Chapter 29: Best night ’til now

[T-This is…] (Makoto)

My hands tremble from the emotion.

The time is somewhere around 19:00 at night. A time where one feels decently hungry.

Finishing the division without delay (training my eyes is one of my needless anxieties) I decide on the inn and walk around the town.

At that time I was looking at various stores with Mio and returned to the inn, we received a contact from the guild card that Toa-san had given us.

When I press a part that was flickering while concentrating my will on it, a message begins to write in the air.

So my way of communicating with writing was already a practice around the world huh. How frightening are coincidences.

This is continuing to head on the fantasy route.

Tomoe has not returned yet.

For the party of tonight it’s better if she is not present so it’s convenient for me.

We quickly confirm the location of the establishment and both of us leave the inn.

Though, we can’t underestimate those guild cards.

This has quite a few functions equipped for people that are related to the guild.

For example, if there is a situation where the guild is keeping in custody of your money, even if you don’t take it you can still use the card to purchase stuff. This is quite the debit card.

Also, you can send a message with a limited distance to someone who is in a town with a guild. A wireless communication device, in a world with magic and swords!

That you are able to communicate with voice or writing is pretty impressive.

The other thing that surprised me was, the illustrated reference function.

All kinds of mamono and materials, from minerals to medicinal plants, it had quite the amount registered and you are able to look up the information you want.

Everyone, this function can be obtained for a paltry registration fee! You should learn from this, cellphone companies!

That there isn’t a fixed charge for this kind of service… It has an annual cost of sorts but it’s cheap so it’s like there isn’t. This is too great.

The next time I go to the guild, I have to ask about the functions in more detail.

This is something I heard when Toa-san asked me to contact her, there seems to be a premium service that costs more.

Moreover, it will gain more functions as you level up in ranks!

With this I want to increase my rank even more!!

No good no good, I was absorbed in my delusions.

The cellphone was something that I was pretty attached to so I got a bit happy.

Well, with this and that happening, Toa-san lent us her own guild card with no frugality, so we were able to meet with them without getting lost.

It’s something important after all, I have to thank her.

She felt a bit insecure but.

I think I wouldn’t be able to lend my cellphone to someone else.

With Mio accompanying me, we walk a street where I could feel an especially good scent from both sides.

It was the scent of food or more like, the scent of cooking.

The girl beside me was exposing her inquisitiveness, she was happily following me while distracted by the food in the surroundings.

From a point that was drifting an aroma, we found a signboard that had a bone from a beast and the words ‘Butcher’ written on it. This place is the meeting point.

The name was so straightforward that it gave me a good impression.

And when I enter the establishment I found the group.

Did they take a bath and prepare themselves?

They were all wearing simple attires and had no adventurer equipment.

… Ku~ every single one of them has good sense?!

Or is it that? Beautiful people look good in anything they wear? So extremely unfair!

I should have changed as well. Now that I think about it, I don’t have clothes specifically for town or hunting.

Should I check them out while I’m in this town? In the future I might have to attend evening parties or business related stuff so it might be a necessity.

I want some impressions in the clothes at the very least.

I have the ultimate move with me so it shouldn’t be a problem. I call it, ‘leave it all to the clerk’.

Anyways, I don’t even know the fashion sense in this world! That everything they wear looks cool when they wear it must be because there is a beauty correction in my eyes.

Seeing the food and drinks lined up already, I walked to that point with unsteady feet.

At that place, I saw ‘that thing’ that I have only seen in dreams. From the name of the establishment I had some expectations but… to think they really had it!

I return to reality.

What was in my hands…

That was!

Manga meat!

What men yearn for!

No, what all mankind yearns for!

“Ooh! Glorious!” (Makoto)

I couldn’t stay without shouting it. What a miracle. I am glad I came to this world! <TN: Luffy approves>


“Raidou-san, you love this so much?”

She didn’t understand the meaning of my words, but it seems she was able to guess the reason of my happiness.

The good willed and positive Toa-san, seeing my excessive happiness, began to draw back. But I can’t restraint this excitement.

[In my country, this is a really admired food] (Makoto)

I wrote this words as if squeezing them out.

