Chapter 99: Lunch together in Gotetsu

[Now then, today’s lecture ends. Make sure not to be late to your next class]

I announce the end of the lecture to the 5 corpses and 3 cripples. Iyaaa, we really messed them up today~. In my side, at the last 5 minutes the three of them were in a state where they could practically do nothing.

In the side where Shiki was watching, the mist lizard left them completely beat up. It has to do with their inexperience in real combat, but I received a report that they were wiped out 4 times. That means they stopped the fight 4 times and had to do it again, and even with that they were still beat up. I hope Blue Lizard-kun has not become a trauma. I will have him release his limiter in the future and have them fight him occasionally. Do your best. There’s still more than 10 battles left with Blue Lizard-kun.

[Ah, Karen Frost. I have some business with you. I want to hear what plans you have after this]

“T-Today I only have sensei’s class”

Even when she is tired, she didn’t make me wait and answered quickly. So she is finished for today huh. To have only one class in the morning, how refined. But that’s convenient. In the morning I thought about calling out the students that had free time and have lunch with them, but this time let’s just invite Karen, and along with Shiki, we three will have lunch together. About the Rembrandt sisters, it’s fine to just call them to my office to greet them.

[That’s great. There’s one thing that’s been in my mind you see]

“T-There’s still more?!” (Karen)

[Yeah. Luckily, it seems you have time as well. Keep me company]

“… Y-Yes” (Karen)


After confirming her will, I left the field dragging Karen along with me. Normally, after the reflection meeting, it would be tempering until the last minute. Today I finished a bit early.

The group of five are pretty weakened after all.

Saying it like this is probably not the best way, but I think that they want to gossip. I could somehow tell from their eyes. Actually, the supposedly kind Shiki reports everything to me.

Well, complain as much as you want. Next week will be fun lecture again after all.

Karen probably noticed the smile that appeared in my face. Her body trembled.


“Shiki-san! Geez, I thought I would finally rise to heaven!”


“What is that Lizardman?! He avoids like crazy, is fast, strong, hard! In the report shouldn’t I just write that everything is awesome and that’s aaaall?!”

“That’s already… a dragon”

“Then is that person a dragon summoner? No, it isn’t at that cute level. If I were asked which I want to choose as an enemy, I would not hesitate in choosing a dragon summoner”


“Yuno, don’t make such a pitiful voice. This was outside my expectations… Probably because it is Raidou-sensei!”

Yareyare. It has become exactly as Makoto-sama said.

Seeing the students, I sigh internally.

From what I saw, the mist lizard was holding back quite a lot. His equipment was not what he usually uses and its water blaze was not used either. There wasn’t even a shred of that quick-wittedness they normally use. Their strongest point which is group battles is, of course, not there either.

Bluntly speaking, he was on the same level as the weak mamonos in the wasteland. And yet, 5 young ones that are said to have bright prospects came at him with all five and were wiped out 4 times. Seriously, how deplorable.

Makoto-sama had already predicted that they would be completely beat up, but even if not to the point of suddenly clearing it, I actually thought that they would put up a good fight at least. It seems that, even if it was an order of Makoto-sama, as I acted kind in front of them, I ended up being too lenient in my assessment of them. I have to reflect on this.

It seems that Mio-dono is taking longer than expected in her investigation on counter-measures for forced summoning, so I have to lend a hand in that area, and yet, what a troublesome bunch are these kids. Regarding Mio-dono, our current state of affairs isn’t that favorable. I-I don’t want the skin peeling punishment anymore… Even talking about it is scary.

“Well, calm down. Even with that, Raidou-sama is actually holding back quite a lot you know? It isn’t set as a wall you wouldn’t be able to overcome. I assure you of that” (Shiki)

“That’s definitely a lie! Shiki-san, no matter how I think of it, Raidou-sensei is definitely having fun with this!” (Jin)

“Jin, you say so, but the moves you showed were not the same as usual you know? The enemy is a monster, moreover, one that possesses strength superior to most. Weren’t you pretty nervous there?” (Shiki)

Nervous, or more like withered. Even though the Mist Lizard didn’t use his coercing shout. How inexperienced.

