Chapter 76: Something not that far in the past to call it a recollection



Without adjusting the magic power, I take out all that I could and with no aria I release it to the front.

The magic power amount that can’t even be called magic, had turned into quite the shock wave, closing in onto them. Well, releasing it without thinking anything is its strongest point.

Seems it took them completely off guard, Sofia and Lancer get blown off vigorously. Hmph, me being weakened is something that you yourself thought I was. Life doesn’t always go your way.

The wall and the glittering edges that Lancer created were also blown away splendidly. My circumference and front get shaved off by the raging shock wave and in an instant everything in my field of vision is gradually destroyed.

If I were fighting with a hyuman on the level of the people I have met, this would be the part where I escape, but these two, especially Sofia, are existences I don’t understand. I want to clearly confirm that they are in a state they can’t fight back and then open the gate.


Just like when one does a big stretch at the time one wakes up, just like after you do a careful stretch; the whole of my body is enveloped in that comfortable sensation. My mood is also being somewhat uplifted. Maybe it is because I have taken off all my rings and am now in a natural state. Even if my coat is still taking big part of my magic power, there is a big difference in the magic power I can release and knit. Well, if I think of my maximum value, this amount is still low though.

I spread a strengthening and search [Sakai] at the same time. The strengthened searching ability lets me check the state of the two that have taken their distance from me once again.

However, don’t misunderstand. I don’t have the ability to fight those two at close range. Even if I am being protected by an enhanced defense, there is no point if I don’t escape. That is the combi of a dragon killer and a supreme dragon, there is no way I can let them inside Asora. I can’t let my uplifted emotions take over my actions.


I will have you guys receive my long distance bombarding! And so, after leaving you powerless, or in the worst case kill you, I will escape!

My left hand is like this, so I can’t use it. The complexion is slowly getting worse. Shooting energy magic is the most it can manage right now. Pointing my hand helps a lot in the image. It is decided, my left hand will be used for spells. And so, in my right hand I now have an unshapely dagger that has a string coming out from its handle. That it is until now that I am able to use them, shows that it is not fit to be used in real combat yet. Anyways, this could be called the physical form of my negative thought patterns about running and protecting.

Uchine <打根>, is what this weapon is called. The way of using it was taught by my sensei, so at that time against Mio I was able to use a dagger properly.Dane

At close range I use a dagger. Middle-range, a counterweighted sickle and chain and at long range, this is the weapon. It is a weapon that you throw at your opponent. Of course, it a weapon that is filled with problems to use as my main weapon. For me as well, as a person that had learned the bow from sensei, this is also just something that she taught me to use as well. Before she taught me I didn’t even know it existed. It can also be placed in a bow as an arrow and shot that way. However, I don’t have a bow at hand so there is no point. Also, not only do I not have much experience in using it as a spear, I don’t even have a passing grade on using it as a dagger or throwing tool. To swing it with the string is totally out of my field of expertise. Geez, it is obvious I will get wounded doing something like that.

That there is knife techniques mixed in the uchine’s way of using is probably because of the own style of sensei. She seems to have been in the battlefield for a period of time after all. Luckily I wasn’t brought overseas. She is a teacher I am proud of, but I would reject accompanying her to those places.

Even so, crossing swords against those two with these is definitely impossible. The armor of the Eldwas blocked that sword, I don’t think the weapons they make lose in comparison, but the most important part who is me still doesn’t have enough ability to wield it properly. Or more like, that Sofia girl is abnormal. To do a helm breaker in mid-air and then connect it with a mow down, even in acrobatic levels that is impossible. It makes me think that she is the one mixed with a cat or some sort of beast. Also, one that has quite the wild instincts.

That’s why it is fine to use them only to block attacks when needed. It is better than stopping them with my arms after all. With the special handling of the uchine I might be able to make her recoil, or so I think.

Using that as my secret weapon…

I take my stance. Just like when I shoot with my bow. That I don’t need to put away the uchine in my right hand in order to use spells is one of the good parts of magic.

This one will be different from the previous preemptive attack. I will have them taste a certain hit attack.

That’s right. Compared to the brids I released a while ago, the power of this one is different.

Just try deviating this one if you can.

Show me that you can cut it down.

Don’t think the speed and power are the same as before!

Even in this deteriorated field of vision, Sakai tells me the position of my enemies accurately. Yosh.

Like I will wait for you two to fix your stance. First one is Sofia! If possible, stay lying down just like that!

On the drawn to the limit brid, my image tells me of my certain hit. Fire!

