Chapter 34: Meeting with the wealthy merchant of Tsige

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And so, using the name Raidou, I once again registered at the guild.

The level that I was looking forward to was, as expected, still 1. Is there really some reason for it?

If it’s because I am not from this world, then are the two heroes at level 1 as well?

Well, they are heroes so, if I slowly gather information of them I should be able to confirm their level.

The famous people have no privacy after all, I sympathize with you, hero-samas.

That’s why I should do my best as a merchant. No no, this isn’t cynicism.

Because of that, for the sake of increasing the connections I have as a merchant, I need to have Rembrandt Company remember my face.

I had to explain to Toa-san and the others that Tomoe is late so I had Mio bring her back and that’s why the registration would be delayed.

By the way, it seems they have made this place their base and are going to be operating in this town for a while.

Moreover, for my surprise, the 4 of them have decided to form a PT*. <TN: party>

Being guinea pigs for human experiments may have created a kindred feeling amongst themselves.

At the carriage I felt like they weren’t conscious of each other, but I don’t know the real situation regarding this.

In these suburbs there are no requests these 4 people can’t take, so they will be collecting some requests and accepting them, or something like that. Wun, I don’t understand the standard for strength.

Requests can be collected and accepted huh. How many can someone amass?

However, with this I understood that it would be impossible to have them accept the S class request.

Since they told me that they reached the max amount they can accept after all.

… I can see their lack of planning and how they ended up to the neck in debt, these guys… I don’t want to lead a life like that of a gambler.

“I will be returning at night”, is what I told them and they left in high spirits.

A number of their equipment had changed. Did they do shopping not that long ago? The people called adventurers acts pretty fast, I should learn that part from them. Maybe I’m just overthinking this.

[Uhm, I would like to accept a request]

“Ara, Raidou-sama. Did you find a request that you may be able to do?”

There seems to be a lot of rookies that decide to register here, so the support they give to newbies is on point.

If I tell them I have the real thing there should be no problems with the acceptance, is what I think but this is making me nervous.

[Yeah, this one]

Saying that, I give her the S rank request about the eyes of the Rubee-eye.

In a second, a wrinkle appears in the middle of Nee-san’s eyebrow. Oh~ it has intensity.

“Raidou-sama, this is an S rank request so the current you cannot accept it”

Please bring D or E requests, is what she told me.

[No, actually…]


I casually take out a red bulk from my pocket and place it on the counter.

[The eyes of a Rubee-eye. It’s just that I already have them. Even with this I can’t accept it? I don’t think this will hurt the reliability of the guild though]

The ranks and such, they should be things that were created in order to protect their reliability. So if I explain them that it’s a sure thing, they should be able to accept it.

Is what I think.


Can it get through?

“?! Is it legit?!”

[Of course. I am a person that has been together with the group of Toa-san that you saw not too long ago. It’s an individual that they defeated on the way here]

Naturally, I didn’t tell them I was the one who defeated it and that they gave it to me.

“I see, if it’s something like that then, please wait for a bit”

The Onee-san left from the backdoor. It must be those ‘only personnel allowed’. Do important people come here?

At any rate, I was surprised.

Separate from the request board I saw the other day, there was another board set over there.

That was a board that was specialized on requests that were related to the wasteland. Across the board, there were level and rank limitations clearly posted on there. How should I say it? Is the supply not keeping up? Maybe the talk about doing transportation as a living that Toa-san suggested was not a lie.

“Raidou-san, right? Can you show me that eye please?”

N? The Onee-san returned? But, this voice is that of a man. Could it be, a trap woman?!

When I checked, I saw that beside the Onee-san there was an old man. It pisses me off but, he was a nice-looking middle aged man. This world… No, I should be grateful that a ‘final weapon’ hasn’t appeared.

That this is a dangerous place that would be bad for my face to be discovered has already disappeared from my worries so, I should be fine taking off my mask but…

Thinking about if I take off my mask, that they will look at me with pitying eyes, it made me reconsider.