“That is… certainly true. That may be true but…” (Jin)

“Well, it is true that Raidou-sama is strict. That’s just how much he is expecting of all of you.  For me, seeing how he treats you all makes me a bit jealous” (Shiki)

“Shiki-san, you were the type that gets heated up when bullied? Then I too…” (Amelia)

“That’s not it Amelia. It’s just that, it’s been a long time since that person has expected something from me. Seeing how he presents tasks to you kids continuously, I was probably feeling a bit of envy” (Shiki)

He always gives words of thanks to me, but the amount of tasks Makoto-sama has given me are low. If I was told that isn’t the kind of connection we have, that would be it, but seeing my master interacting with the students, there are times when I feel a bit jealous.

The complains that come from everyone’s mouth about Makoto-sama’s lectures, I in times scold them, correct, soothe, sympathize or comfort them, while healing them. I have already gotten used to this work. Today is a lot more prominent than usual as expected though.

However, from the Rembrandt sisters that have joined us recently, I haven’t heard any such complains. They should have been driven the feeling of frustration by Makoto in their first participation though?

The two of them have calmed their breathing and were now inspecting their equipment.

“Sif-san and Yuno-san. How was it? Do you think you can continue?” (Shiki)

“Ah, ehm. Shiki-san, was it? It’s okay. Yuno and I will be coming again next week” (Sif)

“Yeah. It begins from now on after all! I am definitely continuing!” (Yuno)

Oya, how surprising. It seems there’s no need for a follow. “It seems that Makoto is strong” Is what their eyes are telling. Their will has not been broken. Anyways, if they don’t have a lukewarm personality, then it will be more comforting for me.

Umu, the rumors said their personalities were troublesome, but that just can’t be relied on huh. Like this, it seems like it will be worth teaching them.

It might be in a future, but there will probably be a time when Makoto-sama and I will meet these girls as the daughters of our partnered company, so I think we will be able to create a good connection. Ah that’s right. It would be a good idea to know the place those two are living. Makoto-sama probably went directly to Gotetsu.

When I check, the five of them were already gathered up and began the analysis of their opponent. What troublesome kids. Looking at this, I feel like they are totally planning to not come to the next lecture.

“I also want to hear Sif-san and Yuno-san’s opinion. Is that alright?” (Amelia)

Amelia invites the two. Even though they didn’t fight him directly, she probably wants to know about the impression the mist lizard gave from a different point of view. She is not thinking about how it is a bother for the two, but well, I welcome ambition.

The coiled up feeling those five had before the lecture was now gone. One reason may be because they were beaten hard. I don’t think this will open up their hearts completely, but it could be a trigger to fortify their connections. To prioritize what they currently require instead of doing bad gossip is most likely something that comes with youth.

“Yeah. If we are okay for you, then certainly!” (Sif)

“It’s great that we left the next slot of time open just in case right, Onee-chan!” (Yuno)

I see, so they prepared a counter-plan for the lecture that is rumored to be harsh. But really, they are truly straightforward that is funny. If they are still evil people after all this, then I can only consider them as the best actors of all. It is probably the rumors that are wrong.

The real discussion of Makoto-sama’s fun lecture began. Makoto-sama told me not to give them advice, so I can only stay silent. To be ambitious is something I think is likeable in a pupil. Seeing the hatchlings trying to look at what’s above is praiseworthy.

If that’s the case, it can’t be helped. Even though Makoto-sama cautioned me about it, I will turn a blind eye this one time. About the participation in the next lecture, I will leave it as if I didn’t see anything either.

Without saying anything, I leave and finish my business in the staff room before heading to where I would be meeting with Makoto-sama.

From here on it will probably be an unsavory story. Even I can tell that I am trying to make a strong smile. That woman, just what kind of objective did she have when she came to this Academy?


[It’s here]

I lead her to Gotetsu. Because it has just opened, there are no people here yet. At 1 o’clock people that are coming for lunch will begin to flow in here, so this is like the calm before the storm.

It would have been fine to take her to the Kuzunoha Company, but since it is like a base of sorts, I didn’t want to just suddenly bring an unknown factor. So I decided to bring her to Gotetsu which is the place we previously planned to come eat lunch.

When Shiki finishes his follow up with the students and investigates the address of the Rembrandt sisters, it will be exactly lunch. Nabe changes its taste as time passes, so let’s pass on ordering until he arrives here. If we finish eating before he comes, it would be wrong.

