Chapter 52: Walking with your eyes closed is dangerous


There seems to be issues with the word Ogre, I know, the image of an ogre inside our minds is way too different from how they are described. The other way would be leaving it as Onis, but that is practically the same as saying Ogre since I see Onis as muscular as well.

I could also call them demons, but since the demon race already exists and they are a completely different race… Calling them forest demons might be changing the context a bit too much.

“I am Akua”


The two of them had sports drinks.

It’s been a long time since I have drunk any. To drink after club activities was the best.

There were a lot of things I wanted to *tsukkomi* about. Even the name of forest ogre A and B were interesting. <retort>

Being released from the forest ogres’ elders, I was treated as a guest and given a room. They gave me a pretty good room and even did a welcoming party. For now, it seems that we have a good relation.

On top of abridging the story quite a bit, I even mixed in some lies. I feel a bit bad about it, but I can’t tell them that I punched Shen or that we destroyed the whole base, so I had no choice. Yeah, no choice at all.

The girls that showed me the way, for some reason, introduced themselves and aren’t showing any signs of leaving the room. There’s no problems in leaving already though. More like, I want you to get out.

For four people to be in one room and I am the only man? That’s a no no.

… Because I feel like it would be tiring to keep them company.

I have already confirmed that they are people who don’t hear others’ talks. Wasn’t it fine to hear what I had to say for even a second?

The way Akua-san uses the bow is in the rough side and she looks like the type that would make a move at any time.

The mysterious girl that uses a short cane, Eris-san. She gives out the aura of a crazy person.

This time, the Maid Ane-sama search is a total fail. Well, their outward appearance is kind of exotic, so it’s fine. Akua-san’s high school height compared to the grade school height of Eris-san. It’s a perfectly uneven combination, is what I would have thought.

Sadly, I feel like any of those two would exhaust my spirit extremely, so I want to limit our association to this village only. I already have enough trick star girls over here.

And there is also the issue of my magic power enlargement, I am having a hard time looking for a partner to do a pact with. The previous two are quite tough, so there are no companions who I can lightheartedly say that’s the one.

I could also contract anyone just for the sake of confirming the hypothesis of Tomoe though.

Well, if it’s just about migrating, the pact talk has nothing to do with these two.

They told me they are the forest’s managers, in short, it means that they are a forestry race. In terms of race, they are useful but… I am not sure yet.

“That’s right. Akua-san and Eris-san right? Thank you for showing me the way, its fine to go now” (Mio)

It’s scary how Mio just said it because she felt like it.

Anyways, after looking at my memories, it ended up in her saying “I want to go to Waka-sama’s country”. Isn’t it more normal to call it another world? Or maybe it’s because there wasn’t enough immersion? She didn’t see all of my memories like Tomoe, so maybe she didn’t arrive to the point of calling it a world transportation.

Even guns appear in the thing that Mio likes. I thought I had understood this world, but there shouldn’t be a concept of guns in it. <TN: really? Wasn’t that elf a “gunner”?>

It’s something obvious, but in this world there is no such invention as guns. Well, there is a chance that a weapon which uses magic similarly to appear though. That’s how deep magic runs in this world. Moreover, most of the people are able to use magic power, so the blessing of magic can be done by anyone.

There is no soil born weapon that does not pass through magic power at all.

The usage of it is also low after all.

Using games as an example, in this world the weak attacks won’t even do 1 damage. No matter what weak attack you do, an attack of 1 damage will not appear. Moreover, there is no critical hit that would ignore defense.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that once you reach a certain amount of defense power, the magic attacks that don’t work on you will technically be nullified. The weapons possess their own magic power, but the bullets that are separated from this principle also fall in this example.

The bow and arrows that are in your hands for a short period of time are inferior to swords and lances, but there seems to be magic imbued in them as well.

Even if you throw an iron ball on a low ranked dragon, it wouldn’t hurt it at all. But a level 150 that is specialized in close combat, if he were to attack, even with a sword made of iron the scales would tear. By law, the attack power of an iron ball should be higher.

Obviously, for a metal that is not suited for magic power flow will have its attack power limited, so to attack a superior dragon with an iron weapon would be pushing it. It’s an example, just an example.

That’s why, guns would only become weapons to kill weak opponents.

Well, there’s not even the concept of it. The two other heroes should not be idiots, so they would not talk about the concept of guns. It would only make the chances of a massacre occurring in war a lot higher after all.

In this world, it wouldn’t reach the point of gunpowder and disappear without even developing. The things that gunpowder can do, can mostly be done by magic as well.

