Chapter 100: The request of the demon

Chapter 100! Yay! I didn’t expect I would reach this far.

Everyone that has been supporting this series til this day, thank you very much! At first I was a bit scared of all this, since it was my first translation and was expecting to receive the full brunt of what internet community truly is, but I was proved wrong. It’s thanks to you all that I was able to translate so much and feel so much fulfillment in it. You guys never bore me-ja.


“Kuzunoha Company… If I remember correctly, that’s the miscellaneous store that opened not too long ago. And it has a store in Tsige as well, no, a sub-branch right?” (Rona)

“You know well” (Makoto)

“Heh, so you say. Raidou, the image you give right now is really different from when you are using written communication you know? Which one is the real one?” (Rona)

“This one. Shiki, I am sorry but could you please put that Nabe a bit further away? The sweet smell is even reaching here. And so, Rona-san. What do you mean by “so you say”?” (Makoto)

“About knowing well. Even though my name is only known to a real few number of people. How can a company that was just made have higher intelligence gathering than a nation? Wa, this is delicious” (Rona)

“Oua!! Rona, you bastard! That was the one I was cooking up to eat!! Demons shouldn’t be eating blue things, that’s cannibalism!” (Shiki)

“Could you please not call me by my name so familiarly? Also, saying that eating blue things is equal to cannibalism, that’s a first. Ah, I will be taking this one too~. N? Deliciouuus!!” (Rona)

“It’s not like being red makes it okay!! Ooooh… You bastard, do you want to make this your last meal?” (Shiki)

“Well well, calm down Shiki. It’s okay to just order more. Ah, Rona-san. The bird meat over there is also ready to eat” (Makoto)

“Raidou, you really know your stuff. The seasoning is also the best~! Maybe I should learn how to make this before I return” (Rona)

“Raidou-samaaa…” (Shiki)

The Gotetsu private room is pretty chaotic.

Rona-san who obviously doesn’t know the etiquette when eating Nabe, seems to have taken a liking to Nabe cuisine. Even so, it looks like Shiki and her… are not compatible. Shiki, even though you took the initiative and proposed to order and eat while discussing, why is it that you are the one suffering the most?

Even if you come crying to me, I can’t do anything for you. It’s okay to order more, so don’t make such a pathetic voice.

Shiki seems to know Rona, but maybe because he doesn’t want to reveal his identity, he hasn’t told her what he was previously. In her eyes, Shiki is probably reflected as an enemy to be cautious of. That she is not showing it in her face is as expected.

“Haaah~ I ate well! It’s been a while since I have been completely satisfied!” (Rona)

“Then, let’s continue with the conversation” (Makoto)

“Conversation huh. You say so, but even trying to kill you would be hard in a 2 against 1, so aren’t I in a disadvantage? First of all, I probably want to more about Kuzunoha Company~” (Rona)

“Discussions that begin with both at the same standing are not that many you know? Moreover, Rona-san, you are used to it right?” (Makoto)

“Nomnom, that’s right Rona. Things like strategy, conspiracy, traps, tricks; aren’t those your areas of expertize?” (Shiki)

Shiki, so he finally got the chance to eat properly. He is not reading the mood though. The Nabe in Gotetsu is his soul food. Let’s consent for now.

“… Really, just how much do you know? You said we have a sub-branch in Tsige so… that means you have someone posted there?” (Makoto)

“Heh~, the demons’ plan has already advanced all the way to the wasteland? That’s something I have heard for the first time too” (Shiki)

Anyways, that we know the name is only because Shiki knew it and it isn’t like we have constructed our intelligence gathering power at that level. Tomoe seems to be doing some undercover stuff, so in the places close to the store, we are able to get a decent amount of information.

“Is the Kuzunoha Company an information organization of Aion?” (Rona)

So no comment on what we said huh.

Ah, Tsige was in outline a land affiliated to Aion right. The government officials that were dispatched every time were all so incompetent and the land was practically a self-government of merchants, so I didn’t really remember. I felt like that place was ruled mainly by the merchant guild and the adventurer guild.

“No way. We are not affiliated to anything. Not to hyumans nor demons” (Makoto)

That’s why I thought of making a store in Academy Town. This is the first time I have said this huh. I haven’t talked to any demon related to the demon camp before, so the only thing I have said is that I have been doing business without being attached to any country. Rembrandt-san is probably more on the hyuman side. I actually sell to anyone and I don’t think of making any differences depending on the race.

“You are hyuman, and yet you are not affiliated to hyumans? Do you understand what you yourself are saying, Raidou?” (Rona)

Rona-san showed slight bewilderment as she matches my gaze to search for my real intentions.

“You already have several hyumans following you on your side right? I don’t think it is something to be so surprised about. It’s just that I am more neutral than them though” (Makoto)

Several hyumans is a lie. I only know of Sofia.