I use [Sakai] to set up a soundproof area. With this, there’s no fear of our conversation leaking outside.

Hmph~, it seems that she didn’t notice that I deployed a [Sakai]. I see, so she can’t detect [Sakai].

This woman student, I checked her documents again and have confirmed it. As expected, she is suspicious.

“Raidou-sensei, please begin talking about why you brought me here. Did you find a point you were interested in?” (Karen)

Karen had a face full of exhaustion, but right now she has a calm mask that one wouldn’t be able to tell she is exhausted and is looking straight at me. It is actually impossible to recover from mental fatigue in such a short amount of time, so it is clear that she is pushing herself. Maybe she just has that kind of skill trained in her body unlike others of her age, I think.

Also, the skills of her. Comparing her to the people I have met in the Academy, she is top class. No, thinking of her as a student is just too weird. That coordination with a person she is still not used to, and the power of her spell and speed. I tried bringing it out while I crushed and provoked her, but she probably hasn’t shown me everything. That is an awfully heretic attitude to Jin and the others who I am teaching to and this Academy. The fact that she is “hiding her true strength”. Shiki also threw me a short thought transmission saying “be careful”. He probably knows something about this girl.

I think that I brought out a decent amount of her skills in that lecture. At the latter half she seemed to have become a bit worked up. She set several things up while making sure it wasn’t noticed by the sisters. Even in a state where she was trying to hide her true strength, she let a part leak out.

[Actually, I can’t help but feel like your real ability is unnatural]

“My ability?” (Karen)

[Yeah. It isn’t in the level of a student. Not only that, the magic was clearly used in a manner accustomed to real combat]

“I am a military magician at my country. I have participated in several subjugation missions. If you doubt me, you can ask the details to a related party” (Karen) <I have over 300 confirmed kills>

Without hesitating, Karen talks about her personal history. She talks of the kingdom army that has an unnecessarily long name with a pride filled voice.

Her personal history itself may actually exist for real. She talks of it with so much confidence after all. It depends on how long she has been planning this and at what scale it is though.

This is what I think but, probably, the personal history of the one called Karen Frost is already not in this world anymore. And that maybe she is impersonating her by using her appearance.


Infiltrate into the country, get promoted, enter Royal Academy, become a soldier and transfer into Rotsgard. Instead of creating such a personal history, I think it would be easier to just replace a person who has that kind of history. Especially when that person is from a faraway place.

[I am doubting that you are really Karen Frost. I have read the personal history of Karen Frost. Just as you said, because of a sudden situation, you have experience in the military and that you hold that position even in present]

“Even though you know that much, why are you doubting? I am the genuine Karen Frost. Ah, could it be, sensei is saying that to try and learn a lot about me? If that’s the case then I…”

[As expected, strange. Would someone normally act like that after being doubted? Wouldn’t they show more anger?]

I ignore Karen’s words. It isn’t like I care about the life of a single hyuman. It’s just that having her act that way in that appearance feels just like she is mocking the deceased. It makes me feel a bit angered.

There’s the chance that all my conjectures are wrong. But the attitude of her is practically in the black.

“It’s just that it is such an absurd thing to say that I don’t even feel like getting angry” (Karen)

[A sudden campaign deploy. Did you get involved with Karen Frost at that point in time?]

“Fufu, sensei. Your strength was certainly strong, but I didn’t think that you were the type that keeps talking about incomprehensible things. I won’t be coming to sensei’s class anymore. I don’t need lunch either. Excuse me” (Karen)

While holding a calm expression, Karen stands up from the opposite sit.

[Karen, are you not interested in why I doubted you of not being the real person?]

Wouldn’t one normally want to know the reason why someone has doubted your identity? Would they just leave without asking? And yet, she not only didn’t pursue the subject, but also tried to avoid the topic in itself, is what I feel. Even now she is trying to escape.

She doesn’t seem like she is angered one bit and her face could be taken as vague while trying to smile. She was lenient at first, but this may be a technique in negotiations.

“… Certainly. Thinking that I am a completely different person just because my skills are unnatural does feel pretty rash. Are you going to tell me the reason?” (Karen)

Of course. I was intending do so since I went through the trouble of inviting you to lunch.

