Chapter 51: At the Forest Ogres’ village

The village of the Forest Ogres was in a different place from where the ambrosias grow.

They were truly good willed, or more like, because of their own feeling of responsibility, they have been dispatching people regularly to protect the ambrosia.

They are in a place pretty close to Tsige, but it seems that there hasn’t been a case where they have taken the initiative to fight the hyumans. It seems that if you don’t get extremely close, it wouldn’t become a fight.

Even if it becomes a fight, they wouldn’t be able to see their figures and would be chased away or wiped out. That’s why their existence is not known by the people of Tsige.

Well, because the barrier has been weakened lately, the moments that they have to fight have increased though. If you are able to repel every one of them, isn’t it fine if it stays this way?

It’s plausible to believe that the people who have disappeared are mostly because they have been hunted down by them.

The other part was attacked by different mamonos, but the result is the same anyways.

What is that? So scary. Are forest Ogres a rare race? Moreover, to not have their existence known, from what assassin organization do they come from?

I was able to take sit in a place of the village with Mio in order to begin convincing them.

That’s right, leaving aside the special AB people that attacked us, their top were people that are unexpectedly reasonable.

Well, when we arrived at the village with the two of them guiding us, it was expected that they would give us gazes as if we were enemies, no helping that. They were clearly tied up and made powerless after all.

There was one thing that I wanted to ask for a while now. I frankly asked them if they were an existence called dark elf, but they flatly told me that was wrong. Brown skin, red eyes, calming white hair. Even though their ears were short, I thought they were elf, they have slender bodies after all. There’s no helping that I thought there could be a short ear type too.

That they are able to dress so well even though they are not those high elves, I can’t underestimate them. If I have a chance at a later time, I should give them a blue skin armor as present*. <TN: another reference to Record of Lodoss?>

“Dark elves don’t carry the will to protect the forest in their character. Even though they are elves who live in the forest, they request the power of the spirits from the forest and coexist with them. I have heard there are some that live in lakes, the sea or even mountains”

The forest Ogres’ elder answered me.

Then, does that mean the dark elves are people that live secluded in caves? More than calling them dark, they would be holed-up elves? It’s a name that blows away the cool image I have of them.

“… Dark elf refers to the race that pursuit black magic by forsaking the divine protection of spirits-desu wa” (Mio)

An explanation comes from an unexpected person.

Heh~, it may be the first time that Mio has taught me something.

I thought that there would be a connection with Mio because they were dark elves, but if they pursuit black magic, the expectations grow dimmer.

“We, the forest Ogres, are people that protect the forest. People that protect the forest without minding the spirits and receive its blessing. Protecting the forest, we are also called forest-forest*. I don’t know why you know the specific name of our race, forest Ogres” <TN: A pun which is read as forestforest, but is read as a zestful person>

Saying that he doesn’t know, the other elder-san was clearly asking me the reason I knew about it. However, protecting the forest huh. It’s a serious relieve that a golem of the strongest swordsman wasn’t set loose*. If that were to happen, I would most likely be dead by now. <TN: references, references that I don’t know everywhere!>

Is it okay to tell them Tomoe was the one who told me? I don’t know why she knows, but it can be answered next time when I bring Tomoe here. It’s okay for me to not think about it.

“Do you know of the superior Dragon Shen? I have a connection with her, and I heard about your existence from her” (Makoto)


It seems that he knows the name of Shen. Unrest and surprise could be felt in the atmosphere around the round table. I already said it so it’s too late but, is it okay to use the name of Shen?

“Certainly, if it’s Lord Shen, it wouldn’t be strange for you to know our name. In this wasteland, the races that are not receiving the protection of the spirits will, one way or another, receive favor from that person. But the place where that great person resides is far off in the southwest. It’s not a place that a hyuman like you could reach. Even from the hyuman settlement called Zenno, the distance is close to one month”

Lord Shen? I feel trouble.

“Yeah well, it will get long if I talk about it” (Makoto)

More like, it’s a drag. Can’t we just omit it? However, I have an interest in that favor of Tomoe. Maybe it’s because they have lived for a super long time, I still don’t know the full past of my two followers.

Just hearing it out would probably take several days, so it should be fine to ask them in a suitable time.

“We have quite a lot of time”

Maybe there is a turn system when the elders speak. For a while now, a different person has been speaking at each turn.