The next one is created right after that and I turn it into an arrow. I pour my own magic power to it and just like how I shoot with a bow, I release it. This one is for Lancer.

The element is fire. It explodes in place so I can expect a certain amount of leeway in the hit area.

Even when the vision is taken away because of the cloud of sand my magic power wave created, she does a big step to the side as if she activated some sort of superhuman sixth sense. Because of my Sakai I was able to tell she was trying to avoid it. Lancer did that before too, could it be they don’t even care about the army that is at their back?

… But, that is useless.

A brid that I have coupled with my certain hit image acts just like the arrows I shoot, they all hit their target. It may be defended though, but it will definitely get the enemy. That’s right, even if something miraculous happens just the moment my image becomes reality, the level of accuracy in which it pursues its target is on a different degree. It hits Tomoe and Mio. There is no way it won’t hit you!

And since it is different from a real bullet, its homing capability is incredibly high. Instead of decelerating when trying to head to the direction the girl took, the brid actually accelerated.

To increase its speed when changing directions, that is something I really can’t understand.

Right now the certain hit is something I do with the same feeling as the bow, so hitting is still ambiguous. I don’t have definite confidence in it. Magic is still a grey area for me.

Sofia uses her prided giant sword to cut off the brid that is flying at high speed. How scary. Even when releasing an arrow of that speed it doesn’t surpass the reactions of hers? As expected, close range is not a good idea.

However, no matter if I already predicted this to some extent after watching that rapid-fire brid, it is still surprising how she tries to cut them off. Is she a genius?

Even so, the result this time is…


She made a high-pitched scream and was blown away by the explosion. Yosh! I can do this!

“Sofia?! What is up with this power?! I can’t deviate it!” (Lancer)

The defense barrier Lancer created was destroyed and his childish body was send flying by the blast. It seems this side has received damage as well. Let me tell you this, I won’t be resting my hand! If the momentum is restored, I don’t know what could occur!

“Wai-, Mitsurugi?! Didn’t he get stronger?!” (Sofia)

“I think so too! This is what I think but, could it be… he was under a curse from the Goddess?! That shouldn’t be possible, to go all the way to bring a person that is cursed by God?! There’s no idiot who would summon someone like that!” (Lancer)

So it was the right choice to use fire for the blast huh. It looks like they are unable to move because of their confusion, but I don’t need to confirm that anyways!

This time I will go with the element I am more compatible with, the water element which I can bring out even more power. If this manages to disable them, I will be able to open a mist gate!

“More is coming! He is able to do rapid-fires of magic with this much power?! What a cheat!” (Sofia)

She must have felt the convergence of magic power from me, Sofia lets out a voice filled with caution. The last part was a complain to me huh. If it’s about complains, I have way more to say than you!  I am being abused by the Goddess here!

“Sofia, return the sword’s power to me! If it’s a fire element magic, I will manage somehow! Take advantage of his opening when using magic and finish it in one go!” (Lancer)

Sofia assents to Lancer’s words and moves to his side. Good, if the two are in the same place, aiming will be easier. It saves me trouble! If you are on the mindset of receiving my attack, then I will go with power as priority!

“Goooo!!” (Makoto)

Just like last time, I use the same sensation to shoot twice. It is clearly stronger and faster than when I used fire. I can’t expect an explosion, but if it can at least freeze the area, it will make it even harder for them to move. When that happens, I will be in a bigger advantage.

“He changed to the opposite element?! Him alone?! Ei, just how out of the norms is this guy. But how stupid, if it is water it will make it easier for us!” (Sofia)

I can tell there is something flowing from the sword of Sofia into Lancer. That sword was something that was residing in a dragon? H-How dazzling…

How dare you try to cut someone with such a dangerous thing.

From Lancer’s front, a blue shield that is stronger than the previous one is created. Could it be, water element? Is that guy the same as Tomoe, able to control multiple elements? Moreover, water?

The blue arrows and blue barrier clash. What happens when two of the same element clash? Don’t tell me it will just one-sidedly disappear right?


A voice of surprise comes from me and Lancer.

The two blue arrows stopped the moment they clashed with the barrier of the same color, or so it seemed. However, in a second the arrows began to slowly slip through it. The blue shield was being rippled with my arrows at its center. It was as if the shield was welcoming it.

If two of the same element meet, that is what happens?! But this is lucky for me. It looks like my attack will hit after all. It’s the unexpected attack advantage, lucky!

