Chapter 75: Their identities

Apologies, it seems I made a big mistake last chapter.

The fingers of Makoto were actually chopped off. Half of his left hand’s fingers are gone and bleeding like hell. One of the reasons he isn’t thinking clearly.

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“Ara, the color of the clothes changed. Could it be a countermeasure for us? Even though you should not be a new recruit that has smelled the scent of war for the first time. You are quite the carefree Goddess errand boy huh”

I ignore the woman named Sofia and prepare myself for battle. I have fought dragons, spiders and skeletons; in terms of fighting I am a bit used to them by now. But against a human being is, as expected, different.

I am fine when dealing with people like Lime Latte who just know how to make creepy smiles, but I didn’t expect I would fight against people that can create blood thirst resembling that of my sensei. If I can stay in the mental state I was when I killed that idiotic woman, would I be able to create that kind of blood thirst?

Even if I think about this and that, if I can’t do it, there is no point. There is no need to imagine it, I am already in front of the very people that can achieve it. My head is in a mess and I can’t think properly.

I changed the color of my coat into red. Behind me there is a forest. It is in my field of vision, but there is quite the distance. If I use the speed attribute, I might be able to shake them off and enter the forest. If it goes well, I will be able to withdraw from here! The red color also increases my resistance against edged attacks, so it works as a countermeasure for that woman as well.

About the hyumans… in this occasion, I will ignore them. If casualties appear, go complain to your Goddess.

“It may be an act to make us lower our guard, don’t lose your concentration. See, he is trying to do something. I feel a radical magic power convergence” (kid)

I click my tongue internally at the words of the kid. So he can sense magic activation huh. Then that means there may not be much merits in doing voiceless arias.

Even so, to not move immediately, are they leisure or maybe just negligent? I hope they are just negligent.

I was a bit uneasy about using a one shot spell, so I did a chain activation on [Brid] balls and leave them at my sides, I create from 5 on 5.

I inserted keywords on the Brids to arrange a few things, but I am reaching my limit. I want to quickly go to Academy Town and learn new knowledge. Magic knowledge that can fill up the deep precipice of my understanding in magic in order to comprehend the book Shiki gave me.

“Take this!” (Makoto)

The moment I activated them, the balls are drawn to the limit until they become lines and are released on the woman and kid at high speed. At the same time, I turn around and run at full speed to the forest.


A wall?!

In front of me there is a giant wall. A light of some sort is merging and working as a wall. Just a moment ago this wasn’t there. But I can’t just stay standing here. Luckily, the width is just a few meters. If I avoid it and advance, I can manage somehow.

I had stopped for a second, but soon I resume my running. I do a zigzag and try to evade it, that I am taking my time must be because of my own lack of ability. I want more instinct. Enough so that I can predict these walls that keep appearing one after the other.

Damn it, even though I have this speed, doing brakes all the time reduces the merit by half.

“Tch, how troublesome” (Makoto)

“Heh~ for an impromptu you were able to create this chain of high-power magic? I thought your fighting experience was the very essence of immaturity, but you are unexpectedly good. Mitsurugi, I am counting on your foothold and obstruction!” (Sofia)

This extremely strange spectacle of having a wall appear continuously. The forest that should not be impossible to reach to, feels so far now! Moreover, from under my feet a shining thing is sticking out as well. This is… a sword?! No, just the edge?!

I can’t understand anything!

I concentrate on making the barrier at my feet stronger and scatter the edges that are popping out while running.

Ah~, so difficult to run! At this rate…

I felt a bit anxious about the obstruction I placed, so I turned my head a bit in order to confirm the situation. At that place…

“Ahahahaha! This is incredible. Not only is it conceited, it also chases you!” (Sofia)

“Taking them head on would be a bit heavy huh. Well, there won’t be problems if we divert it. More importantly, Sofia, if that is a secret card of the Goddess, there is something we should do right?”

“I know! But that will be when I do a formal greeting on him and he is still alive, okay?!” (Sofia)

… It’s, not working as an obstruction. Just what the hell are these guys?

The rapid-fire Brids are definitely not low in firepower. I have these clothes and these rings so my magic power should be pretty strong. And yet, what is that?

The kid is probably using a magic barrier to divert the rapid-fire Brids to different locations. Of course, some of the blown off brids end up to where the demons and hyumans are, but it seems he is not doing any follow up for that. How heartless!

So it is possible to change the length and angle to divert magic huh. When I have time, this is a technique I want to learn. But I don’t have the leisure to observe that kid carefully.

The woman’s side is doing an unbelievable thing. She is using her sword to cut the rapid-fired brids, dashing like a keen beast to shake off those homing brids and evading left and right. Also, the numerous shining sword-looking things floating in mid-air, I don’t know if those are made by the woman or by the kid, but she is using those swords as “footing” to perform acrobatic moves, reducing the distance between her and me at a terrifying speed.

