Chapter 101: Imperfect combustion

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Normally, Lime would have returned before the store’s opening to clean, but he has yet to come back.

Not only that, last night in the area where he was supposed to be, I found traces of a fight.

Even though Akua and Eris came back as if nothing happened. Could it be he was the only one that went to that dangerous place? But I didn’t receive such a report.

I confirmed Rona-san’s movements with Shiki, but it seems that last night there was no movements from her.

“Lime-san said that he would visit the merchant guild later and after that return here though” (Eris)

“There were no orders of killing enemies and the fight looks unnatural. That person would first run. And then tail it” (Akua)

I have never given such an order before, Akua. Also, I don’t have any intent to retort to your words anymore. It would be another story if they are thinking about doing war, but the Forest Onis are basically moving as an investigation corp. The site of the fight where Lime seems to have disappeared, is certainly on the way to the merchant guild where Lime and the two had separated. Even if he were suddenly attacked, he isn’t so weak as to be defeated so easily. He would clash blades while trying to run away, then tail the enemy and report to me. That person is capable of that.

In that case, it is hard to believe it but, there’s the possibility that it was an opponent that didn’t let him escape. Was there someone so capable that recently entered this land? If it’s the pattern where a merchant employed them exclusively, then it wouldn’t be strange that adventurers enter this town.

Leaving the store to the dwarfs, we were at the second floor gathered up. We can only stay like this when we have urgent business. We can’t have the dwarfs attending the store by themselves after all. I will have Akua and Eris return soon. In any case, if Lime was captured or defeated, then with the ability of these two, the chances of them being defeated as well is high.

I think it is better for Shiki and me to be the ones mobilizing.

That I can still stay calm even when Lime is in danger is, not because he is a hyuman and I don’t care, but because after seeing the remains of the battle site, Shiki said that he is probably alive. Of course, I don’t intend to just blindly believe that and search carefree. I intend to save him as fast as possible. Even if he didn’t die in the battle, it doesn’t mean that he is still okay. Just that, since he was kidnapped, it must mean that person has some sort of objective, so we should have time.

“Raidou-sama, it seems that we have probably been had” (Shiki)

“… There were no movements from Rona-san right?” (Makoto)

“Yeah. But this situation matches with the story I heard before about the thought transmission jamming and the ring that suppresses blessings. A strange flow of power. It seems like he wasn’t allowed to establish contact. This kind of technique, I think only demons can use it” (Shiki)

“Ah, that. So there are remains of it being used. There are a number of people who have infiltrated this lands aside from Rona-san and she used those hidden cards to pick a fight with us?” (Makoto)

“I think there’s that possibility. If it’s her, she would be able to do things like that while having a handshake” (Shiki)

“… Is there anything else that can tell us his location?” (Makoto)

“I have found the magic power of a person of interest. The Academy’s librarian, Eva. For some reason, the magic power of her was in the scene” (Shiki)

Eva-san. It is certainly a person I didn’t expect. That isn’t a place a librarian like her would be walking in the middle of the night.

We are somewhat acquainted. But since the time I met her, she has only shown me her front as a librarian and Ruria’s sister. In times it even feels unnatural. It looked like she was fond of rumors though.

I didn’t really feel any doubts of her. If there were any doubts, it would be when I first met her…

“Eva-san huh. I don’t think she would be able to catch Lime off guard, but if she was unrelated to the case and was killed because of her curiosity, then it would be pitiful” (Makoto)

In the first place, that girl who likes to silently read books, has a strange attachment to rumors. But those kind of girls were in my high school as well. The type that has her antenna up the whole time. The type that would definitely get dragged into something in time.

In the current state where we haven’t shown a single one of our cards, I honestly don’t feel like Rona-san would make a move though…

“As expected, it isn’t a situation where we can come to a conclusion yet. I also can’t help but think that this is the work of demons. Let’s have Akua and Eris return to the store while Raidou-sama and I try returning to the scene” (Shiki)

“… You are right. Let’s try going to the Academy’s abandoned section” (Makoto)

When Shiki proposed that idea, the phrase “scene hundred times” surfaced in my mind. Looking for traces of the culprit.

