Chapter 33: The dwarfs’ announcement assembly

“Rejected” (Makoto)

My merciless voice resounds in the workshop.

Before my very eyes, there was a very bombastic multi-colored full plate that was adorned as if it were made for a museum.

Like I can wear something like this!

Well, it fits right in when I wear it and it doesn’t weight that much but, as a merchant I can’t wear this!

However, there were also a lot of equipment lined up. Cleanly. I feel like I am in the interior of an haute couture* shop. <>

The Elder-san pats the shoulder of the maker while looking forward to the next one.

Well let’s see~ if I had to choose from these ones then…

I pass on the full-body armor. Pass on leather armor as well. Fu~mu, isn’t there something close to a jacket-like casual wear in here? At worst I will compromise with leather armor along with light armor.

Looking at me checking and walking pass without stopping, had an effect on the dwarfs as they seemed to crumble.

That leaves, oh, this flabby vestment-looking thing is pretty good. It looks comfortable to wear. The ideal would be the Taisho romance, student clothing*, but there is no way its here!

Taisho Romance


I stop my hand that was going to take the vestment.

Two spaces beside it.

A set of something that looks like a coat and trousers that can be found in my world.

Being mixed in all this metallic armor, it felt really out of place, it was an indigo blue coat and the lining had a deep crimson funky style that suited it. I really want to hear the aim of this.

“This is?” (Makoto)

“That… did you take a liking to it?”

Elder-san seemed to be meditating something. If you ask me if I took a liking to it, then yeah, I took a liking to it though.

I found a coat that you would only wear on winter. But the cloth stops somewhere around the thighs and it’s made so it won’t obstruct the movements of the body. It looks thick but it’s unexpectedly thin, it may be easier to move in than I expected.

Moreover, it comes in set with trousers. That part really interested me. Are you telling that this is working as a full-body armor?

“Well, it looks a bit like the clothes in my hometown. That’s why I was wondering” (Makoto)

“This is, when Waka-sama asked to make the ring, Draupnir, in a hurry. It is an article that was made with that in view”

As expected of the elder. He knows the outline of every object that is lined up here. The elder exchanges looks with someone and a dwarf with a mean look came out.

I don’t know the age but he looks younger than the elder. Above all, the aged look made him really craftsman-looking. It might be prejudice though.

However, this person too huh. All the dwarfs here have terrible eye bags. Are you not sleeping~?

“Waka-san, did you take a liking to what I made? A person that requests such a ring is, as expected, a unique person huh”

Waka-san, he says. It’s the first time someone calls me like that. It’s scary that in the near future they may even call me with Waka-rin or Waka-chi. I should warn about that later.

“There are a lot of things arranged here, is it fine not to look at a full-body armor?”

“Of course. I have high defense specs in both physic and magic. My habitual specs, in terms of physic I can resist impacts specially well, for magic I have high resistance in wind and fire” (Makoto)

‘Waka-san is specialized in water and darkness attributes after all’, is what he added as an explanation.

If I am versed in water and darkness, will it make me susceptible to wind and fire? That’s probably not the case.

However, for this to be made with the ring in view is something I can’t connect. Is there more to it?

“In regards to battle, depending on the situation it can be used in two different ways. It could be said to be all-purpose-ja”

Don’t say a transforming function please. I don’t want to transform.

“All-purpose, it’s surprising how you were able to make something like that” (Makoto)

“As an equipment, bear in mind”

See? Here it comes. A problem came in. If it’s something like ‘I can’t take it off’ I pass. Even the elementary level all-purpose* magic comes at the intermediate stage, the word all-purpose is heavy. In reality, it can even become ‘a jack of all but master of none’ after all.  <TN: MEGIDO~!>

“Here, look at the sleeve part here please”

This is… thin chains? In a part that looks like a stowing pocket, I can see 5 of them coming out.

“This is made so that when it’s connected to the Draupnir it shows its effect”

So it uses the magic power of the ring, in short…

“In short, it means that the function that you mention, activates by using the magic power that is stored in the ring” (Makoto)

“How sharp, that’s exactly how it is-ja yo”

Meaning that I got a ‘my turn MP consumption’ equip.

“The consumption is bigger than the Draupnir you see, it makes it an equip that concentrates on performance and ignores the user”

That even the Draupnir can’t manage the consumption, for me that has an excess amount of magic power it’s something to be happy about but… the dwarf-san is making a face as if saying ‘I did it for you’.

It looks like it hasn’t been enlarging lately but, just with this magic power I have too much. I want to do something about it.

“Hmph~, then, if I wear it without connecting it to this ring, what would happen?” (Makoto)

“It will suck your magic power directly. The ring that acts as a valve will be gone so this guy will supply until it’s satisfied. It’s at a level that will instantly kill a normal person”

“What dangerous clothes-desu wa ne” (Mio)

Mio returned at some point in time. Did she already decide on the measurements and design of the equipment?

