Chapter 81: Misunderstanding

Several days passed after reuniting with Shiki. Being freed from the line, he accompanied me to tour the streets of Academy Town.

This town has a city smell that Tsige didn’t have. I was enjoying the townscape constructed mainly of stone.

As expected of Academy Town. Maybe it is because a lot of people from different lands gather here, the lined up goods and the attires of the people walking had a strong sense of individuality. It has a wideness that Tsige didn’t have and I was able to stroll without getting tired.

Right now I am in the middle of that.

Suddenly, I stop my feet.

“What happened Raidou-sama?” (Shiki)

“Nothing, is what I want to say but, that…” (Makoto)

Signaling with my eyes, I point out a group of 5 quarreling with a woman. The sight of people picking on the weak isn’t something strange in Academy Town.

But for that weak to be a hyuman is unusual. It would be one thing if we were in a special environment like in the Zeno base, but in Tsige I didn’t see something like that happen.

With a demi-human, it is quite the normal happening though. In the middle of a journey or in here where the teachings of the Goddess are sufficiently strong, the standing of the demi-humans is low. As that bug would say, the demi-humans are failed products of hyumans and they only exist because of God’s compassion, so they should serve the completed product, the hyumans. Is that bug serious? To think the teachings itself were crooked as well.

“Ah, it is probably extortion or something of the sort” (Shiki)

“Who knows, isn’t that just bullying?” (Makoto)

“Bullying huh. Yeah, it does look that way” (Shiki)

Shiki doesn’t seem to be that interested. Well, I am probably worrying too much because I came from another world.

Now that I think about it, when I told Shiki that I came from another world and told him about the things regarding the Goddess, he made quite the ruckus. It was to the point that I was beginning to doubt if all his vocabulary was gone except for the words unbelievable, incredible, impossible. He repeated those words while walking around in the narrow room.

His eyes were glittering like the time when Tomoe used me as an intermediary to peek at my memories.

Luckily, at the present time he is not hooked into any videos yet. It would be troublesome if he gets a weird hobby, but it is natural to feel something after touching a different culture, so there might be some sort of influence in him. I am already prepared for it. If Shiki does a rebirth, I will accept him… As long as he doesn’t awaken to BL <Boys Love>.

“Bullying between hyumans isn’t something I have seen, so I will go and take a look for a bit” (Makoto)

“Raidou-sama?” (Shiki)

It isn’t because the one being bullied is a girl. It’s just… those eyes.

Those eyes haven’t gone cold, nor are the eyes of someone that has given up, or ones that are warped. Just what are they? I was a bit interested.

“Oi, say something!”

I exchange looks with Shiki. That there is another person who can talk for me is something reassuring.

“Ah, can you leave it at that?” (Shiki)

No no, why are you asking them in question form. Shiki, at these times you have to be cool and assertive.

“… Who are you guys?”

“Oioi, can’t you see these clothes? Are you guys stupid?”

The idiot said something. Clothes? Ah, all of them are wearing the same clothes. Or more like, those are clothes I have seen quite a lot since I came here.

I can think of the reason why.

(Is it okay to kill them, Makoto-sama?) (Shiki)

(Wait!) (Makoto)

(Stupid? He called ME stupid? Or could it be… at Makoto-sama? Ah, this is death sentence right. Understood) (Shiki)

(Don’t understand it! It is fine to just look at them with painful eyes and push those words aside! Don’t suddenly go killing! Understand?!) (Makoto)

(Aw. U-Understood) (Shiki)

Aw, he says. Tomoe is fine but, will Mio be fine? I hope she isn’t going around killing. Tomoe is accompanying her, so I trust that they won’t do anything excessive. I believe in them!

“Anyways, all of you get lost. Feel lucky I won’t be killing you” (Shiki)

Ah, their clothes are probably uniforms. They must be students at the Academy. There are a number of colors for it, but the design is practically the same.

This is something that makes me wonder, are the heroes and me the first ones to come here?

The blazers really look alike. Is that coincidence? It is more convincing for me if someone has already come and told them the design.

I don’t think all worlds have the same school uniforms.


(Shiki, are you not good in conversations?) (Makoto)

(No. But I am not good at dealing with idiots) (Shiki)

Ah, I see.

He is thoroughly picking a fight. Those people might become my classmates.

That they are exaggerating the importance of the clothes might be because the students here are pretty high standing? When talking about students that are still studying a lot of subjects, in terms of society, their standing should normally be low.

Because if I said something like: “Can’t you see this uniform? I am a high school student you know?” in my common sense, people would without a doubt treat me as crazy.

Is the position of a student higher because we are in Academy Town? If it’s because the town is specialized in scholarship and research, making engineers and researchers’ position higher, I would understand. But to put the students that are just the unhatched eggs in such a high pedestal, is like putting up a mountain of people.

“Don’t mess around with us!”

It seems from his palms, magic power is gathering. A spell huh.

In an incredibly slow speed, moreover, making a loud aria that everyone can hear. This isn’t a kindergarten sports event you know.

[Sorry, but is this some sort of performance?]

