Chapter 37: Et tu, Mio?

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I was forgetting it, but I am the master.

It is fine to go to Asora, but since there is a chance, let’s call Tomoe and Mio and have dinner first.

That’s right, why should I be going to where they are to hear their reports every time? It should be them coming to report to me! In this world, there is something called thought connection and it’s a skill that doesn’t burden the receivers in any way, Tomoe and Mio can use that skill!

Okay, then those two…

At the moment when I was thinking about opening a transmission…

(Waka! Waka! Are you okay?!)

I heard the voice of a troublemaker that I hadn’t heard for a long time.

With a timing that told me that there was something going on.

(Yes, yes, what happened~?) (Makoto)

(What’s with that unmotivated attitude?!) (Tomoe)

(Eh~? If I hear the voice of a person I haven’t heard for so long, moreover, in a loud voice asking me if I am okay, then~… I was busy but, do you need something~?) (Makoto)

I push all dissatisfaction I had onto her.

Seriously, for the person that left the report I had ordered her to do to the orcs and disappeared with no previous notice, your attitude is too conceited!

(Mu, muu. Regarding that, I was making sure to get some results before reporting to you. It was a success-ja! For that reason, I needed the time-ja Waka~!) (Tomoe)

I wonder about that~.

She is the type that would go without eating just to buy a newly produced game after all. Even if you tell me that you tried your best, it doesn’t convince me at all.

You are the type of person that would say, ‘I can make rice’ with a straight face after all.

(And? What is the urgent business you have with me?) (Makoto)

(Yeah, I want you to come to Asora as soon as possible. Mio is in serious trouble-ja!) (Tomoe)


… Now that she mentions it, Mio hasn’t gotten in touch with me since the time I left her.

In situations similar to this, she would call me once every 30 minutes with thought transmission just to talk with me after all.

Don’t tell me…

Did my magic power that was inside of her dry up and she has gone wild?!

(Don’t tell me she returned to being a spider and has begun going wild?!) (Makoto)

(It’s not such a lukewarm situation! It’s the opposite-ja! Ei, Waka, just come here! If there is a person that can handle this, it’s only Waka-ja!) (Tomoe)

A situation that is even worse than that?! What does she mean by opposite?!

Ah~, geez!

While being overwhelmed with these emotions, I quickly enter an alley and after checking for any possible people around, I summon the mist gate.

If I remember correctly, Mio should be at a material warehouse.

I asked her to organize that place after all.

“Tomoe-san! Continue, continue quickly!”

“Mio, let’s finish this for today, okay? Look, the outside is already dark. It’s the time where you can meet with Waka again right?” (Tomoe)

“Then it should be fine to continue until he comes back-desu!” (Mio)

“Ei, how long do you think I have been doing this?! This is the end, the end!” (Tomoe)

“… Ara ara. Is that so? Then, I will be filling this crystal board that I don’t understand, with scratches okay?” (Mio)

Mio takes out a transparent board that had the size of an A4 paper. And she said that while slowly moving the iron-ribbed fan to it.

Tomoe lets out a “Waa!” and other strange things that didn’t make sense while wriggling her body in agony.

“You! Mio! That is the CM cut that I went through all the trouble of removing the noise, the second volume of Mitokoumon Tokaido!” (Tomoe) <TN: CM = Commercial>

“I want to see the continuation desu wa~ I really~ want to watch the continuation desu wa~” (Mio)

“O-O-Oh! W-Wait, don’t do anything rash! Besides, if you do something like that, I will never cooperate with you anymore! Is that okay with you?!” (Tomoe)

“No way! If something like that happens, I… I will be shocked to a point where I would eat everyone here-desu wa!” (Mio)

“W-W-W-What?!” (Tomoe)

… What the hell is going on?

It seems that Mio is badgering about something, and Tomoe is trying to stop her?

This is the place where Tomoe is regulating the images of my memories, or so she told me.

Well, it must be something like a library or a data room.

In such a place, the 2 top class people of Asora are bickering as if they were children.

And she said that she removed the noise of a CM cut? Just what kind of video studio operator are you?