“No, we want to hear the future plans of our guest”

“Keep us company”

How irritating. Hah~, I feel like getting angry.

“Unfortunately, Waka-sama and I are busy-desu. I want you to retire-desu” (Mio)

Mio, nice. I can only smell nuisance from this.

“We only want to present you our teacher though”

“Shouldn’t you accompany us as compensation of breaking our weapons?”

Their teacher huh… Yeah, I definitely don’t want to meet him/her. If it’s a character related to them, my stomach wouldn’t hold. A person that doesn’t listen to others’ talks, an active and offensive type of crazy. My will to meet him/her is as low as if I were to meet Mio before the pact.

“I am sorry, but I am tired after having to fight with you guys, you see. We already took a meal as well, we want to rest. Elder-san also lend us a room for that reason after all” (Makoto)

‘As an apology for those two’s rudeness, we are preparing a banquet, so please rest’, is what they told me and lend me a room. Or more like, they pushed it onto me.

Do they have something to ask me at the time of the banquet? I don’t know what sort of banquet they will be doing, but since we are also able to participate, it could be a festival of sorts.

We came at a good time. Lucky.

“Tired? You? Don’t make me laugh”

“It’s child’s play so come come”

As expected, these two are hard to handle. I don’t want to keep them company. But this exchange, there is a person who has a boiling point lower than mine so, what should I do? It would hurt for mumbling Mio to come out again. I have already received treatment, but I don’t want to shed blood again.

“Excuse me”

While I was groping for a method to refuse the forceful invitation of the forest ogres that were at the room’s entrance, I heard the voice of a new person.

A clear and yet calming low tone sound. Sexy guys should die.

When I search for the owner of that voice, behind AB, there was a young man with an abnormally white skin. The forest ogres’ elders were also young looking, so I don’t know if he is really a young man though.

Aside from his skin color, his other body characteristics were the same as the other people in the village, but… what is it? There is something that bothers me. There is a discomfort in me. Is he using a magic of some sort?

Above all, I didn’t like that he appeared while erasing his presence.

“And you are?” (Makoto)

I take the initiative to ask the man who walked through the way that AB opened. The position of him may be even higher than those two, there was no complain from them. However, the presence of him wasn’t that gentle. Close to animosity, it could be called disregard.

“I apologize for the constant discourtesy. My name is Adonou. A relative of one of the elders, saying it bluntly, I am a son. *In terms of workplace, I am one who is in the middle of returning from his workplace”

“Thank you for your kind introduction. My name is Raidou. This is my companion, Mio. It is very kind for the relative of an elder to come all the way here so late. I am sorry for the rudeness but, Adonou-sama doesn’t feel well somewhere? If it is fine with you, I can provide you a medication that can serve as nourishment” (Makoto)

Courteous and kind. But behaving as a merchant. As long as I don’t know the objective of the other side, instead of being a member of Asora, I thought it would be better to act as a merchant that coincidentally arrived at the village. I am getting tired of having them come one after the other though.

My act can be hidden by my young age and the lack of experience. Even with a mask hiding my face, I still look young after all. If I take off my mask, I will have to put the mask of a merchant. I will most likely be looked down upon.

“Eh? Ah, you must be referring to the color of my skin. I had this color since birth, so the state of my body is perfect. I see, a merchant huh. That is what my father said as well. I heard that you were skilled, so I totally thought that you were an adventurer when I spoke to you, hahaha”

“I am also registered as an adventurer, but that is just for appearance’s sake. I am a rookie merchant. I have also recently opened my company. It’s called Kuzunoha Company. Glad to meet you” (Makoto)

“If we talk about a human being town that has a merchant guild, it can’t be the base. *Are you staying in Tsige*?” <ツィーゲからいらしたのですか>

What is up with this guy? In regards to that, I should have already told everything at the round table assembly. How troublesome.

“Yeah, that’s right. I came from Tsige” (Makoto)

Could he be searching for lies with magic? I still don’t know the identity of this rough feeling, and I don’t like the fake-looking smile he has. I may also be making a fake-looking face though.

Damn it, with just Mio staying silent I am having a bad feeling, and yet…

“I see I see. It seems that it was only a needless anxiety of mine. Excuse me, by evening the banquet’s preparations will be done. I have some business to attend to, so I will not be able to participate, but please do enjoy it”

After the man Adonou bowed lightly, he put on his shoes and walked into the corridor. There was no sound of footsteps.

“Adonou-dono, in the past he wasn’t that eerie”

“Adonou is weird”

“Uhm, can’t you disappear now? We have things to do” (Mio)

Mio seems to be annoyed, she send sharp words to the Akua-Eris combi. If these guys are here, we are unable to go to Asora, so my feelings are the same.

