Chapter 102: Lime’s report

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~ Report of the Rotsgard Academy’s sector redevelopment plan ~

While in the said investigation, I encountered an unknown person. Its height was about 1.70m, thin build. Silver hair and black eyes. With an unsettlingly orderly face, it smiled. Probably a man. His features were hyuman, but he is most likely not. What should be pointed out is his overwhelming battle power.

I failed to escape, so I decided to escape in the middle of the fight. He activated a ring-looking tool and the thought transmission was sealed. Unknown if there were any other effects. Not even able to see the boy’s true ability, I was defeated. I was somehow able to hit him once and was successful in marking him.
P.S – In the middle of the fight, there was a scream of a woman. I later confirmed that she was the Academy’s librarian, Eva.

Lost my consciousness and woke up restraint in an underground ward at the area I was investigating in, popularly known as the abandoned sector. Confirmed that the librarian Eva was also restraint like me. After confirming the situation, I decided to escape. I confirm the will of the librarian, guard her and have her accompany me. There’s the chance that Eva is a noble. This is a speculation based on her speech and behavior.

Being in the facility of the investigation target, I have confirmed that the organization is medium-large scale. Confirmed about the reality of the “experiments” in my investigation. The various experiments, also known as research, were inhyuman just as predicted. I was unable to find a single test subject capable of recovering. There were mostly demi-humans, but I was also able to find few hyumans as well.

There was no reaction from my marking and have judged that the aforementioned boy’s location is unknown. Determined to continue my mission. Taking into consideration the target’s danger level as well as its immediate battle power, I decided to promptly dispose them. Because I was in a state where thought transmission was impossible, I followed my own decision.

In the midst of disposing, I didn’t find the aforementioned boy and there were no signs of reinforcements either. I completed the disposal in a prompt and quiet manner. Setting up traps and surveillance, I escaped the concerned facility along with the librarian.

For now there’s no movements from the remnants and was unable to pinpoint the ones cooperating from within the Academy. I intend to pinpoint them in my future investigations and will report. That’s all.

P.S. I wrote something I am not used to in haste, so please do forgive me for its imperfections. Lime.


What’s up with that last part Lime. Also, your sign is pretty. I also have to learn to write my own sign. In things like contracts and statement of delivery it is necessary after all.

Moreover, it feels like you jumped a lot of things when writing this. Also, if Lime was able to wipe out the enemy, he should have been able to easily escape from there. It’s just unnatural to shift into force just because the thought transmission was sealed. You had Eva-san accompanying you after all.

But, who is the boy in the beginning that Lime is treating as a kid? Lancer can be easily identified because he would summon swords out. That boy should have some sort of specific trait as well. That he didn’t appear afterwards worries me. Isn’t he in the organization as well? Also the fact that Lime was completely fine when captured. Just what was the reason that boy fought Lime?

Hmph. Even if he kidnapped Eva-san while at it, if I were the assailant, I would first take away the equipment of the people I captured. I would do a body check and restraint them in a way that they can’t offer resistance, I think. In that case, Lime had his katana stolen? If his katana that he declared to be more important than his life was stolen, then he would definitely want to get it back. But would it end with just getting it back? That Lime who got pretty angry just because I told him about Rona-san’s distrust?

There’s no description of the techniques of the person that stole his katana in the report. The experiments as well, there’s no detailed content in the report. Just that, he said they were in a state where they can’t be saved, meaning they are most likely dead.

Just like what he wrote in the end, it is quite the sloppy report. Let’s call Lime at a later time and have him tell me the report again in person. I don’t intend on having him write another one.

“Raidou-sama, Eva-san says she wants to talk to you”

Eva-san huh.

I, who was reading the report silently, raise my head at Shiki’s words. I had Eva-san wait at the room next door. Well, I plan on having her stay here until Lime cleans up the related party from the Academy. If she dies, it wouldn’t be good for my health.

Also, I have to ask her the reason why she was in such a place. After she was restrained, it seems like she acted together with Lime, but for someone who has seen how Lime dealt with things, her attitude is way too calm. For a librarian that is surrounded by books, this is too strange.

If the other party has resolved herself to talk, then let’s proceed. I don’t like being in this room too much either.

Ah right. Having Shiki idle would be a waste. This is an unexpected outcome, but the situation has progressed. From now on, let’s have Rona-san’s cooperation and resolve this in an early stage.

