Chapter 94: Late night report

“You guys may be tired, but we will begin the report. Is that okay, Waka?” (Tomoe)

“Yeah, of course. I’m counting on you okay?” (Makoto)

The party is still continuing with a number of heavy drinkers. Most of them went down already or were satisfied. The ones left are those that stay till morning.

We also tasted the fun of the party plenty enough and are now back in my room.

When we returned to my room, there was a decent amount of food and sake and also water. It felt like a night snack.

In that room of mine, the important report began.

“Then, first of all, there is one thing that might be important. Regarding the investigation Waka asked me about the battle region” (Tomoe)

“Ah, how was it? What do you mean by it might be important?” (Makoto)

Things like Sofia and Lancer’s tracks and the ring that can seal the Goddess’ powers. Places that can become some sort of hint. What did she understand?

“In the middle of my investigation, I encountered the hero” (Tomoe)

“H-Hero?!” (Makoto)

The hero as in the people that got kidnapped by the Goddess, the other earthlings aside from me?!

“Yeah. The one I met was the Gritonia Empire’s Hero. The one called Iwahashi Tomoki. From what I saw, he was about the same age as Waka” (Tomoe)

“Gritonia? Eh, Tomoe, weren’t you supposed to be in Limia?” (Makoto)

Even if they are adjacent, they are fellow major powers. The place where Tomoe went was a place close to the capital of Limia, so if there were people from Gritonia, there must be a reason for it.

“He was probably planning something unpleasant. Also, how to say it, he was trash. Well, since Waka was in Academy Town and I judged that he wouldn’t be any danger, I just ignored him though” (Tomoe)

… I am hearing a report about the current hero right?

“It seems like the Gritonia hero is one that is attached to greed. After the battle with the demons, he probably intents to wage a war between hyumans. Also, the princess that was accompanying him…” (Tomoe)

“Wait. Princess? Are you telling me the princess was moving together with the Gritonia hero?” (Makoto)

“Yes. Looking at that, I think they are quite close to each other. Just that part, I want Waka to learn from” (Tomoe)

Meaning that he placed his hands on the princess? The princess of a major power? He is quite free that Iwahashi guy.

Also, he is close to my age. Being told that one of the heroes is a person close to my age makes me feel happy but at the same time it doesn’t. It’s a complicated sensation.

“And?” (Makoto)

Leaving it as if I never heard her comment about learning from him, I push her to continue.

“… The princess’ thoughts were surfacing out. There was the word “gun” mentioned. There was also the image of gunpowder, so there’s the chance she is trying to make guns” (Tomoe)

“Guns?! It is obvious that it is completely below the magic here. Then, what is her objective?” (Makoto)

I don’t see any merits of spreading guns in a world where magic defense can easily defend against. Even more if it is a major power.

And it is Gritonia, one of the countries which holds the most influence in hyumans. What is she trying to do? It will only lengthen the war unnecessarily you know?

No good. I can’t get the reason Gritonia is trying to make guns. In the war against the demons, it would be safe to say that guns are totally useless. It may vary depending on how one uses it, but for the hyuman army that holds simple thought patterns like increasing attack power by leveling up, I really don’t think they would be able to use it effectively against the demons who are said to be several generations ahead in strategy.

There’s only one thing I understand. It is bad. No matter how stupid it sounds, as long as it’s the princess of a military country that is developing it, there should be some sort of objective behind it. There’s no doubt that the gun development doesn’t involve peace.

There’s the possibility that it will be used for fights between hyumans. If small guns are made, it will probably have uses in assassination missions. If it is arranged properly, there’s the chance that it won’t be recognized as a weapon.

Gritonia Hero. His name was Iwahashi something. Why did you teach the hyumans of this world about guns?

“I don’t know the details. Honestly speaking, they are quite the unpleasant bunch. Not only looking at their memories, I actually wanted to secretly kill them without telling Waka. But after thinking it through, I held back and decided to wait for your decision” (Tomoe)

“Then, you didn’t fight them right? I am sorry, but I want to meet them at least once before deciding” (Makoto)

Iwahashi Tomoki huh. Including the Empire, I am a bit interested.

About the guns, if possible I want to destroy them before they come out to light. Because having weapons from my previous world spreading around here and probably bringing about death, I just don’t like it.

Of course, since it is a major power, I would have to make a plan for the sake of the future. And then, I will have to make sure of the reason of why they are trying to develop something like guns. If not handled properly, there’s the possibility of similar things being created one after the other.

This… feels like it will be troublesome.

“As you will. Next, about the Goddess power and the information about the dragon killer. There was practically none.  Just in case, I checked the bottom of the lake as well” (Tomoe)

“I see. Good work. What about information of me?” (Makoto)

The important part didn’t have much progress huh. Just in case, I try asking Tomoe about information of me.

That time, demons and hyumans saw me after all. I want to know what kind of situation it has turned into in Limia.

“… About Waka, there was no information around. It seems there was someone rampaging right after that, so the rumors were all over that story” (Tomoe)

For a moment she seemed like she was pondering about something, and after Tomoe looked like she arranged her thoughts, she continued talking.

“Oh, rampaging? Just what happened?” (Makoto)

It is good the information of me faded and disappeared, but it sounds like a dangerous story.