… You are kidding me right? She is cutting off the magic that is coming at high speed with a giant sword that requires both hands. What kind of monster is that?!

Moreover, she does that acrobatic-like mid-air sprint so easily!

Even though I am not the Goddess’ hidden card or anything like that!

Ah, this wall. They are swords. A lot of swords are intersected to knit a wall. That girl, is she a special magic user or something? A sword magician maybe? The usability is questionable though. Well, I can’t say anything in respect when I am currently surprised by it.

While I was trying to escape reality by thinking random stuff, she appeared right in front of me. A monster?!

Wasn’t she behind me a few moments agoooo?!

There is such a bullshit hyuman in this world?! No, is she really a hyuman?

Her skin color and looks may be hyuman but, could it be she is actually a new creation from the demon race?!

The problem is not only that she caught up with me! She kicked the sword wall, raised her giant sword and dashed towards me!

“Cau~ght you!!” (Sofia)

Contrary to the light words she said, the figure of the girl wielding that giant sword grew blurry in an instant. The girl who was in mid-air didn’t wait until landing, and just straightforwardly swung her sword at me! I expand a barrier at my front and enhance it with Sakai to confront her attack. It’s not like I don’t belief in the resistance of my armor, but I will do everything I can.


An incredibly high-pitched sound reverberates and the sword of the girl was bounced upwards. I blocked it. But the barrier was also offset and destroyed! No way, that sword. Don’t tell me that sword has a crazy property like “magic killer” or something like that right?!

I wanted to try expanding a barrier again but I won’t make it in time. Her chase and mowing is faster. To be able to do such a feat with an unstable stance, just what kind of body control is that?!

Just like how I was surprised she was able to destroy my barrier, she was also shocked that her sword was repelled. That means she was pretty sure that attack would decide everything but was stopped. To be able to think that way when doing it with such an outrageous posture.

This woman, won’t she get astonished or waver? Or is it just that my decision-making is too slow? The ability to instantly decide on your next action at a fight of life and death, I haven’t learnt that before and there is no way I will suddenly be able to do it in real combat.

What to do? What should I do?!

I place the [Sakai] to protect only my body, and cross my arms to defend against the attack coming from my left. This time I can only wager on the eldwas. To avoid the worst case scenario, I thought about springing my body back but my reflexes couldn’t follow so I was unable to do it. Rather, to be able to raise my arms is enough to make me wanna praise myself.

I can’t close my eyes. There is no assurance that she won’t do a follow-up. I resolve myself and prepare for the swing.

There is no doubt this is an imperfect attack stemming from a crazy posture. Even so, I can’t relax.

However, it seems I won the bet. It was a dull attack and there was no pain. The part that was hit only felt a bit numb. I wasn’t even sent flying.

I knew this in an armor that the eldwas are proud of, but to actually block a sword with clothes feels strange.

This time she landed and looks at me with eyes wide open, taking her distance from me, arriving at a pretty distant place. To do so many movements in mid-air and still be able to land with her two feet. Truly awe inspiring.

At her side there is the kid. So they have destroyed all the batteries huh. Well, I did set them up thinking only about defense though. Seriously, what are these guys?

Don’t tell me… heroes?!

No, that’s not it. If that were the case, they wouldn’t be with the demon army. What am I thinking?

If I remember correctly, this girl is called Sofia. The kid, I think the woman called him in the name of a famous sword. Mitsurugi. I feel like I have heard that name before…

“Wait~ that funny lump, what is it? He is way too amusing. He has ability and movements that aren’t even worth mentioning, and yet, that hardness, reflex, magic power; his standards are on an abnormal level. A mismatched pervert” (Sofia)

“I also feel that way. Even though he is incredibly strong, he is way too crude. I don’t understand at all” (Mitsurugi)

“Then provide me cover at least once” (Sofia)

“I was busy destroying the source of those attacks. Don’t ask for the impossible” (Mitsurugi)

Are those commentaries about me? I am sorry for being amusing to the level of laughing and an incomprehensible existence. Also, I am glad to have left the batteries stationary there. I think I am the one that needs support the most though not you.

“Well, once we take control, the situation should change. Ghjkop \ kkjjgf” (Sofia)

“Oh, so we are using the ring on this single opponent? At least say when you are going to use it Sofia” (Mitsurugi)

“There’s no other choice right? This kid seems to have received quite the blessings from the Goddess after all” (Sofia)

Hah? What kind of incantation is “Trample down on the God’s prayer”?