The place where Lime disappeared, is in a street that extended from the Academy grounds to the Merchant Guild. The section was originally unused and it was a street with almost no uses, so the popularity of it was practically nil.

But he was investigating the inside of the Academy grounds. The popular abandoned building that is no longer used. Correctly speaking, an area that has been scheduled for redevelopment and is prohibited the entry. If we are going to be investigating, that is the place to go to.

“For now, let’s begin from the actual spot. We might be able to find something new” (Makoto)

“Understood. In that case, Akua and Eris return to the store. We will probably be late, so if there’s any visitor, hear their business and tell them we will contact them at a later time” (Shiki)

“Have a safe trip”

Send off by the two employees, Shiki and I left to search for our disappeared comrade.


“… Are you okay, Ne-chan?”

“I don’t want to hear that from someone who just woke up. I am okay for now though”

“I am glad to hear that. And, can you please tell me the current situation?”

“I was planning on releasing you who was defeated by that person. But a different group came after and I was treated as a comrade of yours. And, that’s how it turned out like this. It is probably already morning. Unreported absence. Please give me a break”

“Ah, you were a librarian right? If I remember correctly, you said your name was Eva-san? Well, don’t get so worried about being absent from work once or twice”


“I-I messed up huh. To have been defeated, how pathetic. I don’t have my katana either. I can’t face Sis and Boss now”

“… Wait” (Eva)


“Why do you know my name? And even my job” (Eva)

“Ah. I am Lime Latte. An employee of Kuzunoha Company. You are an acquaintance of Raidou-sama right? In that case, I know at least your face. As an employee” (Lime)

While making a light self-introduction, my eyes finished grasping the surroundings. A prison. And judging from the confined air, this is underground. There’s a sour smell and I can feel the presence of small beings all around the place. There’s probably bugs crawling around. The persons in here are me and the librarian woman. This is the woman that Boss asked to investigate just in case. For now, I don’t have any definitive proofs, but based on my intuition, this woman is planning something. I also don’t know the reason why she was in such a place yesterday. It is at least not a route where people walk at night. She is trying to hide her uneasiness by maintaining a calm face, but she isn’t that composed. It seems like this woman is weak to bugs. And yet, she is just clearing her ears and even when she feels their presence, she isn’t distracted. I can’t see disgust either. I can tell that she is quite uneasy on the inside.

I check my whole body. The katana that was more important than my life and most of my equipment has been confiscated. Deciding that I should get them back at all cost, I confirm the equipment that is still fine. It seems like a number of items that the dwarf bros made for me are okay.

So they didn’t see it as dangerous huh. Or maybe they just considered them ornaments. But I can’t call the ones who took my equipment as ill-prepared. Even I wouldn’t find them dangerous in the past after all. The magic power is being concealed to the very limit and it isn’t like I was hiding them or anything.

The bangle in my right wrist. This is actually a weapon the dwarfs made. I voiced the small phrase that serves as a key.

A faint and inconspicuous light wraps around the bangle and my right arm. In an instant, weight is felt in my hand. A sword materialized in my right hand.

“?! That is?!” (Eva)

“Shh… Don’t talk so loud” (Lime)

I can understand her surprise. But I want her to at least think about the current situation. Right now, our interests should match. The interest of escaping from here that is.

“You, it is a lie that you are an employee right?” (Eva)

She must have felt something from my swinging gesture. The librarian looks at me with eyes of doubt. Yareyare, compared to that wicked man who captured Ne-san, I don’t amount to much though. My winning ratio against Mondo has begun looking better recently. After this incident is over, I must train myself again.