I wonder in what state are my memories right now.

Still, if that 1 board has 1 whole volume of Mitokoumon, then it would be a capacity that would even surprise the modern era. So that is the rumored super-crystal huh. Is it a valuable article like the Herkimer diamond? <>

No no no.

Right now is not the time for that.

Uhm, is there no one else here?

Oh, how unusual. The Arke-san is here.

“Hey, what in the world is going on here?” (Makoto)

“Waka-sama, we, in the place where we met Waka-sama, were doing the organization and classification with Mio-sama”

Oh? The smattering words have become decent now. Impressive, you guys even learned the common language fast.

Even when I tried so hard to learn it I couldn’t. It makes me want to sulk.

“Yeah, and?” (Makoto)

“In the middle of it, Tomoe-sama returned and began something called appreciation”

Appreciation? Ah, art appreciation huh.

Hey, Tomoe. Don’t you have a lot of work piled up?

I ask of you, for someone that stands on the top, please, act as !

“And Mio joined in…”

Heeey! You are an accomplice as well?!

“But after rebuking Tomoe-sama, she soon returned to work”

Oh, what an exemplar thing to do. Then, what is with this situation?

“Mio-sama went to the data that was over there to organize it”

Ah, if I remember correctly, that is the part Tomoe said were the miscellaneous images of my memories.

I have said it a lot of times but, that skill is pretty convenient. You can scan the life of a person you have met and you can store and watch it without having the memories deteriorate.

It seems you can’t read the emotions the person had at that time, but being able to store all the memories that you have experienced, is way too awesome.

Depending on the use, it could be even more powerful than the ability that Tsukuyomi-sama gave me.

Hah~, the explanation of the Arke-san is long. He is smattering while trying his best to talk with me in a polite manner, this gives me a good impression but…

When will you arrive at the main point?

“And then, it became like this.”


Didn’t you omit all the important parts?!

“Mio-sama turned stiff at that part. She dragged Tomoe-sama there. And that is how it became like this”

I don’t understand the meaning.

I said my thanks to them, and headed to the two ‘loyal’ followers that were there.

Now that it has come to this, I should ask the people involved to tell me what is going on.

“Tomoe, I have come. What is going on?” (Makoto)

A truly annoyed voice came out from me. Well, there is no helping it. It was an annoyed voice that surprised even me.

“O-Oh! Waka! Good thing you have come! Please stop this idiot!” (Tomoe)

“No, Waka-sama. For Tomoe-san to be the only one that can pass such a good time, isn’t that something called favoritism?!” (Mio)

“What are you talking about?! This is a justifiable enjoyment that Waka has allowed me to do-ja!” (Tomoe)

For Tomoe only? Allowed?

Hey hey, don’t tell me that…

Following after Tomoe, Mio has also been enraptured by history dramas. That would be severe.

Ah~, if what Mio is using as threat is a video of Mitokoumon, then that can’t be the case.

But, judging from their conversation, it has something to do with my memories though.

“Calm down!” (Makoto)

I reflexively shout.

Two young blooming (looking) women shouldn’t be bickering like they were kids!

Furthermore, why should I be the one mediating?!

The data room turns silent.

“Ehem, so you have calmed down huh. Then Mio, first of all, return that to Tomoe” (Makoto)

“… Yes. I am sorry” (Mio)

“Okay. That’s good” (Tomoe)

Tomoe has a pleased face as she hugs the Mitokoumon board.

“And, Tomoe. Explain to me what is going on here. Especially the part about why I have to come here to resolve your quarrel” (Makoto)

“Uh. Well, you see. By the time I came here in the afternoon, these people were already here so…” (Tomoe)

“First of all, that part is strange. Why did the person that I have ordered several things to do, would come here first without even giving me a single report?  Shouldn’t you be going to where I am first?” (Makoto)

“E-Ehm~. There were a few things I wanted to confirm…” (Tomoe)

“Appreciation to the history dramas?” (Makoto)

“Geh! Well~, what great wisdom you hold” (Tomoe)

Tomoe-san is *monyo monyo* and squirming about.