[Yeah, go ahead]

The main reason should be to check if it’s the real deal or not. For them to check is actually a wonderful situation for me.

If I have the authorization of the adventurer guild, I should have no complaints.

“This is, there is no doubt about it. The real deal. Moreover, there isn’t a single scratch in it. They should have defeated it by dealing a fatal wound to the abdomen. How praiseworthy”

The old man mixes in a sigh. He has cold sweat running down.

“Then, is it fine for Raidou-sama to accept the request?”

“Yeah, there should be no problems with this. Have the rank S change to special rank and let him take it”

I see. If they do that, I should be able to take it without breaking any rules.

“Understood, then Raidou-sama. The map that will guide you to where the Rembrandt Company is and the document that confirm your acceptance. When we receive the articles for the request and you sign it, please submit it here. With this, the request will be done. Since it’s a special rank, Raidou-sama will now be D rank”

“Raidou-san, I heard that you received this material from Toa-dono and the others?”

[Yeah, that’s right]

“They sold numerous materials at this town. They must have quite the skills but, why did the item that has the most worth among them be in your hands?”

[Who knows? I wonder why. Maybe it is because I was the one that provided the carriage? I don’t understand the clear details]


[Then, I will be taking my leave]

Oh, the Rembrandt guild is unexpectedly close. Just by passing a few avenues that has a lot of pedestrian traffic. I had some fears, but with this I should have no worries about being attacked midway.

I left while checking the map.

The day was at its zenith.

The unforgiving sunlight was still hot. The ‘other side’ should be in the middle of a bitter cold season.

Then, let’s go.


“Please wait here. I will go bring master here”

As expected, Rembrandt-san is the representative of the company.

The location of the map was a big store and when I brought the discussion to the people there, I was brought to the second floor and was received by what looked like a butler.

It was a statuesque butler that looked as if he was from a work of art. Tall stature, swept back hair and a moustache. I can’t see him as anything other than a butler.

The things that were lined up in the store were weapons, armor and miscellaneous things; crossing a passageway you could find daily articles on sale as well.

It was like a huge discount store.

It seems to be a big company so, if they count me in I would be really happy.

I feel like the person running this place has a special type of personality, since it’s such a wealthy company. 

Like, really stingy or a dark type that doesn’t care about the method, or maybe the rich kid that inherited it all?

It would be good if it’s a normal person. The chances are incredibly low though.

That’s right, I should have my adventurer guild card out as proof of my identity while I am at it.

After all, this is the only thing I have that can prove my identity.

Also, it’s something that was issued today so. *Sweat*

I should just have the guild confirm it, if they think it’s fake.

“I’m sorry for making you wait, even though I was the one that made the request.”

Two people entered.

One of them is the butler-san from before. He went on standby without saying a single word.

The other person is the one that called me out. He is probably the Rembrandt guy.

For being a merchant he is a tough-looking big man, his muscles are pretty defined. He has long dark green hair and also has a majestic moustache going on. I have already gotten used to the fantasy style colored hair.

I even have an ominous feeling about being treated in such a gentle manner.

Having stood up in reaction to the door opening, I responded to the hand that he stretched out and we exchanged a handshake.

I do have the decorum from my previous world but, to do this kind of thing while sitting is a bit. If I was wrong then I should just apologize. It’s better for me to do things that I consider not to be ill-mannered.

By the way, while I responded to the handshake I was also thinking about the impression he had on me. Because I would feel bad if I ignored the hand that was stretched out in front of me.

If the person I admire had someone standing behind her, she wouldn’t hesitate to attack, but for me

I am unable to imitate her.

[Pleasure to meet you, my name is Raidou-san]

“I am Rembrandt. Raidou-dono huh. Sorry for the rudeness but it’s a name I haven’t heard before. When did you arrive here?” (Rembrandt)

As expected, the reason why he made me wait must have been to inquire my social status. He must have looked it up but since the information regarding me was so scarce, nothing must have came out.

