Chapter 93: Our home

I have heard a worrying story about the Rembrandt sisters’ personality.

I have confirmed it with a number of people, but the reputation of those girls is not good in general.

I am one of the people staying in Academy Town that’s why I can’t go ask directly, so I asked Tomoe and Mio as well as the eldwa managing the sub-branch, Beren, to investigate in Tsige.

This was recent.

And so today, since there were various reports arranged, Tomoe asked me to return to Asora and decide on a place to meet.

… Actually, recently I haven’t stayed in Asora for long. No, honestly speaking, none. The most would be the occasional times I go to shoot the bow.

It’s not like I have gotten into a fight with anyone. There was a more simple reason.

“Shiki, can we go now?” (Makoto)

Even if I am trying to evade it, I still have business there so I have no choice. That’s why Shiki and I are returning.

“Yeah, it is fine. I have already arranged the reports on our side. It should be okay to leave the business to Lime” (Shiki)

“… Wait, you intent to open?” (Makoto)

It makes me uneasy, so maybe we should just make it a break.

“It isn’t a regular holiday and it hasn’t been that long since we opened the store, so I think it isn’t that recommended to close arbitrarily. I have ordered them to put on wait any business offers, so there’s no need to worry” (Shiki)

I am leaving a lot of the handling of the store to Shiki after all. I feel some sort of dignity there.

“If Chief Shiki says so, I will believe. Then… let’s go” (Makoto)

Without waiting for his answer, I open a mist gate.

While holding a melancholic feeling, I return to the Asora I missed.

Suddenly, I feel a thick smell and heat.

Just by being there I was beginning to sweat, and the warm and damp air enters my lungs.

That’s right, the climate of Asora that was unstable has recently been stabilized in a high temperature tropic climate.

How discomforting. It is hot and humid, and there’s no sight of rain. I’m not really sure if there are, but this makes me feel like there are tropical rain forests out there.

If it were on the level of everlasting summer it would be bearable, but this one easily surpassed the summer in Japan and it was on the level of murder.

This is the reason why I haven’t visited Asora recently. I mean, it is really harsh you know!

I thought it would soon change its climate again, but there is no signs of it changing. At this rate, won’t the agriculture be affected?

I ordered Tomoe to investigate and she told me that she has gotten to the stage where the report is in order, but she will certainly come with a proposition which has high experimental rate. Well, for now this heat hasn’t affected the area that much.

“It’s hot as usual” (Makoto)

“Yeah. The Academy seems to be in spring and it is easy to live in, so it makes this place feel even hotter” (Shiki)

“Even though you say that, you have a refreshing expression though, Shiki” (Makoto)

“I don’t mind heat that much after all. Raido- I mean, Waka-sama” (Shiki)

“… In this place I don’t really mind which way you call me you know?” (Makoto)

“Mio-dono… doesn’t seem to like you being called Raidou-sama that much so…” (Shiki)

While making a wry smile, Shiki scratches his cheek. He is worrying about the small details huh.

I just nod lightly and, shaking the air coiling around me, enter my home.

It is even night and it is still this hot. Seriously, what is going on?


“Waka-sama, welcome back!”

When I open the door of the hall where Tomoe and I decided the meeting to be, a big amount of voices suddenly welcomed me!

That scared me! My heart is beating like crazy you know?! What, just what is happening?!

With my mouth still open, I look inside the room and there I saw the residents of Asora gathered.

Doesn’t this look like… everyone is here?

Surrounding a big table, all of them were gathered without care for the race.

Was there such a crazy big table like this? No, there wasn’t. That means it was recently made. Using an incredible trunk of a tree just like that, they… Eh?

Isn’t it way too big? A table that can easily take more than a 100 people easily, just what kind of giant tree is that? Did they cut a world tree or something?

Also, this hall. The house was on the big side, but even so, it wasn’t this wide. With this, it isn’t a hall made for meetings, this is more like the halls aristocrats use to do their parties!

With surprise still showing in my face, I shake my head to the sides and check the situation. Everyone is looking at me with smiles in their faces.

And then, Tomoe and Mio as well as Ema come to where I am.

… That Tomoe, she is showing a face like her surprise was a total success.

Damn it, why is she so happy about tricking Shiki and me?

“… Shiki, are you okay?” (Makoto)

“Yes, Waka-sama” (Shiki)

He doesn’t show any signs of being agitated. The retainer that has been the longest time with me recently. Not only that, he is smiling.