So you were going ‘let’s take a break before reporting~’ huh.

Why is it that I am surrounded by such easy-going people like these? Geez.

“And then, why is Mio…, n, what is this?” (Makoto)

My eyes catch sight of a nostalgic video.

If I remember correctly, this is an event in the mornings.

Suupah Hirou Taimu! <Super hero time!>

It’s that kind of event. The time where the people wear ranger costumes and masks.

Did they show history dramas at that time?

If they were transmitting it, it would be in the early mornings though?

“Waka, that’s it-de gozai masu. The reason” (Tomoe)

“Tomoe? What is with that worn-out face?” (Makoto)

“Mio is… Mio is using me as if I were a consumer electronic!” (Tomoe)

Crying *yo yo yo*, Tomoe crumbled down onto the floor.

W-What is this? Electronic you say, Tomoe-san, just how modern do you plan to become?!

No wait, let’s leave that for later.

There is no lie in her awfully exhausted appearance.

And, Mio is making a fake smile like that of a child who has done a prank and is trying to hide it.

“Waka-sama, I heard that you gave Tomoe the permission to watch history dramas. When we talk about Tomoe-san, it comes to light that she did her mission without following the procedures properly and ends up immersing herself in her video editing.” (Mio)

She returned but she didn’t contact anyone because she was immersing herself in editing her video, I see. What kind of otaku are you?

“Yeah, that is a problem.” (Makoto)

“But! For something as fascinating as this, I can understand why she is like that.” (Mio)

The turn of affairs seems suspicious~.

“As a follower, for the first time, I, will be asking Waka-sama something! Please give me permission to watch as well!” (Mio)

More like, aren’t you already watching it? Before even asking for the permission.

I see, they got me good. This was the reason for the negotiations with Tomoe.

I made it so Tomoe couldn’t see a part of my memories.

… That is why Tomoe is able to watch the memories that I ‘haven’t prohibited’ her to. And she can edit them. Without even a PC, what a skillful person.

And, Mio saw something in the TV of my everyday life memories and got hooked to it.


What I asked of you was to try and deal with the documents and petitions since you were able to understand the language~.

Even if she can’t read the Japanese characters. Since she is able to understand the way it’s spoken, I thought she would be able to handle it, but…

What the hell?

“History dramas? I don’t really mind.” (Makoto)

“Not that! I don’t have interest in such a thing!” (Mio)

“You, Mio! What do you mean by ‘such a thing’-ja?! You are being rude! That is the truest essence of Japanese culture!” (Tomoe)

What? So Mio got hooked with something different huh. Let’s push aside the complaint of Tomoe. More like, Japanese you say, I am somewhat trying to keep it a secret you know? Since my memories have been read, it is just a matter of time though. Right now I am managing it by saying that I am from a faraway country.

For now, the only ones that have seen my raw memories are Mio and the Arkes, and also Tomoe.

Something different huh…

This is… anime?

Hey. Heyheyhey hey hey!

This, you, that, seriously?!

“Mio, you want to watch this?” (Makoto)

This is a series which doesn’t lose in length to that of Tomoe.

“Yes. I want to have the permission to watch this-desu!” (Mio)

She has a face filled with motivation! However, me. Why did you compile a series of this? I don’t remember having this in my collection.

I see, that person. A friend of archery at the summer of last year, forced me to watch it! It was practically torture! It was an endurance race where I was enclosed in an AV room with air conditioning!

T-The more I remember, the bitter of a memory it becomes. I should have done something to him as revenge. However, a normal high school student shouldn’t have the assets to buy a DVD compilation series. I don’t have that kind of money! Damn you rich brat!

“… I get it. Tomoe, show this to Mio. I am already tired. I am going to sleep.” (Makoto)

“Wa-Waka?! Is it okay? More like, my own time will be reduc-!” (Tomoe)

“I am truly grateful, Waka-sama!!” (Mio)

“Oh~…… Those are called anime and they are drawings that move. Please try to differentiate it from reality~. For Tomoe, the report~”

Along with the report, I still have a lot of things I have to talk about after all.

