Chapter 53: After the feast

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~ Mio ~

Even though it was my long-awaited date with Waka-sama. Those hyumans, and the ones called forest ogres also. Why is it that so many nuisances are appearing?

It was an unthinkable blessing that I received the body fluids of Waka-sama, but there were way too many unamusing things happening.

After finishing the troublesome questioning, we finally got our room, but then those two began talking about something useless like their Shishou or whatever.

And there was a guy with evil complexion killing his presence and creeping on us as well.

M-Moreover, that Shishou they were talking about!

Even though I have only been in contact with Waka-sama’s body 31 seconds!

He impudently took Waka-sama’s hand and didn’t show signs of letting him go!

I was forbidden from violent actions, but I had already reached my limit and finally, I ended up hitting him once. It’s a matter of course. The logical outcome. Having contact for 32 seconds, it is fine if he died from this.

Waka-sama scolded me firmly after that with, ‘You (You he says, geez, Waka-sama you prick♪), weren’t you thinking what would have happened if I had continued holding his hand?’.

He had something to ask, so the sermon ended quickly though.

Among those four, a weird one was mixed in.

What Waka-sama asked me was close to that matter-de gozai mashita. As expected of Waka-sama!

You have long noticed that I knew something.

But I felt like the direction was a bit different though. Well, it’s fine right? If we investigate the weird one, there will surely be no problems.

Up to here, this date was the worst.

But the part after it was pretty fun-desu. Thanks to Waka-sama.

Ah~, could this development be…?

My heart was dancing with expectation, as Waka-sama ordered me something a bit different from what I thought.

‘Mio, I want you to investigate something out’, is what he said.

Ah~, infiltration! Bugging!

I have always wanted to try those kind of things-desu! Is it okay to not disguise myself?!

He warned me that there was no need for a disguise. That in this case, he doesn’t want me to be seen.

Ufufu, however, it was fun!

Because it seems that he liked the results and even praised me. When we return to Asora, I will ask permission to watch the second part of the story! Or maybe I should watch the movie?!

After the banquet, the one who I was told to investigate began moving.

When I asked Waka-sama, ‘Is it okay to eat him?’ he ordered me to bring Tomoe-san here.

In short, I will be leaving Waka-sama alone.

But I obediently nodded to my master’s order.


Waka-sama said that it was right on time.

In these last few days, Waka-sama has been quite in the offensive and there are times when he seems irritated.

Since the time we left to the wasteland, I have felt Waka-sama’s gaze in my neck and chest area. This hasn’t happened before.

Maybe the time when he will ask me to attend him will come close. I was extremely vexed, if Waka-sama is going to the point of buying a woman in town, why won’t you call me for that? I felt like I was below those girls and was feeling sad. With how he is today, I don’t think it has anything to do with this-desu.

It is the first time I have heard that a man being violent is a sign of him wanting to be ‘attended’, but comparing the Waka-sama from before, this Waka-sama is clearly strange. It is only a bit, but I am looking forward to it-desu.

I don’t know what Waka-sama is thinking about (I am wishing for it to be carnal desire for me), but I concluded for now that it was the feeling of wanting to go wild.

Might as well do it at this instant if my body is enough, is what I thought but… Ufufufu.

By the time I call Tomoe-san here and we return, it will probably not even become a fight, it will already be over by that time. Rather, if Waka-sama is having pent up desires, for me it would be even… <TN: I must admit that her thoughts are such a mess it is hard to translate xD>

Eating food is one of the only things I look forward to, but in this case, I don’t mind leaving it for later.

I had something else to report as well, but I wasn’t able to do it. Because the restless Waka-sama told me to quickly go to Asora.

In this town there was not a single one that could pose a threat to Waka-sama. So there were no problems in leaving him alone.

The small fries AB and the pervert as well, if they get even a glimpse of Waka-sama’s power, they would lose all hostility they had on him.

Even if the forest ogres end up going to Asora, when it happens it happens. If it is Waka-sama’s decision, I will not object.

The small fries, the pale one, and the pervert. I will have to warn the kids to not eat them-desu wa.

This night or tomorrow. Maybe Waka-sama will desire me.

Hmph, what is it?

Even though I want Waka-sama to use me, even though I want to attend him…

Being desired while he is in that kind of state, one part of me feels a bit sad.

