Chapter 36: Mandatory education is greatness

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Oh Mario

“I did it~ I have done it~ ♪”

At the time when the moon showed its shape clearly in the sky.

I had taken some luggage I had in the lodging, placed it in a box and was now carrying it to the merchant guild.

Written exam, succeeded~♪

That exam, for me who has taken the mandatory education* in Japan, was completely easy*. <TN: A practice in Japan where they learn the responsibilities of a human being>

There was a part where you had to do memorization, but I easily memorized it in the time the exam was being prepared.

There was a part which gave you problems that could barely be called math, a part where they asked you about management, and a memorization part where they gave you questions regarding the license.

But the calculation part was clearly the highest priority, as it took most of the exam while the memorization part was lowest. This was truly an exam made for me.

If you are a member of the merchant guild, the items that you are able to handle are numerous and there are only a few things that are restricted. That’s great.

Luckily, the memorization parts where I skimmed through were in the exam. I was able to finish it in half the time that was provided.

They seem to be in a pretty sloppy stage of accounting as I was easily able to solve them all, it was child’s play-DEATH*. <TN: Reference to Dekomori in Chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai>

I already knew the units of conversion between gold to copper as well, after all.

The examiner was trembling while he checked the paper and with wide eyes he told me, “You passed”. The face he had was priceless.

That this level of an exam normally takes several years to study for, must be because there are no such things as ‘schools’ in this world. If there are any, then they must be in a pretty special categorization.

Since it was such an unbelievable perfect score, they didn’t subtract the fee for the exam, but instead allowed me to freely pay by installments. I was planning on paying it all at once anyways so it didn’t affect me at all though. I am glad there was another privilege.

They told me that I was able to do the supply exam as soon as I wanted to and that I would be given a task of acquiring items in a set amount of time. If I am able to complete the task, I will pass the exam.

When I heard that I could take it at any time, I told them that “I will be doing this for a ‘while longer’ (this part is vague for me who is from a different world). Seeing the task, I quickly returned to the inn and from the materials that I got in the borders, I randomly packed in a box the ones that I had divided before and carried it with me.

I was carrying a box the size of an orange container and in it there were a number of medium to small sized materials. It’s a wooden box, so it was a bit heavier than a cardboard box, but since I have a haipa bodeh~*, this way was more comfortable for me. <TN: Hyper Body~>

“In total there are 4 materials, or I can also bring materials that have a higher value than the ones that are listed here?”

The 4 materials that were listed, honestly, I have never heard of them before.

But there was an examiner there. He told me that I had bad luck.

He said that the supplying exam also relies on luck, I had to take out a ballot with a number written on it and depending on that number I had to acquire the articles.

From within those, it seems that I had drawn out the super difficult one that required expensive materials, moreover, I had to bring four of them.

Hahuahua, I already knew I had no luck!

Is what I thought until…

“If you don’t have connections with adventurers that are at least level 50, this task cannot be completed.”

The examiner said this.

For a merchant to go outside and get them, is close to impossible. There is a need to have an adventurer that has a considerable level, and of course, it will cost a lot of money to hire him. And that is why he must have thought it would be impossible.

However, he said that it would be fine to bring something that has a higher worth. It’s written here as well so.

Then if it’s the mamonos in the borders that are impossible for a level 50 to fight against, I should definitely be okay. I have taken quite a large amount of materials with me as well.

For the minimum level to enter the borders to be level 95, just what kind of high-class net game hunting ground is that?

It truly tells me of how reckless Toa-san and the others are~. Being in a base where you barely reach the level, I can understand why they were practically gambling with their lives when they went hunting.

In any case.

I am lucky! I have gotten the passing mark in the same day!

“I have arri~ved!!” (Makoto)

I say ‘arrived’ in the Japanese language that no one should be able to understand unintentionally.

The lights are still on and I can feel the presence of people too. So close!

[Hello, it’s Raidou though…]

“Ara? Raidou-san, I thought you were in the middle of the supplying exam?”

[Yeah, I have finished already so please confirm it?]

“… Ha?!”

This is the second time that the Onee-san cries out in a loud voice that resounds through the whole guild.

[As I was saying, I have gotten 4 materials that are worth higher than the ones assigned. So please confirm it?]

“Wa, yes! Please wait for a bit! Examiner! Examiner~!”

