Chapter 62: And so…

“Tomoe, when I came here, you were the first pact I made. But now that I think about it, the effects of the pact didn’t affect me that much” (Makoto)

“If I remember correctly, I said it wouldn’t be a bad trade” (Tomoe)

Is she playing the fool? Or does she really not remember that much?

“You guys, who have made a pact with me, lost your previous form and have increased your overall capacity, is what I am trying to say. Then, what about me?” (Makoto)

The moment I came here, I did a pact with a dragon of supreme existence that numbers in the single digits, a hated black spider that is considered a calamity and also a hyuman that turned into an undead (it clashes with my definition of one though), a lich.

Tsuki-sama assured me that my magic power is superior compared to the heroes.

The pacts didn’t affect my body negatively in any way. Only one thing that might be “like that” would be the experience I had when I used the mist gate that connected Tsige to Asora.

The influx of another person’s memories. I think that is the power of Tomoe.

Without saying anything else, I turn to the other followers that were waiting and continue speaking.

“Two days ago, I saw the memories of a person. There’s no doubt about it. Tomoe, do you know something about it?” (Makoto)

“Waka is a sinful person. I have a conclusion of sorts, do you want to hear it?” (Tomoe)

“Let me confirm. The ruling relationship, I know it changes the outward appearance and elevates the overall capabilities of the follower. But then, what does the ruler obtain? This is what I think, he obtains the special traits of his followers in its entirety” (Makoto)

I can’t explain it well. But if I am able to use Tomoe’s power, I probably can use Mio and Shiki’s power as well. I think it is impossible for a human to use the power of inhuman beings without any risks, so that price is naturally me obtaining the components of them, is what I think at least.

In short, the me right now has become something that is not human anymore, is what I am imagining but…

“Puh” (Tomoe)

“Why are you laughing Tomoe?” (Makoto)

Now you, not being human anymore, doesn’t that… have a strong impact? Honestly speaking, this is the most shocking thing since I have come to this world you know? More like, it is a case where it might become a betrayal from me you know?

If they told me, “losing your humanity, is it that big of a deal?” I would be shocked.

“Well you see, I thought that in these two days you overtook a mountain, but to think that you have made such a misunderstanding and strayed so much, I just accidentally… I am very sorry” (Tomoe)

“I originally threw away my own humanity so I can understand your sentiments, but being a human being must be a very important thing for Waka-sama. I will keep it in my heart” (Shiki)

Tomoe and Shiki take completely reverse reactions from what I expect. Mio looks like she hasn’t even understood the situation at all.

“That Waka could use my power is, well… presently, a coincidence. It should have originally appeared at a much later time after all. Waka was probably in a state where you couldn’t control your own emotions. It is embarrassing to say this, but I think that it is because a “connection” has been created between you and me” (Tomoe)


Uo! Mio’s eyes suddenly look dangerous. She is sitting. The glittering in her eyes is slowly disappearing. This is a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding okay?!

“An explanation! An explanation Tomoe! Quickly!” (Makoto)

“Hm? Oh, my wording must have been bad there. What I refer to with connection is well, the trust between us and the exchange of our emotions or something like that. By the way, for Waka, who is the ruler, to receive components from their followers is just impossible okay? That would make the relationship equivalent. We are followers, people that have pledged our loyalty. If Waka so wishes, you can even use our powers to do frauds. It is just that this powers should normally be used by only one existence. To use them you will have to get used to them first and in time you will slowly be able to use them when you gain consciousness of it. Just, there is an exception in this. Well, this exception is exactly what this case is about” (Tomoe)

The power of Tomoe and the others huh. Certainly, I haven’t felt those powers in my body even once before. The last time as well. Tomoe’s power just activated on its own without me feeling anything of the ability.


Mio’s behavior looks like it has done a questionable stop… Probably?

Did she decide to listen? Or has she come to some sort of conclusion? Please let it be the former one.

“In the case where the master is looking for a way to resolve an issue and there is a clear connection of belief between the master and follower; there is a chance that the power of the follower will manifest in a rampaged state inside the master. It can manifest just as it is or there might be a chance for the master to release it in its optimum capacity. It seems this time it was just as it is” (Tomoe)

There is no demerit, is what Tomoe added. It was a pretty harsh experience, but she is telling me that there was no demerit? Certainly, there was no consumption of magic power. It resembles the times when I use [Sakai]. There is no doubt that it uses my magic power as an intermediary though. That is the difference it has between [Sakai].