As expected, there is no choice but to talk huh. Maybe I should talk about Mio as well. Taking out the part about calamity.

At this area, Mio is an outbreak class calamity after all. An existence that no matter how many times you repel, it would still appear somewhere else in the world. A vampire that is treated as a phenomenon.

I feel like lately, instead of human beings, I have been telling my circumstances to inhuman beings a lot more. Now that I think about it, I don’t have a hyuman that I frankly tell my situation to. I haven’t talked with Rembrandt-san about anything but business.

This is only the case if the family of mom and dad still exist, if I still have family members in this world, in time, I will probably be able to make a person that I can believe from the bottom of my heart.

“Then…” (Makoto)

While summarizing, I talk about my interaction with the orcs, the destruction of Zenno by the outbreak of monsters, the difficulties I had with Shen.

At this rate, I will have to stay for a night here.


~ Tomoe ~

Well well, this is what they call ‘bean mochi from the rack*’. <棚からぼた餅> <TN: receiving unexpected good luck>

Since the time I was forbidden to look at Waka’s memories, for the sake of my own ambitions, I have tried very hard and I was finally allowed to see his memories.

When the ban for the period drama was lifted, I thought that I would be able to learn about the history of Waka’s world as well, but it seems that the permission I got was only about ‘TV programs’.

I was still prohibited from them.

If it’s like this, even though I went through the trouble of getting the permission to look at memories that are ‘not prohibited’ there is no point.

It’s not limited to hyumans, living beings that possess intelligence also. ‘I will permit things that I give the okay to’ and ‘I permit things that I haven’t forbidden you’ are two completely different things.

In Waka’s world there was a certain terminology, lis-something that is a cross-wise writing. Well, it holds no relation to me though.

Anyways, from the former and the latter, the latter has a lot more freedom. I tried to make Waka give me permission saying that.

Katana and rice fields, with just history dramas I am unable to grasp a lot of points like their history and techniques.

At the time when Waka said he would give it some thought, I could tell that he was kind of merry.

Mio had dangerous lightless eyes, three hyumans that I didn’t know about were running around, it was a really amusing situation, but I had some recollections of those two that were attacking.

If I remember correctly… they were there when I was about to sleep, they looked like the guys I made a barrier for, after their own had broken.

I think the name was… forest ogre, yeah, forest ogre-ja.

It’s because they are in such an isolated place in the world that they turned into a rare race, no, it’s better to call it ancient.

Living in a forest and still acting separate of the spirits, they are one of the past elf ancestors.

Opposing the same race that chose to assimilate completely with the forest, they themselves decided to forsake the ability to speak with the plants.

Although, it is a pretty old story. From my point of view, that’s how it was. They themselves were already losing their own roots. It is possible that they are already being thought of as a completely different race from the elves.

Not understanding the elves at all, they may be an existence that understands them less than even dark elves.

However, it may be possible for Waka to understand them. Their way of living is the same as the lumberjacks from immemorial times that Waka talks about. In the present days, it is the same as forestry.

In that case.

They may make an interesting proposition.

We are in a state of affairs where we still have a pile of things to do, but if it’s an amusing situation the story is different. The present direction has been decided, the thing that has to be done is already being done after all.

Swordsmith clips and the katana’s structure has been explained in numerous occasions to the eldwa (it’s an abbreviation to the dwarfs name I myself made, it is truly an easy way to call them). All are participating except for the ones in charge of Mio and Waka’s equipment.

Regarding the rice plant, I have found some that look like pure breed. Waka’s world, the staple food in Waka’s country. I thought there wouldn’t be any in his own world, but there actually was!

These are already being processed to increase their quality by Ema and the highland orcs. It is because we have magic that we are continuing our experiments to make the cycles shorter.

Accelerating the growth and establishing a stable environment. I haven’t heard about such magic before, but it was a new concept that Waka proposed so we were able to implement it.

He probably thought he didn’t make such a groundbreaking proposal. On our side, seeing the lizards and orcs that were listening to the talk with their eyes wide open, made me smile wryly. Just how in the world did he connect the alchemy’s medicine process with this? I can’t follow his thought process.

We were surprised by his abnormal suggestion, but Waka seems to have taken it as shock.