I don’t understand. There is no way this is happening-desu.

It must be my imagination-desu wa.

~ Makoto ~

“Well well, when I thought I had already cleared all the curses, it’s now the turn of undead huh. I’m asking only for reference but, is this alive?” (Makoto)

“Don’t put me on the same level as those low class undead ghouls. Those guys absorb the needed vitality from me to manifest”

“… Heh~, I see” (Makoto)

The skeleton-san kindly answers my question. Using big words like ‘manifest’, aren’t you pretty haughty?

You know, I can easily see that this is not the level of a low ranked being.

A body made purely out of bones. Wearing a high-class looking robe with black as its basis and gold for the arrangements, from inside the hood one could see the eye sockets of the skull which were shining an ominous dark red light.

A valuable-looking staff which seemed to be inlayed with numerous gems.

Based on his appearance, one could see him as a Lich.

From my knowledge, this is the pattern of an unpleasant fellow. If he is the previous shell of a famed magician, he must be pretty strong.

I was trying to confirm the safety of the man who was lying down beside him. It seems that he was still alive.

It was a bit regrettable. As expected, muscle brains won’t die huh.

And then, I look at the thing that was in between me and the skeleton and give him a glance shooting him the same question I did before.

“Does it look alive to you?”

The words that were sent back were in the form of a question, but it was also an answer in itself.

There was one forest ogre stretched out on the floor with an anguished expression, a lung hemorrhage and completely dried up.

“Why… did you kill her?” (Makoto)

“That fellow was kind of a troublesome errand woman you see, she was doing secret tasks in this place. She became a hindrance”

“You know so much of her internal affairs. In short, it was an internal fallout?” (Makoto)

“No. I don’t have comrades”

I see, in his surroundings he only leaves the people who are advantageous for him. He is that type of person huh.

“Your objective is?” (Makoto)

“Death to you. She is not here now, but there is also the woman that was with you as well”

“I don’t remember doing anything to be hated for though?” (Makoto)

“You do too many questions boy. For you to not be affected a single bit by my miasma. You interest me more and more”

Miasma. So this is miasma huh.

Certainly, this is not air that I would want to breathe in for a long time. I think I am feeling a bit worse after breathing it in.

Behind me, I could see the pale faced AB that are supposed to be warrior class forest ogres. It seems that whatever miasma is showing effects on them.

“I will repay the sparks that have been created”

I could tell that the miasma was being mixed with magic power. He is totally a magic based type.

… I am sorry but, isn’t this the easiest one until now? Because my cheat is related to magic correction which is supposed to be the hardest among all right?

I was scared of any abnormalities occurring, so as a counter-measure I even made an assembly with the knowledgeable ones, Tomoe, Mio, orcs and I even called the Arkes.

—- In that meeting —

Everyone was flabbergasted. I could feel slight doubt from them.

They questioned me on why I was asking about my abnormal magic.

Tomoe created mist and faced it towards me. Mio also creates a string that seemed to be made out of darkness and threw it at my arm.

The Arkes made a yellow one, and the orcs made a purple ball and threw it.

I didn’t feel any hostility, so I received them all.

Nothing happened. It felt as if there wasn’t any sort of change in me at all.

When I asked what they did, they in turn said bewitching, curse, paralysis, deadly poison magic.

… I asked them and they told me incredibly dangerous things. Hey, if there is no hostility in it, don’t use such things!

But it didn’t have any effect anyways, and it seems they already knew that would happen.

When I asked why.

They told me that, even if you pour water at the sea or throw salt at it, nothing will happen. It seems that because my magic power limits are so high, the abnormal effects will be practically useless on me. Changing the flavor in a cup of water isn’t that hard. In short, that is how normal people work.


“There is something I would to ask of you so. There is no way I would kill you”

I probably have a certain kill technique that might work on him but, sadly, I also have some things I want to ask this skeleton. This is the first magic specialized character after all, and he also said ‘that woman’.

Actually, if I use [Sakai] to seal all the use of magic power, I think it would be checkmate. When I tried doing it in the past, Tomoe and Mio were unable to use magic and even I couldn’t use magic as well, so I am able to use this ability to seal magic.

But if I seal the magic, I feel like this guy would die instantly. It is because they use magic power to move that they are Undead. To test it out here would be, as expected, a bit…

Moreover, defeating it so easily is just… I am not in the mood for that.