I want to be alone for a while though.

“As expected, we will have you meet *shishou*” <master>

“Its fine, it will only hurt the first time”

These fellows, do they not know how to read others’ feelings? Seriously, they should…



Leaving Mio on watch of AB, I react to the sound behind me.

The sound of destruction.

Or more like, the wooden walls of the room have been destroyed. There were no windows so it serves as ventilation, wait, that’s not it.

Was it bad to not use [Sakai] because they were so troublesome? I didn’t notice it.

“Yo! Are you guys the guests?!”

One ‘demonic person that doesn’t hear others’ talks, an active and offensive type of crazy’ has appeared.

The teacher and students are a group of useless kids huh.

I don’t know how, but I am sure of it. This one is their Shishou.

“I heard that you treated Akua and Eris as kids? That’s quite impressive, hey, the Nii-chan over there, handshake! Let’s do a handshake!”


See? The two’s reaction is on point. However, when he said handshake, the two’s tension appeared. Don’t tell me he has incredible grip power?! Will I go ‘ouch ouch ouch’?!

Well, if it’s just a handshake, I can tolerate it.

Now that I have met him, this type of perverted person won’t back down. Let’s just finish this quickly and have them leave.

Because, you know, destroying a room’s wall in order to barge in and say ‘Yo’, that’s just no good. I am sure that Mio will end up showing her rape face again.

*Mugi <sound of hand gripping>

Uh, eh? I am not going ‘ouch ouch ouch’.

*Mugi~ mugyu

*Moshimoshi*, this is gross old man. <Hello~>

I have my hand gripped by a man with a scary serious face and swept back hair.

… Ah! Don’t tell me, does he swing THAT way?! No good, I demand evasive maneuvers! This is a situation that surpasses intellectual inquisitiveness!



C-Chills are…!

“Wah, can you please release my hand?” (Makoto)

I was already not putting any strength from my side. Because of the fear, my strength is draining.

“This is quite…”


AB and Mio gulped. An extremely strange air was beginning to permeate our surroundings.

“It’s been a long time, how nice”



“I’m telling you to let go, eh, buchi?” (Makoto)

“Divine punishment!!!!!”

I was already reaching the limits of my patience. The moment I was about to do a karate chop on the guy that was doing a handshake…

I seem to have heard the sound of a vein popping and a gale began to dance in the surroundings, the pervert’s figure dissapeared.


At my left side I could see an agitated Mio, her shoulders going up and down from her breathing.

So she was the one that said divine punishment huh. She is holding her folding fan in one hand.

Ah! So she blew away the pervert with that! That I can’t see his figure is because he must have exited the room from the wall he himself destroyed. Flying.

Is he alive? No, he is alive. Those kind of types won’t easily go down.


AB analyzed the situation slower than me, letting out their voices once more, they left on the same wall and followed the traces of their Shishou.

“I…” (Mio)

“I?” (Makoto)

“Not even I have been so close to Waka-sama like that and yet! That scoundrel! 32 seconds with Waka-sama!” (Mio)


You are also scary enough!

A suspicious muscular homo and a hungry and vigorous yandere huh.

What dreadful choices. If this were an *eroge* and it were the hot topic in society, I still have confidence I would not put a hand on it. <Erotic dating games>

For now, I didn’t want to think about anything.

I will go sleep obediently until the banquet. To recover my sanity, sleep is necessary. I don’t have confidence in having a sound sleep though.

~ ??? ~

What a hard to understand existence have I encountered.

He is suspicious of me. I’m probably not wrong.

It’s been a while since I entered this rare race, but it’s the first time I have seen such an existence.

Neither of them are mere hyumans.

If they are the existences I have been looking for… Well, I don’t think such a thing is possible though.

Then, without minding anyone, I will move. To reach my long-cherished desire is my utmost priority.

The possibility of this interesting power to not work has appeared. So I have to take care of them with my real body huh.

What should I do about communication?

It wouldn’t be fun if there’s a hindrance. It’s decided.

That’s right.

… There’s no need. That woman was originally just in an equivalent cooperation with me. No, it could be said that I was using her.

No matter what the truth is, I have taken an interest in those fellows. I want them as experiment material.

I have already understood the ability of the forest ogres, so there is no need for me to stay here anymore. In the end, it was something I didn’t need.

After so long, I might have arrived at an existence that might give me a clue of ‘that’.

At the banquet.

I will receive it without delay.

The masked boy and the black woman.

That you have met me was your misfortune.

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