“Employees of my level are all around in Kuzunoha Company. Let me ask just in case but, Eva-san, you want to escape right?” (Lime)

N? Weird. She is wavering? What does that mean? Is it possible that this woman is related to the people that incarcerated me here? If it is an internal fight, then the story would be different but…

“… This place is the Academy’s abandoned section. The bunch that are making this as their base… are quite the organization” (Eva)

“Heh~, those words hold more strength than mere speculation. You, what are you trying to say?” (Lime)

“I mean that there are people inside the Academy cooperating as well. Even if I escape from here, I am just a mere librarian. The situation wouldn’t really change” (Eva)

Even though your life is most likely in danger, you really say quite the composed things. Well, it is certainly true that there are suspicious people roaming around inside the Rotsgard Academy. Internal cooperation is probably necessary after all. Well, from now on we will be making clear which ones are in that side. I will do that while I get my katana back.

“What you say is true. In just a few days later, they may catch you again” (Lime)

“Also, you were defeated by that person. And it was completely one sided even from my untrained eyes. Not only could you not defeat that person, you couldn’t even escape. Right?” (Eva)

You poke where it hurts. Certainly. I noticed that I couldn’t escape, so I clenched my teeth and fought, and was defeated. It wasn’t a half-baked strength that would let me say that I could beat that person if I fight next time. Just like when I was defeated by Sis and Boss, I felt despair.

That brat was a bit older than Boss. Probably the same age as Shiki-san? But having so much power, that person should be famous, and yet, I haven’t heard anything about this.

“Just like you say, if that thing is there, it is over. But relax. That person is not here. I have also played some cards of my own. My actions stem from a possibility of success” (Lime)

I am not someone that just gets defeated and lets it go. If there’s something I can currently do, I will struggle. That’s something the present me has decided. Currently, that bastard is not around this area. To get into action, this situation is convenient.

“Even if I believe in that, it doesn’t mean the danger I carry will change. If you are telling me you will save me from here, I wish you could take the trouble of sweeping out the guys that are making the Academy their nest as well” (Eva)

She makes quite the unlikable eyes. Eyes as if appraising you. I can’t help but think that this librarian Eva has too many discrepancies. Is this her real self? In that case, to be in a place where so many people gather… She at least doesn’t give me the impression of a librarian. This woman, is she hiding her position as a noble, or is she a fallen noble? Somewhere around these two options maybe?

In that case, her name is probably fake as well. Boss really has a troublesome acquaintance. This kind of things are what Tomoe-nesan likes, so taking care of it immediately might be a bad idea. She is also an acquaintance of Boss, so it makes it even more complicated.

“Take the trouble huh. Well, I do plan on showing them my gratitude. What merits are there to go to such lengths?” (Lime)

Even if I have quit being an adventurer, I don’t like doing things for free. Right now I am someone that’s working under a company. If I am going to do work, I should get a reward or in the future it will become troublesome.

“… If your background is truly that of a personnel of Kuzunoha Company, I can provide beneficial information for your master. And if you really crush the organization that is extending its hand to the Academy…” (Eva)

This organization huh. This woman, she definitely knows something about this bunch. Boss would get angry, so I will probably have to ask Shiki-san to peek inside her head a bit in secret. I don’t know her connection, but I can see that she knows enough to fear them.

This is definitely the bunch Boss asked to investigate. There’s no way a simple librarian would know about such an inhyuman bunch. Eva huh. At this rate, it feels like I will have to investigate in detail her little sister Ruria as well.

But in this situation, I can’t just carelessly refuse and create enemies that might get me from the back.

“… Extending its hand to the Academy, and?” (Lime)

“I promise you an enormous reward” (Eva)

How fishy. Seriously. In my times as adventurer, those words are what I doubted the most.

“Understood. Let’s talk about the merits at a later time. I guarantee your safety. I will have you come with me to Boss’s place. But before that, you will probably be seeing displeasing things, so you are obviously prepared right?” (Lime)

“No problem” (Eva)

Then, let’s finish this in one beat and return to report to Boss. Geez, having that brat seal thought transmission is so inconvenient.