“… Really, I give up. To think that a power already had more information than us, I didn’t fathom that possibility. So in the hyumans there’s also people who think about strategy, tactics and plans huh. I thought it would take at least 50 years for you guys to understand the importance of information” (Rona)

50 years you say. Rona-san, hyumans are not monkeys. The war would already be over if that were the case.

From the times I read books in the library, I sometimes had the same kind of thoughts as her, so I can’t refute her words completely.

“Hyumans come in many varieties. And so, to do business more freely and in this land where our first store is located, I wanted to know your objective for infiltrating here. I definitely would like to know” (Makoto)

“Raidou, please don’t do such a scary face. Honestly, at this in point in time where our information is at a disadvantage, I just don’t have the will the oppose you anymore” (Rona)

Completely taking off her combat mode, the school uniform cosplaying Onee-san places both elbows on the desk.

“You say that with a laudable face, but you are a fox woman that would not hesitate using charms, seductions or even drugs and dangerous magic. So Raidou-sama, don’t let your guard down. Hm, tasty tasty. Even half-cooked can’t be underestimated. What a true discovery” (Shiki)

“… Really. How hard to deal with. What? Does Kuzunoha Company have my personal history gathered up?” (Rona)

“I will leave it to your imagination. And so… well, I don’t have any proofs, but I am probably not an enemy of yours” (Makoto)

“… Just now you said that you were neutral right? I don’t think this is the case but, could it be that you are intending to become a merchant that will provide support to both hyumans and demons in the war to occur?” (Rona)

Rona-san’s eyes become a lot sharper. The blood thirst that had disappeared is once again lurking in the room. I see, a demon general huh. This woman is without doubt a general serving the demon lord. Leaving aside her behavior, loyalty to her own nation is something I personally like. My interest in the demons serving under the demon lord is welling up.

“We are not planning on providing weapons in the war” (Makoto)

Currently. Well, it’s not just that I don’t have plans to, but that I don’t really feel like doing that.

“I see” (Rona)

Nodding her head lightly, Rona, while leaving her elbows on the desk, intertwines both hands on her face, hiding her face as she lowers it.

The conversation stops. The sound of Shiki poking and eating Nabe is the only sound that rules the room.

Is she thinking of our relation in a positive way? Though it probably doesn’t go further than us being usable. Even so, I think that she is a woman that’s easier to talk to than Sofia.

In this situation where she is misunderstanding our power is the best chance. Honestly speaking, I don’t have the talking skills and abilities to properly negotiate with a person whose main occupation is being the head of information gathering. If it turns dangerous, I intend to tag Shiki.

I can only wait for her decision.

“… Fuh~. In short, Raidou also wants to sell things to the demons right? If I can become that foothold, I would be happy. But if I am planning to do something here, it would tarnish the business that has been going favorably. That’s why you want to learn my objective” (Rona)

Exactly. Well, there’s no hurries in selling things to the demons. I think it doesn’t need to be in this occasion. What’s important is the latter half. I don’t want them to hinder us.

“Yeah, that’s right” (Makoto)

“So that’s really it huh. You don’t care about the direction of the war or the damage to the country, only about being a hindrance to your business, right?” (Rona)

“… Right” (Makoto)

“I understand. I still can’t believe you completely, but I have understood your intentions. Then right now it is important to first learn about each other right?” (Rona)

“Learn? But the information…” (Makoto)

What does she mean?

“Let me tell you this first Rona. If you connect bodies with Raidou-sama, you will regret it for the rest of your life. This is an honest warning thinking about your wellbeing. The catastrophe will probably come bite me as well, that’s why I will do my all to get in the way, so do take that in mind” (Shiki)

Shiki stops his chopsticks and looks at Rona-san with a dead serious face, telling her slow and detailed instructions.

Connecting bodies? Ah… so that’s what she meant by learning about each other.

“You intend to thoroughly continue calling me without honorifics huh, Shiki” (Rona)

“You have no reasons to call me without honorifics” (Shiki)

“I return those words right back at you. Geez. When I talked about learning, I didn’t mean our bodies. If that’s your wish, I don’t really mind though. I want to know about your strength and way of thinking, if only a bit. If the lectures are like that, it wouldn’t serve as reference right?” (Rona)

“Hah~. For you to not even notice a part of the abysmal power of Raidou-sama. Are you sexual frigid, wench?” (Shiki)

“Concretely speaking, what do you want us to do?” (Makoto)

I decide to just ignore Rona and Shiki’s comedy play.

“You are free to believe me or not. The reason why I came here is…” (Rona)


[And that’s how it is. Lime, I am sorry but can you investigate?]

“With pleasure! I will quickly find information. It is actually a disgusting story. Well then…” (Lime)

Lime responds to my request immediately and leaves the room. Practically at the same time, two presences disappear. Must be the Forest Onis: Akua and Eris. It seems those girls will be joining the investigation as well.

