped.

“There’s no way that will happen. But maybe, if I truly were to lose my mind, please smack me and try to return me to my senses. I don’t mind if you are rough” (Tomoe)

“I will not hold back” (Mio)

“Got it. Hey, Mio… thanks” (Tomoe)


Without turning back, words of gratitude come out from her mouth. And then, an answer of silence. But the will of the two probably transmitted in some sort of way.

Until Tomoe and Mio returned, there were no more words exchanged between the two.

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