If they are trying to begin a show, then this kind of aria is okay but the situation right now is a fight.

That’s why I wrote these words with my honest feelings. However, it seems I truly made them angry. They glared at me with intensity.

(So Makoto-sama is joining the fray) (Shiki)

(You are totally misunderstanding) (Makoto)

“Wa! So fast!”

Shiki finishes an aria for earth element magic. Or more like, it is the normal speed. As expected of students, they don’t know how the real world works. If you continue like that, a scary woman will cut you to pieces you know?

Shiki hits the ground with his staff that’s enveloped in black light. It’s a staff the eldwas barely made in time and I gave to him apologetically. It seems the efficiency is pretty high and the moment Shiki took it in his hands, his eyes were wide open.

The guys all went gyaaa and waaa.

The five of them screamed in a way that lacked individuality and it reverberated in the streets. Seriously, learn of the hoodlums in Tsige.

From the feet of the student-looking people, a pillar of stone made from Shiki’s magic protruded out and invited them to the sky. The bullied girl looks like she is inside that stone pillar prison. Oops, maybe I should have wrote something. To suddenly be surrounded by stone pillars of several meters is something that might be scary for her.

Well~ they are splendidly towering. For now let’s remove them. It troubles the people around after all. The passersby are starting to make a ruckus about what is going on.

I gently touch the stone pillars.

Grasp the linked magic composition and reverse it. I find the part that serves as a core and destroy it with darkness.

As if it didn’t even exist to begin with, the numerous pillars disappear. Now, what will the people who were thrown to the sky do? They seem to be able to use magic, maybe? Different from me, one of them should be able to use wind magic.

“Splendidly done. It won’t be long before counter-spell is complete” (Shiki)

It would be great if that happens. I made an ambiguous smile at Shiki in response. Negating the magic of an acquaintance and a magic I already know of, won’t bring much results. There are people like Sofia, so my enthusiasm in completing magic negation is slowly fading.

[Are you okay? If you are able to read this, I don’t know about the reason, but since we have involved ourselves in it already, it would be great if you run away]

“Eh, a…”

The girl is surprised by the writing appearing in front of her. Maybe she is a waiter. It isn’t maid clothes, but she is wearing an apron, has frills, and other parts that make me think she has a job in that kind of area.

She was looking at the men that were in the sky and letters suddenly appeared in front of her, so maybe I scared her.

… The strange light she had in her eyes was already gone. Too bad. Well, that’s fine. In the end, it was just interest.

“I didn’t ask to be saved”

So she can read, I see. Then I can communicate with her.

[I didn’t do this aiming for a reward or anything. We might never meet again so don’t worry about it]


[Hurry and go]

“I am working as a waiter in the Gotetsu local that’s close to here. I live there while working, so please come when you have the time. I will at least repay you”

[If I feel like it]

The girl runs off. The netted hair that was long enough to hide her shoulders waved busily. Gotetsu huh. Will there be nabe<japanese hot pot>? When things have calmed down, I should try visiting it once. The food in this world is lightly flavored, but it is pretty delicious so I am looking forward to it.

“For someone that has been saved, she is quite rude” (Shiki)

“Really? Suddenly appearing and doing something beneficial for her. Wouldn’t there be people that suspect this person of having underhanded motives? There was also someone who did a flashy move and gathered a lot of attention after all” (Makoto)

It is a world where there aren’t that many chivalrous people. It’s no surprise to suspect.

“It was flashy huh. I used a docile spell that wouldn’t kill them though” (Shiki)

If the front was pointed, they would have probably died. Docile he says.

“Being that tall, of course it would. Wouldn’t burying them grab less attention?” (Makoto)

“Now that you mention it, even when those guys are barking a lot, they aren’t floating. Are they looking to die?” (Shiki)

The bunch above have a desperate expression and look like they are using magic but… it seems like they are trying their best to not drop while sweating an incredible amount. They are falling in a questionable way. Won’t they run out of strength if they continue like that?

“… Could it be, they can’t fly?” (Makoto)

“Then they are just pigs. I pray that their next life will be a happy one” (Shiki)

“… Please save them” (Makoto)

While sighing slightly at my words, Shiki accepted and spreads out a floating magic. The people that were caught in that area, slowed their dropping speed and gently fell… or not. At the last part, they dropped vigorously. Shiki~.

Are you a kid?!

“I will remember this!!”

Ah, how pitiful they look falling on their butt. But can’t they do a roll at least? Didn’t they learn this in physical education?

This is what I think but, is it okay to say that clichéd line while running off? You guys will definitely regret saying that later.

“… Raidou-sama, I know this may be too impertinent of me to say but, to interfere with those kind of events every time they happen, I don’t think it is recommendable. Those are what one would call society happenings. If the basis itself doesn’t disappear, it is pointless to interfere in this one” (Shiki)

“Shiki, it wasn’t pointless. I was satisfied after all. I am aware it is a pastime, but if Shiki wants to correct the pastime of this person, you will have to do so with all you have” (Makoto)

That’s right. It isn’t like I interfered because I thought bullying is bad anyways. I wasn’t able to ask about the reason for those eyes, so even if it was a pastime, I still have to reflect on it huh.