“This is bad, really bad Sofia. Please finish this quickly! That guy, are you telling his aptitude in water element is higher than mine?! If it were “the invincible one” or “myriad colors” I could understand, but for a hyuman to surpass me is just…!” (Lancer)

“If you are frozen, I will be leaving you behind Mitsurugi” (Sofia)

“I will provide you a bit more service as a foothold, so when that happens please melt and save me” (Lancer)

Foothold? Oioi, there is also the aftermath of brid you know. I think kicking mid-air swords and rushing at me is a bit impossible.

The two of you can’t move from your spot. Just obediently turn into ice. And then I will calmly return!

The arrow silently penetrates the shield.

“Yosh!” (Makoto)

“If it’s the head maybe I can cut it off?” (Sofia)


Just above me, I heard a voice.

I won’t even try and look. I reflexively jump back.

The sword slightly grazes the tip of my nose. My barrier didn’t make it in time again! The hot sensation that is transmitted in me makes me knit my brows instinctively.

When I attack with all I have, I don’t have the time to prepare a defensive barrier! Is this also a key point in practice?!

From the front of my vision, I see the figure of Sofia. Eh?! Weren’t you over there?

Just what kind of trick did you use to suddenly change positions?! This is not my miss! I was clearly paying attention to her!

I shouldn’t have shot with all I had and should have left a barrier on standby with me. But if I were to take my time doing that, the result would have been the same. Damn it.

The attention I had on Lancer’s side, I forcefully take it out and concentrate my all in Sofia. When I look closely, Sofia has already accumulated something. It’s coming coming coming!

“He reacted again! Really, what a funny specimen!” (Sofia)

What’s with the “he reacted again”. It’s because you always talk out loud that I am able to evade them! Is she taking me lightly? I don’t know if she is just an idiot that lets everything slip though. Maybe the price of having such a beast-like instinct is her brain and mouth. That must be it!

From her eyes I can see overflowing blood thirst and vigor. Without pausing her movements, she instantly entered pointblank range. This is bad!

In a second…

Sofia turns her back to me. Eh? Why at this time?

That back figure took me by surprise. I lost sight of her weapon. Hiding her weapon with her own body, she didn’t chase me who was stepping back. That’s right, that sword can still reach me from here. No, it is actually the perfect distance for her weapon!

Left. The direction she turned just a bit below. A reverse turn attack is swung. I can’t evade it! So fast!

Counter, no, defense? But using magic with this mental strain? Impossible! I am going to be defeated?!

In the middle of my confusion, I unconsciously do a half-step to the front, grab the uchine with both hands and miraculously connects with her attack.

Why was I able to manage something like this?

The sound of metal rings for the first time between her and me. From both of my hands the intense shock and vibrations are transmitted. From my left hand that can barely grab it, the sensation is dull. It feels like I will soon be unable to use it.

“… You are kidding, right?” (Sofia)

This is not my voice.

… Uh, I’m alive?

I can only call this a miracle. The experience that sensei taught me so hard, might have moved my body here. I am sorry for complaining about this not being archery or anything close to that, sensei.

Hearing the words of Sofia, I close my eyes and let my vision recover. My face is facing down so luckily she didn’t notice. Anyways, how pathetic. But I am alive! I was saved!

It might be too good to say it was unconsciously, but I can’t rely on something like that, I need to learn how to create a barrier reflexively or I will die one of these days. If these person is the strongest in the world and the definite number one, it’s one thing, but if there are numerous of those types at once I will certainly need it.

After this I want to learn to create multiple barriers and a defense magic that I can leave in place. Eh? Aren’t I just thinking about defense?

I once again confirm the situation.

Oh~. What is this?

Sofia’s sword, the sharp sword that had a wide width and one needed two hands to wield…

The emerald green and almost transparent sword blade that one could even feel beauty…

Broke. It wasn’t a clean cut. Just what happened, I don’t know the clear details, but it broke to the point that I can’t count how many parts it turned into. Not even ¼ of the sword blade was left.

Eldwas, you guys are seriously incredible. What’s up with this uchine. To think I would see the day a dagger breaks a giant sword. Why did I close my eyes again? This is clearly a tool that has surpassed the area of self-protection. Incredible, this is really incredible.

“I-I am saved~” (Makoto)

I whisper dazed. There is one other thing I have understood. In the middle of fighting I seriously can’t communicate with writing. There’s no room for it, so it is obvious though. I just noticed it.

And so, I comprehended. That I was in the thought I had stopped just before I began panicking, but the truth is I was swallowed by it a long time ago.