Okay. I can still use spells, and I also have a weapon. To defeat the bunch that is here, this is good enough.

Boss told me to put the report as top priority, and depending on what I see from now on, I might not be able to restrain myself. No, saying it clearly, I probably can’t. Thinking that way, it might have been good that I can’t use thought transmission.

First, the katana. How dare they take away my comrade which I received from Sis. I already have a grasp of the location. This is a weapon that I had them endow with an ability, so I can also accomplish such feat. Weapons with abilities endowed to them are incredibly expensive depending on the quality. Maybe there was some convincing from Sis and Boss with the dwarf bros, but they replicated my request practically exactly. How dare they put their dirty hands on my partner.

That’s why, I wonder what kind of equipment is the one they are creating for Boss, that even those guys are having trouble making.

A brand new grid metal door that doesn’t match the old atmosphere this place gives, stands in our way. I use the sword in my hand and cut it to pieces. It wasn’t difficult. It is just that the weapon is so good that I can even do things like this.

With one other person accompanying me, I began the counter-attack.


What… happened here?

Shiki and I were perplexed in the place that’s supposed to be the place of the incident.

Because there was a blatant trace that was not there when we investigated before.

Also, this feeling, it is the same as what I felt with Tomoe and Lancer.

“Raidou-sama. This trace continues to where the abandoned section is” (Shiki)

“This wasn’t here before, right?” (Makoto)

“Yes. Also, this trace, I can feel the presence of a dragon” (Shiki)

So it really was that. When talking about dragons, Tomoe and Lancer do come to mind.

It isn’t like Tomoe can’t contact me so, is it Lancer? If it is him, it wouldn’t be strange for Lime to lose.

A rematch with Sofia? Don’t joke around. I still don’t want to fight her. I don’t want to meet her either. Anyways, those two don’t even listen to words.

There’s Shiki here so since I already know some of the cards they can play, I think I can provide a decent fight compared to before. But if we are going to fight, I want the prospects to be in our favor. I want to avoid fights that I don’t know the result of.

“This looks like it has been concealed at least, but it’s like that person didn’t even try that hard” (Makoto)

“It’s most likely a trap. It’s just that if it’s a dragon, the connection with the demons might have thinned a bit. There’s should be no dragon close to Rona” (Shiki)

“There’s the chance it is Lancer. They seem to be in the demons side” (Makoto)

“That Lancer who was accompanying the Dragon Killer huh. Fumu. Then there’s no need to hesitate. Raidou-sama, let’s go” (Shiki)

“Hah?!” (Makoto)

No no, hesitate! If even Shiki becomes a battle junky, my stomach won’t hold out from the stress you know?!

“If this path leads to Lancer and the Dragon Killer, isn’t that a nice chance? I will have them repent while dying, for spilling my master’s blood” (Shiki)

“S-Shiki…” (Makoto)

“Fukukuku that Lime. He really does do a good job. Normally, it is custom to call Tomoe-dono and Mio-dono, but in this emergency situation, we can make the excuse that we had no choice. I don’t care about Dragon Killer or Sword Saint, whatever. To think that the chance would come for me… Nice, how nice. Excellent” (Shiki)

I thought that Shiki was the most composed one when listening to that story, but it seems that he was just silently holding it in. S-Scary.

His eyes were like those he had when I first met him. In those red eyes I felt more madness than before. That he is laughing weakly makes the image even more intense.

“Oi, those guys are really strong. Are you listening Shiki?” (Makoto)

“… Of course. That means I can make them suffer as much as I want right? Don’t worry, I don’t intend to hold back, not even one bit. If by any chance I am not enough, at that time it is fine to just call those two. I will show them that despair isn’t such a shallow thing, those fools” (Shiki)

He is totally gone. In the rematch with Sofia, I might not have a chance to participate. It is sad to leave it with my defeat, but Shiki is like this. My will to hold down my followers is already gone. No, honestly speaking, seeing them being angry because of me, I just don’t feel like holding them back.

