Chapter 97: The temporary teachers’ staff room

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It feels like a long time since I have returned to Rotsgard. Well even if I say so, it’s only been a few days though.

Because of Tomoe’s hypothesis about the climate, the investigation has increased the time I am in Asora.

It seems like that genius samurai-wannabe’s thinking was mostly correct, so after the day of the report, the climate of Asora constantly changed because of the experiments.

Well, we were using the hypothesis as our base, that’s why we notified the residents beforehand, so no real problem occurred.

It seems like the last gate I opened is the one affecting it. It is practically certain.

By that I mean the remains of a gate that not only Tomoe and I can open, but Mio is able to use as well. Shiki said that he is almost able to use it. How reliable.

That’s why if the gates are properly closed there’s less chances of affecting the climate.

There’s arias involved, but the only difference is that I use an aria or not to make the gate appear, so it doesn’t inconvenience me. Changing the gate I open at the Academy as one that doesn’t leave traces, Asora now has a gentle climate that’s close to that of early summer. That it rains a bit often is one of the cons, but residents like the lizards were happy. It seems like they liked the tropic climate quite a bit, so I feel slightly bad for what I did. I hope they are not being considerate.

Tomoe went to investigate again. Giving out a number of points, she said that she would find places for all the seasons. The day that Asora has the same four seasons as Japan might be close. Unlike me, Tomoe seems to be able to predict the future results with the data gathered, so she is probably able to estimate the adequate places from the patterns in the climate changes.

Today is a lecture day. Asora seems to have calmed down, so there shouldn’t be any problems in me returning. I am thinking about making this place my center of actions again. The person that is teaching Mio cooking seems to be there for a limited amount of time, so since time is precious, she has been staying in Tsige. I don’t know if she is staying there or doing all-nighters, but there seems to be days when she doesn’t return. If she is interested in something she will do it to her best, that’s truly Mio-like. I don’t know what kind of cooking she is learning, but I think one day she will serve it to me, so I am looking forward to it.

“Raidou-sama, regarding the several days of business, it seems like there wasn’t any remarkable problem and has been going smoothly. They are also growing properly” (Shiki)

Shiki does a report of the sales in the time I was in break, and talks to me satisfied. He returned to Rotsgard several times, but he was mostly in Asora. And yet, the shop didn’t have any problems, so he must be happy about it. I am happy too.

“You are right. If we were able to rotate the people working and have them able to teach the newcomers, it would make things a lot easier. Hey Shiki, about Rembrandt-san and his daughters…” (Makoto)

“Ah, the case where you left a letter with Mio-dono right?” (Shiki)

“Yeah. Thinking about the day they left Tsige, I think they will be arriving here soon but, did you obtain any information?” (Makoto)

“Not really. Most I could get was that they would be arriving at the Academy soon. They are daughters of an influential merchant, so maybe they have orders to stay silent. Lime was also unable to gather any information in town” (Shiki)

“I see. Well, when they return to the Academy, I will give my greetings. You already gave the report of the things that are needed for today’s lecture right?” (Makoto)

“Yes. I have already received permission beforehand, so I don’t think there will be much problems” (Shiki)

Shiki really acts properly. If he makes a mistake this time, I will turn a blind eye for him.

He was a bit bullied by Mio because of the mamono incident after all.

Let’s see, after today’s lecture, let’s invite the students that have free time to Gotetsu. Jin seems to have liked the nabe, so maybe the other students will also be happy. I am not thinking about reeling them in with food, but I have to be kind from time to time.

Before going to the lecture, I go to the desk I was given and check if I have any urgent messages. It’s like a staff room for temporary teachers. Maybe they have extra space, when I requested for Shiki to accompany me, they also put up a desk for him.

It’s a place I use only when I am looking for shelter in lecture days and in days where the library is boisterous.

“Otto, this is…” (Makoto)

My voice reflexively comes out. On my desk there were quite the amount of documents and letters piled up. Even though I came here because I had some leisure time before the lecture began, with this, it feels like I don’t even have enough time to skim through them.

“What an incredible amount. For now, I will sort them out, so will you look at the necessary ones?” (Shiki)

[Let’s do that. I don’t need the confession ones, so just dispose those]

“Understood” (Shiki)

Luckily, the desk of Shiki only had love letters, so I can ask of him without any worries. Just, the letters on his desk, there are many that seem to be done with a lot of effort. It makes me interested.

Oh, they are decreasing.

The chaotic pile of paper is being beautifully assorted.

I can hear the voice of admiration of someone. Well, it is probably a teacher who has lectures today too. Fufufu, you must be jealous right? But Shiki is ours so I won’t be giving him.

As expected, the disposal corner is the one that has the most. To think that the absurd proposals would even come here, it is already on the level of harassment.

There seem to be a few documents that I should check, so I begin checking them.

Ehm, a request to accept a student huh. The ones I have are mostly like this.

Now that I think about it, the teachers did tell me. That after a while of holding a course, I would be able to select the students that I want to accept in my lecture. They also told me that this system didn’t have much point unless you are a popular lecture and they are normally all accepted.

But I am happy for it. If they are clearly people that don’t have the power and only have other objectives, coming to me would only trouble me. If I am able to reject them through documents, I am grateful.

… There are a lot of girls. Their main subject and specialty are clearly different from mine. I really don’t need this kind of popularity.

Okay, trash. This, trash too. This girl, to the trash too. Ah, a man. Close enough, come back when you have trained more. From a third person’s perspective, it looks like I am quite popular. For the teachers that are having troubles gathering students, my actions of putting the seal of rejected must look pretty strange. The number of students I have now are 5 so I am in the same boat as them.