[Yesterday, I crossed 3 bases from the border wastelands to reach here]

A simple ‘Oh~’ leaked out from the butler and Rembrandt.

“So that’s how it was, I memorized most of the S rank adventurers, since I didn’t remember you in any of those I was a bit on guard. I apologize for that” (Rembrandt)

[Please don’t mind it. Just that, in regards to this request, it has changed from S rank to special rank so please acknowledge that]

“Hoh~ into a special rank huh. No, I don’t mind that at all. And, Raidou-dono. In terms of the fixed date, how long do you think it will take?”

The eyes of Rembrandt-san become sharp. Even though he easily lowers his head, he was a person that made you feel his drive, his pressure. As someone that is administrating a company, he must have survived numerous difficulties.

However, fixed date… I see, these kind of requests, it is normal for someone to just say ‘I will be taking this one’ and until it is finished it is a ‘work’ huh.

If the fixed date is too long then the cost for expenses will be higher, is that how it is?

Or maybe, there are some that take the expense cost and run away, is he being on guard for people like that? Or maybe he is in a hurry? It may be both as well.

[The fixed date will be afterwards. You said previously that in terms of transitioning you wouldn’t mind, but regarding that, I have one more thing I want you to acknowledge]

“… Let’s hear it” (Rembrandt)

By leaving the fixed date for later and bringing out a different topic, it seems that he has begun suspecting me at once. But since the beginning, foul play has never been my style. I should explain the things I can say about myself.

[I am an E rank. Moreover, I registered today and this is my first request. I want you to understand this]

Saying that, I showed him my guild card.

Just as I thought, Rembrandt-san looked at me with wide eyes. And then he returned my guild card.

“I am sorry but, it seems that there is nothing more for us to talk about. But before checking about the Rubee-eye, you should be looking for easier prey.” (Rembrandt)

In a second he treated me like a swindler. No surprise. But, this Rembrandt guy is… an okay person.

His age must be somewhere around mid 30 to 40 years old.

He is slender and tall, his demeanor is gentle and he is not a naïve person. He doesn’t give me the impression of a rich kid that had inherited the land of his parents. It should be fine to think of him as a person with suitable ability.

Having him in my debt will allow me to create a connections with him backing me. At any rate, he is the appropriate person.

Putting away the card, I stopped the person that was trying to get up with my hand.

“What is it?” (Rembrandt)

Sagacious eyes. Umu, if he was not at this level I wouldn’t want him become my backer nor would I want him as my trading partner.  This truly is good. It’s to the point that I want to learn the inners of the business from him.

[I have registered as an adventurer but, I am actually thinking about registering myself in the merchant guild as well. I am thinking about slowly making a company and living as a merchant]

“You are mistaken about everything. First of all, if you want to join the merchant guild you should properly study and prepare yourself for the exams. Also, if you want to become a merchant in this town you should make sure not to get on my bad side. Finally, it would be better for you to not have such a shallow way of thinking by selling the things you get from being an adventurer as a merchant. Business is not as soft-hearted as you think.” (Rembrandt)


Are there exams that you need to study in order to have the merchant guild accept you?! I didn’t hear about this?!

No way! What should I do about the today’s schedule and the schedule from now on? Should I take it even if I know it will not work?

You tossed me quite the bomb, Rembrandt-shi. However, right now I should concentrate on the request. Fu~ to think I would hear the word exams in this world. The society doesn’t work so easily.