“It isn’t like I am looking to get rid of all the bullying. And I don’t intend to do so. This time was only because I felt like it” (Makoto)

“Raidou-sama…” (Shiki)

“Sorry for being a master that moves around at his own convenience” (Makoto)

“No. I said too much” (Shiki)

“Now then, let’s do a good-job party for Shiki who reliably stood in line. After lining up and finishing the reception, they said the test will be in three days. Just how much does one have to wait to do a matriculation exam” (Makoto)

Because Shiki lined up for the test, we were able to finish the reception, but the important test will be in three days from now.

This night we will hold a meal with us two males to celebrate passing those 6 days of boring line up.

“Eh?” (Shiki)

“… What was that “eh?” for, Shiki? The test will be in three days right?” (Makoto)

Shiki made a dumbfounded expression at my words. Why?

“Raidou-sama, what do you mean by matriculation exam?” (Shiki)

“There’s no need to ask. It’s to matriculate into the academy right?” (Makoto)

Shiki showed the documents Rembrandt arranged for that sake and also the recommendation letter he made. Moreover, Shiki lined up for 6 days for that.

Rotsgard is a place where a lot of people from different lands gather.

It is in the dead center of the country and at its circumference there are numerous towns as if it were a satellite land. Holding various specialized education institutions. By the way, in this center land there is only one institution that holds the same name as Academy Town. It’s the representative of the academies, Rotsgard Academy. It seems to be the place where the most promising students gather. The ones a few moments ago were really weird and savory, but they seem to be elite.

And that’s how it is.

The attitude of those guys can be translated to that of “Hey we guys are of Tokyo University you know”. It doesn’t change my impression of them though.

Anyways, the ones that are looking to matriculate here have to take a test, and depending on your skills and specialties, you will be send to a school that is fit for you, is how this place works. Actually, aside from skills and specialties, I think they also take into account their assets and social standing.

“No, I understand that but…” (Shiki)

“What’s strange?” (Makoto)

“Raidou-sama intends to take the matriculation exam?” (Shiki)

Isn’t that obvious? I nod at him.

“Please listen. What Raidou-sama will take three days from now isn’t a matriculation exam” (Shiki)


“In the first place, the education institutions’ matriculation scale may vary by age but it is something fixed. The school that takes receptions seems to be pretty special” (Shiki)

That’s why, isn’t the pretty special mammoth school here? Thinking about it in general, to have 1 or 2 years apart is normal.

For an out of norms school that matches the age to still reach the hundreds, it wouldn’t be strange right?

“At this place, in this season, they are not taking applications for students, Raidou-sama” (Shiki)

“Then what was Shiki lining up for?” (Makoto)

“For the personnel employment exam” (Shiki)

P-Personnel?! Personnel as in working?! Are you kidding?!

What are you saying so nonchalantly?!

“S-Shiki! I am a merchant that is affiliated to the Merchant Guild, a person with a full-fledged job you know?” (Makoto)

I didn’t come here to find a job though?!

“But in the documents I received from Rembrandt-shi, the contents said Raidou-sama was applying to be a tactics specialized teacher” (Shiki)


“Why didn’t you think it was weird after seeing the contents of the document?!” (Makoto)

“For Raidou-sama to become a student is stranger for me. I was like “Oh, so that was the case” and naturally accepted it” (Shiki)

Ooooo. Rembrandt-san, what are you thinking?! Shiki too. I am only 17 you know. Like hell I can work as a teacher!

I should have looked at the contents! But to check the contents of documents… The only application documents I have checked in this world were the ones I got at the merchant guild.

“The recommendation letter. That’s right, what about the contents of the recommendation letter?!” (Makoto)

“Ah. In the recommendation letter, if I remember correctly, it said: “Raidou-sama has a lot of real combat experience in the border of the world. He may have difficulties in speaking, but has no issues in communicating his intentions. Since he is a person with hard to get abilities, I want to ask of you to please accept him even when it isn’t the season” And that’s how it went” (Shiki)

To please accept me even when it isn’t the season? The line for personnel applicants was build up, so isn’t it the season for it?

… Could it be, Rembrandt-san messed up the document entry? No, there is no way that would happen with him and Morris-san. Specially Morris-san. He looks like the perfect butler type.

“Then, uhm. Three days from now I will be taking an exam to be a tactics specialized teacher?” (Makoto)

“Yes” (Shiki)

The quick affirmation of Shiki.

What does tactic specialized mean? It’s a subject I have never heard before, there is no way I can teach it. With this, I will most likely fail the exam.

There are things I want to research and I want to find a place to open a store here. Being a student is just a thing I wanted to do in the occasion, so being a student or a teacher doesn’t really matter. But even so, a teacher, no way. Teachers are people that teach other people you know?

There’s no way I can do that.

Maybe I should try going to the office and ask if they can change it.

Me feeling in the mood to look at the sky and drink alcohol, was something that would happen a while after.

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