Chapter 35: Let’s just go to the merchant guild

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I finally arrived at the merchant guild.

Even if it’s for something like peddling or supplying the requested item like a stock up store.

To do these things it is obligatory for you to have a guild card that proves that you have joined the merchant guild.

Because if you don’t, you will be chased for being a black-market merchant!

Even though I said that it’s completely necessary…

I just learned today that there is an exam in order to join.

Don’t tell me that the test can only be taken once, okay? Make it so I can take it any number of times, seriously.

Karan* Koron*

The moment I open the door, a sound that reminds of a coffee shop rings out.

From my point of view, the width of the floor to the counter is comparable to that of a convenience store. Taking into account the size of the town, I feel like it’s kind of compact.

The building itself had a second floor and also had depth, the whole size of it was appropriate. And in reality, there aren’t that many people.

It had the atmosphere of a local town’s conference area. A normal day without any festivities (or so I think) looks like this.

At the front there was an Onee-san with a business smile but, seeing my strange appearance, her mouth and eyebrows trembled a bit.

I am glad. If the coat-like armor were completed and I had my full equipment, it would probably not be like this.

But to not lose that smile after seeing my appearance, how professional. It brings me to tears when I say it myself!

Her level is close to that of Rembrandt’s butler. His face didn’t change a single bit after all. With no questions asked, he accepted my written communication.

Next I write, ‘Can you read?’ in the air and for a second she did a startled face.

She soon changed to a smile and responded with an ‘I can’.

“Welcome, what will be your business today?”

[Excuse me, I am thinking about joining the merchant guild though.]

“Join-de gozai masu ka?”

With a puzzled face, the Onee-san tilts her head.

That looks good~ pretty sexy~

She should be around 20 years old. A girl that made me feel a calm charm, the actress-san named… I forgot her name but, she looks like her.

Well, everyone in this world looks like a performer so it’s an obvious thing. I should seriously stop comparing them.

Besides, they are extremely low in numbers but, since the time I came to Tsige I have seen people that are close to my appearance.

… They were beast people though. Moles and raccoons. <TN: dayum>

“From what I see, you are a magician right? Pardon my rudeness but, are you currently working somewhere?”

[No, right now I am only registered as an adventurer.]

The word adventurer is convenient. It has the same vibes as saying ‘part-time worker’. Though for some reason, adventurer sounds a lot better.

“An adventurer…? That means, you are not at any company and are a total newbie that has come to join, right?”

[Yes, I luckily found some unusual articles and thought about trying business myself so, I came here.]

“If it’s that, you can also use a trading route by selling them to us”

So one can also use a trading route in order to obtain money. What a special world, or am I just ignorant?

In this world it must be normal. From how she looks, I don’t think this is a special case or anything.

However, it is true that I want to become a merchant so, I have to tell her firmly that I want to become a member.

[No thanks, I prefer living my life as a merchant than an adventurer.]

“But, if you hide your face like that and are unable to speak in the common language, even if you pass the exam and the other requirements, in the world of business where trust is life, something like this is…”


What, there is a problem, or more like, she is worrying about what would be ahead because of my appearance. Isn’t she quite the good person?

Even if I am unable to estimate feelings by the nuances in her words, I can estimate them from the body language and expression. I can’t feel any hidden meaning behind it. That I thought her hesitation was because of malice was because of my own preconception. How shameful.

It has only been a while since I was thought of as a swindler at the Rembrandt store.

[Thank you for your worry. I have two followers with me so, in the worst case, I am even thinking about not appearing in public myself. More importantly, can I hear about that exam and the various requirements?]

“Followers huh, I see. It was only my needless anxiety so there is no need for you to thank me. I am sorry for my rudeness.”

And after that, the Onee-san explained me the details of the exam and the other requirements.

The exam can be taken at any time and when it is off-season, there are times when a person wants to take the exam. The season refers to the early summer times where a number of big companies take the exam at the same time. And there are also a lot of new people that take the test for the first time at those seasons.

The season right now is fall so, there aren’t that many taking the exams. I am truly grateful that I can take it at any time.

The exam has two stages and it is composed of written and supply of materials. The written is basic knowledge and the supplying is to check your practical skills as a merchant, or so it seems.

For the written exam there is a book provided by the guild and you are able to study beforehand. But the textbook is an encyclopedia. It is used as a reference book and it is not made to only be a study material for the exam.

The other requirements are the exam charge, the deposit money, the initial year of guild membership, in other words, money. As expected of a place that lives as a business, it seems that if you don’t have a certain amount of ability in finances you will not be allowed to join.

You can take the exam as many times as you want but, the cost for the exam is charged each time you take it and the ones that fail are unable to take it for half a year. If you fail it 1-2 times the people that fail come here at the early summer as repeaters.

Fumu, so when you fail once you can’t take it for half a year.

Then it would be bad to take it now just to test it.

[Then, can I have one of those textbooks?]

“Ah, yes. One will be 2 gold.”

Expensive! Are you telling me this costs 20,000 yen?!

What kind of scholarship book is this?!

No, wait.


I see. In this world, the paper doesn’t circulate that much. The book itself is pretty high priced.

Moreover, the books that were at Rembrandt-san’s place were in tatters and I tried reading them but they were like manuscripts.

I didn’t ask the price of those but, they must have been pretty pricey as well.

Damn it… I have no choice.

“Um, you don’t have to force yourself to buy it, you can also hire someone from another company to teach you”

Seeing my trembling appearance after hearing the price, she must have thought that I didn’t have the money. The Onee-san made a wry smile and proposed an alternative plan.

But with that method there is the issue of how much that information is accurate.

Even if you tell me that you can also learn practical skills, as a short term mean, it’s not recommended. I plan on making this town my first base so I will be staying here for a while though.

Well it’s fine. If I know that it is worth the price then I will pay for it. I still have a lot of money left from when I sold that jewel box (Note: Fruits).

I still have to collect the expenditure tax for the collection of the Rubee-eye’s eyes (there is no concept of expenditure tax in this world though) so, I can easily pay this and it won’t hurt me at all. I am planning on receiving it tomorrow after all.

Since the time I came to this world I haven’t tasted the feeling of being poor… That is one of the few good things.

[No, it’s fine. 2 gold coins right? Then with this…]

I calmly take out 2 gold coins and give them to her.

The Onee-san may have been surprised that her eyes to evaluate people were wrong, she had an astonished face while taking the money and giving me the book.

Let’s see… What kind of contents does it have?

Flip* Flip* Flip*~

Flip* Flip* Flip*~



This is…

Flip* Flip* Flip* Flip* Flip*~


[Uhm, can I take the exam right now?]


The reception Onee-san unintentionally lets out a loud voice that resounded in the whole guild.

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