Not reaching the conclusion I should have and not being able to do the things I could have done.

What a pathetic display.

Suddenly, the sensation of a hand is felt on my back.


“You, are thoroughly cheat” (Sofia)

All of a sudden, a soft sensation is pressed on my face. Eh?

Sofia was hugging me closely. What… is this? Breast?

Ah, I see. The brid a few moments ago destroyed her breastplate. Tte, eh?

I somehow turn my face up. At that place there is obviously the face of her. For some reason, a wide smile.

Her body had already lost most of her metal protection, so the sensation of her body was clearly transmitted to me. I thought she would have barbarian-like muscles, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. She was more woman than I thought. Her sword gave a big impression after all.

The shirts and short pants must have a stronger effectiveness than her metal armor. Like the clothes I have.

That I am being embraced from the very front and my face is hitting her breast making me crazy must mean, Sofia is 180cm or more huh. If she wore heels, this scene would look like a kid and an adult.


That’s not it! First I should concentrate in the current situation! If worst comes to worst, I will use the uchine in my right hand on Sofia and…

“Uh!! Tto, what incredible superhuman strength. So to resume, a god body in an average mind huh. Ah, you were going 2v1 against us and were able to stay sane so, maybe your mind is also tough. Wouldn’t you be able to face the roar of a dragon and its overpowering aura? But well, your skills are no good though” (Sofia)

Well, thank you. I don’t have a hobby of fighting dragons so that information is pointless for me though.

She is embracing me with all and arms so I am unable to move as I want. However, it seems I will be able to somehow release myself from this restrain. Even though she swings that kind of sword, her physical strength isn’t that much huh. How mysterious.

I am sorry but, I don’t want to stay in this incomprehensible situation where I lose my initiative. I will have my escape.

“Struggling, is dangerous you know?” (Sofia)

Her face comes closer to mine. Sofia’s voice is whispered in my ears.

“What?” (Makoto)

“Ah, you don’t understand what I am saying right. Well, I don’t intend to explain so this is convenient” (Sofia)


For some reason I couldn’t hear the last words of Sofia. I feel like she said something really low though.

Just, it feels like the wind has suddenly become stronger. Wind magic, maybe? But to use an attack magic in this glued state, not even she would go unscathed. Also, I have already prepared Sakai and defense magic.

I confirm the situation of my surroundings. Before I noticed, the characteristic scent of the battlefield had become dim and disappeared. The clouds were looking strange. For a while now the wind has been strong.

Anyways, escaping is highest priority!

I accumulate my strength. Eh? I feel something in my feet as well…

“!! There’s no need to hurry so much, I will release you!” (Sofia)

With Sofia’s words, my field of vision widens in a breath. The sensation of her body also disappeared in an instant. To substitute it, a strong wind crashes against my whole body powerfully.


Blue… the blue sky?!


I’m floating?! No, I’m falling!

“I am sorry but, I have sealed your wind abilities. If you fall at these height, even if it is you, you will die or receive a considerable damage. We will now leave it to nature and bid our sayonara here. Aaah, in the end I had to rely on his “foothold”. It will be troublesome to melt him huh” (Sofia)

Sofia’s figure was at my vicinity. She must be using some kind of magic to float. She is not falling.

Or more like, foothold? Lady, are you telling me you can walk down from here? Nonono, this is pretty high up in the skies you know?

The figure of her is steadily growing smaller. But her figure suddenly disappears.

“Bye bye, Raidou” (Sofia)

I once again hear her voice in my ear.

It’s Sofia. When I turn my face, she is certainly there. Don’t tell me, she can do instant movement? Depending on the situation, isn’t that even more cheat than me?!

Her figure disappears once again. With some sort of presentiment, I look below me. When I do so, I see a number of glowing things. That are the blades that Lancer creates, if I remember correctly. Now that I think about it, the ones floating in mid-air were not used to attack. Could it be, those were footholds? But how was Sofia able to…

I see the figure of her waving her hand. But it disappears again. What remains is one blade. Don’t tell me…?!

Sofia is able to change places with a blade to mobilize?! Is that fair?!

But there is originally no meaning in having Lancer set a blade so high up in the sky. I can only think of it being for the sake of “exchanging”.


More importantly, what should I do? This situation resembles that time with the damn bug so much.

At my dropping point there are glittering blades floating so it is even more brutal!

I am falling steadily. How long till I drop?! Is there some sort of custom in this world that says one has to throw a person from the sky when you can’t handle it?!

N, anyways…

I see.