“Mio, did you finish already?” (Makoto)

“Yeah, it came out as leaving the iron-ribbed fan as it is and doing numerous things to it. In the clothes, I have already taken a liking to the kimono so regarding the abilities it will have, we discussed it a bit-desu” (Mio)

“Heh~ your decision was fast. Well, I am about to decide on this one as well though. As a template” (Makoto)

Saying that, I hold the coat and trousers in my hands.

The trousers are a bit hard to put on but, it is treated as an equipment after all, moreover, these are try-on clothes. I won’t mind it. And the coat. I want to test out the degree of it when it’s not connected to the ring.

“Waka-san, it’s no good if you don’t connect it to the ring first!”

First, you say. How am I going to connect a chain that is coming out from my sleeve to the ring first? It can only spring out!

“It’s fine” (Makoto)

Fumu, it is certainly absorbing. But it’s at the level that I have to concentrate in order to notice it. That a normal person would suffer instant death must be an exaggeration. With this it becomes safety boots without them and a safety jacket, in addition to providing protection against fire and wind.

How nice.

“A-Are there no problems?”

“Yeah, none at all. Then, about the second type?” (Makoto)

Does it have something to do with the red in the lining? It’s a dazzling red that makes it a bit hard to wear but not impossible to. I think that it’s a lot better than gold and silver so.

“I think you have already noticed that the back is becoming red right?”

“Yeah, I can tell” (Makoto)

“Imagine it changing places please”

Like this? Oh, OH~!

The outside has become red!

Heh~ Heh~ Heh~!

It can be reversed with an image! This is incredible! Interesting!

“In that state, it will change from defense centered to maneuverability centered. The specialty is resistance to bladed attacks, elements it would be water and wind, and the light element will be strengthened. Also, since it is centered in speed, you should be able to move at higher speeds than normal!”

How will it be~?

I will do a sudden light stroll. The goal will be the workshop’s lamp at the entrance.

I just did a light acceleration but…

My surroundings become slow at once!

T-This is incredible! My reflex is somehow coping with it but if I did this in the middle of town, wouldn’t they think I just disappeared suddenly?

I don’t want to create too much of a wind so, I will try my best to return to my previous position gently.

And yet, the moment I returned, a strong wind was blown.

“This is incredible. It’s convenient and strong. If it has endurance it would be the best though” (Makoto)

“T-That, I have confidence in it! Defensive capability is the basic of equipment after all!”

“Ah, that’s not what I was referring to. An endurance capability to magic power. Because, see here, this…” (Makoto)

At the beginning, the coat accepted it like it was nothing but after several seconds it began to radiate and in a mark of 10 seconds or so, the cloth began to rip up. I once again restrain my magic power.

The 3 rings that I had on, were deep red.

“Hey. It’s a bit fragile. It’s okay to pursue the increase of the performance by several times, I won’t mind that it will eat several times as much magic power. So make clothes that can bear my magic power” (Makoto)

“Such, a thing. For a saturation of magic power to occur”

It absorbed magic power to the limits of its performance, moreover, it didn’t stop absorbing and began destroying the clothes itself.

It seems that it went to a level that was higher than what it was made for.

But if it’s just that, it shouldn’t cause problems. There are no problems in the concept itself. The craftsmen should be able to make continuous improvements to it until it becomes a complete product.

“For equipment, I would want to use the improved version of what he has made. About the bow and arrows, are they ready?” (Makoto)

“Understood. The bow right? We have received the request from Tomoe-sama so, to a certain extent. We would want to test this at least once so, would you please accompany us?”

“I understand” (Makoto)

After that, I requested a number of things regarding the bow and giving them the knife and short sword that I normally use, I head out with Mio to meet the Arkes.

It seems that the other weapon I requested is still in process. As expected, it’s a weapon that is ‘not from this world’ huh.

There are a lot of bows that can be used as base. In short, I explained it as composite bow but, there are numerous special woods that are used as materials and are called self-bows, in short, there are a lot of bows that are made by a single material and many that are outstanding.

If the strength and might are the same then, more than one that I have to be careful when I use it, one that is comfortable is better. If it’s used in training that’s one thing but, one that’s aimed for combat, moreover, there might be a chance that I will be using it constantly after all.

In the many things that the Arkes have gathered and lined up, they organized and divided them while I arrange what I have in my memories. I requested Mio to help them and returned to Tsige alone.

The next thing is Rembrandt Company huh.

Ah, first I should go to the adventurer guild and excuse myself with Toa-san and the others. Because of Tomoe’s disappearance the prospect of registering has become opaque after all, in case anything happens I want them to be present so.

For the sake of acknowledging my acceptance of the S class commission, there is a need for me to register and show them that I hold the required items though.

If it’s impossible, then I will have to consider having Toa-san and the others accept it.

Hiu~ it’s already noon huh. It was a long day, seriously.


That’s right. It’s fine to just take off the ring first before connecting it to the chains. There wasn’t a need to spring it out or anything like that.

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