Chapter 94: Late night report

“You guys may be tired, but we will begin the report. Is that okay, Waka?” (Tomoe)

“Yeah, of course. I’m counting on you okay?” (Makoto)

The party is still continuing with a number of heavy drinkers. Most of them went down already or were satisfied. The ones left are those that stay till morning.

We also tasted the fun of the party plenty enough and are now back in my room.

When we returned to my room, there was a decent amount of food and sake and also water. It felt like a night snack.

In that room of mine, the important report began.

“Then, first of all, there is one thing that might be important. Regarding the investigation Waka asked me about the battle region” (Tomoe)

“Ah, how was it? What do you mean by it might be important?” (Makoto)

Things like Sofia and Lancer’s tracks and the ring that can seal the Goddess’ powers. Places that can become some sort of hint. What did she understand?

“In the middle of my investigation, I encountered the hero” (Tomoe)

“H-Hero?!” (Makoto)

The hero as in the people that got kidnapped by the Goddess, the other earthlings aside from me?!

“Yeah. The one I met was the Gritonia Empire’s Hero. The one called Iwahashi Tomoki. From what I saw, he was about the same age as Waka” (Tomoe)

“Gritonia? Eh, Tomoe, weren’t you supposed to be in Limia?” (Makoto)

Even if they are adjacent, they are fellow major powers. The place where Tomoe went was a place close to the capital of Limia, so if there were people from Gritonia, there must be a reason for it.

“He was probably planning something unpleasant. Also, how to say it, he was trash. Well, since Waka was in Academy Town and I judged that he wouldn’t be any danger, I just ignored him though” (Tomoe)

… I am hearing a report about the current hero right?

“It seems like the Gritonia hero is one that is attached to greed. After the battle with the demons, he probably intents to wage a war between hyumans. Also, the princess that was accompanying him…” (Tomoe)

“Wait. Princess? Are you telling me the princess was moving together with the Gritonia hero?” (Makoto)

“Yes. Looking at that, I think they are quite close to each other. Just that part, I want Waka to learn from” (Tomoe)

Meaning that he placed his hands on the princess? The princess of a major power? He is quite free that Iwahashi guy.

Also, he is close to my age. Being told that one of the heroes is a person close to my age makes me feel happy but at the same time it doesn’t. It’s a complicated sensation.

“And?” (Makoto)

Leaving it as if I never heard her comment about learning from him, I push her to continue.

“… The princess’ thoughts were surfacing out. There was the word “gun” mentioned. There was also the image of gunpowder, so there’s the chance she is trying to make guns” (Tomoe)

“Guns?! It is obvious that it is completely below the magic here. Then, what is her objective?” (Makoto)

I don’t see any merits of spreading guns in a world where magic defense can easily defend against. Even more if it is a major power.

And it is Gritonia, one of the countries which holds the most influence in hyumans. What is she trying to do? It will only lengthen the war unnecessarily you know?

No good. I can’t get the reason Gritonia is trying to make guns. In the war against the demons, it would be safe to say that guns are totally useless. It may vary depending on how one uses it, but for the hyuman army that holds simple thought patterns like increasing attack power by leveling up, I really don’t think they would be able to use it effectively against the demons who are said to be several generations ahead in strategy.

There’s only one thing I understand. It is bad. No matter how stupid it sounds, as long as it’s the princess of a military country that is developing it, there should be some sort of objective behind it. There’s no doubt that the gun development doesn’t involve peace.

There’s the possibility that it will be used for fights between hyumans. If small guns are made, it will probably have uses in assassination missions. If it is arranged properly, there’s the chance that it won’t be recognized as a weapon.

Gritonia Hero. His name was Iwahashi something. Why did you teach the hyumans of this world about guns?

“I don’t know the details. Honestly speaking, they are quite the unpleasant bunch. Not only looking at their memories, I actually wanted to secretly kill them without telling Waka. But after thinking it through, I held back and decided to wait for your decision” (Tomoe)

“Then, you didn’t fight them right? I am sorry, but I want to meet them at least once before deciding” (Makoto)

Iwahashi Tomoki huh. Including the Empire, I am a bit interested.

About the guns, if possible I want to destroy them before they come out to light. Because having weapons from my previous world spreading around here and probably bringing about death, I just don’t like it.

Of course, since it is a major power, I would have to make a plan for the sake of the future. And then, I will have to make sure of the reason of why they are trying to develop something like guns. If not handled properly, there’s the possibility of similar things being created one after the other.

