Chapter 80: Normal operations of Asora

“Now that Waka has gone. Mio, how long do you plan to stay like that?” (Tomoe)

The moment Makoto was enveloped in mist and disappeared, the voice of Tomoe reverberates in the room where Makoto isn’t anymore.

But the words that were directed at the black haired girl Mio were not answered and she just continued biting her thumb nail while mumbling words in a low voice. Tomoe seems to have given up on waiting for her answer and turns to her clone, Komoe, who is standing at the entrance.

“Komoe, you don’t have to guard the room’s door anymore. Go play with the forest ogres, I will be going there later” (Tomoe)

“Ah, yes! Understood, Tomoe-sama” (Komoe)

“You remember what I told you right?” (Tomoe)

“Of course! If I cut, heal it” (Komoe)

“Good. Then, I am counting on you… What is it?” (Tomoe)

“Tomoe-sama, there is something I want to ask” (Komoe)

“Tell me” (Tomoe)

“What does “pedophilia” mean?” (Komoe)

“… In time I will tell you. Right now it’s too soon. Now, don’t let the forest ogres do nothing” (Tomoe)

“Y-Yes, understood! I will be going now!” (Komoe)

Komoe does a big nod and walks out. Tomoe watches her out. Seeing the opened door, the dwarfs, orcs, lizards and Arkes must have noticed a change in the situation, they peeked inside the room. Tomoe smiles wryly at the residents that show worry at Makoto’s well-being. That the forest ogres also came to check, surprised her a bit. Because she thought they would be firmly waiting at the training grounds. She thought she had cornered them to the very limit, but it seems they still have some leeway, so Tomoe decided to change their menu a bit.

“Uhm, how is Makoto-sama?”

One of the orcs says in a really reserved manner. It is the orc chief’s daughter who does the administration and management in Asora, Ema. She is wise and it seems that her negotiation skills were originally high, she was able to act around the other races without feeling any sort of barrier between them. A capable woman. Moreover, her loyalty to Makoto is high. Tomoe and Mio respect Ema.

“Ah, Ema huh. If it’s Waka, he woke up a few moments ago. He told me to tell everyone that he is alright” (Tomoe)

“But I don’t see him around” (Ema)

“I had him go to the Academy where Shiki is. Because it is better if he checks him in detail. There is no one here that has experience in treating a human after all. Shiki who was a former hyuman, is the best one for the job right?” (Tomoe)

“… You are right. Understood. Will he be coming back at night?” (Ema)

“Let’s see, I don’t know about tonight, but let’s have him come back soon in order to show everyone his well-being. Those dwarfs over there, I am a bit doubtful if they are worried about Waka’s well-being or the equipments’ well-being though” (Tomoe)

Tomoe sneaks a look at the dwarfs there and narrows her eyes.

“U-Unthinkable! We are also worried about Waka’s well-being at foremost!”

“I see, I see, I understand that. Anyways, for now tell the other people at the village that Waka is alright. The lizards and Arkes as well, alright?” (Tomoe)

Everyone nods at Tomoe’s words. And following her words, they began acting and leave from the door.

“Yareyare, what a troublesome bunch. However, understanding how much Waka is loved makes me a bit happy as well” (Tomoe)

“Waka-sama?! Waka-sama isn’t here?!” (Mio)

“… Mio. You finally woke up huh” (Tomoe)

“Tomoe-san, where is Waka-sama?!” (Mio)

Seeing Mio who is instantly desperate, Tomoe makes a wry smile. After returning from her trip, she is like this. The pain of her master Makoto, even if only a part, Tomoe understood it.

“He went to Academy Town. While you were murmuring” (Tomoe)

“W-What did you say?!” (Mio)

Mio, who was sitting on the bed, stands up vigorously. But after that she may have felt anemia or something, she staggered and placed a hand on her head.

“H-Hot…” (Mio)

“Fool. After doing so much regeneration, your magic power and stamina will not return so fast. Just stay there and obediently recover” (Tomoe)

The voice of Tomoe that sounded amazed. However, taking a closer look, the color of her face wasn’t that good either. And just as how Mio was, she also sat down at the bed.