Eh, eh?

“Welcome back, Waka” (Tomoe)

“Welcome back, Waka-sama” (Mio)

When they are in a close distance, Tomoe and Mio welcome me once again. Ema was one step away and lowering her head.

“A, yeah. I am back” (Makoto)

While still confused, I answer with “I am back”.

“Good work, Shiki. Just like planned, it seems like Waka didn’t notice anything” (Tomoe)

Tomoe grins while talking to Shiki across me.

“Waka-sama, I am sorry. Tomoe-san said she wanted to do a surprise no matter what so… Lately, you haven’t come here at all, so please just think of this as a cute prank” (Mio)

Even Mio.

Shiki, you too huh. You were also involved in this.


Geez! They got me!

“Haaah~ you really did surprise me. I am back! Also, I am sorry for not coming back often!” (Makoto)

“Well, Waka seems to not be used to heat that much so I understand how you feel. Everyone wants you to return a little bit more often. Then, this” (Tomoe)

Tomoe gives me a glass. It has a characteristic scent. Alcohol huh. A night party, I don’t really mind. It’s a substance with pink color. If I remember correctly, this is a Sake that’s made by some sort of fruit and sold well in Tsige.

Everyone’s gazes gather on me and all of them contain expectation. Ah, I see. This being a dinner party and me, the leading person, holding a glass means that huh.

“CHEERS!!” (Makoto)

I lift the glass high and announce the cheers. From several places, the sound of glass hitting resonates.

“It’s been so long right? Tomoe, Mio. Also Ema” (Makoto)

Before I noticed, Mio was holding a plate of food with the hand that’s not occupied by the glass. Wah, so fast. But the party has begun, so it isn’t bad to have as much fun as you can.

“Seriously-desu zo. Asking us to investigate while you go to the Academy, only minding about children and business” (Tomoe)

“Everyone missed you. Waka-sama, please come back to Asora more often. I beg of you” (Ema)

It’s from Tomoe and Ema. Well, I receive the obvious scolding. If it were just hot it would be one thing, but I simply can’t handle the humid sensation that coils around too well. When I don’t have business I don’t really want to do it that much, but I really should return to Asora a bit more.

My knowledge gathering in the Academy is going well too and there is no point in learning this world’s knowledge and common sense completely. It isn’t like I knew all about my place of origin Japan after all.

When I gain the basic common sense and knowledge, I should move to the next step. Knowledge is gained to be used after all. Actually, I am able to playback my memories in Asora and I am clearly reading more than I did in my previous world.

I feel a bit bad about copying all the contents of the library just by reading, but it isn’t like I am selling them so please forgive me, is what I use as an excuse. I am a small being.

However, I am a bit worried about how little Mio has talked. She spoke with me a while ago, so I don’t think she is in a dangerous state. I was actually prepared to accompany her in all her talking.

“U-Uhm. If you want, please accept this” (Mio)

And when I thought that, Mio encouraged me to take the plate of food in her hands. T-To bring food for others. Maybe it was because she has been influenced by the adventurers and the people of town? That’s admirable Mio!

“Mio, thank you. Heh~ it looks like what I have eaten in Tsige. Un, the flavor is thicker than in Tsige and suits my taste. It’s really delicious” (Makoto)

It’s like the improved version of the food of Tsige that I was thinking would be better if its taste was thicker. The details are subtly different, but it is probably made by someone from the sub-branch who took an interest in the cooking of Tsige.

I see. Just like this, there’s also the pattern of Tsige influencing the culture of Asora. It is a happy happening to be able to eat the food of that town. I have been in Academy Town so I haven’t eaten the cooking of Tsige for a while.

“N, what’s wrong? Mio, you were the one who brought it, so you eat as well” (Makoto)


Even when she recommended the food, Mio looks like she is enduring something and closing her eyes in silence. What? Today Mio is really weird.

“Mio?” (Makoto)

“Ahahaha! Waka, Mio is overcome with emotions!” (Tomoe)

“Tomoe… overcome with emotions?” (Makoto)

“That’s right. What Waka ate was actually something Mio made” (Tomoe)


“Made?! Mio did?!” (Makoto)

“Yeah. It seems that she has awakened to cooking lately. She lowered her head to the cooks in Tsige and is learning cooking from them. Also, she is cooperating in reproducing Japanese food. Sadly, we didn’t make it in time for this occasion. The food over there is practically all made by Mio with all her heart” (Tomoe)

Being told that, I once again look at the food spread on the table. Large plates filled with food, fruits beautifully cut up, soup in pots…

This… was made by Mio.