“Shiki, I will hear what Eva-san has to say. I am sorry but, could you go to Rona-san’s place and get her to help with the cleaning of the Academy’s related party along with Lime and the others? It is fine to tell her what Shiki thinks is safe to disclose” (Makoto)

“Understood. Well then, I will go stir up Rona” (Shiki)

… It feels like Rona-san and Shiki get along well. I wonder what kind of relationship they had in the past.

While seeing off Shiki, I knock the neighboring room’s door. Soon after, a “go ahead” came as answer. Eva-san seems to have prepared herself already.

When I enter the room, there was a slightly exhausted librarian I am used to seeing. It’s just, the eyes she is using to look at me right now were a bit different from usual. Those weren’t the eyes of someone looking at an acquaintance. That’s right, those looked like the eyes of someone probing your worth. It isn’t as blunt as appraising, but it does make me a bit nervous.

“Thanks to Lime-san I was able to escape with my life. Thank you very much Raidou-sensei. It seems that he is an employee in this company but, he is pretty strong huh?” (Eva)

[He was an adventurer before coming to work at my place after all. I was surprised when I received the report. I am glad you are safe]

“Shiki-san, and that man as well. Is there a rule that says you have to be strong in order to enter this company?” (Eva)

[By no means. It’s just that you get to meet the strong ones by chance. And so, I heard that you had something to talk with me?]

“Yes. You have probably heard the story from Lime-san but… it is about information and a reward” (Eva)

[Wait, from Lime? He is currently pretty tired and has gone to bed already. Information and reward huh]

This is a lie. It wasn’t in the report, but I have certainly heard about the information and reward directly from Lime. About the reward, well, if she is giving it to me, I will gladly receive it, but I am more interested in the beneficial information she has.

“Yes. I promised Lime-san when he was going to rescue me. The reward will be when the threat lurking in the Academy is wiped out, but I can tell you the information now” (Eva)

[Let’s hear it]

“Yes. It’s about the portrait of the two persons you showed me before” (Eva)


“Sorry, I lied. The portrait you showed me and asked me if I knew anything about them, I actually have an idea” (Eva)


The portrait of my parents. It’s the one I had Rinon draw for me. I have been asking the people I am acquainted in the Academy if they know about them. Of course, there were absolutely none who knew them.

I have asked a number of people before Eva, but I didn’t even get an “I think I have seen them before”. It’s certainly very beneficial information for me. I can learn about the parents I wanted to know about after all. It is also one of the reasons I came to this academy.

“If my memories are correct, those two, one worked in an important post at a certain country for a noble and the other, I think was a high ranked priest in the temple” (Eva)

Noble and priest? My father and mother?

I totally thought they were adventurers. This is pretty unexpected. Especially about my mother having a sacred profession. The image I have of her doesn’t match at all.

[… Noble and priest. In what country?]

“I don’t think Raidou-sensei will tell me what kind of connection you have with those two, but is it okay to hear it?” (Eva)

[Benefactors. Well, I am not sure if I can ever repay that favor though]

The ones that gave birth to me, the greatest benefactors of all. If they ask me if I can pledge filial piety, I would only be able to respond with an “I don’t know” though. They didn’t match the word “parents”. It’s also discrepant from the setting I created of Waka-sama in this world.

“I… see. The last news of their whereabouts were from an adventurer, so this might be some kind of fate” (Eva) <最後の消息は冒険者との噂もあったようですから、ひょっとしたら何かの縁があったのかもしれませんね>

[Please tell me what you know about them]

“It was a promise after all. Those two were in a satellite country in the already ruined Elysion. A small country called Kaleneon. The pair of noble and priest were supposed to marry there” (Eva)

[Were supposed to?]

“Yeah. They were unable to actually marry and were driven out of the country. There’s talk that they became adventurers, but before anyone knew, news of them were cut off” (Eva)

[Why were they driven out of the country?]

“That’s… there’s no detailed record of that matter. To begin with, Kaleneon received an attack by the demon race that was even harsher than in Elysion, and there’s barely anything left of the king’s genealogy. On top of that, the world is trying to completely forget the name of the country itself” (Eva)

Big invasion. The event where 10 years ago, the demon race ran out of patience and with the Goddess’ whereabouts unknown, they marched south. I read in books that the result was a complete victory for the demon race. Even in a hyuman academy it was written as a complete victory. I think that war was more close to trampling.