“Uh, how pathetic. Even though I want to go and kill that so called Dragon Killer and Superior Dragon as soon as possible…” (Mio)

“We are not healing specialists. Doing something outside our expertize, it is obvious we would become like this” (Tomoe)

“That’s why it would have been better to call Shiki here. That thing is useful if it’s for healing after all” (Mio)

“Don’t say that. Anyways, by the time I hurriedly came when I heard the report of Komoe, there was already one person unreasonably casting regeneration spells on him” (Tomoe)

“T-That is…” (Mio)

“Even if I was able to remove the curse that was hindering his recovery in the middle to follow up on your spell and somehow were able to return him to his original state, who knows what kind of compensation you would have to take if you were to try and heal Waka alone” (Tomoe)

Tomoe sighs. By the time she ran there, Mio was clearly distressed. She even felt a madness in her bloodshot eyes, the eyes of someone that would pay any price in order to achieve their objective.

“… I don’t care about the price I would have to take” (Mio)

Even though she was reflecting on her actions, she didn’t regret them. That is what Mio’s face said.

“What a troublesome one you are. And so you are telling me it would be fine to lose an arm?” (Tomoe)

In a joking tone Tomoe asks Mio, but Mio made a surprised face and looks back at her.

“Of course. If that would heal him” (Mio)


“Even if I were to become an empty-shell, I would be satisfied-desu. Because my everything belongs to Waka-sama” (Mio)

Mio calmly tells her that even if she lost all her limbs, it would still satisfy her. Tomoe makes a big sigh.

“… You are really an idiot-ja” (Tomoe)

“A-About what-desu?! Also, isn’t Tomoe saying “idiot idiot” way too much?!” (Mio)

“To a point that it is still not enough. You may be satisfied by that, but if he were to see your deed and your appearance, Waka would cry” (Tomoe)

“Eh?” (Mio)

“Try to think about it. We are in a ruling relationship with Waka. In normal terms, we would have to absolutely follow his orders. Our movements and will would be as Waka wishes. Even so, he gave us this much freedom and lets us do as we want. It is a kind treatment that is no different from a covenant. He probably doesn’t think he is ruling us. He probably thinks of us as companions, family” (Tomoe)

“Companions, family…” (Mio)

“Right. That’s how much he treasures us. That’s why it is proper to be ready to throw away our everything for Waka, but we also have to stay healthy in order to serve Waka the best we can. As long as we stay with him, take care of your own body” (Tomoe)


“Oi, are you listening Mio? I am telling you something pretty important here you know?” (Tomoe)

“You… Saying all that even though you went and picked a fight on a high ranking dragon in who knows where……” (Mio)

Mio, with her head hanging down, mumbles these words while looking at Tomoe.

“Uuugh?!” (Tomoe)

“You said something about Root right? And you went to pick a fight with him-desu. While pushing me the job of staying here. That isn’t something that would worry Waka? Is it okay for me to report this to Waka-sama?” (Mio)

“T-That is…” (Tomoe)

“Hmph, just because by chance the person in question wasn’t present and couldn’t meet him, doesn’t change the fact that you tried to do it. I will clearly report this” (Mio)

“W-Wait. I also said a bit too much. My feelings of worry about Waka made me a bit impertinent. Umu, it isn’t strange for me to become like this. That why, you see, don’t go betraying me like that okay?” (Tomoe)

“Who cares. I am stupid after all. Someone like Tomoe-san should have her period dramas sealed for a while-desu wa” (Mio)

“Y-Yoooouu~ what kind of scary things are you saying? Ah, I know-ja. Later, I will be going to the place where Waka battled. And so, when I get information about that Dragon Killer and Mitsurugi, the first one I will tell will be Mio. And after, we can secretly rampage a bit without telling Waka… or something like that” (Tomoe)

“… And?” (Mio)

“And?!” (Tomoe)


“Umu, I understand! Also I will cooperate in compiling the videos you were interested in. How about that?” (Tomoe)

“… Really?” (Mio)

“There is no turning back in a samurai’s words” (Tomoe)

“Then, I will forgive you for calling me an idiot. Now go and investigate the place where Waka fought quickly please” (Mio)

“Y-Yes, understood” (Tomoe)

(Well, I was also thinking about giving that brat my thanks for what he did anyways. Accompanying Mio to rampage a bit might prove fun) (Tomoe)

The secret talk of Tomoe and Mio, surprisingly ended in Mio turning the tables. While doing what Makoto asked them to do, the two retainers decided on an ominous thing secretly.

By the time both of them were able to move their bodies, the sun was already high up in the sky. Asora was somehow able to operate normally.

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