[Ah yeah, thanks for the guild card] (Makoto)

“Ah, thanks. Heh~ so this is? On these parts, it’s a really normal food though” (Toa)

She is looking in wonder. The other people are as well.

More like, I don’t get the impression that elfs eat that much meat though. And the dwarf girl doesn’t have religious issues with it?

But, they eat it normally? In other words, in this place I can eat manga meat regularly!

Splendid. No, I haven’t eaten any though. If this tastes terrible I will go wild.

[Well, I am happy about that. I feel like this night will be fun] (Makoto)

Leaving the meat aside for now, we find the seats that were opened for us, at that place…

The two vacant seats were lined up. At the outside part was Rinon and the Elf girl. The side of Rinon looks pretty comfortable.

… Someday I want to find, not a friend that looks comfortable, but a friend that I can think is comfortable.

I sit at that place.

“Then, now that the two are here, let’s begin!”


“You are right”

“… I am in, so hungry”

“Rinon’s stomach is already growling” (Rinon)

The way of talking of Rinon reminded me of a certain small elf.

“Then, for arriving to Tsige and our meeting with Raidou-san and Mio-sama, kanpai*!” (Toa) <TN: cheers>


And so, the party started.

Of course, I had meat. The drinks was a sake that gave me the impression of beer. Was it called Ale?

Well, it was a fine alcohol to wet my throat.

At what age can one drink in this world? The country is different and the race is different as well so I don’t know what I should take as reference.

In other words, it means that you are free to do what you want? Yeah, that’s how I will interpret it.

I bring the emotional meat into my mouth.


This is… delicious! Delicious! Deliciooooussss~!

Wow, to think that the looks and the taste are both legend class. With this, I have to go ‘No thank you’ to the knife and fork. I will never use those ever!

No good, I am so moved that tears are…

“Raidou-san, are you crying?!”

Proper young man, these emotions cannot be comprehended by anyone in this world.

These tears are something only I can comprehend.

[As I said before, in my country, this food is a dream in itself. By the way, this is the first time in my life I have eaten this. I was so moved that I unintentionally… I am sorry about this] (Makoto)

I drain the sake that looks like beer. Ooh, its spreading in my body!

And after that I once again equip the meat in both of my hands. And eat!

[Mio, order another serving of this please] (Makoto)

Writing that order to Mio, I continue to eat. And eat.

“What an incredible way of eating”

“You like it to the point of tears huh”

“… so cheap”

“I understand ordering more but, I want to eat that too so at least leave some for me too?!” (Mio)

How stupid, you are ordering more so there shouldn’t be any problems. And there are big plates of salad, meat, sea food and a lot of other things here aren’t there?

In some of those I could see things that are in the ranks of ‘I want to try eating this~!’ from anime and mangas!

Ah~, I am in bliss right now.

“Hahawa! His way of eating is something I don’t see even in dwarfs, I am amazed! Today I will be eating too! Let me treat you all this meal!”

Dwarf girl, are you intending on paying the bill by yourself? I was thinking of paying it all though.

“I will not be leaving that to you, in this situation, let’s see, let’s divide it with the four of us. Taking into account the gratitude we have for Mio-sama and the others”

“You are right, that sounds good! Okay, let’s drink, let’s eat!”

How lively, dwarf girl.

Mumu, I feel gazes?

Mio, no, this one is from the elf girl huh.

Mio is stuffing her cheeks with the meat I ate and having a blissful face. And she has suddenly drunk 3 cups already. Her plates have various types of food, she must have liked it. That’s a good thing.

Anyways, were my manners bad in the eyes of the elf girl? However, to eat manga meat with a knife and fork is practically blasphemy.

[Is there something wrong?] (Makoto)

Without showing any signs of decelerating my eating, I ask the elf girl.

I thought this before but, writing is unexpectedly convenient! As long as the person can read the words, this is good!

This thin meat on top of salad is also delicious~! The other thing that looks like grinded hamburger is delicious as well~! The vegetable stick that serves as mouth rinsing is also delicious~! This looks like a lemon Chinese cabbage, this is a critical for me! The sweet and sour is balanced to perfection! <TN: Tsuki ga Michibiku is a cooking manga>

I haven’t seen the fried stuff before but I don’t care about that, its delicious~ I am happy.

