Chapter 95: Asora changes with him as the origin

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I unintentionally raise my voice at Tomoe’s report.

It resounds well in the silent night where the report continues. I would feel bad if I wake up the people that are already asleep. Holding my mouth, I urge Tomoe to continue.

“Accurately speaking, it is the place where Waka is currently in. The places where you have passed through with the mist gate are affecting the climate of Asora, is what I think” (Tomoe)

“What? To think that Waka-sama was deciding the climate of this world. But in that case, it would be possible to change the temperature and weather drastically in a single day” (Shiki)

“Umu, the cases of radical changes are low though. It seems like in a day, there is a set time where it takes the last place Waka passed through and changes the climate largely-ja” (Tomoe)

“In short, what would happen in the cases where Waka-sama goes to Tsige in daytime and night at the Academy?” (Shiki)

“I still don’t know what would happen. To investigate it in detail, I would have to take some time with Waka. In truth, I don’t know if what’s affecting it is the place Waka has been in or the problem is the place where the gate has been opened, so I still can’t say for sure. Even the reason about it being the gates is not set” (Tomoe)

“… Fumu, this is a serious matter. For a short while I will be handling the issues in Academy Town. I will try to make it so Waka-sama can be here whenever there’s no lectures” (Shiki)

Tomoe and Shiki seem to be continuing their discussion.

If talking about me, I was really surprised and no opinions were coming out. I was practically blank right now.

I mean, just because I am walking around the world, the climate changes along? Even though the weather should be decided by things like: latitude, longitude, wind, tide, rotation, revolutions.

Is the climate in Asora decided by my location or something close to that? I-I can’t even travel with peace.

In that case, this crazy discomforting heat has something to do with the location of Academy Town? No, not the location, it’s more like because I am there.

“Then as a temporary counter-measure, we should have a mist gate fixed in a place where the climate becomes good and use that in the future?” (Makoto)

I finally try to bring out what I thought. It will be harsh not to use mist gates, but I can’t be picky. In the worst case scenario, I will have Tomoe open the gates and bring the goods… Tte, that’s no good. She seems to be in the middle of investigating. Her investigation is related to the thought transmission, so I don’t want to stop it.

“No. Not being able to use mist gates would be inconvenient for Waka after all. We will try to narrow the conditions, and after pinpointing the reason, we will think about how to deal with it. I already have a few methods in mind” (Tomoe)

It was immediately rejected.

“I think that’s for the better. Luckily, until today there hasn’t been any serious problems for using the mist gate, and if we don’t use it, it would greatly affect our stocking. But using Tomoe-dono all the time won’t be efficient” (Shiki)

They are right. Just like Shiki said, not only the interference of the Goddess, even the Church that are faithful are not showing any movements. Regarding the mist gate and Asora, it is probably safe to assume that the Goddess still doesn’t know of it.

“How are we going to pinpoint the reason?” (Makoto)

I wanted to hear the concrete method. It is better to resolve problems that are able to be resolved as soon as possible after all.

“The first thing I want to test out is Waka opening several gates and leaving them all without removing the traces completely. Which gate would be affecting the climate or will it still continue with the climate of Academy Town where Waka is. I want to make sure of this one” (Tomoe)

“I see. If one of the gates affects the climate, in the case there’s a change, the theory of it being the place affecting it will be valid” (Shiki)

“That’s how it is-ja, Shiki. And after increasing the trial and error, it will be easier to pinpoint. It was a method I thought of in my time at Tsige. I have the climate recorded of when Waka was lodged in a village and returned to Asora” (Tomoe)

“As expected of Tomoe-dono” (Shiki)

She had a guess since Tsige, and was gathering data to back up her conjecture. Even though I didn’t try to put much mind into it and just considered it a strange climate of Asora. Shiki’s words were the representation of my emotions right now.

“Then, is it okay to just teleport to each town once more?” (Makoto)

“Waka, if you do that, there’s a chance that the Goddess will notice. I have several gates created already, so you will accompany me, and on top of that, Waka will create a gate once more” (Tomoe)

“Uh, you are right. Teleporting is probably dangerous. Sorry, then I am counting on you” (Makoto)

“Yes. Tomorrow we will go together at the time of departure. And, at night return to Academy Town to rest. The day after tomorrow will be when we will see the first results of the test. I will also take in mind that I have to return every day” (Tomoe)

I feel a bit of self-disgust. Even though I already knew that using teleport formations are probably dangerous, I still talked without thinking.

At this rate, Tomoe seems to intent to do this while minding about her other business. This ability to deal with things, way of thinking. I have to learn from her.

“This will mean that several gates will have to be left open. Will the guarding be okay?” (Makoto)

“I will have the lizards and Arkes stop their town patrolling and deploy them in the area of the gates. Just in case, I will have the gate of Asora itself moved a bit and leave it for future decisions. I plan on not letting adventurers enter for a while” (Tomoe)

“You are right. The rumors are already spread well enough, so I don’t think there’ll be any problems. I will do the analysis as well-“ (Makoto)

“The analysis will be done by me and Ema, and I will gather several others, so there’s no need for Waka to go through the trouble. Thanks to Waka endeavoring on books, the numbers of books here has increased quite a lot, so the number of people that can work their mind have increased” (Tomoe)

The books I read in the Academy huh. So those are already being spread around. What a scary work speed. It’s on the level that I am worried about them falling from overworking.