This… feels like it will be troublesome.

“As you will. Next, about the Goddess power and the information about the dragon killer. There was practically none.  Just in case, I checked the bottom of the lake as well” (Tomoe)

“I see. Good work. What about information of me?” (Makoto)

The important part didn’t have much progress huh. Just in case, I try asking Tomoe about information of me.

That time, demons and hyumans saw me after all. I want to know what kind of situation it has turned into in Limia.

“… About Waka, there was no information around. It seems there was someone rampaging right after that, so the rumors were all over that story” (Tomoe)

For a moment she seemed like she was pondering about something, and after Tomoe looked like she arranged her thoughts, she continued talking.

“Oh, rampaging? Just what happened?” (Makoto)

It is good the information of me faded and disappeared, but it sounds like a dangerous story.

“I wasn’t able to pick up a detailed image from the ones who survived, but it seems like someone threw an attack so strong that it created a lake and made the fight stop” (Tomoe)

“Created… a lake?” (Makoto)

“Yeah. Involving several rivers in the area, a quite big lake was created” (Tomoe)

“What is with that monster?! Isn’t its nature worse than Sofia’s? Isn’t there the chance that it was something the Goddess did?” (Makoto)

“Pfft!” (Tomoe)

Why do you laugh?

“Tomoe?” (Makoto)

“No, sorry about that. About that “thing”, there’s several testimonies about its appearance and it is shrouded in mystery. I could only tell that it is being called the “Devil”” (Tomoe)

Even though I was flashily fighting with Sofia and Lancer and my face was seen by a decent amount of demons. Was there a person there who didn’t have any particular figure and was able to finish the fight in one attack?

… I’m glad I was able to come back alive.

“Devil huh. To think such a monster was in that battlefield. In that case, more the reason to increase my abilities or it will be dangerous. Shiki, you may be busy as well but, don’t go missing training ok?” (Makoto)

“Y-Yes! Of course, Waka-sama!” (Shiki)

What? He is strangely humble. The surprise is already over, so he should just act normally.

“Y-You are right. Thanks to the Devil, the investigation is proving difficult and the tool that’s said to seal the Goddess powers is currently hard to say anything. About the thought transmission, I have obtained favorable information and I am planning on going faraway tomorrow on” (Tomoe)

“Favorable information?” (Makoto)

“It’s information from the demons. It seems like the demon race has obtained a ground-breaking notion of the thought transmission and are using something like a secret transmission, a special sort of thought transmission. I think it will serve as a hint for the improvement of the thought transmission that Waka was looking for. Well, my gatherings are till this point” (Tomoe)

“Heh~, it is certainly a point of interest. A special thought transmission huh. Tte Tomoe. There’s not only that right? What about Lime, Tsige and the Rembrandt sisters?!” (Makoto)

“Ah, that huh. About the spy, in hyuman towns like Tsige it is easier to use a hyuman to gather information. After giving Lime his weapon, I checked how he was and thought that he was useful, so I made him the spy number 1 that’s all. About the recent investigation of the Rembrandt sisters that Waka asked for, it seems like they don’t walk outside that much, so I couldn’t get much. There was also the case of them being ill, making the information less. I thought about just asking their parents to save time, but I only listened to them boasting about their daughters. Even when I tried to look at their memories, there was only sparkles and beautified moments, so I just couldn’t take it. And so, the authenticity of the information is unknown. Well, you are going to be meeting them, so isn’t it fine to just wait for then? Just for two hyuman girls. I don’t think they will pose any problems” (Tomoe)

So there’s no information because they were ill and didn’t come out often huh. Even when I confirmed in detail with Tomoe, she hasn’t even heard about the sisters’ bad reputation.

Maybe because they are close to their parents, they are playing the good kids?

“The problem is that when I am in the Academy my stomach hurts. In a hyuman town it is better to use hyumans huh. Well, that is logical. And in truth, since Lime got to Academy Town, we have been able to gather quite a good amount of information. He is a real help. Thanks Tomoe” (Makoto)

“… I think, I understand the feelings of Mio a bit. Thank you for your kind words. I trained Lime firmly after all. Right now his winning percentage against Mondo is higher. So use him as much as you want” (Tomoe)

There’s no doubt I am grateful. Tomoe’s actions normally go one step further from what I want her to, but it’s true that she is working well. Saying that she understands the feelings of Mio, Tomoe narrows her eyes happily and lifts the corners of her mouth into a smile. The expression of Tomoe was so imposing and different from her usual self that makes it feel even more charming.