[Please listen to me until the end. As a person that aims to live as a merchant I think that having a good relation with Rembrandt-dono will be beneficial. By no means did I come here to give you a bad time. Also, do you think that the adventurer guild would leave a request to someone that doesn’t have the ability to do so? I made sure that there would be no mistakes with the girl that accepted it]


[The reason I told you about my own rank was because in the case that you learn it at a later time, you may have complex feelings about it]

“Learning it now still made me have complex feelings though” (Rembrandt)

[No. Explaining it to you like this, I thought after the completion of the request, it would make for a good relationship]

“Are you telling me that you will defeat a Rubee-eye and bring it here? Certainly, if you just fulfill the request, I will have a favorable impression of you that will reveal your own social standing. Even if you have a low combat ability, if you have connections to someone that has the ability to defeat a Rubee-eye, I would want to get along with you when you finish your affiliation to the guild” (Rembrandt)

I’m glad. It somehow resolved itself.

But not being able to fix my tone of voice in the parts I want it them to sound strong and the parts I want them to sound low is, as expected, inconvenient.

Writing comes with its benefits and demerits.

“Raidou-sama, then, how are you planning on accomplishing the request of master?”

The butler-san looks straight at me with thin eyes while asking me. This person, was he a former adventurer? His gesture has no openings. And his eyes have strength in them. Maybe he is even stronger than Toa and the others.

[I will be showing you that now]

“Show? What do you mean by…?!”

I nonchalantly leave on top of the table, a red ball the size of a kid’s fist.

[There will be no fixed date. Because I already have them. Please, do confirm it yourself]

The two of them hurriedly put on thin gloves and slowly checked out the eyes. Eh? Is it bad to touch it with your bare hands? If that’s the case, I was thoughtless. Next time I should use gloves when handling goods. It’s because the adventurers that were with me were all using their bare hands on the material collecting after all.

Of course they are checking the authenticity but, are they also checking the quality of it? There should be no problems, the adventurer guild gave me the okay after all.

“I am surprised. This is the real deal, moreover, the solidity is weak. Meaning it has only been a few days since it was obtained.” (Rembrandt)

Rembrandt-san seems to be able to appraise the item himself. As expected from the owner of a big company.

[Is there a problem that it wasn’t that long ago?]

“No. The fact that it’s recent makes it more valuable. It will make the processing easier after all” (Rembrandt)

Rembrandt carefully gave it to the butler. The butler took out a special glossy cloth to wrap it up and left it on top of the table.

“… I apologize. It’s an important article and it’s something that makes even us nervous when handling it. To have answered with sincerity and doubt, I ask you to forgive us for that.” (Rembrandt)

The two of them lowered their heads. And then they slowly lift their heads.

[It’s fine, this is the natural reaction. Please don’t mind it. Then, can you tell me why you need the eyes? This is purely out of curiosity but, from what I heard from a friend, this can be used as an ingredient for an elixir]

It may not be the natural reaction. No matter how valuable an article is, I think that the doubts were too excessive for someone that had brought proper proof from the guild. However it’s a request that yields out large amounts of money. Maybe they haven’t encountered frauds until now, or they haven’t suffered damages before. I don’t know about those and it’s not something I should carelessly stick my head into.

“For the person that is supplying it, of course it is a matter to want to know how it will be used. I don’t know if this can serve as an apology for my previous rudeness but, I will tell you” (Rembrandt)

He once again sits.

“We are gathering the Rubee-eye eyes in order to create a certain elixir for a special medical treatment. It may be a method that doesn’t fit the cost of it but as a specific elixir for a particular disease, we need the Rubee-eye’s eyes as the primary material no matter what”

Is what the butler-san explained to me.

So an elixir for a medical treatment. It can be bestowed on a tool and can even become an ingredient for alchemy, moreover, it can even be used for the medical treatment of a disease huh. Furthermore, it rarely circulates.

Its uses are plentiful and its supply is unable to catch up to it, I can understand why they are treating it as a valuable article and are trading it for large sums of money.

[This eye will become an ingredient for a specific elixir? This is the first time I have heard of it]

“… it’s one of the almighty elixers that can be used on any normal disease though” (Rembrandt)

Rembrandt-san went back to polite speaking and responded to me with a serious face.