[Because the appearance you are trying to hide is completely visible to me]

“Fufu, you see the real me? Are those love words?” (Karen)

[It means exactly what I am saying]

“Sorry, you may have taken the trouble to, but I must refuse your confess-” (Karen)

[Even if you don’t have a horn, that blue skin, just what business does a demon have in the Academy?]

Karen’s words stop mid-sentence. Because of the surprise, she instantly opened her eyes wide. That she soon made an enticing smile must be to smooth it over. In Tsige and Academy Town there were actually several times when spies wanted to try entering our Kuzunoha Company. At that time, Tomoe-sensei and Shiki-sensei taught them various things in practice. Even now, when I am receiving a friendly smile like this, I feel like there’s some sort of ulterior motive. This is something I myself think though. It seems to be because they don’t want the target to notice their agitation and are trying to compose themselves secretly.

G-Great. She probably won’t be escaping in the middle of it now. It seems like I can buy sufficient time for Shiki to come. It would have probably been better to have obediently eaten first. I was pretty nervous inside.

“Please don’t joke. What part of me looks like a demon?” (Karen)

Karen makes a turn to show me. But as long as that spell isn’t affecting me, she will still look like a blue person.

[Everything. Your blue skin, red eyes. Hair is blond. Semi long. I don’t see a hyuman at all. Let me say this first, half-assed illusions don’t work on me]


[You killed Karen and replaced her. Is that how it is? Hornless demon]


Without saying a word, Karen reacts slightly to the latter half of my writing. The muscles in her face trembled lightly, or so it looked like. In that case…

[I want you to answer my question, hornless demon]

“… To think that I would be found out this fast… moreover, so straightforwardly. Raidou huh. What a strange teacher there is” (Karen)

[You admit it right?]

“Yeah. I don’t intend to tell you my objective, but I am not Karen Frost. You are right. But…” (Karen)


“Don’t call me hornless ever again. I will kill you” (Karen)

The woman demon that had taken off the mask of Karen, I could see something slightly blurry coming out from her contours. She probably stopped her camouflage. And an intense killing intent was shot out. It is somewhat easier to take than Sofia’s, but well, I think that I am just not good at dealing with the anger of a woman.

I was raised in a family where the women were strong, so my weakness isn’t something I can correct at this point in time. I can’t just push it away, so for now let’s just ignore it.

[Is Karen already…?]

“Yeah, just as you have inferred. But the one who did it wasn’t me. This was the deed of the companions of Karen. I just found the personal history of her convenient so took the chance” (Karen)

[I see, her companions. Karen Frost is a pitiful one]

I actually didn’t have that much interest in how that girl died. It was just as I deduced, but I am not even acquainted with Karen anyways. For hyumans to kill other hyumans isn’t something that unusual. In the modern times it was pretty much the same.

There was no need to ask. I can imagine why the demon in front of me was at a place like that. Hyumans and demons are in war after all.

“Ara, you are unexpectedly cold. Well, the girl called Karen was called a prodigy, but on the other hand, she seemed to have stir a good amount of grudges. Ne, can I ask you something as well? Are you hyuman?” (Karen)

[I don’t know the reason for that question but, yes, I am indeed a hyuman]

“Heh~ hyuman huh~… Well, there are a lot of types. But how unusual. After seeing a demon you guys would normally stare at me with bloodshot eyes” (Karen)


Aaah, how bothersome!

“I am in the side that’s against racial discrimination. Even if they have blue skin it doesn’t matter, as long as they can exchange their thoughts it isn’t any different from a person after all” (Makoto)

“?!! You… can use the language of demons?! But, the word ‘racial discrimination side’ is a word I first hear. Judging from your words, you mean that as long as you can exchange a conversation the outer appearance doesn’t matter, right?” (Karen)

“Well, yeah, something like that. And so, how should I call you? Please spare me from the name Karen. That’s the name of a deceased person after all. I still want to hear a few things more, so please give me a name” (Makoto)

“There’s… no need for that”

The woman narrows her eyes looking a bit sad. It can even be seen as pity. From her sudden change of expression and her lowering of shoulders, I unintentionally found that gesture as cute, in contrast to her usual seductiveness.