I also heard a nostalgic name. Mondo huh.

Ah, the no-brain Forest Oni. I haven’t met that person lately, but his atmosphere must have changed quite a lot. Akua and Eris are on the level that they can serve hyuman customers after all. However, it seems like Lime has gotten so strong he is now able to fight against the strongest of the Forest Onis. I didn’t know that.

“Got it. Now then, it is probably our turn to report” (Makoto)

“No, actually there’s one more thing. It’s an important report regarding Asora. The reports on your side, I have already heard the ones that stand out the most from Shiki. It seems like you have become quite popular” (Tomoe)

Now it wasn’t the cute smile from a while, but a grinning face.

“Stand out? That’s the most irrelevant report of all. Well, if you have already heard it that’s fine. Let’s hear the important report of Asora” (Makoto)

Shiki. Counting your help in the surprise today, it seems like you have been meeting with Tomoe quite a lot. Even though you should have been busier than me. Just when does this guy sleep?

… There are also times when he stays up late reading books. Could it be, he actually has quite a lot of days where he doesn’t sleep at all?

“Yeah, it’s about the change of Asora’s irregular climate. I discovered the reason. The way to solve it, I think it is also doable” (Tomoe)



It is one of the problems Asora has been having since the beginning. It seems like the cause has finally come to light. The hectic climate that in times was summer, in others winter, some dry and others damp; it is finally going to be solved.

Even if I have a body that resists heat and cold, if the climates keeps changing so often, it will feel uncomfortable. There are times when the children or the old people have their physical condition affected. It is a problem that should be resolved.

“The reason for the change in climate is…” (Tomoe)

The report of Tomoe continues.

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        If they didn’t made gun but bioweapon like anthrax, that just a weapon, just a tool. are you still ok with them developping it? after all there will always be war, so there is no problem, right? it’s not good or bad, it only kill when someone use it. So would you let them make it?
        If I develope anthrax in my basement, would it be ok if I say “it’s like guns, it’s only bad if I use it on someone, but I wouldn’t do it, so it’s ok”? I don’t think so.

        you’re point for the monster don’t seem right in my opinion. If monster was that weak, they wouldn’t need to level up, so gun are most likely weak against monster and strong soldier, or even race with stronger body than hyuman. It would be the most effective against hyuman and used by weak people, so assassinat and larger scale battle are the only thing that guns will brought in this world.

        And like owl said it, you’re probably american for your love for guns, so I will use america for argument.
        You said they have the right to develope a weapon, and other people can do shit to stop it. But the middle est wars that implicate america since some decades, wasn’t to stop them for making nuclear weapon? they wanted to have the same weapon that stronger country to protect themself, and america didn’t tolerate it and crushed them. Isn’t it hypocrytical for your previous argument?

        1. Never-mind it’s just my browser making the screen look like a wall of text.

          The act of America stopping the middle-east from getting nuclear weapons has nothing to do with me.

          A single person can’t change what a COUNTRY is doing. The only person who can be held responsible for it would be the one in charge. Which would be the president.

          The acts of the country is not the fault of a citizen right?

      8. sorry, computer went batshit crazy for a sec. Continuing…. would not be usable against mamono.

        Thus guns are only usable against villagers A, B, C….. etc. and they can’t be used against bandits cause bandits are normally higher level than villagers, then villager A gun is taken by bandit A and used against villager B. Of course this happens after the princess discover guns are pretty much useless against an army and uses then to take the citizens as hostages.

        So let’s conclude that guns are even more useless to civillians in that world than it is on ours, and unlike ours gun are useless to military there, so why does the MC wants to stop the development of guns, cause all they can do is to bring harm to hyumans.

        BTW: he doesn’t seem to care about guns being used against demons because they would be even more useless, reason 1) demons are generations ahead in tatics, a sudden change in weapons wouldn’t help; reason 2 the only interaction demon x hyuman is with armies (officially)

        BTW 2: Owl never said “you’re wrong” to you defending guns, he said that the same way your opinion says that the MC should let guns exist the author opinion says that the MC should stop the production of guns and that both opinions are byproducts of your birthplace and country politics in relation to guns

        And lastly BTW 3: your reactionpretty much afirms that you’re american, and brainwashed to think it’s safer for you to have a gun when it’s actually the opposite

        1. Sorry, the only way for me to reply to you directly is by using wordpress’s notification window. Which makes it so all replies that aren’t continually spaced appear as a wall of text.