N? It works on normal diseases as well?

How does that work? Moreover, it’s one of the almighty elixers and yet the cost doesn’t match.

[Are there diseases that are not normal? I have come from a faraway place and my common knowledge is low though…]

“Don’t worry, if you live a normal life it should be something that you won’t have to deal with. The reason I need this is because I have a person I want to save. He is being invaded by a unique disease that is called a cursed disease” (Rembrandt)

[Cursed disease?]

“Yeah, it refers to a disease that infects the person through a ceremony a sorcery specialist does. To cure the cursed infection, you’ll need to use a type of elixir, or have the sorcerer himself release it. There are types of cursed diseases that the sorcerer himself cannot cure even upon his death, and there are some that have no cure at all.” (Rembrandt)

What a troublesome thing they have.

I can somehow understand why elixirs are not cheap. The sorcerer must have to a number of things like materials and catalysts but, the one that suffers the brunt of it is no joke.

“Even in those curses, the one that the madam has been infected with is a level 8 cursed disease. We are suppressing the symptoms temporarily with high priced elixirs but, it is necessary to get the elixir Ambrosia no matter what”

The butler-san muttered with a bitter expression.

Madam huh. I see, a relative of Rembrandt has been infected by a cursed disease. It may be the deed of a business rival.

“We have captured the sorcerer himself and have confirmed that it is level 8. So we made a request in the guild for the eyes. We made that request 3 months ago but we have only gotten one until now, moreover, we have encountered numerous frauds. We were really at our wits end” (Rembrandt)

[And the sorcerer is now?]

“We wanted to make him talk about a way to reduce the symptoms but, he said that his own curse’s formula was perfect. And ‘until the end’ he didn’t tell us anything aside from the level of the curse” (Rembrandt)

Until the end huh. Meaning that he is not in this world anymore. It’s in a serious state of affairs.

[So you were using elixirs to suppress the symptoms while you collected the eyes. Just why did you get targeted by a sorcerer?]

I thought it would be a natural question but Rembrandt-san shakes his head horizontally. From the way they said it, a level 8 must be pretty high. For someone that manages a big company there are many chances to provoke ill will, as expected, is it a grudge?

“… Since the range of the company is wide, there is no way to evade ill will. No matter how well you deal with things. The business rivals that want to ‘partner’ with me number the fifty thousands, it’s a number that we would never be able to pinpoint” (Rembrandt)

“But Danna-sama! For someone to aim at Oku-sama and Ojo-sama, there is a limit to someones cowardice!” <TN: Danna = male master; Oku-sama = madam; Ojo-sama = daughter of high-class family>

“After seeing the solid protection of my bodyguards he must have reached to the conclusion that he couldn’t do anything to me. So he was left with no other choice but to target my wife and daughters, my thoughtlessness is what created this situation” (Rembrandt)

In business as well, when the tasks you have to do gets larger, you will enter the world of politics, or something close to that.

More like, his wife and kids were made targets huh. I can’t imagine the pain of someone that has to watch his family suffer for 3 months. Moreover, even if his opponent are there, he doesn’t have the self-confidence to control it.

This person called Rembrandt, his outward expression, at the very least, looks calm and I thought he was an imposing person that could think things through.

A quite heavy atmosphere along with silence begin to rule the room.

This isn’t a topic that can be discussed. Simply because someone out there wants Rembrandt to suffer.

There isn’t a demand like ‘if you want them to be cured…’, it’s a sudden deathly disease present. How nasty.

“Lately, my wife and 2 daughters have begun to say that they wish to die. I was truly in the depths of despair, but with this we can somehow do one step forward.” (Rembrandt)

Rembrandt lifts his head and looks at me with a smile. That look showed me that he had truly walked through a long and dark road.

It may be because he looks soulless but, even his Kaiser Moustache looked livelier.

Wishing for death huh. If my sisters and parents were in that situation… Kuh! No good, impossible! Stop thinking about it!