“For a hyuman to talk normally with a demon is quite, no, incredibly interesting for me, but, you can tell right? I have to eliminate you no matter what. You will get in the way of my work after all. That’s why there’s no need to tell you a name”

“That woman’s name is Rona. She threw away her family name. She is one of the demon generals of the demon army, Raidou-sama”


“Shiki huh” (Makoto)

The killing intent that was filling up the room was erased by the voice of a third party. Just like dispersing the heat of summer by sprinkling water. That it was in an instant as well made me feel like it was exactly like sprinkling water. Rona who had confirmed Shiki’s presence and words, quickly took a battle stance.

That was too late. But with this, it seems like we can finally talk about a lot of things. That Shiki, he really did know her. Rona huh. That she threw away her family name and hornless, gives an impression of a mysterious woman. Wearing a school uniform with an adult body, I honestly can’t see it as anything but cosplay and it makes it hard to fix my eyes. She is wearing it slightly pulled down so it makes me think that way even more.

And also, a demon general huh. This would be the first time I am face to face with a demon of the demon camp.

As expected, it was something troublesome.

In the room that has been filled with tension for a while now, Shiki’s steps resound and he takes a sit. I was still in my sitting position. And Rona-san who tried to leave the room in her Karen form, is still standing.

Just as if she ran out of patience looking at Shiki’s gaze, she makes a small sigh and takes her seat once again.

A strange lunch began in Gotetsu.

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        1. Chapter 73: Decision in Stella

          The swordswoman that had fallen back had now returned, her body clad in radiance.

          The attack that Io used as a feint was evaded in a speed that was clearly at a completely different level from before and, just like that, her sword travels to his flank.

          Tightening his abdominal muscles, the attack that was repelled until now had brilliantly cut the body of the giant and blood flowed.

          “It can cut!”

          “Naval, what kind of magic is that?! I will also go to the rear and have it casted on me as well!” (Hibiki)

          “Hahaha, Hibiki that is impossible. This needs a special catalyst after all! Just obediently provide me support!” (Naval)

          Naval stops Hibiki who was already trying to head to the rear.

          “Wu wu, if you had such a trump card, you should have used it faster! You are sparkling and look beautiful too~” (Hibiki)

          “We are pushing hard!”

          The speed of Naval was originally higher than him. Even if Io’s strategy is to freely move his sturdy body with fluent body techniques, against the hyuman whose height is different and excelled his speed, it was impossible to evade them completely. Now that her attacks were connecting properly to damage, the schema has made a complete reversal.

          Keeping a distance not too far yet not too close, she coils about the demon general Io while one-sidedly cutting him.

          There was no chance for Hibiki to intervene, Naval was dishing as much attacks as she wanted. With her speed, there was no chance to follow her and the wounds continued.

          Compared to the regeneration, the speed in which he received wounds was faster. But at this rate, it will never reach a fatal wound. The wound she did at the beginning in his flank has already healed. If there is something she can aim for, it would be the weakening of his strength by lost of blood. As expected, things like neck, chest and stomach; he didn’t permit her to aim at them.

          Hibiki’s two handed attacks leave shallow cuts. She is changing into a style where his muscles won’t be able to catch her attacks. Putting slicing as her objective, she is moving in a way so the previous error doesn’t occur again.

          But in that turn of events there is one knight that had practically stopped parrying attacks or stopping them. He looked at the battle with a dazed expression.

          “… That is… Rose Sign. Are you kidding me? Why does she have such a…” (Bredda)

          It seems he had noticed something, he turned to the rear where Wudi is.

          Wudi, who knew the position of prince that Bredda possessed, could only turn his eyes away.

          No one in the party except Wudi knows, about Bredda holding the position of prince. Because of that, there were a lot of chances where he obtained information other people would be unable to touch. In that information, there was also the reason as to why Naval was able to change this situation into an advantageous one.

          A fragment of a rose, Rose Sign.

          Its size is on the level of a coin, but in reality it is one of the magic items that holds terrifying power.

          It’s a one-time use item and, when used, the pattern of a crimson rose will appear at the back of your neck. This is also one of the reasons for its name.

          Its effect is simple. It uses life as food and forcefully brings out power. When it is born, it will slowly consume you until your death and will greedily devour that power you will never be able to recover. And so, it will provide the user with strength surpassing one’s limits.

          The effective time is until that person dies. It is by no means a long time. That is to say, in exchange for a power that the user will never be able to obtain in his entire life, your death is set in stone.