It looks like the Onee-san noisily stops the Oji-san* that was walking at the other side of the corridor. <TL: Oji-san = Old man>

Oh, it is certainly that person. The one that said “perfect score”, as if he was wringing the words out.

Otto, it seems the two of them returned. Are they going to confirm it at the reception?

I thought we would be going to the exam room again.

“Raidou-kun? You, it hasn’t been long since the time you were given the task. Please don’t do irresponsible…”

[Yes, please confirm]

I take off the cover. There were around 8 materials that I had packed inside. I packed some small things as well, just in case.

“N? Nnn?!”

[How is it? I think they are things that have more worth than the ones from the task]

“You, from where did you obtain this?!”

[A few days ago, I received them from the adventurers that I had accompanied from the borders.]

“All of this?! Just who in the world is that person?!”

[A party that has a shadow thief called Toa-san. I heard that they had sold their materials a few days ago though?]

The examiner looks firmly at the Onee-san.

The Onee-san nimbly takes out a thick account book-looking file and begins to read it, she soon finds the place she was looking for.

“Certainly. Early today, they went to the commerce area, also known as the material trading center, and sold a large amount of important materials. One part of the materials were brought to the compound and others to the endowment areas.”

“So it’s those!”

The Oji-san is holding his head. It looks like he is secretly feeling mortified by the fact that I will be able to easily finish this assignment.


“… You said your name was Raidou-kun, right?”


“Congratulations, you have passed with flying colors”

[Yay, I am so happy!]

“… You don’t look that happy to me though. You are the first one to plunge in the merchant exam and pass it in the same day. Seriously. What an outrageous thing”

There is no way I am not happy. But, since I wrote that it was easier than I thought, he must have thought that I wasn’t happy.

[Thank you very much.]

“I will have it so that the guild issues you your guild card by tomorrow noon. The things regarding the card’s functions and the rules, will be told at the time you receive it. Are you fine with tomorrow?”

[There is no problem.]

“Understood. Then… Girl, I ask you to take care of the preparations.”

After asking the Onee-san to handle it, the examiner Oji-san unsteadily walks away, he even looked as if he were sleepwalking.

Maybe, I did something considerable? Well, I wanted to get it fast so I don’t mind.

I am also interested in the adventurer card’s functions, but I want to get this one’s as fast as possible.

I didn’t want to just say ‘uh huh’ to exam studies. Because it would revive bitter memories of my previous world.

“I am surprised! You were on the upper-class side huh! To think you would pass”

I have ranked up in Onee-san’s eyes! Umu, this is how one gets promoted in the stairs of humanity.

[Nah, I was just lucky. I was able to pass with the knowledge I already had after all]

“Fufufu, you are quite modest. These are the entry forms. What do you want to do about the deposit money and the cost of the first year of membership?”

‘Are you going to pay a small amount of it right now?’, is what she must be trying to say.

[I will pay it all right now. The deposit money is 10 gold and the guild fee is 1 gold, right?]

This money is something that one should get after getting higher achievements or so it seems. Meaning that, it is impossible for merchants in their initial stage to pay it.

Well, they can pay by installments, so they are not that ruthless. They may want to ask about the current state of affairs when they come the guild to pay and report their progress though.

“All at once, huh? Yeah, certainly. Seriously, what are you, Raidou-san?”

Is what she said.

It must be because I stood out, she seems to have taken an interest in me. This is an obvious thing though.

[Even if you ask me, “what am I?” I think that I am not that out of the ordinary though. Aside from the fact that I talk this way…]

While she points at my mask, I continue to fill the entry form.

“There aren’t that many people wearing masks after all~… Is it fine if I ask you?”

Her curiosity is so clear. But for a beauty to take an interest in me, honestly, makes me happy. This kind of emotion is, as expected, still the same as in my previous world.

[It is something that happened when I was small, so I don’t remember it that well. It seems that I was the target of some kind of curse. So the mask is negating that curse, but now I am unable to take it off, is what this mask means.]

“A-A curse you say?”

[Yeah, thanks to that, I can’t speak the common language and am forced to speak with writing like this. It’s a blessing that I can use magic.]

“T-That is unfortunate of you. I hope you can take off your mask soon.”

As usual, once I talk about the curse, the person draws back. There are dangerous things like cursed diseases. They must be scared of a curse they don’t know about.

[Thanks. I can speak in other languages that are not common language, I can speak with the demi-humans and ones that are able to wield magic.]