Shiki is this motivated. I will also be going, so unless something big happens, we can deal with it. I have enough confidence to say that it won’t go the same as last time.

A trap huh.

Interesting. Since becoming my follower, I haven’t seen Shiki’s 100%. When training with me, it is mostly counter-spell training after all. After doing a pact with me and learned several things, I haven’t actually seen him fight. In the Forest Onis’ training, Shiki doesn’t participate either.

No. If we are purely talking about fighting against an enemy, it is not only Shiki, I haven’t seen any of my followers fighting seriously.

I don’t know what is waiting for us, but Shiki and I head to the abandoned area.

Shiki was already wrapped with a fiendish aura while he mumbles. He is already in a state that’s impossible to talk to.

(Boss, I am sorry for messing up. This is Lime. I am together with the Academy’s librarian Eva-san too. Right now I am in the abandoned section and have confirmed the existence of the facility. While putting Eva-san’s safety as top priority, I have finished stopping the facility’s functionality and wiped out the enemies) (Lime)



Seriously. I received a contact from Lime who I thought was cut off. Good thing I left the communication open from our side. That’s good but…

(Lime, are you okay?! Also, you are with Eva-san too?! Etto, eh, there was no dragon there?) (Makoto)

(Dragon? No, there was no dragon. I just had a talk with the facility… The two of us are completely fine. I will give the detailed report at a later time. Just that, it seems like Eva-san wants to talk with Boss about something. We will now be heading to where you are. You are around the place where I was attacked right?) (Lime)

(Y-Yeah…) (Makoto)

He has impressive location grasping. He is already like a professional scout.

(Well then) (Lime)

Well then?!

Meaning he is heading directly here?!

This is bad Shiki! We have to turn Shiki back! It would be bad if Eva-san sees him right now! Tte, my mind is a complete mess?!

“Shiki, Lime is coming back! It seems like he has already finished dealing with things! Oi, return Shiki! Switch off! Stoooppu! Put away that fiendish magic power already! Smile! Smile!” (Makoto)

“… Lime. That guy, that guuuy!” (Shiki)

“Are you listening?! Switch!!” (Makoto)

“Having me psyched up so much and suddenly saying “I am back”! Just who does he think he is! Why can’t he just wait obediently, that guy?!” (Shiki)

“No no no no! There was no dragon! A mistake! It was a mistake!” (Makoto)

Before Lime returns, I try to soothe Shiki into returning to his Academy mode. It’s been a while since I have had such a high difficulty mission.


(Raidou huh. I won’t take his words about being a merchant to heart. But it is certainly true that I didn’t feel a single bit of hate towards demons. I didn’t even feel like he had an objective like the Dragon Killer who joined hands with us. Normal, it was truly normal. Are you telling me that boy interacts with demons as if he were talking to a foreign hyuman?)

Rona was lying silently on the bed at the room addressed for Karen Frost. Her eyes were also closed. But inside her head, she was trying to put in order the vast amount of unexpected information.

Her main job as a demon general is to gather information and bring it to practical use. At times she also proposes plans and tactics. In terms of battle power, between the 4 demon generals, she is third place. But she doesn’t really mind it that much. Because she considers that as long as she can be of use to her master in her specialty, then that’s good. That’s why, even if she ends up being hated or despised because of how she uses her specialty, Rona will not falter. For her that’s actually a representation of her loyalty to her mission, so she is proud of it.