          “Calling such a thing… a plan? Naval, you are…” (Bredda)

          A pure swordswoman like her can’t activate it. Bredda understands that. His thoughts reach at the conclusion that it must be Wudi or Chiya that cooperated with her.

          (It is most likely Wudi. If it were Chiya, she wouldn’t be cheering so merrily for her. Is she going to such lengths to protect Hibiki-dono and I?!) (Bredda)

          It is certainly not a situation where they could survive with the sacrifice of no one.

          However, to take all the responsibility by herself and forcing her own death, it is something Bredda would never approve. The knight that faked his social position and joined the party, still didn’t have the way of thinking a royalty should possess. Sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice someone. This reality is one that a politician can’t avoid.

          And actually, the effectiveness of Rose Sign is immense. Even in the present state, Io, who had been proving a difficult time for them, was now taking the defensive. He is someone that even with a handicap of 4-times blessing was still able to win.

          “Ah, Naval! You must not, that attack is…!” (Hibiki)

          There is no way to know if Hibiki’s warning reached her. Naval, who had jump up to the air, swung her sword straight ahead and got the demon general’s arm. And then, that sword continues unto its insides… and stops.

          “I got you!” (Io)

          Io wedged the sword and tightened his muscles. His opposite arm fires a powerful uppercut at Naval.

          “Not yet!!” (Naval)

          In midair, she puts her right hand on top of the left that is at the back of the sword’s handle and places force as if pushing her whole body. Naval, kicking the body of Io, uses that momentum to push the sword that had stopped in the middle and slices the bone and remaining meat.

          The uppercut that was approaching her from below, Naval manages to put her feet on top of it and use that strength to propel her to the direction of the attack.

          Io didn’t let out a single scream from having his arm cut off and didn’t stop his fist either. Nevertheless, one could clearly see that he was sweating and looking at his own arm that was now bleeding, he finally distorted his expression.

          A blood spray that had never occurred was happening now.

          “How scary, white woman. You said your name is Naval? Knowing an attack was coming and yet still greedily come to get my arm, moreover, kicking my fist and killing its power. Are you a monster of the sword?” (Io)

          “For a demon general to call me a monster. It doesn’t feel bad. I now grasped the way to cut off your arms. If the arms that protect you are gone, it will be easier to make your head fly” (Naval)

          Laughing fearlessly, she brushes off the blood sticking onto her sword. Her sword was already clad in a faint radiance and the white aura that she was releasing from inside her was steadily getting stronger. The shining aura flows to all sides as if dancing and then disappears.

          “So there’s a hyuman magic I don’t know right? Honestly, I am deeply surprised” (Io)

          “Well, I am surprised as well. At your power that I can’t overwhelm even when going to such lengths that is. As expected from a 4-armed giant race. You are one of those we call genius huh” (Naval)

          “… I was originally a normal 2-armed giant you know? What you cut off is not one of my original arms” (Io)

          Io responds to Naval’s praise.

          “At that time when we were attacked by the spider, I couldn’t save my best friend. When I managed to repel it with my wound-filled body, I returned with his arms and transplanted it on me. It took a lot of time until I was able to move them properly though” (Io)

          “Well, that was impolite of me then. I am sorry but I will have to finish this. There is also a fox woman right? From the 4 demon generals you are the weakest one. We can’t take our time” (Naval)

          The light that was coming from Naval’s body surpassed its peak and was now weakening.

          Maybe she is self-aware of this or maybe not, she once again begins her offensive.

          “I am the weakest? Fumu, it seems you guys are doing a weird labeling there. Why would a weak general come to the frontlines? In terms of battle, I am the strongest one of the demon generals. There’s no demon general that can beat me in a one-on-one” (Io)

          Against Naval’s fierce attack, Io limits himself to harden only the parts that he uses to guard and slowly manages to make them shallow. In these scene where blood is spraying here and there, Io seems to be calm, but in reality he is slightly reorganizing.

          “That is good news then! If we manage to defeat you, we will be able to make a big step forward!” (Naval)

          She didn’t even flinch at the words “strongest”. Naval goes full force at the demon general.

          While handling the combo of fists, she puts force into the arm holding the sword and little by little, using full powered attacks, she maintains her distance while mobilizing.

