Chapter 32: The report of the secretary Ema

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Tomoe hasn’t gotten in touch with me.

Last night I certainly drank too much so I wasn’t able to contact her. But for her to not have any contact as well, makes me a bit worried.

An ‘investigation’ that I have asked for was a happy happening for her. However, from her flaming passion I felt something else as well.

“Anyways, the buildings are made at an incredible pace huh” (Makoto)

I make a monologue half in admiration and half in shock.

Even though I got the raw materials 3 weeks ago.

In that whole area my house was already being built.

From the way the parts like the pillars and walls are assembled here and there, I can tell that it’s going smoothly.

The problem is that it’s huge. Aren’t they making it in a crazy size? I was planning for it to be a building like the ones I see in Tsige but, the one that is being made right now is, honestly, on a whole different level.

What they were building in front of me was like a government office building. As expected, it won’t be a multistory building but, it’s pretty big.

I want you to think like this.

The general population in here is approximately in the several hundred.

Thinking about the number of people that are being used to make this place and the manual labor, I just can’t laugh.

“Yeah, it’s max priority after all!” (Ema)

Ema-san is following Mio and me. I don’t know if it’s because the highland orc lady has high communication skills or because she adapts fast, but she is a person that moves busily between the many races here.

It would give me more peace of mind if they just left this half made place for later and concentrated on stabilizing the livelihood of everyone here.

“Ema-san, you can leave my house for later so it’s okay to have the dwarfs-san, lizards-san, cherub-sans* and the various others to do the urgent jobs first” (Makoto) <TN: must be a new race in the Asora>

“I am also suggesting that. We haven’t decided on where the genuine city will be made so the only work that we can do together is this one-desu yo” (Ema)

She explains it to me while smiling. I could see anger in that smile but it must be my imagination. I haven’t done anything that could anger anyone after all.

“When this is done Waka-sama can have a place to live and we can use it as a temporal place for meetings so there is no need to worry” (Ema)

So that’s how it is. Then it should be fine. I will just gratefully let them construct it.

She is a really well-made person. Regarding Asora I should ask Ema-san instead of Tomoe. Seriously.

“I see, I gladly welcome you all so use it as much as you guys want okay? For meetings or assemblies or anything of the sort. By the way, Tomoe is?” (Makoto)

“Tomoe-sama said that she would investigate the vegetation and present condition of Asora and has gone by herself for a few days already. There some things that I was curious about, so she is investigating those as well” (Ema)

With a bit of reserve, Ema-san tells me about the movements of Tomoe.

“Things you are curious about huh. Ema, you…” (Makoto)

“Waka-sama!” (Ema)

“Yes?!” (Makoto)

Suddenly calling me out, I unintentionally responded with a ‘yes’. I still have the common sense of my previous world carved in me. I still have remnants of the moments when Sensei called me out like that.

“Please stop using polite manner to talk with us. Even if you have to force yourself, please talk with us in a normal way!” (Ema)

Well, I am the type that uses polite manner a lot though… To force myself to do it normally, I somehow don’t understand the meaning of it.

Muu. Is it because these guys are people that live in a world that one of my followers made and I am an existence that is above that person?

Do mamonos place more importance in the positions compared to human beings?

“I will be careful from n- I will do my best” (Makoto) <TN: he was going to use polite again but changed it mid-way>

Let’s get used to it as time goes on. I can’t just change with the flip of a switch after all.

“And so, Ema-san. You said there were things you were curious about, I want to hear the details. Also, a report of these few days, short version please” (Makoto)

It must be because I changed my way of speaking, she seemed a bit happier. It seems that Ema-san’s temper has gotten better.

Just like a few moments ago, she reported me in a secretary-like manner.

“Then, I will begin by reporting you of the events until now. First of all, about the living environment, there is no problem with any race regarding this. Thanks to the transfer of Tomoe-sama we have houses so, the things that would cause worries like collapses or deterioration, in the present we have no such situations. About the place to live, there are no real problems and we have finished dividing the areas” (Ema)

The transfer of Tomoe huh. That is certainly convenient. Since I didn’t have a house in the first place I had to live in a tent but, the races that came later have come here with their whole settlement so there were no problems with the place to live and the things to wear. In the time of the migration we had them take out their household belongings but that is in case the place collapses.