It’s a bit out of character, but there is a part of me that wants to go wild. This is the first time I feel this kind of exaltation in combat.

“A question from a robe loving skeleton huh. How unnerving” (Makoto)

“Hoh~. So you have a guess that I am a fake being?”

“I understand that you used black magic and forfeited yourself and went on a pursuit for knowledge and the mysteries of black magic”  (Makoto)

“Splendid, you are mostly correct. I am Lich”

He is supposed to be missing his vocal chords, but from his mouth a laugh was made. With the sound of *karakara accompanying the rubbing of bones.

“You know about me, then, I want to know about you as well. Will you obediently comply?”

“Me? I am just a normal “human being” you know?” (Makoto)

It may be a bit different from the truth though. But I was born and raised in that world. I am not going to throw away the word human being.

From Lich, I could feel his composure as a superior waning. No, a dangerous light burned in his eyes. It was slight madness. And I could feel inquisitiveness as well.

Even though it’s only a flickering light in those eyes, I could clearly tell his will.

“*Human being?* that is the ancient race of the hyuman” <人間> <This and 人 are so confusing because of how the story plays with this word. It is really hard to translate this word accurately>

“So it seems” (Makoto)

“You are… not a Graunt huh. However, the human beings are still a thing outside my understanding. If, for argument’s sake, the human beings were existences that surpass the Graunts, it would be fine to say that I have an eye on you”

Graunt? What is that? First time I have heard that word. That is this Lich’s objective? If human beings surpass Graunts, would this skeleton’s objective be to become a human being? A phantom human huh!

No no, my reasoning went somewhere else. Then, what is Graunt?

“That body, mind. I feel like inspecting it”

“I don’t understand. From what I have heard until now, Graunts are some sort of superior race based on human beings? Forsaking your humanity and ending up in that kind of body, are you telling me that your objective is to reborn and evolve into a superior being?” (Makoto)

“Is it weird?”

“With that body of yours you should be able to live eternally, so I don’t think there is a need to do that though. The purpose of the pursuit in knowledge and black magic, isn’t it to live eternally?” (Makoto)

“How sagacious. You are dangerous. Too bad, if I were still in my shell as a hyuman, I would have a lot more I would want to talk to you about”

“I have had a lot of experiences after all (as in games, light novels and manga)” (Makoto)

It seems that he doesn’t want to answer my question. Maybe I have gotten half of his objective right.

Lich points his cane at me.

His aria were words that I have never heard before. But, as usual, I could tell the arias’ meaning from his words.

It’s even more effective than superior ancient language in the conversion of magic power. Including this one and mine, it would be the fourth magic language. Putting spirit language in a different category. I can’t use that one anyways. Maybe it’s because you need a partner for spirit magic, just tracing it won’t show me effects at all.

Me, Lich, and the forest ogres that were weakened by the miasma were right now in a straight line path.

“If you dodge, they will not come out unscathed. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt. I will only be limiting your consciousness and your body’s freedom, mainly your nose”

So the forest ogres won’t be okay if they take that huh. Even the aria’s completion time is short. It’s knitting quite the amount of magic in a short period of time. As expected of a specialist!

Maybe it is because of Tomoe and Mio that my feeling of fear has become derailed, or it might be because it’s in the area of magic which I am specialized in. I was unusually calm about this.

“Then, bye human being. Become food for my knowledge”

“Too bad” (Makoto)

Things that looked like will-o’-wisp gathered around the cane of Lich. It looked as if rice cakes were sticking to it. Seeing that made me want to secretly eat rice cakes~.

After the rice cakes finished gathering up, he pointed it at me and shot it. From his aria’s contents, I could tell that it was gathered enmity from the miasma.

This is a village in the wasteland. There is no lack of people’s grudges in this place. A big will-o’-wisp increased its speed and headed towards my direction, at its front I could see the faces of what looked like people with ugly expressions.

I stopped it with my left hand. I don’t know if Lich is looking at this, because of the spell’s silhouette I can’t see him.

However, it wouldn’t be strange for this thing to swallow you from head to toe.

But I was able to easily stop it with my left hand. Corrosion isn’t even occurring. Well, I am a sea after all.

Then, I will have Lich-kun face a bit of pain here. He seems to know quite a lot, so let’s make him useful.