“Doubting everything that woman says is the safest measure, Raidou-sama” (Shiki)

“Shiki. It seemed like you already knew her but, is she an acquaintance?” (Makoto)

“Yeah. She was mostly a person cooperating in information exchange with me. I don’t know how many times I have been used and dragged into trouble” (Shiki)

Shiki’s expression turns into one of anguish. Seeing him like that, he must have gone through quite a lot.

“Her type is probably similar to that of Mio-dono. I don’t know the details but it seems that she has a big debt of gratitude with the demon lord. She has sworn loyalty to an abnormal level. Her strength doesn’t compare to Mio-dono’s, but just think of Rona’s underhanded way of thinking as something close to hers. Ah, keep this talk a secret from Mio-dono please” (Shiki)

An underhanded Mio that has an incredibly good brain?

I would give up. My heart would break without a doubt.

The man called the demon lord seems to be a person with a bigger vessel than me. From the fragmented information I have, I can already picture him as an excelling ruler. He is most likely an able man. N? There’s the chance that the demon lord is a woman. Now that I think about it, I practically don’t have information.

Also, Shiki. If you are going to tremble all over, you should try using another example. Well, it was actually a pretty easy to understand example.

“Rona-san huh. In the end, it seems that until this one matter is over, Karen Frost will continue attending the Academy” (Makoto)

“She will definitely be moving sneakily” (Shiki)

“I did tell her that Kuzunoha Company is out of bounds. But based on what you said, it is hard to believe in her” (Makoto)

“Yes. That woman tells lies as much as she breathes” (Shiki)

What kind of woman is that? To give out that answer with no hesitation.

“Just in case, could you try and predict her movements at all times?” (Makoto)

“That’s what I intended to do from the very beginning. It seems like she already returned to her lodging for today. That wench. She is perfectly relaxing without knowing that she is being observed” (Shiki)

“… Make sure to peek at her in a moderate manner okay? It is okay to just know her current location for now. Well then, let’s get some presents and go greet the Rembrandt sisters” (Makoto)

“Tto, that’s right. I will guide you there. Is it okay to just bring cut fruits as present? How about a bouquet of flowers…” (Shiki)

Ah right. I haven’t even told them I was visiting so maybe it would be better to have flowers?

I was planning on bringing cut fruits like when bringing a fruits basket as present, but thinking about it, these are products I manage at my store. It would turn to plain publicity.

No well, the fruits have a good reputation so…

“Uhm, Raidou-sama” (Shiki)

“N?” (Makoto)

“If it’s fine with you, should I choose some suitable ones?” (Shiki)

“… Sorry. Please” (Makoto)

It seems like he instantly saw through what I was troubled about. Shiki, thanks for all.

After several minutes.

In the end, I brought the fruits and the bouquet of flowers that Shiki chose, and headed to their room.

“Hey Shiki, about the Rembrandt sisters’ room. Isn’t this inside the nobles’ dormitory?” (Makoto)

Moreover, a pretty high-class one. Rembrandt-san dotes on her daughter quite a lot.

“Yeah. It seems so” (Shiki)

“The people in the staff room told me a lot that “even if I am a temporary teacher, doesn’t mean you can visit them”. If it were a normal student it would be one thing, but…” (Makoto)

“… I did my best” (Shiki)

D-Did your best?

“You did your best huh” (Makoto)

“Yes. On the level that doesn’t leave after-effects. It was a really bone rending task” (Shiki)


Let’s leave it as if I didn’t hear anything.

After revealing my position as a temporary teacher, I am standing at the entrance of the sisters’ lodging with my permission to visit confirmed. Creeping in would obviously be a bad idea after all. It is only to celebrate their return to school and it is no surprise either.

The two of them live in the same room and it is already confirmed that both of them are there. I explained my reason for this visit to the people in charge. The landlady-san made a bitter face as we entered the nobles’ dormitory and safely arrived in front of their room.

When I knocked, I heard some rattling noises and the steps got closer.

The door opened.

[Sif-san, Yuno-san. I am truly sorry about not being able to visit you when you were ill. I already introduced myself in the class but let me do so again. I am the merchant that your father is assisting, Raidou. That you are now completely healthy, allow me to congratulate you. It may be late, but this is a congratulatory gift from our part]

For now, I write what I was thinking of and congratulate them for their recovery, and also make a light self-introduction again.

They receive the cut fruits in a slightly big container and the bouquet of flowers from Shiki.

The two of them have already taken off their uniforms and are in normal clothes. The designs differ from each other. The two of them were dressed in a one piece that was probably made for both to have an opposite design. It looks expensive.