          Here’s my argument against “guns will be useless” idea.

          If they develop guns and make it wide-spread amongst adventurers. They can develop weapons like anti-material rifles.

          Heck, since they have magic (which is basically a renewable energy source).

          They could even make magic guns or even scientifically advanced guns like Gauss Rifles or Rail Guns.

          But that would be different from the current fantasy style of the series.

          Still, if magic is powerful enough to kill monsters. Why not make enchanted bullets that are imbued with magic? You can pre-enchant them so you don’t have to waste mana in mid-fight.

          You should check out other stories/ games that have guns and magic.

          Here are other things I want to point out.

          a. If the princess creates guns. She’ll try to monopolize them and not spread it out. That way her country becomes the most powerful in the land.

          b. this will make it so that guns do not spread out which will prevent a “era of chaos” between two countries that both wield guns.

          c. In reality, this “era of chaos” never happened. So the idea itself kinda falls apart.

          2. If they spread it out to adventurers they develop it so that they could use it against monsters and could easily rival magic. Just because guns are considered more advance. Doesn’t mean they can’t improve on it.

          3. If they give it out to everyone regardless of who they are. Everyone can defend themselves. Though it’s still not to the level of being able to defend themselves against anything.

          Still, guns will have advantages over swords and you can easily see how it’ll help the common person.

          It’ll also prevent their govt. / royalty from being oppressive.

          Guns directly affects the “Standing army” and “army formations” strategies of old in favor of more strategic assaults. Where a small group of well trained soldiers fight in teams of 2-16. Although people contribute guns with giant battlefields field with soot and bullets. In reality, a lot less people die on todays battlefields when compared to ancient times.

      9. Ok, after all that you still think the empire have the right to make guns, and I still think makoto have the right to stop them, so it will be stupid to continue this argument, we will never agree.

        In the end, two oposite opinion like that can only lead to a war
        You VS I: you probably win
        makoto VS empire: makoto win, they may have an army, makoto has Mio

        In the end, those who decide who have rights are the strongest.

        PS: a little off topic, but I think citizens must bear the guilt for their wars because it is too easy to just put the blame on 1 person, but I never meet someone who agree with me on that, so you probably are right

        PPS: people in that tread said that american are brain washed for view on guns, I don’t think so.
        guns are just too deeply rooted in american culture to easily take a anti-gun pov. I am not close minded to the point that I will call brainwashing, a different opinion than mine.

        1. Its a different mindset really. Those who come from countries with stricter governments will see as guns a completely separate entity from themselves. They’ve never been around guns, they’ve never fired a gun. They don’t really understand the benefits of having them and how important they are to the core beliefs that America was founded on.

          It is a tool that is given to people for their own protection. In many ways.

          The American (not all Americans mind you, a lot of Americans are actually anti-gun) mindset is that guns are just a tool and it’s the individuals intent that changes the purpose of it.

          For example, a car. Most cars are seen as simple vehicles to get you from one place to another. However, it can easily kill people. It is technically a movable weapon.

          And in reality, Cars kill more people per year than guns. So do baseball bats, knives and other tools.

          And I understand your point, you think that him as a human has the autonomy to decide what he wants to do. I can respect that mindset.

          However by doing this he is denying the free-will of the other party.

          Its a clash of ideology really.

          Do you have the right to prevent someone from doing something just because you yourself dislike it? It’s that kind of question.

          If you can say yes to that question, more power to you. However, you have to realize that you’re inhibiting his autonomy as well. So it’s completely within their own right to resist you.

          Personally I don’t go out of my way to stop people from doing anything just because I disagree.

          And on the war thing…

          In a democratic country, the president actually needs the okay from the citizens to go to war.

          However, the last few unofficial wars were actually not authorized. The last war that was actually authorized was the Iraq war. And the thing is, it’s based on majority of representatives that vote in favor of it.

          Representatives are supposed to follow the wish of the people. It’s not always that case though.

          and on a side note, I don’t think you can blame the citizen for wars if the govt. is a monarchy or any other system that takes the power away from the people.

          I like that you actually talked to me rather than just throw insults.

          See my original comment was only me venting. I didn’t expect anyone the reply to me.

          I don’t mind talking to you again.

      10. Actually geek, if you looked back, the person who called others brainwashed in the first place was Factual himself. My quote then, and I specifically quote: “Usually, the ones most rabid about anti-gun control tend to be Americans, the rest of the world don’t quite have that extreme a relationship with guns.”. Nowhere was there any mention of Americans being brainwashed, the term only came up when Factual tried to use it as an insult against me.