“I wasn’t able to pick up a detailed image from the ones who survived, but it seems like someone threw an attack so strong that it created a lake and made the fight stop” (Tomoe)

“Created… a lake?” (Makoto)

“Yeah. Involving several rivers in the area, a quite big lake was created” (Tomoe)

“What is with that monster?! Isn’t its nature worse than Sofia’s? Isn’t there the chance that it was something the Goddess did?” (Makoto)

“Pfft!” (Tomoe)

Why do you laugh?

“Tomoe?” (Makoto)

“No, sorry about that. About that “thing”, there’s several testimonies about its appearance and it is shrouded in mystery. I could only tell that it is being called the “Devil”” (Tomoe)

Even though I was flashily fighting with Sofia and Lancer and my face was seen by a decent amount of demons. Was there a person there who didn’t have any particular figure and was able to finish the fight in one attack?

… I’m glad I was able to come back alive.

“Devil huh. To think such a monster was in that battlefield. In that case, more the reason to increase my abilities or it will be dangerous. Shiki, you may be busy as well but, don’t go missing training ok?” (Makoto)

“Y-Yes! Of course, Waka-sama!” (Shiki)

What? He is strangely humble. The surprise is already over, so he should just act normally.

“Y-You are right. Thanks to the Devil, the investigation is proving difficult and the tool that’s said to seal the Goddess powers is currently hard to say anything. About the thought transmission, I have obtained favorable information and I am planning on going faraway tomorrow on” (Tomoe)

“Favorable information?” (Makoto)

“It’s information from the demons. It seems like the demon race has obtained a ground-breaking notion of the thought transmission and are using something like a secret transmission, a special sort of thought transmission. I think it will serve as a hint for the improvement of the thought transmission that Waka was looking for. Well, my gatherings are till this point” (Tomoe)

“Heh~, it is certainly a point of interest. A special thought transmission huh. Tte Tomoe. There’s not only that right? What about Lime, Tsige and the Rembrandt sisters?!” (Makoto)

“Ah, that huh. About the spy, in hyuman towns like Tsige it is easier to use a hyuman to gather information. After giving Lime his weapon, I checked how he was and thought that he was useful, so I made him the spy number 1 that’s all. About the recent investigation of the Rembrandt sisters that Waka asked for, it seems like they don’t walk outside that much, so I couldn’t get much. There was also the case of them being ill, making the information less. I thought about just asking their parents to save time, but I only listened to them boasting about their daughters. Even when I tried to look at their memories, there was only sparkles and beautified moments, so I just couldn’t take it. And so, the authenticity of the information is unknown. Well, you are going to be meeting them, so isn’t it fine to just wait for then? Just for two hyuman girls. I don’t think they will pose any problems” (Tomoe)

So there’s no information because they were ill and didn’t come out often huh. Even when I confirmed in detail with Tomoe, she hasn’t even heard about the sisters’ bad reputation.

Maybe because they are close to their parents, they are playing the good kids?

“The problem is that when I am in the Academy my stomach hurts. In a hyuman town it is better to use hyumans huh. Well, that is logical. And in truth, since Lime got to Academy Town, we have been able to gather quite a good amount of information. He is a real help. Thanks Tomoe” (Makoto)

“… I think, I understand the feelings of Mio a bit. Thank you for your kind words. I trained Lime firmly after all. Right now his winning percentage against Mondo is higher. So use him as much as you want” (Tomoe)

There’s no doubt I am grateful. Tomoe’s actions normally go one step further from what I want her to, but it’s true that she is working well. Saying that she understands the feelings of Mio, Tomoe narrows her eyes happily and lifts the corners of her mouth into a smile. The expression of Tomoe was so imposing and different from her usual self that makes it feel even more charming.

I also heard a nostalgic name. Mondo huh.

Ah, the no-brain Forest Oni. I haven’t met that person lately, but his atmosphere must have changed quite a lot. Akua and Eris are on the level that they can serve hyuman customers after all. However, it seems like Lime has gotten so strong he is now able to fight against the strongest of the Forest Onis. I didn’t know that.

“Got it. Now then, it is probably our turn to report” (Makoto)

“No, actually there’s one more thing. It’s an important report regarding Asora. The reports on your side, I have already heard the ones that stand out the most from Shiki. It seems like you have become quite popular” (Tomoe)

Now it wasn’t the cute smile from a while, but a grinning face.

“Stand out? That’s the most irrelevant report of all. Well, if you have already heard it that’s fine. Let’s hear the important report of Asora” (Makoto)

Shiki. Counting your help in the surprise today, it seems like you have been meeting with Tomoe quite a lot. Even though you should have been busier than me. Just when does this guy sleep?

… There are also times when he stays up late reading books. Could it be, he actually has quite a lot of days where he doesn’t sleep at all?

“Yeah, it’s about the change of Asora’s irregular climate. I discovered the reason. The way to solve it, I think it is also doable” (Tomoe)



It is one of the problems Asora has been having since the beginning. It seems like the cause has finally come to light. The hectic climate that in times was summer, in others winter, some dry and others damp; it is finally going to be solved.

Even if I have a body that resists heat and cold, if the climates keeps changing so often, it will feel uncomfortable. There are times when the children or the old people have their physical condition affected. It is a problem that should be resolved.

“The reason for the change in climate is…” (Tomoe)

The report of Tomoe continues.

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