“Trust and rampage huh” (Makoto)

Does that mean I trust Tomoe to a certain level? Well, she is my first follower, the first one I made a pact with. I have approved of her in my heart. That may be the case.

Tomoe seems to be happy that I was able to manifest her power. That, honestly speaking, was incredibly unpleasant you know?! I can shake off my emotions when I can shake them off. Are you telling me that from now on there is a chance that this will activate numerous times?

When will I be able to control it consciously?

“Yeah, trust! Trust Waka. How nice, to see that you used my power first! With this, my position as the first follower will be cemented!” (Tomoe)

That part is important, is what Tomoe repeats again and again. Her face has a wholesome smile. Ah, Mio is…

“… Just by chance” (Mio)

“Hm? What is it Mio? I can’t hear you~” (Tomoe)

Tomoe, stop it.

“… This time it was just by chance that memories flowed inside him! Waka-sama is incredible, if there were a moment where he is on the verge of dying, he would have certainly activated my power and healed himself! It was just a coincidence, just by chance!! It’s just that-desu wa!” (Mio)

Don’t just go gravely injuring me! The [Sakai]’s healing doesn’t work on me you know?! I would die if I had received a grave injury like that! Ah, but if I were able to use the regeneration ability of Mio, it should be fine, right? But if it activates in an optimal state, there is a chance a different ability will be born…

This is a gamble I don’t want to do. I will make sure to have someone close that can heal me when I am injured.

“Yeah yeah, you are right-ja na, coincidence-ja na. It’s just like Mio says-ja” (Tomoe)

Face full of joy, is probably what you would call this. Mio’s one is, well… An Oni or a Hannya*. It seems that she is oozing with the drive of eating her and the mortification, but more than that, she seems to not like the attitude of Tomoe. She looked like she was almost on her way to the rape face after all. <TN: hannya>

If possible, this is the part where I want Shiki to come and stop them but… that’s impossible huh. There’s the fact that he is still a newcomer and he is pretty docile to his two senpais, or more like, he is being bullied by them. I just hope they are not doing anything bad to him.

“Fu… fufufu. You can’t even use your katana that well and you just make noise about stuff like Edo or samurai. Maybe the normal language doesn’t transmit on Tomoe-san anymore?” (Mio)

“… Hoh~. Mio, is the number two planning on picking a fight with the number one? I created a bond with Waka you know? Aren’t our status clearly on a different level?” (Tomoe)

Bond you say, that’s quite the exaggeration there.

“I-I also exchanged fists with Waka-sama at full power and have interchanged our blood, a blood bond-de ari masu!” (Mio)

Mio, that is different from a bond. By the way, you were just unilaterally sucking my blood.

“Ha… Even though you never had a chance of winning. That kind of experience, even I had one. A relationship where we agonized and fervently pierced each other! Being trampled one-sidedly, even Shiki can do that. To begin with, Mio is…”

I only attacked you with a [Brid] right?!

“We are not talking about the inflated Lich, Shiki. Carefreely saying things like bond and connections, you should learn modesty. To begin with, Tomoe is…” (Mio)

I-Inflated. How ruthless. Moreover, isn’t that something you made him do?

Hah~. They say this and that about when we met, and they say this and that about when I came to this world. In short, it ended up in the usual quarrel.

Even though the important thing I wanted to say came after… Things have gotten heated up, and it feels like it will go on for quite a while.

No choice. I should tell Shiki first… oh. Shiki seems to have received damage from the stray bullets they threw in that quarrel. He has the eyes of someone saying, “It is not like there is any worth in me anyways…”

This is something I personally think but, I feel like Lich has a lot of potential in him.

Well, for the time being…

I will shut-out the two noisy ones with [Sakai]. Umu, this is convenient.

“Let’s leave aside those two. Shiki, I have decided on which direction I should take” (Makoto)

“Uh. Is it okay for me to be the first one hearing it?” (Shiki)

H-He is so negative.

“Yeah, for me, Tomoe, Mio and Shiki; are all precious comrades and family” (Makoto)

“…” (Shiki)

Shiki looks as if he heard something unexpected. His eyes were opened wide. It is a word that is very far from the concept of our pact after all, so I can’t blame him for that. We are being tied by the ruling pact after all.