“The Arkes said that they would mind about their own dwellings in the forest and mountains. We and the Lizard race are both helping in regards to that so there is no problem. They watch from there and are able to look at every direction so they are helping in the examination of the circumference” (Ema)

“Yeah, I have received reports from those kids. They are putting in order the flora and fauna that they find-desu wa” (Mio)

Mio complements. The Arkes are Mio’s kin, or more like, a parent child relationship. It seems that the reports come to Mio first.

“In terms of individual strength they are the highest ones so, for them to do the survey of the surroundings is trustworthy. We should go to thank them later, right Mio?” (Makoto)

“Such generous words, thank you very much Waka-sama. Those kids will also be happy-desu wa” (Mio)

“They are a real help. It’s a terrain that has appeared after Mio came but, there are no problems in the present survey. The faraway forest has quite the distance so there haven’t been any surveys on it yet. The environment also, most of the things in here coincide with the information we have received from Tomoe-sama and Waka-sama. The arrangements of these are being done by us but I am thinking of doing that after the house is made. Is that okay?” (Ema)

“Of course, I don’t mind. And the dwarfs?” (Makoto)

“Most of them are at the residences or in the various races’ village repairing or making tools. A portion of the superior blacksmiths are sacrificing their own sleeping time in order to create the equipment and goods that Waka-sama, Tomoe-sama and Mio-sama will be using” (Ema)

I see, they did say something about presenting me equipment before. I received arrows so I thought those were what they were referring to but, it seems that wasn’t it. That means that the iron ribbed fan and kimono of Mio are just temporal things?

“Finally, about the Mist Lizards, the guarding of the various settlements and the pioneering of places that can be used as agricultural land as well as raw materials. We are also leaving them in charge of the supplying of food. We are regulating it so the work is progressing extraordinarily well” (Ema)

Hoho~ not only are they pure military power but they can even pioneer and gather raw materials huh. ‘A civil official that can serve well’ or something like that. However, they are in a phase where they are already thinking about agricultural land huh. It’s not like I feel that the scope of the duties are a bit too spread out but.

Contrary to human beings, they have a talent in one area and on top of that they are using the right person in the right place so, it’s no surprise that it’s going well. But to spread out the work so much, I feel like in the current situation we will end up with a lack of hands no matter what.

From what I have heard in the report, I feel like asking the people to drop the pace in the construction of my house and concentrate on the other things. Also, there is one thing that was left out from the report.

“I feel like there is clearly not enough hands though” (Makoto)

I ask without restrain. There is no point if they are pushing themselves after all.

“You are right, that was one of the problems I was going to report after. The scale of the other works are still small so it isn’t a problem about the numbers but a problem of the quality though” (Ema)

Oh? For things like cultivating new land and pioneering, they give me the impression that the more the better but, is that not how it is?

In the surveying also, I think that numbers are strength though.

“In things like pioneering and cultivating new land, I think that numbers are more important though?” (Makoto)

“If it’s about spreading without thinking then yes. But right now we are in a test-like period so we are giving priority to the order and procedure of the settlements. The most important thing right now is to obtain talents that can grasp and understand the data gathered” (Ema)

“And you are saying?” (Makoto)

“The information of Waka-sama is written in a language that we don’t understand so, at occasional times we are advancing while confirming with Tomoe-sama but it’s a difficult voyage. Since a few days ago Tomoe-sama hasn’t been here so, from the various races there have been a lot of reports saying ‘what is this?’ piling up without being able to resolve~” (Ema)

‘I only know a bit of it so…’, is what Ema-san said and looked at me. I understand the meaning of her gaze. Expectation. ‘If you are here then act as a dictionary’, is what she must be trying to say.

Tomoe, did you run away in the middle of it?!

I see, I was forgetting it. I can speak it but the real language in itself is still Japanese. In my memories it’s all spoken in Japanese so I have written it that way too. Well, for the orcs and lizards it’s obvious that they won’t make any progress seeing that.

Or more like, Tomoe who understands it, is amazing. It is true that people learn faster when it’s something they like… how fearsome is history drama. Was it you who taught Tomoe Japanese in such a short time?

But it’s not like that Tomoe understands it completely, and to always use her as a replacement for a dictionary would obviously make her explode at some point… Well I don’t know if she exploded and escaped though.

“The reading comprehension of written characters huh. Certainly, in that respect, no matter how many you have, it would be of no help. But even if I say that, there is no way I can be here the whole time. I will think about it. Anything else?” (Makoto)

For now I will escape. I can’t go teaching Japanese lessons for a whole day after all.