And it also makes me feel like I will turn into an unneeded element, making me feel anxious. Everyone is way too reliable.

“Me also, if I am needed, please call me. I am interested too after all. I want to help as much as I can” (Shiki)

I see, Shiki has a lot of knowledge and he looks like he would like to do experiments.

“No, you still have the soil improvement and the rice production case too, so I want you to concentrate on those. Also… you have the case of the fruits of Asora as well” (Tomoe)

“Muh, you are certainly right. In the end, in those cases I could only come up with negative methods to resolve” (Shiki)

“It isn’t limited to the people of Tsige. If one thinks about it, using the seeds of the fruits to grow them is an option that one can easily come up with” (Tomoe)

“Yeah. That they would grow atrociously was outside expectations though” (Shiki)

What he means by atrocious is…

The time when I sold fruits in the outskirts of Tsige. There were people who tried to grow the fruits of Asora from the seeds. By the way, it was apples.

It’s one of the fruits that have the highest price in Asora. They were probably thinking about cultivating them in the neighborhood. Just like what Tomoe said, something that was clearly predictable, the me at that time didn’t think of it at all.

Well, if we are talking about growing, it did grow. Even if I say that, I only confirmed it when it was still several centimeters and didn’t see if it could became a tree and give fruit.

However, even though it only grew a few centimeters, it created an atrocious effect on the surroundings.

We learned of it after getting a request from the Adventurer Guild to investigate.

There was a strange report that part of the land rapidly became barren and the magic power in the surroundings became weak.

When we went to check, we saw that there was a sprout of an apple tree.

It seems that the crops and plants of Asora absorb quite a lot of nourishment in this world in order to grow. In the modern world I have heard of crops that would make the field radically decrease. This seemed just like that version but worse.

By the time we noticed, the fruits of Asora were already widely scattered in this world, so there’s the possibility that someone still has seeds of it.

After talking with the residents of Asora as well, we made it so that we wouldn’t give out that many fruits away. We didn’t completely prohibit it though. It is probably a situation where it would be better to completely restrict it but, there’s still a part I am concerned about.

Well, the plants are not at fault. We had the apple sprout brought back to Asora and replanted in the garden of my house. <Lol, are we gonna see a mutant apple tree?>

“And so, I remembered. Shiki, what happened to that experiment where you used students?” (Makoto)

Regarding the crops of Asora, in the Academy, the hypothesis of Shiki and “him” brought about an experiment. It is something like a human body experiment, but it has already been tested by the residents of Asora on how it would affect the hyumans and it probably doesn’t have any negative effects on their health.

If there’s an irregularity, I intent to have Shiki do treatment immediately.

“… Actually, it seems like, currently, there’s practically the same results as the residents of Asora. It seems like it affects the strength of the body as well, so I intend to continue but, it is just… very interesting” (Shiki)

“I… see. Does it seem like there’s any damage in their health?” (Makoto)

“No, rather, it seems like they are even healthier. It was an extremely nutritious fruit after all” (Shiki)

A certain change seen in the residents of Asora…

This is something that was pointed out by Shiki and Tomoe in the past and investigations began. I was told that the orcs and lizards look like they have received an increase in strength and magic power.

After confirming it in detail, it was judged that the reason was what they eat.

The effects varied between persons, but the intake of fruits was especially involved in the increase of strength. It may be little by little, but it was clear that it was increasing.

Just that, in the people that were not warriors didn’t have that much increase in body strength, and the people who didn’t have strong magic power didn’t show much increase in magic power.

It turned out that it showed the best performance with people with special characteristics.

And so, with Shiki’s proposition, we decided to try it on hyumans as well but, we don’t know the limit of the enhancement and there’s no assurance that it will have the same results on hyumans. At first, I rejected the idea.

But after doing lectures in the Academy numerous times, there was one student that was attached to strengthening medications and after making that person aware, I finally accepted the experiment.

The result is just as how the report said. It seems to have practically the same effects as the residents of Asora. Meaning, the fruits of Asora work as Status Up items for the hyumans as well.

In that case, would it be better to not bring out fruits from Asora?

“If you say practically the same, it means that there a slightly different inclination?” (Makoto)

“Yeah. The hyumans, compared to the orc and lizards, seem to have a higher rate of increase. At first, Gin who ate it, had an increase of about 1/3 of his magic power. The increase is practically on the same level as the Arkes who are a lot higher in base stats” (Shiki)

“So the effects are high huh. The limit is currently not known even in the residents. More like, it would be bad if the hyumans learn of this” (Makoto)

“Yeah. For a while we should deceive them by saying that it is their talent budding. Luckily, Waka-sama’s lectures are absurd in a lot of meanings, so it will sound plausible” (Shiki)

“The increase in strength works the same in hyumans huh. There are some plants that have the characteristic of saving up magic power. It really surprises me. I will tell them to temporarily stop the distribution of fruits. Well, thinking of such a benefit, it will take time before we will be able to secure enough to make experiments again. I think there are still fruits that have not been tested though” (Tomoe)

“In that case, taking into account the marriage proposals aiming for money, my lectures will become the topic for talks and students will begin to swarm around me once again huh. Hahaha… looks like it will be a bright future” (Makoto)

Even though events in the Academy will increase from now on…

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