        As such, him crying about insults to him tends to take a bit of a hypocritical flavour.

        On a more technical note, there is also a fair fraction of Americans that are anti-gun, so it is hardly all one sided, but their pro-gun lobby is very, very vocal.

      11. wait, there is something I forgot to say:

        you need guns to protect yourself against guns, so they aren’t needed in a world where they don’t exist.

        (it sound like shit after I conclued it some hours ago…)

      12. but, if can can have a gun, why would your enemi wouldn’t have one? you will never overpower the other in long-term.
        You can say that a gun can protect you against knife, but why someone will attack you with a knife while he can attack you with a gun?

        You can say that the princess want to keep monopoly for those weapon, but if she want to use on large scale, and not just for personnal use, it’s impossible that she will keep all making secrets.

        It will just be a short timed advantage.

        1. that’s just the way weapon technology goes. That’s also the same reason why more weapons get more and more developed.

          You’re forgetting one key thing though. They have magic in this world.

          That in itself already gives many people an edge.

          If it were me, I’d want to have a gun just in case I get attacked by a magic user.

          And you don’t have to worry about long term… it’s your own personal safety we’re talking about. You don’t give the attacker a second chance.

      13. “And you don’t have to worry about long term… it’s your own personal safety we’re talking about.. You don’t give the attacker a second chance”

        Ok now I finaly understand why we are so opposed in that talk, we talk about integred a new weapon in a world.
        I try to put in weight the pro and the con, and see what kind of consequences it can have on all the population.
        But you only think on individual plan, you are stuck in the same situation “If a guy with a sword attack me, I want a gun to kill him”

        It just one of the potential situation, and represent a small part of all what could happen.
        You probably think that the situation will always be in your favour, but that most likely not. you are idealist, not me.

        You don’t give the attacker a second chance, but what if it’s your attacker that don’t give you a second chance. exemple: you are attaked by a guy with a gun and you only have a knife to defend yourself because you are poor and gun are too expensive for you.
        will you still think that gun are a good think?
        will you still love this power if he isn’t in your hands but in your enemy hands?

        you have to think if you can kill someone with a gun, there is the same probability that someone kill you with a gun.

        this isn’t a world where guns are spread around the world, but a world where they don’t exist, and we have to think if it’s a good or a bad idea to make them.
        In my opinion, the good is too little, and the bad is too big, it will only be harmful.

        Yes, there will always be war, but that’s not a reason to knowingly worsen the situation.

        1. You’ve lost me. You made an assumption of what my train of thought is and then went on a tangent.

          No you can’t argue with me that guns will ever be a bad, they are just tools. Every human invention can be used as a weapon in some way or form. To assume that you’re “worsening the situation” can be said for ALL THINGS MANMADE.

          We didn’t have people dying from car accidents before, now we do.

          To say that a tool is going to worsen the world is just nonsense. It depends on the people who have them. Even in countries without guns, there are still a lot of violent crimes being committed.

          I was only talking about the individual usage as a counter to your point about enemies and long term because it works for both the individual and the community as a whole.

          Countries that do not put in research towards developing their military can be easily wiped out.

          You talked about the long term. Look at the story itself. The humans didn’t bother to research army strategies and other weapons because they got complacent.

          Also, on the subject of INDIVIDUALS: Guns are not all powerful. If you get within range of someone with a gun. It is extremely easy to overpower them.

          I am not going to always assume that the situation will always be in my favor. THATS WHY I WOULD GET A GUN.

          Humans are naturally different, some people are just not naturally fit and weaker.

          Personally, I am not confident enough to assume that I would always be able to overcome an assailant without a weapon, especially if there’s more than one.

          That’s why I get one.

          If I’m in a situation where the enemy has a weapon and I don’t. That means I die. It’s that simple.

          You seem to have the mindset that the way to encourage safety is to prevent anyone from having a weapon.

          The point of weapons is to give the weaker person an edge.

          It’s always better to have a weapon over not having one.

          When both parties have weapons of the same level, the more trained, skill and physically fit will win.

          However, if the weapons themselves are strong enough that being physically plays less of a part. That means the weaker person still has a chance.

          That is why guns are called the great equalizer.

      14. geek, no point talking to him, he’s an ideologue, to him, guns can never have a negative side and world hunger can be solved by giving everybody guns. And he wonders why I call him brainwashed.