Geez, even though his appearance is that of a cool, tall and intelligent one, his eyes tell me of his lack of confidence. This is just too unbalanced.

“Depending on what happens after I return to Tsige, I will be preparing myself to head to Academy Town a few days after. I will tell you in detail about the company at a later time. I have taken an interest in the way of learning of the hyumans. I will ask everyone to take care of things regarding Tsige” (Makoto)

“Are you planning on going there alone?” (Shiki)

“No, I will be going with Shiki. Two men, let’s go calmly” (Makoto)

“W-With me?! No no, shouldn’t you go with Tomoe-dono or Mio-dono?! More like, if such a thing happens… I don’t have the confidence of remaining with all of my limbs” (Shiki)

Just how much did they threaten you Shiki?

The Shiki that is altered and panicked is funny, but he is definitely not joking around. Those two… there is a need to train them in the ways of treating a junior. Let’s put their tails between their legs in two days.

“We will be meeting at Asora anyways. Then it would be more efficient if I and Tomoe act independently. Tomoe and I are the only ones that can open the gate after all. Also, Tomoe’s modus operandi is that of making problems and then entering a reflection time. Shiki, you look like you were a researcher, so I feel like you can get into the trends and create counter-measures. Moreover, you were a hyuman, so I feel like you have more common sense than them” (Makoto)

When I enter the half of what I was saying, I lower my tone.

It was also like that when I fought with Mio. With the Forest Ogres as well.

Moreover, both Tomoe and Mio destroyed a whole base.

“It looks like Waka-sama is going through a lot huh” (Shiki)

“Well, yeah. You also have to prepare yourself Shiki, the future will be tough” (Makoto)


“In the end, I want you to be able to stop those two’s quarrel in one blow” (Makoto)

It is already in a level where one can’t tell if they are actually communicating. Neither of them have raised their hands. Maybe there is a rule where the first one that attacks loses? Well, there won’t be anyone injured so it is good.

“… Waka-sama, undead can die too you know?” (Shiki)

‘Oi you, what are you saying?’ is what Lich’s eyes told me with a serious face.

“You have healing magic so you should be fine right?” (Makoto)

“I will be rained with a combo of million bullets and get overkilled. There is no point in healing. I can’t do it. Impossible. I will die” (Shiki)

Shiki appeals to me with tearful eyes. If he received so much damage with just a stray bullet, it will be hard for him to oppose them huh.

“But I plan on having Shiki tell them about the individual mobilization though” (Makoto)

“??!!” (Shiki)

“I want those two to head north of Tsige, in the direction of the sea. There is no doubt that Tomoe will begin talking about marine products or whatever in a not so distant future anyways. Thinking about the kidnappings of the adventurers in the wasteland and the connection between the Rembrandt Company, I feel like having Tomoe in the outskirts of Tsige is more convenient” (Makoto)

She is unexpectedly good at negotiations even with how she is after all. She is a skillful one, much like a general that has all A’s in her abilities.

“I-Isn’t it fine to bring Mio with us?” (Shiki)

“Mio huh. If I had to say, I really do want to bring her with me. But I thought that having only Tomoe carry all those jobs is way too pitiful. We will be able to see each other weekly, so in this case, I want her to learn to be far from me” (Makoto)

Shiki, why are you making a face like it is the end of the world? I don’t think that Mio will be able to do everything skillfully like Tomoe, but I want her to learn and be able to do a lot of things.

“Wa-Waka-sama” (Shiki)

“Ah, also, no calling me Waka-sama when we arrive at Academy Town. Call me Raidou please” (Makoto)

“Please… is it really true that I will be telling them all this?” (Shiki)

“Of course. I have to go to Tsige now and talk with Rembrandt-san. We went through all the trouble of having him lend us an area after all, to suddenly have the master disappear, that’s just too impolite. I want to at least do my greetings properly” (Makoto)

“To think that this is the first thing I will do with this new life I was given… I may not be able to return from this…” (Shiki)

I decide on ignoring his monologue. Now that I remember, Lich said something about him being a high-undead that has an element close to that of spirits. Like darkness, fire; he has control of numerous elements or so I think he said.

I can’t imagine it though. In the spirit part as well. It is totally outside the definition I have. The only thing I got right about him, seems to be the part that if his magic power dries up, he would disappear completely.

“Then, I am counting on you. I will be going now” (Makoto)


And so…

I decided on heading to Academy Town.