“#$%&” (Makoto)

Darkness, devour as I will.

It was a pretty short and straightforward aria. I use the language that the orcs taught me, and connect it.

“Guh! What is that language?!”

Lich must have felt discomfort after hearing my aria, he began moving.

The balloon ball, no wait, the rice cake that I stopped with my left hand, and several outer layers of the grudge mass was being shaved off by black fangs.

The number of them were slowly increasing, and the bluish-white mass was devoured in the blink of an eye.

“W-What in the world…”

Yeah… You don’t understand right? You are a specialized one after all.

What I did was the corrosion of the darkness magic’s magic power. And it isn’t the acrobatics that Mio does. It’s the incredibly inefficient one.

It’s a method that is so meaningless that no one uses.

Intelligent people wouldn’t understand this.

I have way too much magic power to spare after all! More like, I want to use it and make it decrease! Banzai to inefficient methods!

Don’t think it is over with just this Lich-san.

I wonder which magic power will be eaten next. Now, you should be defending yourself you know?


The cranium of Lich tilted to the side as if it were hit by something. At that place, you could see black fangs.


It seems the skeleton noticed that it was that something which dispersed the magic before. The skeleton does defensive magic and creates a barrier around him. Fast, I thought that he screamed out of panic, but he was unexpectedly calm. It was a poor move though.

The fang shape group began to gather on that barrier. And as if lusting for it, they one after the other cling onto it, devouring.

“What is this?! I have never heard about such spell! A spell not even I know? For it to so easily defeat my barrier! What kind of high efficiency language was that?”

“Using one million yen to buy one yen. In the old days it would be something I would never do” (Makoto)

“My magic development can’t keep up with it at all! Don’t swarm on me! Don’t get close!”

What an ugly way of manifesting though. To eat everything with darkness fangs. The other side’s magic looks a lot more useable. From the start I didn’t know what to think about this magic. I want to think that my personality is not shaping it. Of course, I have no intentions of confirming it. This is that kind of magic.

“I’m going to be eaten! My magic power is?! No way, impossible!”

“Don’t mess with me, like there could be such a… such an absurd magic!”

“Stop it, don’t eat me, a Graunt… I will…”

“I will… Graunt…”

“… I, I’m disappearing. No—oo!!”

From what I see, the magic power that is permeating Lich was being eaten and its ominous light was fading. It seems that the robe was made by magic as well. Now only the worn out fragments were stuck in the bones.

It seems that he can’t even move anymore. Its looks were now that of a skeleton, and the cane that Lich was still holding was being eaten by the fangs as well. The miasma had already stopped completely. Ah, his knees moved.

“My secret technique oan panch that I have been training is perfect, it won’t kill you” (Makoto)

Eating all the magic power would normally make a person unconscious, but, in this case, it would mean death for Lich it seems. His presence was growing thin.

I am glad I didn’t try using [Sakai].

It seems that he is only having convulsions but there was no real harm. Maybe I did a bit too much?

As expected, this is not like me.

To look down on a feeble opponent like this…

~ Tomoe ~

When I tried going to Waka’s location, at that place a strange silence reigned.

It seems that Waka has done a flashy performance. I want to quickly raise a skilled Swordsmith in Asora that can create an excellent sword, and have a meal of fish and miso soup-ja as proof that my long cherished desire was granted.

Bread is better in the morning, is what Waka says every day at breakfast.

But if he tells me to come I will not object. It’s not like the effectiveness would increase if I stay looking at their training after all.

I was planning on taking a few forest ogres with me anyways, so this is actually convenient for me.

When I look at the part where all the gazes were gathering, I saw there…

Waka, and a close to death (though it is weird to say it) undead. And there was one forest ogre that was dead.

At Waka’s back, a group of forest ogres were gathered, not showing any signs of moving. Maybe they are concentrating on Waka’s behavior, their tension was oozing out.

It is that right?

Waka used an abnormal way to punish this undead, and the forest ogres are drawn back from that. That’s most likely how it is-ja na.

Fumu, it is a bit unexpected, no, it is a part of what I expected. I have a few things I want to ask Waka about, counting the brothel incident. It would be one thing if he is self-aware of this, but it seems that is not the case-ja.

Among the forest ogres that were flocking, I saw one I recognized.