The latter half of what Sofia said made no sense and left me questioning. Words I haven’t heard before. Are those keywords to activate something? But if I remember correctly, the tools that are filled with magic are normally activated with common language?

This language is a first for me.

As if responding her aria, the ring in Sofia’s right hand crumbles. Not break, it was more like, crumbling to a state that would be impossible to restore.

Just like when I expand Sakai, a mysterious undulating sensation spreads out from the circumference of the crumbled ring.

With this… what does it change? It doesn’t seem like the situation has changed at all though. My lifeline which is magic power can still be used without any problems. At the very least, the amount I still have inside me has no problems.

“Umu. It seems it is a success. With this the tests are done. However, this is interesting. To think that the day would come when we would be able to negate the interference of the Goddess. The worldwide influence she provides can now be changed at our whim” (Sofia)

Success. Then that means some sort of effect is in place. Damn it, I can’t see what their hand is at all.

“From the beginning you and I were not blessed by it, so there is no demerit. Also, the demons and demon beasts as well. Basically, it is a tool that only has merits when used by someone that’s not hyuman. Not only that, the effect of negating the Goddess blessing seems quite fast” (Sofia)

“But the one who created this was…” (Mitsurugi)

“Don’t say it. There are still Goddess believers here after all” (Sofia)

Saying that, Sofia looks at me. Removing the interference of the Goddess? Doing something like that. Just what would that hyuman girl gain from it?

If she were a demon, it would be a topic that has high research value though.

They… don’t take their eyes off me. I thought this was my chance to create a gate while they are talking, but if I concentrate and begin my aria, I feel like I will become chopping wood in an instant and that scares me.

Or more like, why am I on the side of the Goddess? I have gone through terrible things because of that bug you know?

Ugh, the sensation of my left hand is numbing. This is bad. Should I loosen the bandages? No, that’s no good. I don’t know how much blood I am allowed to bleed. I feel like it is a bad call to worsen the situation if I end up suffering blood loss.

This is the worst. Can healing magic cure an arm necrosis? Shiki, when I return I am really counting on you. I don’t want to become a one-armed person at this age.

“I am not on the side of the Goddess” (Makoto)

Even though I know it won’t get through them, I still say it.

“Hoh~, what does that mean?” (Mitsurugi)

“What, Mitsurugi. You understood those words? That was clearly not common language though” (Sofia)

Wa? Wait a moment, that girl. Don’t tell me, she is a hyuman? This is bad, I did a blunder once again. Even though I knew my verbal expressions were fantasy-like, this “comprehension” that was given to me really doesn’t distinct. As expected of a Goddess given ability.

“Red one, answer. What do you mean when you said you were not on the Goddess’ side? You were without doubt brought to this battlefield by the Goddess. Aren’t you like the two heroes that have been summoned from another world, someone that was brought here to protect Limia? That crazy power, I can only think it was given to you by the Goddess” (Mitsurugi)

“You, you are not a hyuman?” (Makoto)

While asking the kid if he was a hyuman, I pick up the word Limia.

Limia, if I remember correctly, it is a major power that is directly confronting the demon race. If they are calling me a protector, does it mean this is a key location for Limia?

“Well, for now yeah. Right now I have chosen to take the form of a hyuman that’s all. You can talk if I am not hyuman? You get more and more mysterious. From your looks, could you be the half of a hyuman and something else?” (Mitsurugi)

Pointing a finger at Sofia, the kid makes clear that he is a different living being that has taken the form of a hyuman. What do you mean by me being a half from my looks? Sofia also called me a synthetic beast. I can’t accept that.

But this kind of situations where they tell me this things as if looking for a fight without any ill intentions, I already got used to it. It doesn’t anger me that much.

“I have no reasons to fight in this battlefield and I have no intentions on joining hands with the Goddess. How about it? Will you guys please leave this as a misunderstanding and leave me be?” (Makoto)

“That is impossible. I will have you die here. You were summoned here by the Goddess. There is no misunderstanding anywhere” (Mitsurugi)

“I just have a sort of previous connection with the Goddess that’s all. To kill me here, why is that? Because that hyuman woman called Sofia is allying with the demon race? I won’t be telling anyone that information” (Makoto)

The kid that was indifferently complying with my words, suddenly becomes silent. He was looking at me with a dumbfounded expression. What is it?

I thought it was definitely because it would be bad for others to know she was cooperating with the demon race though?

“… Hyuman woman, you say? Kuku… Ahahahahaha!” (Mitsurugi)

The kid suddenly raises his voice and laughs loudly. Did I say something bad?

“What? Why did you suddenly begin laughing?” (Sofia)

“Sofia, listen. This guy, it seems he doesn’t know about you” (Mitsurugi)

I think this is obvious though. This is the first time I have met her after all. Moreover, she suddenly tried to cut me down.