        This is as bad as talking to a Communist, then, they also believed that as long as everyone is together, you get “worker’s paradise”, even when there was mass starvation. You can’t get a zealot to recognize the flaws in their ideology.

        Ironically, the Communists then blamed the mass starvation on “Western Imperialist intervention” when there wasn’t a “westerner” in sight for the last decade+.

        To an ideologue, it is never their ideology that is wrong.

        1. So because I don’t think the same way as you, that makes me brainwashed?

          See, I was joking when I called you one before. You on the other hand are just showing that you’re a bigot.

          What you just spouted is completely true of YOURSELF.

          You are the ideologue. You don’t think an opinion that differs from yours is in any way correct.

          I stated before that you can’t convince me that guns are bad. I said guns are tools, THAT IS NEUTRAL STATEMENT.

          See here, me and geek are having a friendly discussion.

          It has been you that have been completely against differing ideas.

          I told geek that I can respect his opinion. You’re the one attacking my character.

        2. By YOUR OWN LOGIC. You yourself are brainwashed. You don’t like guns and there is no convincing you that guns are good. You have already made up your mind and there’s no talking to you.

          As I’ve said, you’re a bigot.

        3. I’m not a gun fanatic. I just think people have the right to decide what they want. A tool cannot be evil, it’s what people do with it that should be judged. However, you shouldn’t prevent good people from using the tool just because of a few bad apples.

          A lot of crimes are done with things like screw drivers and kitchen knives. That doesn’t mean we should ban them.

      15. “Factual”. Go re-read your posts. YOU started by coming out swinging. Or just in case you are lazy, I’ll put it here.

        “omfg he thinks he has the right to decide if people should have guns. OK f*ck him.”

        Before you try to get high and mighty and Mary Sue, check your behaviour. Aggression breeds aggression, so don’t be too surprised when people react aggressively to you because YOU STARTED IT.

        Actually, I’m pro-gun for areas with high crime and high response time. What I really hate isn’t gun control but fanatics, which you are definitely one.

        1. And I stated this before dude.

          I was just irritated that his statement was completely different from his character. Or at least, it differs from the non-intervention principle that he has shown so far.

          I don’t mind it if people don’t like guns, but his thought process goes far beyond that, to the point where he’s going to pick a fight due to his own ideology.

          My statement was posted while I was still ticked off about it and I apologized for that.

          However let get one thing straight.


          I didn’t expect anyone to actually reply to me.

          You even said you hated me. How do you expect me to react?

          In reality, I think we could get along if you didn’t say that to me in the first place.

          >.> wanna make up?

      16. Fair enough. I’ll throttle back if you would too.

        As you said, guns are tools, and sometimes, giving people tools at the wrong time is a recipe for disaster.
        Think of 2 families that hate each other and fight every time they meet. Would supplying them guns be a good idea or bad? Sounds more like a recipe for a bloodbath. Or inter-tribal conflicts. Hell, even in an emotionally neutral situation like war (Relatively speaking. You got nothing personal against the other soldier usually), it ramps up the casualty lists by a lot ala Flanders Field.

        Unfortunately, guns are also usually a one way street, once they are loose in general circulation, you got no choice but to ante up or lose out.

        If you were miles away from town and the police is hours away, guns are good for home security. Conversely, in areas where there is high crime, guns are ironically less effective because the criminal always has the initiative. That is why the Police advise that when someone asks for your wallet with a gun, even if you have concealed carry, you still pass him the wallet, he has you dead to rights and trying to be a hero and quickdraw is more likely to see you with holes or dead. Having the initiative is very, very important with guns as you don’t usually get a 2nd chance if the criminal is bloody minded enough. Usually what stops them is fear of escalating the situation to a murder, not the possibility of concealed carry.

        It actually all boils down to your police force. If it is good enough to stamp out ALL illegal gun ownership and if it can react in minutes to any gun crime, it is best to keep a “no guns” policy. If not, then the next best thing is to arm your citizenship and cultivate a sense of civic responsibility to respond, in short, turning them into an ad hoc “Neighbourhood Watch” type of police presence.

        1. That’s not just guns though. That’s just how weapon technology is in general.

          With this light novel. You can see that it’s stunted because of magic.

          But its a lot more warlike in nature. Which is kind of a theme for most civilizations that haven’t developed weapons to the point where it’s mainstream amongst the civilians.

          Then again, that’s also probably because there are monsters and such. The “Bug” doesn’t help the situation either.