(His ability as a teacher in a hyuman academy is too deviated. Even in the academies that have several high leveled teachers, his quality is a bit different. And also, if the hyumans that he is guiding will be appearing from now on, that would be a bit inconvenient. That kind of thinking is something that’s similar to ours. Against an opponent that has more numbers, there’s the need of a drawback. Meaning that he is a target that one should take care stealthily. The problem is that amount of information and that person’s thinking in itself. He knows my name that only a set number of people know. That kind of information gathering ability, I have to crush it somehow. I am surprised by the way of thinking of Raidou, but in reality it is a really beneficial one. I felt like he was pretty easy to handle and I think that he can become a useful pawn. A person that knows my name and can’t lower my guard from. The best method would be to eliminate Shiki and entice Raidou. It should become a big benefit to us demons)

Right now, Rona has ordered the people that have stealthily infiltrated to investigate about the Kuzunoha Company and Raidou. As it wasn’t a place with much danger level, the people that Rona brought weren’t that excelling in ability. Even though they are currently short of capable people, she will regret this decision.

Because it would not only be pointless if they are sniffed out, but will actually backfire as well, Rona ordered them to make sure not to be detected. It would affect the speed of information gathering as well as the efficiency, but right now there’s a need to know the other party if even a bit. For that sake, she judged that it would be okay to force themselves.

(In the Academy there’s no visible movements from Kuzunoha Company. I will confirm their merchandise at a later time but… since it is a miscellaneous store, I don’t know if there will be anything that will stand out. In the guild’s information, the company’s entry was filled as an “all do” store. Taking into account the time when he registered in the guild and his decision of the type of industry, it looks like his business ability isn’t that good. The person itself doesn’t have excelling ability, and yet, in his surroundings there’s only capably people. How strange. He probably has some sort of talent. Let’s see, his fighting ability was quite high. To the point that I almost thought of fighting him seriously. But his assistant Shiki seems to be pretty strong as well though… Is it sufficient to just call it an ability to gather capable people?)

Staying in a vague area without being able to reach a conclusion, Rona gets irritated by her thoughts that don’t show any signs of organizing. At least, as long as they don’t do anything, she won’t be able to put anything together. In that case, she must put up a plan, but in this state where she can’t clearly see the other party and doesn’t know how much information they possess, just how far would she be able to step into? She can’t bring herself to decide.

(For now, let’s have them show me their mobilization ability and fighting power in “that matter”. I have already finished the original objective I came here for, so there’s no need for me to cross a dangerous bridge. As long as there aren’t any people related to the temple, there’s no way he would have a good impression of hyumans in “that matter”. Injustice to the demi-humans can be shifted into blame for the hyumans. If we take into account that I am here, it might even connect into a better impression of the demons. No matter where it rolls, it won’t be bad for me. If he asks for my cooperation, even if I decide to help myself, it won’t be an impediment. It can even turn into a foundation for future plans. That situation, you might say, it is a good chance)

Rona opens her eyes. In the current state, she can cope with accidents and she has already thought about the prospects. Her thought arranging must have finished.

And she notices that the curtains of night were beginning to fall. Noticing that she used quite the amount of time, she makes a wry smile.

The chances a war between hyumans and demons beginning in the near future are high. She has already anticipated that she will be participating in that war herself and she still has a lot of work left to do. It’s just that, the existence of Raidou has scrambled her schedule a bit.

(Anyways, as long as Io is in Stella, most unexpected scenarios can be handled. In terms of commanding in the battlefield and battle power, it is hard to find people I can believe to this extent. Even when I think about the current scale of the battle, we have the hyuman Sofia who is the number one in the list of strongest, so as long as we have her in our hands, the attacks from that side will be less without doubt. Also, it would be perfect if we could just learn the identity and gauge the power of the Devil. The stage is moving exactly as our lord has written. If the Devil is Raidou then things would turn easier, but as expected, there’s no way it would go so smoothly. The battle ability and magic scale; the information is not that reliable but we also gathered information about its appearance. If we put aside the gender of Raidou, it would be that coat only. A red and blue vestment. If we take into account the parts that look the same, that’s the only part that matches. Hah~. If I just suspect of him because of that blue coat, my intuition is growing dull. Even though I intended to not be infected by that stupidly peaceful atmosphere at the Academy… Geez, let’s just rest for today)

The time she learns that Raidou and the Devil are the same person, seems to be in a later future.

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