N? Assistant teacher petition? What is this?

When I check the contents, it seems to be documents asking my presence as an assistant lecturer. I forgot that I can participate in other lectures as an assistant. Because I didn’t intend to do it anyways.

The lecture’s subject is…

Hand-to-hand art. I am a magician and merchant though. Is this bullying?

Axe art. It isn’t like I am not interested in axes. The same as above.

Practical use of recovery medications. Something that Shiki might want.

Limia Kingdom history. Don’t know the point.

Nothing decent.

Setting aside the requests of Limia Kingdom history and the others, I breathe out a sigh. Well, it isn’t like I have seen the details, so for now I will take the assistant teacher documents back.

Another request to enter my class? Ehm, let’s see, this time is…

Ah, found it.

Sif Rembrandt. Yuno Rembrandt.

These are Rembrandt’s daughters no doubt. So they have already returned to the Academy. Rumors are so half-assed.

No, that’s not it. Today those two will be returning. Then that means my lecture will be the number one lecture they will be returning to. In that case, should I make today’s lecture lighter? I need to rehab after all.

But this time is a fun lecture I have announced beforehand. I did accept their petition, and there’s only one other student among the petitions that I think has the requirements to participate as well, so let’s just split the 3 new students and I will take care of them.

Looking at the information of the Rembrandt sisters, I think that the ability of them is pretty high compared to other students. Just like how Jin said, talented. Well, it is not sure if they still possess the same skills as before though. They did suffer a serious illness after all.

The older sister Sif is older than me huh. 19 years old. She seems to be a magician. Her element specialties are earth and fire. Heh~. To write two is pretty unusual. Also, the earth one has the divine protection of a spirit. She will probably be taught mainly by Shiki.

The little sister is 15. Oh! She uses bows. Also, spears? This is quite the rare combination. Bow and spear. Don’t tell me she investigated me and Shiki beforehand, and wrote whatever came up. Her magic seems to be in basic level and they are mostly enhancing spells huh.

Rembrandt-san is aiding me, so I will accept both. Mixing public and private? No, in terms of ability there’s no problems.

If I had to say something, it would be that I don’t know if they were taking Shiki and me in mind and wrote lies. The older one wrote that she has a spirit’s divine protection in her earth element, so I don’t think there’s a lie in that one though. But the part of her little sister using bow and spear is just… In the Academy’s lectures I haven’t used the bow once, so she probably heard it from her father.

The other girl. It isn’t like I chose her because she is my type. In my lecture there’s four men and one female. The lone woman Amelia grumbles saying that she wants more girls (even though she doesn’t want other girls to get their hands on Shiki), so I think it will have a good balance of 50/50. Her motive and abilities are pretty high. It seems like it hasn’t been long since she transferred here from a small country close to the Gritonia Empire. She is probably searching for several classes to attend. There’s the probability that my class doesn’t fit her and she leaves, but she is a scholarship student so I think her desire to improve is high.

“Raidou-sensei, can I have a bit of your time?”

I have Shiki take the papers for the student petitions that were accepted to the staff room. I don’t know how much it will take to accept it, but by next week I will probably be able to meet the sisters face to face. If it’s today, they will probably just think that it is a weird class. If they think it is weird in a positive way, there won’t be any problems. Probably.

[What is it?]

Soon after Shiki left the room, one of the teachers stood up from his seat and talked to me. How rare. <No gender specified>

“Actually uhm, it’s about the injury medication you handle in your business…”

[Yes, I certainly do handle wound medications]

“From now on, in the time between summer vacations till the school festival, my lectures will have more dangerous practical trainings. So if possible, I wanted to ask if you could provide me with about 10”

Ah, so that’s how it is. I don’t know if it is dangerous because the school festival is coming, but instead of replenishing the 10 emergency medications every day, it would be better to just ask me to have them in order. Right now I have a number restriction when selling and the wound medications are not something the general public buy constantly. If there’s customers that want to buy in large numbers, Lime and the others are managing it. Well, if it’s to heal the wounds of the students, I don’t have any objections.

[Ah, I see. Understood. If you say that it is for the sake of the lectures, then I will happily prepare them. If you want to, you can come as soon as tomorrow to my store]

“Thank you very much! Ah, I’m so glad. The reputation of Kuzunoha Company had rose higher, so I tried it too, but it really has incredible effectiveness. I really wanted to bring them as insurance, but since it was so popular, it was pretty hard to get”

[I apologize for the inconveniences of not making that many]

Since the number restriction, the amount that have reached to different hands has increased, but for the people that are looking for numbers it is definitely inconvenient. I have received requests from several medical stores too. Right now we are in the middle of considering our options. If they bring out something like reserves for the Academy, it will trouble me. It may create oppositions saying that I can actually make as many as I want. It will be quite the big business discussion, so even if this type of talks come in the future, there will be people that would want to try crushing us. I don’t think there’s anything to worry about though.

“No! With that kind of effect, that’s obvious. The price is clearly cheap. There won’t be many situations where we would need to use that wound medication, so I think that with just 10 it will be able to last till the school festival”

[It can only maintain its outstanding effects for 3 months so be careful of that. We also have other things in sale, so please do pay a visit at our store again]

“Understood. I will certainly do!”

At the time he called me, he had a pretty stiff expression but now he is cheerful as he returns to his seat. If he says he wants 10 for insurance, he must be quite the popular teacher.

Just in case, I will have Lime check if he is actually using them for what he said he would. It would be troublesome if it is a new method for resale. Right, I did say tomorrow but let’s push it to a few days later and investigate his background.

Shiki returned. Just in time too.

Then, let’s go to class.

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