          And to your first point. You have to remember that we actually have less death percentage wise when it comes to wars. Most skirmishes are actually done by small groups of highly trained fighters now.

          The invention of guns have indeed change the face of battle. I believe if you look at its entirety, guns have actually allowed people to live relatively more comfortably compared to the middle ages.

          To the point were we can argue about whether they’re even needed.

          Personally, I believe owning guns is a personal choice. I don’t think anyone should be forced to have one, on the same note. I don’t think anyone should force law abiding citizens that have them to give theirs up.

          I could go into the whole govt. oppression thing but that’ll just start a whole different argument.

      17. “Most skirmishes are actually done by small groups of highly trained fighters now.”

        Gee, thanks. Recon all the way. 🙂

        One of the reasons why as you pointed out, wars kill less people these days is also part of history. After the mass death toll of WWI and II (which you can actually argue that they are connected events with a 20 year rearmament program in between), the world sort of took a step back to catch their breath and set up all sorts of rules and conventions to prevent the chance of a recurrence of a global war. In a way, it is the increased lethality of guns that forced this pause and codification of a code of conduct. Before the mass death toll, guns were used in conflicts from the US War of Independence to the Anglo-Russo war without any change in mindset. Only after 50-75 million people died in WWII did all the countries come together and set up a more “civilized” code of conduct. So in a way, the “less war deaths” is also related to “less large scale wars”. It’s considered bad form to invade another country these days, as opposed to the time when it was called “The Great Game”.

        So, in a way, you are right. If you looked at Makoto’s actions by current day convention, it is a rather arsehole thing to do to sabotage another country’s weapons development program. However, if you think of it as a scenario like the times before our current code of conduct, it is “business as usual” for the countries as they do not yet have “rules of behaviour” or “UN Conventions” to set up right from wrong. The Wild West or The Great Game does not have any rules other than Rule Number 1. Don’t Get Caught. 🙂

        We are also a product of our own hstory. Sometimes we have to sit back and figure out how much of it is due to our experience as a country and how much of it can actually be carried over into international viewpoints.

        One example I heard of is that America got freedom from oppression, hence they value independence while China pieced together their country from all the infighting from warlords and bandits so they prefer stability. A country’s history does seem to shape the general population’s mindset. It’s something like a poor family getting rich. Even though they have money now, they will still have a mindset to save pennies due to their experiences.

        1. It seems you’re agreeing with me xD

          In a sense, if the spread of guns were greater. It could actually work as a way for their world to be more civilized.

          If we delve too far into this, we would just be arguing again.

          Anywho, it was nice talking to you. Even if the convo started off a bit rocky.

          Time for me to get back to working on my crappy story on my page… or I’ll just go get dinner first. xD

      18. We both saw we meet a dead end some time ago, but neither of us want to back off after all this, so I keep arging (I’m a bored guy after all).

        You say guns are not evil, they are just tools and they can’t be bad or good.
        I’m ok with this, tools haven’t a moral sense and the guilt can only befall on the user, but they have a fonctions.

        You took cars for exemple, yes car kill people, but their fonctions are to transport people and good, and if you put on a scale the death brought by cars and the benefits in society and economy, I think cars brought more good than bad.

        you used kitchen knife in an exemple, first yes kitchen knife are deadly, but we need them to cook, their use is natural, and second I don’t know about other country, but in mine (france) you can’t walk in a city with a kitchen knife in your possession. It must be locked in a malette. same think with thing like baseball ball, steel pipe, shovel, hammer, you can’t have it in a street without a specific reason.

        So what fonction have a gun? it can only kill, and it is damn effective at that. That what I talk about when I say put the good and the bad on scale, see if it will bring more bad or more good.

        you said guns wouldn’t worsen wars because they are just tool, but it is like saying locomotive wouldn’t improve good’s transport because locomotive are just tool. Even if a tool don’t have moral values, It will have an incidence on how people use it.

        You said forbiding gun won’t stop crime, but I think It can reduce it.

        I will not talk about guns in america because I never went there so I don’t know the true context.
        Here we talk about bug’s world, I still don’t think incorporate gun is a good idea.

        The question of all this was if Makoto have the right to stop them from making guns.
        Makoto is asora’s lordland, so if he don’t want another country to create a specifique weapon, history proved that if he has the strenght to stop them, he has the right to do so.

        And you didn’t answer something so I ask you again: If the princess didn’t made guns but bioweapon, would you still let her do?

        1. Bow and Arrows, Crossbows, Spears, Swords and Clubs are just a few weapons that have no utility use other than killing.