          In the middle of that, Naval does one step back and turns over her body. As if he had been waiting for this moment, she did just as Io planned.

          (No good! Naval hasn’t noticed?!) (Bredda)

          Bredda, who has been watching that fight with complex emotions, holds fears about Naval not being able to evade the next attack that is coming from the demon general.

          It may be because Bredda receives attacks a lot, he is skilled at reading his enemy’s knacks.

          This time, Io moved knowing that Naval would take her distance because she didn’t like how the situation was flowing.

          “… A kick?!”

          That’s right. Io hadn’t used a kick at all until now.

          The distance it has is wider compared to a fist. The place where Naval is, is not a safe range anymore. She is within his range sphere.

          In the space between them that she thought was safe, a fast kick that doesn’t fit the appearance of this giant was released. Avoiding it was impossible.

          “You shouldn’t be careless!” (Io)

          “Seriously!” (Bredda)

          From the side of the released kick, a shadow appears.

          Bredda, who had noticed Io’s prediction, moved to make a follow-up. From the front this attack is dangerous to defend, but attacking the leg from the side to shift its direction is something he can somehow manage. Bredda’s decision was correct.

          Getting his kick’s direction shifted by an unexpected obstruction, of course, the balance of his body crumbles. Naval’s eyes shine with the desire to attack.

          “I did it!” (Bredda)

          Replacing the kick of Io, comes Naval. Her movements while spreading light powder were beautiful like a dance.

          Io, who had read the aim of the girl accurately, leaves the arm that is supporting his body and uses the two remaining arms to protect his neck.

          “I won’t get in the way! At this moment he isn’t even able to counterattack right?!” (Hibiki)

          Hibiki forcefully cuts one of the arms of his and strikes his whole body. If it is at least cutting off one of the arms that are protecting his neck, it is possible.

          “Hibiki, thank you!” (Naval)

          Slipping through the arm that was left, Naval’s sword reaches Io’s neck.

          “Nuu wu! Gu!!!”

          She wasn’t able to make it fly off. It took her all to slip through his arm and release a punch.

          But the sword of her, certainly got through his neck. The white radiance that was covering the sword was now shining faintly and only protecting Naval’s body.

          The white swordswoman uses her remaining power to try and cut off his neck by placing force on the opposite side.

          It doesn’t budge.

          The sword that had gone through his neck didn’t move a centimeter.

          “Praiseworthy. To think you would be able to do this much. I apologize for my impoliteness of thoroughly making light of you guys” (Io)

          “… You bastard. That body is…” (Naval)

          The purple skin of Io began to dye in pitch black.

          “To think in this fight I would find an opponent I have to use my all” (Io)

          The words of the black giant sent chills down Naval’s spine. The sword that had clearly reached to his throat by pressing all of the strength of both of her arms, was brushed to the side. The sword… broke.

          Without minding that, she exchanged looks with Hibiki and Bredda and took her distance from Io. He didn’t give chase.

          The giant, with the sword’s edge still in his neck, stays standing.

          “… This is a joke right? Are you telling me from now on its stage 2?” (Hibiki)

          Hibiki’s words are blurred. Until now it has been already been a plenty strong opponent that they could hardly match and yet, he becomes even stronger. There is no situation more despairing than this.

          “No way. To not even use all of his strength when fighting Naval in that state” (Bredda)

          Bredda’s words were of mortification, a person that has been filled with despair.

          “Sorry there” (Io)

          Io silently prepares.

          “Wudi!!!!” (Naval)

          The words of Io were drowned by Naval’s yell and resounds in the area.

          Wudi, returning to his senses, quickly activates a spell he had prepared.

          “Chiya, I will activate high-speed mobilization. Do a follow-up!” (Wudi)

          “Y-Yes!” (Chiya)

          The opened hands he placed to the front were retracted and tightly gripped at the same time. His eyes were firmly locked at Hibiki and Bredda. He didn’t look at Naval.



          Both Hibiki and Bredda felt like they were pulled by something and were brought to Wudi’s side.

          He closes his eyes. For the sake of reaffirming his determination.

          An unexpected turn of events occurred, but he already accepted the predicted future he talked with her in the thought transmission.

          The wide opened eyes of Wudi were only looking at the path the Gritonia hero took. There may be some soldiers blocking the way, but there is no doubt that is the place with less defenses.