The ancient language that is used in magic and the spirit one that is used in pacts, the elf and dwarfs, it may be because they were treated as mamono in the past but, I can speak their language as well.

It’s really only the hyumans that I can’t speak with! That damn Goddess, I will one day change this messed up system of yours!

“Heh~. This may be something that can help you a great deal when you are running your business. You may be able to deal with items that don’t circulate that much in hyuman territory after all.”

[Yeah, I am looking forward to the future of this business. Alright, these are all the forms I have to fill right?]

“Ah, yes! Eh~ let’s see, okay, there are no problems. It is beautifully written in common language! Uhm, and…”

[Then, it’s already late so. I will come here again tomorrow.]

I forcefully cut off the girl that was still going to continue her questions, and left the guild.

I was able to pass the guild exam on the same day. I hope that this can become the first step to living as a merchant.

Grumble~*. As expected, I am already hungry.

I was eating a few snacks on the way, but I haven’t eaten a proper meal yet.

Without caring that it was an evening meal, I entered an establishment that didn’t have that many customers, and in one of the seats at the far back, I ordered a fruit juice. I was so hungry that I wanted to have at least something in my stomach in the meantime.

N~. A call from Toa-san and the others… has not come.

I have told them my address, so if they are going to visit me I should receive a call. It seems that it’s still fine for now.

Well, I am the one that has business with them so, it is unsure if I am going to get a call from the guys that want the address of Mio and Tomoe though.

Fumu, it’s yellow. The taste of citrus fruit types.

It’s an unexpected banana flavor. I have confirmed that I don’t like banana juice much. Uh?

“Did you hear? The forest soon after you enter the borders…”

“Yeah, it seems that people don’t return from there. A request was made!”

“No, not that one. The one after that. I heard that the people that went to investigate haven’t returned. The rank of the request is jumping up!”


I concentrate my ears on the gossip I heard. The forest that comes right after you enter the borders? Is it the direction where I was attacked by the Rubee-eyes and Size Ants?

Sounds dangerous. The people are disappearing one after the other in the vicinities of town.

Well, since they are saying that the rank is going up means that I got nothing to do about it. I am a D rank. If I am not a rank C at the very least, I won’t even be allowed to enter. For the adventurers to fulfill the requirement of both rank and level must be troublesome. That’s why there exist idiots that try to enter without authorization though.

Thinking about it, leaving aside the rank, the adventurers that don’t think about the level and decide to enter the wasteland thinking that they will pass a good time there; as people, they have a loose screw. They are just big idiots that don’t know the value of life. The ranks and levels exist so that the adventurers don’t die meaninglessly.

From the gossip that I heard, they said something about a ‘request’ so, there must be something in there that the people that entered legitimately can’t handle. It is to the point that you would recommend the people that are debuting in the wasteland to not get close there. Who cares about the ones that enter illegally?

Maybe there is a strong mamono that has appeared in the deepest parts of the forest and has made a nest there.

There were certainly a good amount of mamono that had a peculiar atmosphere in the vicinities. For the forever alone me that has never encountered anything in that place, it was actually a happy event though. There were some guys that didn’t get close because of Mio and Tomoe so, it felt like I was in a safari park and it was fun. However, if Toa-san and the others were to encounter them, they may have a hard fight, or they may even be annihilated. They are existences that surpass the cap of the guild in Tsige. It’s no wonder that people are dying one after the other.

Now, what should I do from now on? I am someone that doesn’t like to waste food, so I finished the juice that I didn’t like. If I get used to it, it might be unexpectedly good.

In the present state there is nothing else I can do about the curse disease of Rembrandt-san. The one who did it is not here anymore, I want to find the true culprit and have him regret the fact that he was born, but it’s the tail that even the big company’s connection network and pros couldn’t find. It’s a bit impossible for me who can’t get a good grasp of the land. If I had the hero attribute I would encounter an event regarding this, but it won’t go as one would want. Just that, if that person is constantly observing the movements of Rembrandt, the culprit must have learned of my existence and there is a chance that he will try to do something to me. I am being a ‘bit’ on guard and inviting the enemy to do something, so there should be no problems.

In the moment I am involved, I may not be Tomoe, but maybe I should go peerless Shogun-sama mode? Kukukukuku.

There is no doubt that I will pile up more stress but… I should take a look at the situation of Asora for a bit.

I did this early in the morning, but I left Mio there for a whole day so I am a bit worried that she had some sort of blunder.

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