I also had the objective of beginning to seriously mobilize my company. I also think that there is a chance to find information about my parents in a place where knowledge gathers.

But my true objective is different.

What triggered me to do this as soon as possible, were the memories of the woman I killed.

This world is being managed by that Goddess, so I thought that it was obvious this world is strange. But now, that pretext just won’t suffice anymore. I want to know. About this world, about the hyumans, the religious view they take on the Goddess, their teachings, the demi-humans, the demon race, Graunts, about the other worlds.

That’s why, even in this state where the business I have in Asora and Tsige are incomplete, I still decided to depart.

Luckily, or more like strangely, Rembrandt-san had his eyes wide open and a face of surprise but he almost immediately supported my decision. Even though I went to his residence with the intention of learning a lot from my great senpai. This was something I would normally never do, but it ended pretty anti-climatically.

I feel like they have prepared some sort of trap, but I don’t think that I can get the information out of an experienced person like him or his butler. And the search and examination [Sakai] can’t read minds, so it is pointless.

For some reason, he even readied application related documents for Academy Town, they must have some kind of plan of their own somewhere. Even if I have experience in killing someone, I still believe in them to a certain extent. Because I saw his face when his family had fallen ill from the curse disease. I think that these people are different.

Receiving the documents of Academy Town from Rembrandt-san and his recommendation note, I lowered my head. I didn’t think he would even write a recommendation. I thought he was only an influential merchant in the remote Tsige, but he may be someone more important than I thought.

With my feelings of gratitude included, I finally take off my mask in front of the two of them. It’s something I was already prepared for. It was something I put on myself because of the circumstances anyways.

Their first time seeing my face, as expected, it must enter in the category of pretty badly molded in their perspective, they looked at me with pitiful eyes. But I could only smile wryly at this. Because for me, all of you are the weird ones.

They told me that “People will get used to it in time so don’t worry” and other plain cruel things as well. Even so, it may be because his resistance had already increased when his family changed their appearance, Rembrandt-san interacted with me in a pretty normal fashion.

In the end, he didn’t let me meet his wife and daughter, but it still progressed smoothly.

I was able to leave the Rembrandt residence with peace of mind. I really have to give my thanks to him. In time, I should put priority in him when I plan on circulating Asora’s articles for real.

Only thing left now is Asora. Or more like, Tomoe and Mio.

After I left, it seems that Shiki told them and, as expected (Sorry Shiki), it became quite rough.

Shiki turned pretty groggy. It was to the point that I felt like his body was transparent and I could see something coming out from his mouth.

The things that I have drawn closer to, the things I have been thinking and what I want; I talk about those in an orderly and through manner. The two of them seemed to be a bit reluctant but accepted in the end. The envious gazes that were send to Shiki every now and then were something that, well, couldn’t be helped.

It wasn’t a farewell gift or anything, but I decided to give them a task. It’s something they have asked before, but since I didn’t know the answer at that time, I had postponed it until now.

It may not be the correct answer, but I still told them my thoughts about it.

For Tomoe, it’s about the katana. Or more like, about the art of the sword. Of course, I am an amateur in this area. If it’s about Iai, I have a little experience from the time a friend taught me, but it’s not in a practical level. To be honest, it was at a level where my left hand couldn’t even handle the strain, a complete amateur. I haven’t cut a straw post before either.

Even so, I tried to look up that kind of information in my head and I was able to remember one of the basics in the sword art. It’s something really unexpected for me. Tomoe says that she will be using the katana in the future, so this should serve as reference.

I talk about the grip. A grip used when wielding a Katana, or so it seems. I was told that without training in this properly, all of the movements you do with the sword will not be practical. It seemed to be a tradition of sorts, but there is actually a hidden meaning behind it, is the only thing I was told, so I feel a bit apologetic to Tomoe. That’s why one should train in the grip first. Try something that is longer and heavier than the one you use, is what I recommended her.

When I find the opportunity, I should look at my own memories to confirm once more the training and my sensei’s words. Taking out the parts where I am told “no talent” and “thrash”, just how much will be left I wonder?

For Mio, it’s about black magic. This girl wanted to ask a lot about guns, but it seems that she understood the sentiments I have about them, so she is trying to reproduce them with black magic without asking me questions about it. Just how much do you love guns?