“… You are a mysterious person”


“Even though you are a merchant, you look like an adventurer and yet you are not attached to money. Even though you are a level 1 you are stronger than us, probably”

“You must have been raised in a strange environment”

It seemed to be a place where the gravity was more than 10 times higher after all. I wasn’t aware of that though!

“You have power and money and yet I can’t feel greediness or tenacity. I feel like you are really fluffy, like a cloud… or something like that?”

[Aren’t you being a bit harsh?] (Makoto)

Is she, praising me? But she wasn’t even treating me as a human! She even called me ‘something’ at the end!

“Sorry. You are not ‘something’, you don’t feel like a hyuman. By the way, you don’t feel like a living being either”

She apologized and her correction was even harsher than before. This is a world where I can’t read the results, oi.

When I look, the dwarf girl is forcing the proper young man to drink sake. For now, Toa is distributing the food with Rinon while eating. Rinon is learning from that. She was not drinking sake but juice.

From what I can see, she is 10 years, as expected sake is bad. If her environment is like this when she is so young, no matter if she takes an interest or not, in a not far future the chance for her to drink will come.

“Moreover, that bow. What is that?”

[What do you mean by ‘what’?] (Makoto)

“It was a technique I have never seen before. Especially the first movements before taking your stance, the repose state after that was way too abnormal”

Ah~ that was my own preparation movements or more like, archer-like manner. For a battle related military art it would be impossible.

[That was my own way of concentrating] (Makoto)

“Concentrating? You would be attacked before you do something like that”

What should I say? There is no way she would understand the way of thinking of martial arts. The elfs are people of the forest right? I feel like their standing is different though.

But the me right now was drowned in the taste of food and sake, my mouth was loose.

[The thing that I learned first is called Japanese archery*, it’s a specialized art that teaches about the use of the bow and the enhancement of your own body] (Makoto) <TN: Kyuudou = Japanese Archery>

“Japanese archery?”

[That’s right. It wasn’t made for actual combat, it’s more like a way of learning. Prepare the bow and shoot the target. There was a kind of etiquette mixed in it as well] (Makoto)

“I don’t understand the meaning”

[I suppose so. It’s a specialized thing. If you delve deeper into it, more than a technique, it’s an art that has the objective of strengthening your mind. My first movements are a learning from that] (Makoto)

“That gives birth to such strength and accuracy?”

[It’s not all of it but, yeah] (Makoto)

“Japanese archery… an unknown thing. But it was amazing”

The elf girl was only centered on salad, even with that she was properly eating meat. I was relieved that she was omnivorous.

She seems to be pretty interested in the topic of the bow. Our relationship was so thin that I didn’t notice it.

I drink sake while pondering. I don’t know how many I have drunk already, it had a deep red color. Was the beer like this when we were toasting?

What I was drinking must be something like wine. Probably. I will try asking for other types of alcohols later on. I want to try a lot of things, taking care that I don’t fall down from it!



When I turn to the side that called me, the young proper man stood up and came to my side. It’s a round table so there is no need to come over.

[What is it?] (Makoto)

“What will Raidou-san do with the eyes of the Rubee-eye?! You don’t need them right?! Or will you use it as ingredients for medicine?!”

He looks thoroughly drunk. I saw the dwarf girl making him drink quite a lot. Are dwarfs big drinkers just like their image?

[No, I found a request in the guild so I thought of using it for that] (Makoto)

“What! Such a waste!”

[No no, the one requesting it is a person from a company. I was thinking that this would become a good chance to make connections. I hope you can yield on this] (Makoto)

“Hoho~ connections huh! Certainly, it’s necessary for a business. There is a person here that not only has no referrals, he also doesn’t know the efficacy of the medicine and only looks at his feet after all!”

Ah, I see. This person knows alchemy. He makes medicines and he gets revenue from them.

It has a different image from a magic user. It’s more like, a witch of the forest?

[I’m sorry, for taking such an important thing] (Makoto)

“No no no! Rather, it is to the point that we are taking too much! It’s a matter of course!”