Maybe it is because this is my second time. There was a part of me that was strangely calm. The tension that was clinging onto me all this time disappears as if it was a lie.

The one minute, was created huh.

Even so, I haven’t given my “thanks” to that Goddess bug. Tsukuyomi-sama, are you doing well?

I finish my aria. There is still time.

I spread out my Sakai and look below. Because of the clouds, I can’t confirm it with my naked eyes. From below, the demon’s march had restarted. It seems pretty far in the northeast, it looks like there is a war occurring.

The effect has been reduced to an ambiguous level where I only feel the presence, but I can slightly understand the situation. It seems they are trying to assault a fortress. It seems like there is no mistake, they are doing battle in a fortress-looking building. I can’t tell who is the one winning though. They haven’t attacked the fortress so the defending side is probably the one in the advantage. I was probably… right below here. At a place a bit disconnected from the battlefield.

That means, there were numerous battles taking place. Is it possible that there are multiple monsters that can surpass that Sofia roaming all over? I was a frog in the well huh. This has taught me the through importance of experience. Let’s properly prepare counter-measures if there is a next time. If I can’t use my magic power in real combat, then no matter how much magic power I have there is no point.

Even if I am able to think calmly in the situation, that was only because of my defense capabilities. If I can’t analyze the situation as fast as possible and move according to it, I am no different from a plank.

I feel anxious about my counter-measure turning pointless by some other troublesome happening. But even so, I can only believe that I will be rewarded by it someday.

And so…

Sofia should be directly below right? The broken sword is there and Lancer is also there after all.

Since I have the chance, let’s send them a gift.

I face below and extend my left hand. With the fingers I have left and the dark red blood that has coagulated and turned hard. The whole arm has already turned purple and because of the blood obstruction, I can barely feel it anymore. It is quite the bad state. How dare you do such a thing.

My right hand goes into my pocket. Since I have the leeway, let’s take off my clothes too. I wanted to throw them my magic at full-power, but if I do so I wouldn’t be able to escape from this mid-air situation. The strong wind that is hitting my body makes even stabilizing my stance hard.

When I feel the rings with my right hand, the corner of my lips naturally lift. The tension was controlling me and I couldn’t concentrate well, but it may be proof that I felt a gloom and ugly anger at this current situation. A clear anger that pushes me to yell and blow everything away.

I purposely pour magic power to the already saturated rings to an even farther step, to the point it was going to crack.

With Sakai I check all of Lancer’s blades at the landing point. Putting all of them in my sight, I release a brid. The moment it was fired from my left hand, it turns into dozens of small balls that headed to Lancer’s blades and probably what are Sofia’s footholds.

This one is probably stronger than the brid that surprised the two of them. Here I was able to concentrate without anyone getting in my way after all. I am in the middle of dropping though.

With this they are probably unable to come to where I am. While at it, some of them may have hit them.

Next, I take out the rings that caused a disaster in Asora and concentrate a formed brid onto it, expanding it even more.

Putting this much into it, even if I throw from here, it should gouge the ground and blow up.

I could tell that inside the six rings there was a spherical brid that was unsteadily swimming. Eat this, dragon killer and supreme dragon. This is my thanks for playing around with me however you wanted!

Those kind of things, you know, I am already filled with only the damn Goddess!

A dynamite ring brid that hasn’t turned into an arrow is grasped in my hand.

“Fools! There was no need to seal my wind element! I can’t even use it anyways~~!!” (Makoto)

Thanks to my altitude lowering quite a bit already, the amount of information I could obtain from Sakai had improved and I was able to feel the presence of the two. Saying words of regards that no one heard, I fired the brid. And at the same time, I create a mist gate in the space I was dropping to.

I accomplish my return to Asora. The moment I opened it, I had already calculated the ending as well, so the gate should be terminated instantly. I am glad it all went well.

If the clouds didn’t get in the way, I would have been able to see my ability in action. But if I were to activate it when I am below the clouds, there was the chance the brid ring that was in my hands would rampage. There is also the fear of someone seeing the mist gate. I had no choice.


I suddenly feel the anemic sensation I frequently felt when I was a child. My vision was steadily blacking out and my field of vision was narrowing. What a bad sensation.

The moment I thought this wasn’t good, it was too late.

I, who smelled the familiar scent of Asora, lost all of my tension at once and as my conscience went far away, I collapsed.

The dropping impact that I feared was not there, and taking its place was a warm sensation of something enveloping me.


Next Chapter is about the disaster brought upon by the brid ring.

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