But for Mio, who could reproduce a small bullet in a short amount of time, was being troubled by the lack of piercing power. I also thought that with that shape it would pierce if it were shot with high speed, so I was troubled when she asked me for advice. With its shape it looked like it could go through, but the darkness element is originally used for direct attacks so it is more suited for impacts. I don’t know any detailed information of it yet.

I don’t know much about guns in my previous world. I have read mangas with pretty well made settings, but the parts that I skimmed through were so many that I am all question marks. In the end, I resolved it with the words of sensei and its appearance. I think this advice is sounder than Tomoe’s one.

That is the rotation. If I remember correctly, when the bullet passes through the gun barrel, it gives it rotation, accuracy, piercing ability, and raw power. Sensei told me the theory of it in detail, but honestly, I only liked the bow and it wasn’t like I was interested in the gun that is a long ranged weapon as well, so I just let it pass from one ear to the other.

Well, it must be like a drill or something. I don’t know why the accuracy would increase from that and I don’t think there is a need to know. The bow is the same after all.

That’s why I tried teaching Mio about rotation.

Let’s leave aside if this is actually worthy of calling it a task. The two of them seemed to be happy so that’s good.

I also told them about the fact that I view them like family, and I don’t know if they want to, but I want to give them the family name Misumi. Right now they are only Tomoe, Mio and Shiki after all.

But I didn’t know how to say it. And it was incredibly embarrassing, so in the end, I couldn’t say it. I am thoroughly useless huh.

“Father, mother. I still don’t know anything about both of you, but I plan on moving at my own pace. That’s fine right?” (Makoto)

On a deserted hill at Asora, I do a monologue. Were there changes in Asora when I made the pact with Shiki? I feel like numerous hills and mountains have been created. As usual, they are all in faraway places so it’s fine, but if they were close, it would have been an earthquake.

I was on top of one of them. In a place pretty far away from town, I came alone. The evening sky of Asora is red. It’s the time when the cold descends as if coming down from the sky. I was sitting and my butt was beginning to get cold.

In my left hand, I had my parent’s portrait. The size of the paper was around A5, probably. I don’t know the exact size of it. My mom and dad were drawn in different papers. The drawing I asked Rinon to make was now completed.

There wasn’t anyone in Asora that could draw well after all. I don’t know what to think about her being the best one drawing. Though, I didn’t want to ask a kid to draw me a portrait.


There is one other thing I remembered. No, it is more like, faced.

On my right hand that was facing upwards there was an image floating like a hologram. A single picture that is in my memories.

In there, one could see the gentle expressions of everyone. In a place where there are no fights for your life, where there was practically no scent of danger.

A picture of a gathering with the archery club members.

In that group, there is one person in the central part, I look at one of the higher ups.

“… I am sorry for disappearing after running away. I… finally killed a person. I cried, but it wasn’t because I was sad. And then, I remembered the two of you so clearly…” (Makoto)

The words that didn’t stop, poured out from my mouth.

The first thing I thought of was my family, then the bow, and after putting everything else aside as if it was okay to do so, I came to this world. Now that I think about it, there were a lot of regrets still left in that world.

About the two girls… there is no way leaving it like that is fine.

“Everything I do is so half-assed. Remembering, forgetting. It makes me understand that I am truly the worst” (Makoto)

If I were able to dedicate my all to one thing, if I were able to advance while dedicating myself to the bow alone, just how comfortable would that be. I, who was uncertain the more I moved forward, thought that, as expected, I was a mere average person that could only use the bow.

“Hey, Higashi, Hasegawa. Even with that, I thought of trying my best. I will at least, for the two of you that grew to like me, will try my best to not become a man that would disillusion you. That’s why, if I am able to return someday, if possible…” (Makoto)

Even so, I killed a person. In the future it will be impossible not to kill anyone else.

If possible…

The words after that… I couldn’t say them.

To understand.

Right now, I should begin from that.

What I should do, I will decide after accomplishing this. Until then, like I would care for the war between the demon race and the hyumans. There is no need to decide everything now. Is it the Goddess, or the hyumans, demons, or demi-humans?

I sink my head as if crouching, and harden my resolve of departing.

Academy Town, Rotsgard. From the map I saw, it is close to the central part of the continent. A land that surpasses the scope of a small country. From what I heard in Tsige that is at the southwest part, even though it is a town that is focused on research and studies, it is also at a place close to the war between the demon race.

That is the place I will be heading to next.

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