“After that, there is the ‘seasons’ that Waka-sama mentioned before but…” (Ema)

“Ah, ‘this is an easy place to live in as just like spring’, is what you are trying to say right?” (Makoto)

“… Well, it seems that it has been repeatedly changing lately. It suddenly becomes hotter, suddenly becomes cooler, of course, it’s a lot lenient than the times in the wasteland but since it changes without previous notice it is causing a bit of problems. Last week it even snowed. Are seasons something that change by the day?” (Ema)


Right now it feels like a normal spring closing in to summer. It’s cleared up and has a gentle breeze blowing. It’s a peerless place to live in.

If with this it snows tomorrow, then it would certainly be troublesome. There must be some reason for it so we should investigate it. Maybe I should find Tomoe and make her do it. No, wouldn’t it be better if I have Mio help here as well?

“No, seasons are something that run in a cycle. This is quite the strange thing. There are still a lot of things that we don’t understand in Asora huh” (Makoto)

“Yeah, that is a point of worry, anyways, this is something that Tomoe-sama grumbled but…” (Ema)

It doesn’t sound decent.

What is it? Did she have the urge to say shaved eyebrows or something? If she doesn’t restrain herself I will have her shave her own eyebrows. <TN: A Japanese pun with eyebrows I didn’t get. 今度は麻呂とか言いたくなったのかあいつは。大概にしとかんと眉も麻呂にするぞ。>

“In these 3 weeks, it seems that Asora has stopped expanding” (Ema)

… Eh?

It was a serious doubt. You shocked me for a bit there.

Tomoe once told me that the expansion of Asora was still continuing and she couldn’t mark a clear end point.

That’s why I ordered Tomoe to investigate the expansion while she was doing independent action.

You are telling that the moment I ordered this, it stopped?

Are you telling me that the actions I did before and the actions I am doing now were affecting the expansion of the place?

I don’t understand. I want to think that Tomoe went to investigate that.

“It stopped you say. It was so big that it was troubling me so it may be good but…” (Makoto)

“It would be nice if Tomoe-sama knows something about this” (Ema)

Tomoe you rascal, you really disappeared suddenly. To think that you didn’t even get in contact with the people here. I will be doing a forced summon afterwards.

“I will leave it as, ‘confirm later’. After that, I had asked Tomoe for one other work but, how is it going with that?” (Makoto)

It’s something that is pretty important for me. For the treatment of the people in Asora after this and for the sake of evading the suspicion that will be directed at me.

“Yeah, I don’t understand the meaning that well but its proceeding smoothly. For now it is impossible to have them wandering around so we are using them as language practice partners and returning them” (Ema)

Fumu, it seems to be going quite well. The thing that seemed to create the most problem, I feel like I was freed from a heavy burden.

“Are you letting them carry some goods?” (Makoto)

“Yeah, just as you said. Centering in the food and the things they call raw material, food that will reach the town, we are giving those with the pretext of having them teach us the common language. But Waka-sama, what is it you are trying to accomplish?” (Ema)

So Ema-san still doesn’t understand huh. Tomoe that frequently goes from Asora to outside surprisingly understood it but, for Ema-san that has only been here is certainly hard to comprehend.

“In the future, at the times when we are going to take the things that are produced and yielded here to the outside, to have precedent is something quite important. That I am the only one selling it would create unnecessary prying and friction” (Makoto)

That’s right, we slip in some random adventurers and have them understand that they have no ill will, then give them things and have them return.

The adventurers that return will begin to spread rumors about a mamono land that has mysterious things.

That will become common knowledge for the merchants and if it comes to a point where they will accept the adventurers as targets of good fortune, the goods of Asora will circulate at a reasonable pace.

If I create a rotation of races that take charge of this and have them spread rumors of different towns then it will be a done deal.

The things that I am handling are objects that seem to not be from this world so, it’s better to have at least this amount of preliminary arrangement or it will become troublesome later.

After all, to take care of the problems before they occur is, in the end, the most comfortable way.

“Ema-san and the highland orcs as well as the lizardmen and dwarfs, is that how you guys are shifting?” (Makoto)

“No, the Arkes are also in it. They have memorized most of the common language after all” (Ema)

Those half spider people, their ability is high, . As expected from Boss characters.

“Then the things that are discharged are food products, the mist lizards are ornament products, dwarfs are manufactured products, and the Arkes with the medicines they have produced. Is that how it goes?” (Makoto)

I still can’t understand the Arkes’ magic medications and gold products, I have to check this out with Mio.