Kaleneon’s noble and priest. That’s mom and dad’s past. And that place is already a ruined country.

If there’s not even records of it, then trying to follow their tracks might be harder.

Wait. That’s right, in a country whose name has even been forgotten, a country where even the king’s genealogy barely survived…

Why is it that this librarian knows about this small country and noble? Was it written in the Academy’s library?

[Why is it that you know about the noble and priest of a ruined country like that?]

Could it be that there’s something like a poem that’s being spread like a story regarding my parents? There’s the possibility that they really did do something incredible before transferring worlds, just like I first thought.

“There a number of books that have information regarding Kaleneon” (Eva)

A number of books she says. In that place that holds so many books which you wouldn’t be able to finish reading in your whole life, and that’s all she has to say? Well, I did know that Elysion was one of the five major powers that were destroyed by the demon race, but if it comes to every single one of the small countries surrounding it, I don’t even know their names. And in truth, this is my first time hearing about Kaleneon.

[A number of books huh. As expected of Eva-san. You really do know the library well]

“No. It is certainly true that there were a number of books regarding Kaleneon, but there was not a single bit of information regarding those two. There’s a different reason as to why I know those two” (Eva)

[A different reason huh. Is it okay to ask?]

“You already know that Ruria and I are sisters, but you don’t know our family name right?” (Eva)

[Yeah. There are many who don’t have family names, so I didn’t think it was strange to not mention it]

“We… did have. Now, no, for the time that is to come, we are in a position where we are not allowed to say that name” (Eva)

[That doesn’t sound peaceful]

“In the fight against the demon race, our parents decided to escape instead of fighting. In the end, the only ones who managed to escape were Ruria and I. Moreover, even when we were nobles, to be alive after our own country was burned down. We were pushed with the brand of cowards…” (Eva)

Eva-san was a noble huh. No, with how she speaks, there’s the chance that she still thinks of herself as a noble.

The nobles of this world have the duty of protecting their land. In peaceful times, they can just get tax from the populace, spread their name in society and possess a decent amount of land, and there wouldn’t be any complains. No, rather, they are considered wise rulers. They would be called famous people.

But when their land is facing danger, they have to lead their troops and fight to protect it. And they must repel them no matter what. If the land burns down, the nobles must go down along manly. That’s how the nobles in this world work.

If the feudal lords don’t do anything unreasonable and they protect them on top of that, then the nobles are doing their duty.

Even the stupid nobles of Limia who have high bad reputation, declared that they would protect their lands. Those guys who exploit the taxes and their main scenario is socializing. Of course, their lands have not been exposed to the fires of war, so how far they would really go when that happens, I don’t know.

That’s why, the nobles that show their back and escape are treated in a pretty harsh way in this world. I think that escaping an unwinnable fight is an option, but my way of thinking comes from the peaceful Japan, so I can’t say much.

[So you two were nobles]

“Who shamelessly survived though. Even now, the people that hear about our circumstances, look at us with eyes of disgust and we have also been pestered. Of course, I did ask why they didn’t just fight uprightly and died. No matter how many times I asked my late parents, there was no answer. There were many times when we thought about suicide. But that’s no good, that way won’t work” (Eva)

[No good?]

“Even if we suicide, the brand pushed on ourselves won’t disappear. The people who died, as well as the burned down land won’t return” (Eva)

Well, that’s certainly true. When the stigma has been pushed, just killing yourselves won’t make it disappear. However, what does this have to do with my parents? Isn’t the talk straying?

“That’s why I decided on getting it back before dying. The country of Kaleneon, no, even if it’s only the lost Ansland territory” (Eva)


Eva-san and Ruria are from the same country as my parents. Ansland must be her hometown. But this is absurd. They have no allies. With just the two of them, what is it that they can do?

No matter how I think about it, I can only picture them dying in vain.

?! Dangerous! That voice, if that was really Eva-san’s voice, was I going to be used by her for the sake of that plot?! No well, this is such a reckless objective and there’s no way I would go along with it. Yeah, probably not gonna happen.

[What a grand thinking you have there. I see, Kaleneon was Eva-san’s native country huh. I understand now. Thank you very much for the important information]

“… No, I still have more information. Please listen” (Eva)

What an unpleasant pause. Could it be, she hasn’t given up on having me cooperate?

If she is going to continue giving me information, well, there’s no loss in that.

The talk with the fallen noble Eva continues.

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