I have only taken one of each kind from the other things and gave all of the remaining things to them after all. More like, their reaction that they would receive even more was kind of amusing.

The face of them after I gave them all the things aside from the excluded ones, it was to the level that I even wanted to record it. Everyone’s mouth was wide open and their eyes were popping out.

[To renew your journey you may need a lot of things so it may not be enough but…] (Makoto)

“It’s enough! It’s an unbelievable blessing that can even make me fly in the skies! The inns were also at one rank higher than normal!”

This person exaggerates so much. I thought he was the herbivorous type but when he is drunk his behavior changes completely. His way of talking about the inn’s rank sounded so much like a commoner that it brought a smile to my face.

[I’m glad, I was worried about it] (Makoto)

“You shouldn’t mind it at all! Wa wa wa wa, we will be at the guild tomorrow so, let’s surprise everyone together~!!”

The young man returns. At the place he sat, he toasts once more by himself and begins to drink again. What a lively person.

“Oh~! Are you drinking?! You are drinking! Now now now, drink more! Eat more!”

Now it’s the dwarf girl huh.

This person makes me cheerful.  It can be said that she feels like an old man. It’s an alcohol drinking that is filled with health and is cheerful and fun.

It’s not a way of drinking that makes you popular but it’s fun. It’s a way that looks good for me.

Moreover, it seems that she is more of a beer person. From the beginning all she has been drinking has been a gold liquid with foam.

Even now she is gulping down the alcohol with her right hand while her left hand is holding 2 cups more.

Is she thinking of drinking it or making someone drink it?

No matter which one it is, it was scary that her atmosphere made any of those valid.

[Of course I am having fun] (Makoto)

“That’s good! Alcohol is the reward of life, if you don’t enjoy it then it would be a profanity to life itself after all!”

You would say as much as that? She is denying all non-drinkers. However, when this person says it, it makes me feel like ‘it may be~’ and that troubles me.

“By the way…”

The dwarf girl-san suddenly looks at me with a belligerent gaze. Close, your face is too close.

Moreover, she stinks of alcohol! Just how much did she drink?!

Even if I call her a dwarf, she doesn’t have a beard and you are enough cute so I would like it if you learnt a bit of prudence! More like, you are a splendid loli girl!

[What is it?] (Makoto)

“The fight this afternoon, your skill on the bow was brilliant!”

[Thanks] (Makoto)

“However, that power. That wasn’t something that could be done with just technique or the specs of the weapon”

[You are trying to say?] (Makoto)

“Raidou-dono, in reality, you have an incredible physical strength don’t you?!”

She said it as if challenging me. The dwarf girl seemed to be having fun while saying that.

She wasn’t wrong. It’s exactly as she said. Since the time I came to this world, there is no enemy that my hits have no effect on.

[At that degree is just…] (Makoto)

“Do you call such a thing ’that degree’?! Wawawawa, yeah, I am now interested! Have a contest with me!”

Saying that, she cleaned everything that was in front of us with her hands.

What is she thinking of doing?

Before I could think that, the girl already had her elbow on the table, and she thrust out her dominant arm on me.

This is, arm wrestling? Is it?

“Come now~!”

Well, this is no mistake right? Let’s keep her company, it looks fun after all!

[I am in!] (Makoto)

Writing that, I stand up and grab her hand.

At some point in time Rinon was taking refuge on the laps of Toa-san. What a smart girl.

“What a happy thing, that you know the tradition of us dwarfs when we want to compete in power”

I-Is arm wrestling such a tradition?! The dwarf girl that was smiling inappropriately seemed to be really having fun.

“Then, Rinon-dono, can I ask you to say the word ‘Begin’?”

“Okay! Then, here I go~… Begin!!” (Rinon)

In a second, the dwarf girl put all her strength at once in order to bring my arm down.

But, I wasn’t perturbed at all, and I didn’t move. Because it was powerless after all.

Her body power is impressive. Her muscles are showing her veins, she was being desperate but I could tell that it was a pretty cheat like disposition.

“Nuooo! Unbelievableeee!”

[Hmph!] (Makoto) <TN: lol, did he seriously WRITE that?>

I gently place power in my left hand.

“Fuoooo~?! No wa!!”