… Isn’t that impressive?

Even if she awakened to cooking, it has only been a few months.

If you ask me about what food I could cook with that amount of time… Ah, it would be the time when I messed up the water in the rice cooker and it became a big uproar. A past I want to forget. <Not really sure what his past was. 炊飯器から出る蒸気でひどい水ぶくれを作って大騒ぎになった時くらいか>

I am totally in despair about the difference in learning capabilities. And at the same time, I am honestly impressed by how amazing Mio is.

To be able to reproduce the food she ate in the stores in such a short period of time.

“Mio, you are incredible. It was really delicious” (Makoto)

I tell her my honest feelings.

Mio trembles for a second and slowly opens her closed eyes. Her face was filled with satisfaction.

“Waka-sama, to think that cooking was such a wonderful thing. I didn’t know” (Mio)

“Eh? Weren’t you practicing for a while now? Also, you were practicing because you liked it right?” (Makoto)

“… No, I didn’t understand. And today, I have learned true happiness” (Mio)

“… I see” (Makoto)

“Yes! Waka-sama, next time I will prepare something even more delicious! That’s right, more, more-desu!” (Mio)

Suddenly making a proclamation, I thought that Mio was going to head to the food in the table, but she actually went the opposite way and left the hall.

W-What happened?

“Yareyare, that Mio. Looking at her like that, she probably intents to ignore the report meetings that are to come-ja na. Well, aside from the ingredient reports, she only has a few cases in Tsige that I already know of, so it shouldn’t pose any problems” (Tomoe)

“Tomoe, uhm, Mio is…?” (Makoto)

“Probably in Tsige. Right now, it seems like an adventurer with rare cooking techniques is there. It seems like in exchange of learning cooking from that person, Mio is taking care of a lot of difficulties for her. I pity her, looking at Mio’s state, she will probably be dragged into an all-nighter” (Tomoe) <Remember the barrier trespassing incident? Also no gender denotation here>

What a nuisance she is being. Even though cooking is like an odd job technique for adventurers. Well, Mio is looking after a lot of problems so it should prove as beneficial for her principal occupation. Well, there’s no need to worry huh. It seems like she is engrossed in cooking, so I don’t have to worry about her injuring that adventurer.

“Well, it is good that she is satisfied” (Makoto)

“Thank you for your lenient words. Then, there are A LOT of people that have been wanting to meet Waka, so let’s go together. The meeting can be done later. Ah, I don’t mind you drinking sake, but please try not to get drunk. Shiki, and master as well” (Tomoe)

“Looks like it will be a long night huh” (Makoto)

“I will restrain from Sake. I feel like it would affect my actions in tonight’s report meeting after all” (Shiki)

“Shiki is really uptight-ja no. I won’t say it is bad, but you are being too stiff. I think it would be nice to have a bit of alcohol in your system. Ah that’s right, since we have the chance, let’s have food brought into the room of Waka where we will be holding the meeting. Ema, can I leave this to you?” (Tomoe)

“Yes. I will have it done. Everyone seems to be so happy to see Waka-sama after a long time. Today’s drinks seems to be quite a lot, so there will probably be people who will be dead drunk soon. I will gather people and have them prepare to nurse” (Ema)

Ema lively gives orders as she disappears into the crowd. Even if she looks like that, she is the type that likes Sake. We have made her take on a hard task. I will have tell someone to bring her food and Sake later.

Anyways, that Tomoe. I thought this at the time of Lime as well but, this girl, she really acts like a rogue. To drink while deciding our plans huh. Since it is like this, I feel like I will hear good news but…

“Now now, Waka. From the eldwas first, in order. They can’t wait anymore. They have been doing their best. Do reward them please” (Tomoe)

“Yeah, I understand” (Makoto)

No objections here. Everyone is really doing their best. I haven’t been coming that often, but I understand plenty enough.

There’s no need for Tomoe to tell me. If I am enough, I want to go to the places of everyone and give them my thanks.

Along with Tomoe and Shiki, I head to the residents who have made a line and waiting for me.

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