If I remember correctly, that was the youngster I saw when I was making the barrier. His face resembles him. If he is the descendant, I still know the name of his father or grandfather.

“You, was your name Nirgistori? I am glad to see you are healthy-ja” (Tomoe)

“Certainly, my name is Nirgistori but, who are you? I don’t remember meeting you”

How rude. Just because my shape is different you don’t recognize me-ja to? What an ungrateful person.

“Even though you guys pleaded me with tears of blood to make a barrier of mirage mist. Do you want to die?” (Tomoe)

It may be because I got a bit unnerved by that, my eyes became dragon pupils-ja. No good, I have completely become human shaped, but when my emotions are stirred, I turn back to my previous vestiges.

The guy must have finally recalled after seeing my eyes, his body turns stiff vertically. With the old man standing like a pin, I could only see him as if he were making an impression of a dried tree.

“L-Lord Shen?!”

As if it were a trigger, the surroundings began moving.

Everyone was looking at me. Awe, fear, doubt, varied eyes were turned at me.

“It’s the superior dragon Lord Shen! Everyone, prostrate! Lower your heads!”

It seems that he was promoted to the status of elder, everyone followed the words of the old man and kneeled down the ground as if doing a dogeza. Fumu, what a nice feeling.

Actually, this expression of gratitude should be directed at Waka, and I should have been the one looking by his side though.

“I have come for a while to remake the barrier” (Tomoe)


“That was actually a lie. I was called by him and have come here-ja” (Tomoe)

I point out Waka. It seems that the forest ogres don’t understand what I said at all-ja. Maybe I caught them off guard and they didn’t get what I said properly.

What a bunch of idiots. Why would I come all the way here when you haven’t even called for me, and to even make a barrier for you?

To break away the silence, those guys opened their mouths and bring themselves back to their senses.

“With all due respect! Lord Shen, that thing is dangerous-de gozai masu! Just a while ago, from our brethren’s mouth a dark smoke came out. That became Lich and he pointed his fangs at us!”

“When you talk about Lich, it is the one that has unfathomable power in black magic and possesses the ability to awaken dead bodies, necromancy. A scary danger”

“And that person there, he used an even scarier magic and overwhelmed him”

“Please, oh please protect us!”

The elder-looking people all take turns to talk to me and explain me the situation. What a pain these guys are-ja no. It should be fine to select a representative to compile all and tell it to me.

Moreover, they are thinking that Waka will be bringing them harm as well-ja. These scaredy-cats, it may be because of the scary magic that he used but… could it be…

“You guys, did that side do anything to you?” (Tomoe)


“As you are that scared, it must mean that your side must have received quite a lot of harm, right?” (Tomoe)

That’s right. It is probably because they have a guilty conscience that they thought he would soon turn his fangs to them. Or at least that is what I can guess from this.

“Well, that is…”

“That person entered the forest that was under our jurisdiction without permission, moreover, he discovered the existence of an important plant. For us, this should deserve capital punishment. Since we were defeated in battle, we lured him into the village to make him lower his guard, and then provide the punishment”

Capital punishment. If we are talking about the previous forest onis’ capital punishment, it would mean ‘that’.

From the current situation, it is most likely the death penalty.

“It seems that you guys have lost your ability to perceive danger since the while I haven’t seen you” (Tomoe)

“? What do you mean by that?”

“A while ago I said “that person”. Are you telling me to point my fangs at the person that I hold an amiable relationship?” (Tomoe)


“You see, I came for that person, for Waka” (Tomoe)

“W-W-W-What did you say?!”

Why are you smattering Nirgistori? How incredibly rude. More like, you should be able to infer it from my appearance.

“Ah, Tomoe. What a good timing” (Makoto)

Oh, it seems that Waka has noticed me.

“Well, amiable isn’t the correct term actually. To be exact, I am his…” (Tomoe)

Making a bow to Waka, I continue what I was saying to the forest ogres that were opening and closing their mouths as if they were goldfish.

“Mako-Raidou-sama’s slave-nan ja yo” (Tomoe)

Nirgistori fainted. <TN: it was super effective!>

A little note, there was no skipped chapter. Most of the details are up there, it’s just a bit hard to catch it.

Maybe we will know about the Lich’s identity in the later chapters. The author must have wanted to take an unusual path and see how it goes I think.

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