[By one step forward you mean?]

“To create the elixir for one person 2 eyes are needed. I have already gathered enough of the other ingredients for 3 people, so with this I can save one” (Rembrandt)

So he has already gathered the other ingredients huh. The last thing he needs is a super rare ingredient, and the cursed don’t show any signs of recuperation.

Certainly, this can be said to be one step forward. To prolong the life of the body at the very least.

[I am glad for that. Is the method for the elixir Ambrosia safe?]

“Yes. There are a number of high level adventurers in Tsige so. If we have the formula and ingredients prepared, it should be fine to just find an alchemist of around level 80.” (Rembrandt)

Oh, even though it’s an important elixir, surprisingly, it can be made by an average person.

[Getting the formula and gathering the ingredients must have been distressing]

“That’s right. In this case, since we have the formula and the ingredients ready for the creation of the Ambrosia, the conditions are so good that we could even charge the alchemist for it. With how the situation is, we are planning on putting it as a normal request though”

If I take what the butler-san said by his word, it must mean that the manufacturing method for the exilir must have a lot value in itself. Certainly, if a specialist does it once, they would be able to remember how it is done.

There must be a lot of people that would want to know the manufacturing process of one of the exilirs that are considered almighty. The ingredients seem to be hard to obtain but, there is no doubt you could sell it for a high price.

N? If that is the case, I should try talking to the proper young man when I return. Or maybe to Mio or one of the Arkes? No, let’s go with the proper young man. Mio is an unknown variable and might cause a problem. The Arkes are still unable to disguise themselves as people.

With the present condition, it is impossible for me to say that I will bring the elixir back so please tell me recipe. I shouldn’t push myself, if that proper young man can do it, there is no problem.

While I am at it, I want to be in presence as well. If I just watch it, I can have Tomoe record it later after all. My memories have, in a sense, lost their privacy. Fufufufu.

[By the way, if it is okay with you, can I also see the creation of the elixir? I have a bit of knowledge in magic so I shouldn’t be in the way. It’s a curse type so we don’t know what will happen until the elixir is taken]

“Fumu… that is…” (Rembrandt)

It may be that he doesn’t want to show the sight of his relatives worn out or to have the manufacturing method spread out unnecessarily, Rembrandt seems to be pondering about it.

But, this already has a set answer. Because I still have 2 cards I haven’t taken out.

[I plan on returning tonight but, I have a friend that is a level 114 alchemy meister. Wouldn’t it save you the trouble if I have him produce it?]


If it’s an alchemy meister then there would be practically no worries!

With this we don’t have to go to the guild and wait for them to accept it!

Is what leaked out from them in a quite good sense. The proper young man will not face any danger, and he wouldn’t refuse decent work.


Saying that, I took a number of red lumps from my bag and left them on the table. They already had one but, since the acquisition ratio was so low they must have left it at that. Well, I will just take them out like this.

The reception room fell into complete silence. Their two eyes had become dots, while I had a complacent smile on my face. How nice, I wanted to grin so badly. It’s hard to restrain oneself.

[Regarding the eyes, I have acquired the proper amount. With this the request is completed, right?]

In an instant.

The two fully grown up men firmly hugged each other and began crying out loud.

With how things were it wasn’t a surprise that the employees rushed into the reception room without any previous notice, but the ones who understood the circumstance, fell onto their feet and began crying and hugged the ones that were closest to them.

It was a scene that thoroughly convinced me that the employees of Rembrandt were truly fond of him.

Waiting for the place to settle down, I received the acknowledgment sign.

‘Tomorrow I will bring the alchemist here’, was what I said and after finishing the meeting arrangements I left the store. At that time, I received a grand farewell by Rembrandt-san and all the employees.

Of course it stood out, A LOT.

I somehow was able to turn around and head for my next destination, the merchant guild.

The sky was beginning to turn red.

It will soon be evening, and yet, my day still continues.

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