… Because, in reality, that was close to controlling time after all. Of course we would be surprised. Time attribute magic is in the realm of Gods, but by knowing the living beings’ structure and the way it works, we were able to create a result that is a lot easier to do without forcing ourselves.

Unbelievable. Science is a splendid, and also, an extremely dangerous thought process. It is probably not good to fuse both magic and science, is what Waka said, and I felt empathy and fear hearing those words of his.

Just like Mio, if it’s the desire of Waka, I don’t care about the worlds’ wishes, so I may not have the qualifications to dispute that kind of thinking.

Because, right now, we are thinking about doing such a dangerous thing in this world after all.

The awakening of the ability that the forest ogres have forgotten.

The Goddess and the fairies will surely be surprised. In the times when the forest ogres were aware of this power, they had to practice self-restraint.

However, what would happen if it is now when they are an existence that has survived the wasteland and have a long history behind? They are separated from the spirits, of course, they don’t have faith in the Goddess either.

That’s right-ja. If our wills are the same, I may use them as Iga or Kouga shinobis. <Ninja squad incoming!>

Nufufufufu~, my blood is boiling, my blood is boiling.

Waka is obliviously assembling all of the cast members!

Lately he has been half-hearted, or like, missing concentration. As if doing everything without any prudence. By nature, Waka would never walk into brothels or anything of that kind, but we found him tottering around in those areas once.

It may be a bit bad. He is still a person that has only lived a bit more than a decade. Moreover, he doesn’t know of women. It should be okay to think that he may have a mountain right now*. In my case, I don’t mind which side he falls onto~♪ <TN: you all know what the “mountain” is ;D>

But, how interesting. Really interesting. Because even in that state, he was able to draw in such a fellow.

To think that I was a person who drowned herself in pleasure. Lately, there has been a lot of fun times.

A glittering golden dream that draws in the people. <何の価値も見出せなんだ人の世すら煌めく黄金の夢に映りおる>

Then, let’s handle the troublesome things.

That’s right, the new visitors who have been dragged into Asora, the 3 hyumans. I am a person that has been moving as an adventurer in Tsige, so maybe I don’t think I can let them see me.

The welcoming can be done by the orcs, lizards, Arkes and eldwa who have been doing it all this time. No, let’s see, maybe we should use the orcs and eldwas who are skillful in common language and gentle.

It would be troublesome if they fall in panic and get wild. These guys are very low degree.

Now then, what could the visitors be dreaming right now? After obtaining fortune and returning to Tsige, what would your hearts be holding? Allegiance, opposition or greed maybe?

… The normal Waka wouldn’t have invited this kind of people. How would he deal with this?

In his unusual behavior, I connect a special outcome. Waka would call it a ‘flag’. I may be getting influenced by him.

Basically, anyone would be fine. It’s not my real intent, but even if it’s once, I want to meet with someone that has no interests.

Mirage town, and the rumors of it.

Fumu, Mirage town isn’t that good… maybe I should make it the Mist town.

Well, it is a designation that won’t hold any meaning after it receives a proper name though. Maybe I should reunite the residents again and gather their opinions. Umu.

In any case, the existence of this town is beginning to permeate Tsige.

When you think you have fallen asleep.

When you think you have gotten lost.

When you think you have died.

You may absent-mindedly arrive at the phantom town.

In that place, the mamonos talk in common language and they are courteous to visitors. You receive a warm welcome and are able to return. Receiving resources, raw materials and equipment that you would never be able to obtain in normal missions.

For adventurers it may be the same as winning the jackpot in a casino. It’s little by little, but the materials are beginning to flow in Tsige, and requests for it have begun appearing.

The groundwork that Waka has been doing for his company is slowly taking form.

Well, at the Zenno base, the moment that he tried to bring out that discussion, an “unforeseen accident” happened after all.

Moreover, after that, Waka was in strict guard mode and did a straight line to Tsige. Furthermore, because of the warrior training that I was asked to do, the discussion couldn’t advance at all.

… I was only able to increase 20 levels-ja. A bad dream I want to forget-ja.

It was a bit late, but I was somehow able to accomplish the orders. Since the time Waka got involved with the Rembrandt Company, his surroundings have become very busy.

Being leisure and losing the initiative doesn’t match him.

In order to be able to leave Tsige at any time.

I should also seriously have fun ♪

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