          Only one of these are illegal in most places.

          As I’ve said before. Kitchen Knives are made to be used for cooking. However, they are the ones used most in crimes.

          It doesn’t matter if the tool has a proper use. What matters is how you use it.

          Your point that: “The tool has no purpose other than killing” is meaningless. Why? Because as said before, what matters is how it’s used, not what it’s made for.

          You can’t make a point of a tool being unnecessary just because it doesn’t have more than one use or an alternative use. It’s a complete asinine statement.

          You are using a moral argument and I won’t ever take that seriously.

          “history proved that if he has the strength to stop them, he has the right to do so.”

          So Might makes right? No, that’s not how it works.

          “If the princess didn’t made guns but bioweapon, would you still let her do?”


          I can’t stop her, now can I?

          Here’s the thing. Bioweapons are a war crime here. We have legal reason to stop that kind of activity.

          They do not.

          I didn’t once say he can’t stop them in reality.

          No matter how I am against his actions. In reality he can still do whatever he wants. No matter how evil it is. And believe me, if he gets in the way of a countries weapon development, that makes him arguably EVIL.

          He is now basically a demi-god. So he can do anything he wants if he just uses him power. In other words, that means anything he does is basically him oppressing weaker people. It makes him a tyrant.

          If he admits that he’s just doing it out of selfish reason then I might stop caring. Doesn’t mean he’s right to do it.

      19. Actually, might does make right. There is no point making laws if you do not have the might to enforce it. That is why some countries that have gun control laws still have a gun problem. They do not have the might to enforce the law. Without the strength to back something up, laws become useless. As for swords, bows etc, they ARE banned in many places. Just that it is much rarer to run afoul of the law with a sword or bow, so are given a lot less publicity.

        Anyway, it’s obvious that this isn’t going anywhere. Can we just treat this world as a lawless one and you can do anything you want, even rape, murder or steal or heaven forfend, test drugs on female adventurers that go into debt until their little sister enlists the help of a dragon and/or spider? Or lethal curses on businessmen(‘s familiy members) who are cutting into your profits?

    1. I think from the rabid defence, we can safely say that Factual is pretty hard core brain washed. Not much point talking to someone who has made his mind up and set it in stone. Kids these days…

      Anyway, back to the story, the princess is a bit of a wackjob, her motivations are a mess. For one, she wants to be Empress, yet at the same time, she wants the whole world to burn. Demons, Goddess, countries, she wants them all to burn (from the Hero’s Gossip chapters). Maybe she does not understand that levels screw up the mechanics or maybe the weapons really will work. It doesn’t matter to her as long as there is chaos.

    2. Holy Moly, the debate got out of control here …

      Conclusion :
      Tools (Guns,Sword,Antrax,Whatever) in our world works differently in Bugess(BugGodess, Kudos to the one who came up with this name) world.

      It’s effective in our world, cz lower barrier to entry/kill either Intentionally or Un-Intentionally & Physics Govern it’s effectiveness

      However, In Bugess world Guns/Firearms is dictated by Level Cap/Magic/Whatever it is, Not Physics.

      In Short, Rock+Royal Knight > Peasant+GUCCI Guns or Any form of Sci-Fi Guns … Thanks to difference in Level/Magical Power/Mana

      *Proceeds to Ban the Outrageous Non-Physics System.

      ※ TLDR of Debate above ;
      A debate about ‘Makoto Non-Intervention Policy’ suddenly derailed to ‘Usual Comment Brawl’.

      ~ End of Summary, don’t wanna to build the wall of text higher

  16. I tough for some time that tomoe worked in the background to correct the potential error that makoto can make with the conpanie, because she know he is inexperimented. every chapter I think so even more.

  17. Thanks for the chapter. Tomoe and Shiki should really set Makato straight!
    “It was you waka. You are the devil.”

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  19. “Iwahashi Tomoki huh. Including the Empire, I am a bit interested.

    About the guns, if possible I want to destroy them before they come out to light. Because having weapons from my previous world spreading around here and probably bringing about death, I just don’t like it.”

    LOL ! Destroy the guns but not the creator? what a joke!
    Moreover, what about the Hero’s power? the Demon eyes or this Dragon tamer??!
    “I thought about just asking their parents to save time, but I only listened to them boasting about their daughters. Even when I tried to look at their memories, there was only sparkles and beautified moments, so I just couldn’t take it. ”

    Just look memories of their servants..

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