I will be a merchant from now on you know? Of course, these two will be my followers. They will be like employees.

However, one of them is a samurai or a brigand, or whatever she thinks she is and she is also a history drama otaku. And the other one is inexperienced in society and now she is even hooked on such a thing.

The prospects look grim.

I will have Tomoe report to me in a different room, by the time I finished lecturing her about her sudden disappearance, I was already thoroughly tired both mentally and physically.

It would be troublesome if they discovered that I was not at the inn, so pushing myself, I brought my body to the inn’s room. It had already became night. No, it could even be called late night.

The nights in here become silent pretty fast.

There aren’t many people that spend all night making a racket.

This town welcomes the silence of the night unexpectedly fast. That is why, it may still be 9-10 p.m but the atmosphere is that of late night.

There are a lot of bars lined up close to the inns, they are leaving the lights on at a relatively late hour but, they are right now disappearing. In a bigger town there may be places of entertainment that are like the nightless cities though.

“I am tired~” (Makoto)

I open the window of the room and say a monologue to the outside.

The chair that I was sitting on, was one of those that would rock back and forth.

This was unexpectedly pleasant. I like it. It gives a much needed respite to my weakened heart.

It was truly a day where I moved around everywhere.

It has really been a long time since I have been this tired, both mentally and physically.

I casually look at the inside of the room.

There were two beds and one large couch.

Normally, one of the followers should be sleeping in the couch while switching, but the two of them were going *suya suya* and sleeping comfortably in both beds.

~ A past event ~

“I don’t mind if you come sleep with any of us-desu zo.” (Tomoe)

“*Nod Nod*!” (Mio)

Like I can do that!

Today was a long day so I should just go sleep. That’s right, it’s definite. I am supposed to be a healthy high school boy, but for some reason, I don’t feel any sexual desire for those two. Maybe it’s because I know their original forms, or it might be because they are extremely problematic children.

Might as well pass the night while walking outside. Passing the night while looking at the faint moon in the sky, how refreshing. It reminds me of Tsukuyomi-sama after all. And it also reminds me of the Bug, so the balance comes to zero.

That Goddess. She seems to have spoken with Tsukuyomi-sama, maybe she is a God that is related to the moon? No way, I don’t want her to rule over the moon. Without any meaning to trigger a flag, I seriously pray that that is not the case.

I have already contacted the proper young man. Tomorrow we will be meeting at the front of the adventurer’s guild.

‘To be able to produce one of the elixirs, Ambrosia!’, is what he said passionately and consented to it.

The other members, seem to be taking a rest tomorrow.

‘This place is so calming, since we are going to be staying here, we will be looking for a cheap and relaxing inn’, is what they said.

We are also going to be staying here for a while, so maybe we should rent a house, if it’s possible I want to find something that resembles an apartment.

Since I plan on being a merchant, I will need a carriage and a storehouse where I can deposit my goods.

The things I have to do are clear, so tomorrow and the day after tomorrow will be busy days.

I can tell that it will be a while before I can relax.

The slightly cold autumn breeze envelops my body and gently permeates it. Leaving aside if there is actually something called autumn here, it is just a feeling I have.

“I am actually thinking that I should have a level-headed mind but…” (Makoto)

A self-deprecating voice. I didn’t want to feel depressed, so I tried to avoid that topic though.

“I am troubled by the fact that my two followers awakened to two outrageous hobbies-de gozaru. I don’t like it-de gozaru” (Makoto)

In the end, I trembled slightly at the autumn night as I whispered while trying to escape reality. I fell into deep thinking.

About the blue follower that had a sword fight hobby, and the black follower that has awakened to a new hobby, and me who will become a victim of those.

Let’s sleep. Let’s just sleep.


Author note:

Now, a quiz-desu. What was Mio hooked by?

Nah, that’s a joke. There is practically no hint, moreover, I don’t have plans on saying it until a later time so. ^^;

I-It’s not like I don’t have something clear in mind okay?!

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