“… Huhn~ Well, if he is the same as the heroes, that is a given right?” (Sofia)

“But he doesn’t seem to be a hero. And he is pleading for his life. Saying to “please leave me be”” (Mitsurugi)

What’s so strange in that? Just, there is no doubt the situation is bad. Because the hostility has increased.

“The Goddess does incomprehensible things. To think she would throw such an unknowledgeable person to the battlefield. I don’t think she just ran out of pawns though?  You, being killed by people you don’t know and people that don’t even know your name. That is not something you would like right? I permit you to tell us your name” (Mitsurugi)

“I don’t intent to be killed. However, in these times, isn’t your side supposed to name themselves first?” (Makoto)

I try my best to play strong. Also, if possible, I want to avoid an encounter with this monster. I want information, seriously.

“Kuku, your tongue is first rate huh. Fumu, fine. Then we will start first. The one here who is swinging the number one sword in this world is Sofia Bruga. Her nickname is “Dragon Killer” and level 920, a famous woman. And I am Lancer. Well, Sofia calls me Mitsurugi most of the time though” (Mitsurugi)

….. Eh?

Sofia Bruga? Dragon Killer?

Isn’t that the name of the previously strongest level in the guild? Moreover, Lancer, that name, if I remember correctly, is the name of the dragon that was killed by Sofia isn’t it? That’s right, if I remember correctly, his nickname was Mitsurugi.

Moshimoshi? Moshimoooo~shi!

There is absolutely no reason for such a big fish to aim at my neck!

“… I am Raidou. A merchant” (Makoto)

I barely manage to name myself. However, the waves in my heart are not showing any signs of calming down. To be attacked by the highest peak of hyumans and the previous comrade of Tomoe. This situation is something I still can’t put together in my mind.

“Raidou… huh. Saying you are a merchant, such an obvious lie-” (Mitsurugi)

“Hmph~, Raidou huh. You have finished introductions right? Once again, I am Sofia Bruga. Just as you see, I am an adventurer that is trying out being on the demon’s side. And, the person that will be killing you” (Sofia)

Sofia interrupts the words of Lancer and announces her intent to kill me. This woman, just what is she thinking? If you are rising up against the Goddess, I feel like we could become friends, but why is it that it turned into killing me?

“Sofia, I was in the middle of talking. Then the so called Raidou, this is sayonara. You have seen something that shouldn’t have been seen after all” (Mitsurugi)

You were the ones who told me.

Faster than his words were finished, in the surroundings of Lancer and in my own, as well as in the sky, swords created by him were beginning to appear.

It is a situation where it is not the appropriate time to talk.

This makes me laugh. It really makes me laugh.

This unreasonable checkmate, like hell I will let it! Not being able to depend on the companions that I finally obtained, and die without anyone knowing. Like I will let that happen.

I won’t think about holding back anymore. Or more like, I have been surprised left and right and have had no chance to hold back or anything!

No matter what, I will create a chance and escape!

Blood has been coming out too much and it is worsening my state. Damn Goddess. Calling me at a crazy place. I have decided to learn a way to go against her summoning as my utmost priority. I wonder how far the Academy teaches in regards to summoning topics.

Even when doing all this, that bug didn’t say anything to me. Is she really looking? Say something at the very least!

“Then, I am coming. Your crazy defensive power should be gone now that the Goddess’ interference has disappeared. It will become a simple massacre now” (Sofia)

Ah, so that’s what she meant with “interference”.

That means, she called me all the way here no questions asked and now she is unable to do anything? No, it is because she can’t do anything that she called me here? Uh… which one is it?

No matter which one it is, how stupid of her. As expected of bug Goddess, she is an idiot. Instead of saying “I found you” say “I want you to do something”. I would totally run the opposite direction of her words though.

“It seems the heroes are being cornered by the demon general. To remove the remains of the Goddess in here as well is not a bad idea”

It seems this world has an Anti-Goddess faction. It reliefs me quite a bit and at the same time I am amazed that there is an anti-force in the world she manages.

I am a bit interested in the heroes though. Tsukuyomi-sama told me to treat them well after all.

It’s just, my life is foremost. I am sorry but, you heroes manage something by yourself.

Anyways, these idiots, they finally lowered their guard.

I feel their atmosphere has slightly slackened. They must have confidence in the effects of that ring.

They are free to believe I was being enhanced by the Goddess’ interference. Even if I deny it, they wouldn’t listen to my words anyways. They are confident they can defeat me now.

But well~ that won’t be happening.

Unlike before, I am going to “strengthen” after all.

Being in a battle stance, while feeling anger, I take off the rings left in my left hand and in my right hand. I take off all of my rings.

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