The sisters who received the fruits and bouquet with a full smile, strongly invited us to enter the room and we ended up intruding in their room. I didn’t really mind. As long as I gave them what I came to give and gave my greeting, I didn’t really need to enter…

“Raidou-sensei, your personality is totally different compared to when you are in class” (Sif)

“Yeah. That surprised me!” (Yuno)

When we sat down on the sofa that we were invited to, the two of them retort to me from the opposite side.

[Lectures are a place where one comes to study and gain power after all. I unconsciously become strict. I have always been helped by my assistant Shiki to appease them. That I am interacting with you two like this, please keep it a secret from the other students]

I can’t tell them that I am doing the carrot and stick after all. And if they tell them to other people, it would be troublesome in a lot of ways.

“Shiki-san, right? I have heard of Tomoe-san and Mio-san from father, but have you been with Raidou-sensei since long?” (Sif)

“Yes. I have been serving Raidou-sama since a long time ago. It’s just that the trip to Tsige was unexpected, so I was unable to visit Tsige” (Shiki)

Just like we previously arranged, Shiki tells them about the setting we created. Of course, we were expecting the two to ask Shiki, so we thought of it beforehand.

Luckily, they didn’t pursue the subject further and the older sister Sif readied tea while the little one Yuno took out pastries.

The two of them are level-headed. Taking the tea offered, we have a brief pause. The two sisters look at each other and nod slightly.

“I am Sif the eldest daughter of Tsige’s merchant, Rembrandt. Raidou-sama, to have saved our lives at that time. I can’t find words to express my gratitude. This favor we will never forget and will edge it in our hearts. We want to repay you” (Sif)

“Same here, Yuno. Just like my older sister, it is thanks to Raidou-sama that we are here healthy now. If in the future there’s something we are able to do, please don’t hesitate to ask” (Yuno)

They are thanking me to a dangerous level! Even the little sister put in order her tone and said an incredible thing with a serious face!

Their fight against the deadly curse illness must have cornered those girls a lot. Even now I am having Lime find the people under curse illnesses and creating medicines. A curse that makes you ill and eventually kills you. I really think that’s not something that can be forgiven.

[Okay then, you two. From now on you will live for the sake of happiness. That will be my repayment. Also, no Raidou-sama. We are student and teacher, so call me sensei or use –san]

“… Eh?”

I thought that they might be brooding a lot over that subject. That’s why I thought of an answer just in case this happened. Since the time I was in Tsige.

They were finally released from the curse disease, but if they are tied up by responsibility next, it would be pointless. So I decided to tell them to live their lives happily.

I don’t know if my answer was unexpected for the two or if my immediate response surprised them, but the two of them looked dumbfounded.

[Those are the words of your life savior, so please keep that promise. Don’t underappreciate me just because my face is ugly got it? The two of you were pretty “that” when you were ill after all]

“P-Please don’t touch that subject! We already know that sensei saw an appearance of us that is more embarrassing than being naked!” (Sif)

“Uh, that was certainly worse than being naked…” (Yuno)

They were practically ghouls after all. I remember that Rembrandt-san wanted to make a portrait of her wife and daughter while they were recovering in celebration. Even I thought that was insensitive but, just what happened to that?

[Now that I think about it, your father said that he wanted to leave a memory of the recovery of you three]

“… Sensei, father has already seriously reflected on that foolish action”

“… Sensei, he was punished along with Morris who made an error in your entry documents from student to teacher you know?”

Ah, how scary. These sisters are probably scary.

Their tone lowered. Just by hearing their voice, I felt a chilling cold.

My instincts told me that I shouldn’t know about what happened, so I decided to not ask about the details of the punishment. His wife and daughters probably did something. But I won’t ask.

I am also involved in it, so I better not touch on that incident. There are things that one can’t turn into a laughing matter even if time passes.

[A… Ahaha. I see. Well, I don’t really mind. Now then, Shiki. We should leave soon]

“Yes, Raidou-sama” (Shiki)

He didn’t talk at all in the conversation and just acted as an assistant. For that I am grateful.

I give my thanks to the two kind girls who were sad that we were leaving already, and left the nobles’ dormitory.

“Raidou-sama, about those two…” (Shiki)

“What?” (Makoto)

“Even though they are wealthy among hyumans, I felt like they didn’t have much attachment to outward appearance. I also saw that their gratitude for Raidou-sama is the real deal. And that kind treatment to guests, I feel like this is my first time seeing a normal hyuman” (Shiki)

Certainly. I feel like my current students only fear me, but you are already treating Lime who was influenced by Tomoe as abnormal?

“There was a time when their own outward appearance become terrible because of the curse disease after all. They probably changed their way of thinking and are now people that take more importance in what’s inside” (Makoto)

“No matter which, it is something to be happy about. Those two will surely grow” (Shiki)

“Shiki-sensei’s approval? They are rookies with a bright future” (Makoto)

While doing frivolous talk, Shiki and I return.

The next morning.

Contact with Lime Latte was cut off.

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