With the elbow as a fulcrum, the dwarf girl was toppled over.

“Onii-chan wins! Impressive~~!” (Rinon)

I received a *clap*clap applause. I was a bit happy that the eyes of Rinon turned a perfect circle.

“How unbelievable, this is the first time in my life that I have lost in such a way. Its my complete defeat, the world outside is wide!”

The dwarf girl gets up while rubbing her right hand and yet, she had a wide smile on her face and began drinking again. This time it wasn’t the proper young man but the elf girl that got caught up with her.

The waiter that was cleaning up the plates that Mio had eaten, was unable to catch up with her speed, in my area I could see plates beginning to pile up to the sky.

Well, I have also eaten quite a lot so I can’t say much about others.

Without any choice, I went and sat in the seat that Rinon was using before.

At the front of this seat there were various pieces of cut steak. And also some kind of carapace that has been boiled.

Both of those were pretty good. The steak, aside from their appearance, were easy to eat and the meat juice was delicious.

The carapace one had a strong sweet taste that felt like crab. When in contact, it was soft, it wasn’t puffy but it was quite good.

“I am happy, it looks like you are having fun. I didn’t ask about what you liked so I was a bit uneasy” (Toa)

“Everything is delicious right? Onii-chan!” (Rinon)

It’s just as Rinon says, there wasn’t a single dish that was bad. I think it was like a miracle. The taste was a bit thin but it was so good that I didn’t mind it.

They must be using the salt and herbs skillfully to prepare them.

[It’s delicious, incredibly. Mio and I have been impressed] (Makoto)

I said my impression exactly as my heart dictated. I honestly thought that the choice of her was the best.

“The hometown of Raidou-san has pretty different meal customs right?” (Toa)

[It seems so. The flavor here is a bit on the light side in this parts but every one of them is really delicious] (Makoto)

“Light huh, this establishment is famous for having deep flavor food and alcohol to drink though” (Toa)

[Oh, is that so. Then it’s just that my hometown has a deeper flavor then. It is truly delicious] (Makoto)

“Raidou-san, for a while now you have only been saying delicious. Tomorrow in the morning you will be going to the guild at once?” (Toa)

Toa-san looks like she is having fun but her face was telling me that she had another objective in mind.

Maybe it has something to do with her lingering attachment?

[Depending on the regrouping of Tomoe tomorrow, we will register in the guild and after that I will go to the merchant guild and do some sightseeing maybe] (Makoto)

“Ara, sightseeing you say” (Toa)

[Yeah, this is my first time in this town so. I like travelling] (Makoto)

“Ufufufu, somehow, Raidou-san said something that sounded like a noble. Just how much of a big company heir are you?” (Toa)

[Sorry for being unbeknownst to the outside world*] (Makoto) <TN: country bumpkin>

“Nah~ then tomorrow at night, is it okay to intrude at your lodging once? With the intentions of knowing the contact information of Mio-sama as well” (Toa)

Now that I think about it, the time when we were receiving the eyes of the Rubee-eye, the four of them asked the contact information of Mio.

I didn’t understand what they were trying to say but, when I asked in detail about it, it was what you used when you wanted to contact someone using the guild card, an address of some sort.

In short, it was like a ‘please exchange mail addresses with me’ kind of way.

I didn’t mind it so I said okay. Tomorrow night huh. If so, should I give them Tomoe, Mio and mine’s?

[Yeah, I don’t mind. Tomorrow night right?] (Makoto)

My schedule for tomorrow is filled.

Go to the adventurer guild with Tomoe and Mio, after that, go to the merchant guild and introduce my company, a rough map of the world, and then buy a map of the surroundings.


Tonight was a truly fun night.

As if celebrating the deep emotions inside my heart.

The party continued until late at night.

The price was 1 gold coin.

We ate and drank so much and it was only that much. It was truly cheap. The best!


It was the most flourishing place in the borders of the world.

Changing the way of saying it, I have finally reached the entrance of the hyuman territory.

My traverse in this wasteland has finally ended here, I can finally take a breather in the wandering of this other world.

It took… a long time.

And it was delicious! Fun!

It was like telling me ‘well, in the end you should have some fun’ that kind of service.

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