There should be nothing to worry about regarding the dwarfs’ products. Those stubborn craftsmen would not give someone a creation that doesn’t fit the capability of people.

Well, craftsmen are troublesome in that sense though.

“You are right, right now our magic knowledge is a bit poor. Even though I say that, the only things that the races are giving are all things that are used in daily life” (Ema)

From the point of view of Ema-san, the hyumans are not equal beings. They sometimes come, moreover, they are not that strong at all, is how she must see them. Because by the time they reach this point, they are mostly exhausted.

The missions that have a single highland orc as subjugation target is already rank A so, they must be pretty strong. Of course, the ones that appear around them are normally the combat related warriors so that affects the rank as well.

In reality, Ema-san was almost killed by a Liz. If it’s about the inborn strength they may be at B-.

“That’s good enough. That the things made here are being taken outside has a meaning in itself. When the scale of the place gets bigger it’s fine if we just increase the grade of the items slowly. I am counting on you guys to continue like this” (Makoto)

This will be supervised by Tomoe. In the future, let’s continue leading adventurers into this ‘paradise’ as planned.

After that is… the language huh.

To teach Japanese is difficult. If that’s how it is then, should I have a TV video made as a teaching material with subtitles in common language?

However… no matter how much Tomoe likes history dramas, her learning was way too fast. Is there a trick to it?

“I understand. We will be continuing while following the instructions of Tomoe-sama. With this, I have said all I had to say” (Ema)

“Yeah, please do so. For a while now people have been coming here but, isn’t it work? I have Mio over here so it’s fine if you go attend them” (Makoto)

Because if people saw that I am the one she is talking to, it’s impossible for them to intrude after all.

It seems it was just as I thought, excusing herself, Ema-san left with a quick pace. Well, what a busy person huh. She really helps me a lot.

“Hey, Mio. You, do you understand Japanese?” (Makoto)

“Japanese? It’s a word I haven’t heard before. I think I probably wouldn’t understand it” (Mio)

“Right. It’s the language from my country though” (Makoto)

“Then I understand it. If its conversation then I have no problems” (Mio)

She said it smoothly. Like if it were a matter of course!

“Eh?!” (Makoto)

“It’s because we have made a pact. Because it would be bad if we weren’t able to communicate our will to Waka-sama after all. In the cases of ruling and slavery it is made so that the partner can understand the master’s language. In the case of a covenant, at the time of the pact it makes it so that both sides understand their languages” (Mio)

So that’s why! Or more like, Tomoe, tell me those kind of things!

Then I should leave Mio here for today. With this, the work should proceed somehow. I will visit the place of the Cherubs and…


Uo?! What is it this time?!

How audacious is this voice!

O, Oh. An old man with a splendid beard is coming here accompanied with a cloud of dust. His stature is somewhere around 150 so he practically looks like a cannonball.

However, in Asora event flags stand up anywhere.

“If it isn’t the Elder-san. I am sorry that Tomoe is asking you so much” (Makoto)

“Ara, that dwarf. This iron-ribbed fan thing, I kind of like it. This is a good product” (Mio)

To think that Mio would show her gratitude. Umu, she is growing by the day, this hungry demon.

“No no, to provide equipment to excelling entities, for us that is the greatest of joys. It troubles me if you thank me for that. More importantly, you have finally come here today. I will have you accompany me for a while”

“Eh, wait a second, I was thinking about going to the Arke-sans* place though” (Makoto) <TN: I don’t know why he refers to Arkes here. I am sure Cherub and Arkes are written differently… シェラ = Sherabu, アルケ = Aruke)

“Please do so later! The issue here is urgent. Moreover, if we are not able to correctly measure the strength of the two of you, the creation of the equipment will never advance!”

Tomoe is rather forward about it and makes requests frequently so there are no issues in the making of things but, Mio and I have never shown our faces in the workshop after all. We should go at least once huh.

“You have a point. Mio, let’s go to the dwarfs’ place first” (Makoto)

“Okay, those kids have a lot of stuff they want to ask about the things that they have found until now so I will have them gather all up” (Mio)

That’s right, Arkes were living their individual lives huh. The 4 of them wandered in 4 different parts after all, and there are things I want to do at Tsige so, I can’t stay here forever.

They seem to be intelligent people so I am looking forward to meet them.

Now, let’s go to the dwarfs’ workshop.

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