          He hoists his staff.

          “Wai- Wudi?” (Hibiki)

          He ignores Hibiki’s words.

          On the contrary, with the spell activated on top of Chiya’s support, they retreat from the battlefield at a speed not seen before.

          “Eh, Wudi-san! Naval-san is still!” (Hibiki)

          “Chiya, you must not, at any cost, cut off the support” (Wudi)

          “Wudi! What are you doing?!” (Hibiki)

          “Bredda-sama. Please hold down hero-dono. I don’t mind if it is only for a short while” (Wudi)

          Without hearing the opinions of anyone…

          Wudi fulfilled his promise with Naval and used his magic at max power to bring the party outside the boundaries of the battlefield. The demon soldiers that touched the gentle green area that surrounds the party were cut into pieces, and coupled with their screams, they went at full speed. Even when they arrived where the Kingdom’s soldiers who were trying to save Hibiki were, they still didn’t drop their speed.

          The moment the spell lost its effect, he didn’t speak a word and just fainted.

          At the other side.

          Io, who had understood the reason of Naval’s shout, ordered the soldiers to pursuit them. However, the party passed through the battlefield at high speed and it was quite the difficult order to follow. The ones who followed this order faithfully were turned into minced meat, the arrows were broken and the spells were blocked and avoided.

          “Wudi-dono, I am truly grateful” (Naval)

          “This is your plan huh” (Io)

          With a bitter-filled expression, Io asks the hyuman woman left.

          “Yeah, that’s right. My trump card is a bit dangerous you see” (Naval)

          Saying that, Naval puts up her stance with her broken sword. The radiance that was rising from her body was already hollow, and what was left only dispersed.

          “I can’t see you able to fight anymore though. Even so, you will continue?” (Io)

          The words of the giant were like a sigh that resounded in the place.

          “Of course. I haven’t used my everything yet after all!” (Naval)

          The light in Naval’s eyes were actually stronger even in this situation. Holding tightly her broken sword, she reduces her distance between Io.

          “Are you wishing for an honorable death?!” (Io)

          “My life would have mercilessly and worthlessly fallen in the battlefield anyways!! I am able to decide my death place, I got a reason to die, and moreover, I am able to remain in the memories of an irreplaceable friend! For the death of the sword monster, this is a stage that is too good!” (Naval)


          Io was thinking Naval would evade his fist and advance to pointblank range. Seeing his prediction turn out completely different, he unconsciously voices out his surprise.

          The demon general’s fist… pierced the girl. It’s an attack that anyone would be able to tell it is a fatal wound. Naval, who had a fist growing out of her back, just what was she expecting to do now?

          The girl who was vomiting blood, raised the corners of her mouth.

          “Come to me, Death Messenger” (Naval)


          Just before death, the whisper of Naval didn’t reach Io’s ears.

          In an instant, the blue fire that spread out in his surroundings covered all his field of vision. The fire steadily converged onto him and her as if trying to surround them, turning everything that touched it into dust.

          It wasn’t the vivid sky blue that refreshes one’s eyes…

          It’s like the one you see after dusk, a dark and stagnant blue.

          “This is… this is?!” (Io)

          An ancestral magic that uses life as its price, is what Io concluded. Because she is a swordswoman, this possibility completely slipped from his mind. Now that the two who could use magic were gone, in a part of his mind he had set that there was no “magic” in her options.

          Extremely high density blue flame balls were wrapping up Naval’s corpse and the black giant.

          With an expression as if he would explode at any moment, he made himself smaller, and in the area, one could hear the shouts of Io. Maybe it took the increasing shouts of him as a signal, the blue flames showed a change.

          In the moment they shone brightly, at the next instant, they created a large explosion.

          The explosion was vast in range and the demons and hyumans aiming to retreat in the surroundings were caught in the blast.

          A thunderous roar rules the entire area for a moment, a flame that burns the battlefield.

          When the two of them vanished, a charred lump of something was left on the ground.

          What was once Io.

          With a form as if cowering, the charred body looked like a big rock.

          Beside that rock, a blue skinned woman that appeared out of nowhere touched his hand.

          She seemed like a demon, ( but in that face the horns that are their special trait are nowhere to be found) . She had a slim figure and an extreme outfit that barely hid the most important parts.
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