Chapter 30: Gossip about the hero of Limia

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The Imperial City is filled with liveliness.

The Kingdom of Limia is the northern extremities’ potency of the hyumans, it’s the major power that is considered the last line of defense.

By the way, at the east vicinity there is also a major power, the Gritonia Empire. It’s also a line of defense and both of them work in a joint relationship. In reality, both of them were able to stop the advance of the demon race so, the weight of their words with other countries is also incredibly strong. But it’s strange for the kingdom to be so lively like it is right now.

There was a reason for that. It was a festival called the ‘Revelation of the Goddess’ and is an event that woke up the whole populace.

In these 10 years, just how many times they prayed to the goddess and had been ignored.

In the face of the unprecedented large advance of the demon race, the hyumans that were unable to obtain the blessing of the goddess, received a truly crushing defeat. One of the large countries that was considered as part of the five major powers was destroyed, and the territory of the continent changed greatly. The demon race that lived in the cruel icy fields at the northern extremities, now has a harbor, possesses a plentiful land and has become a big country.

There was no way the small and medium countries could pose any challenge to them when one of the major powers was easily swallowed. A number of demi-human countries perished as well.

The continent that was considered the paradise of the hyumans in the past is now slowly changing with the growth of the symbol of the demon race.

The people that were looking at this situation, thinking that the Goddess had abandoned them, had finally received an oracle. It wasn’t strange for the state to do a festival and cause an uproar.

In the streets there were gossips that were saying that the Goddess had brought a hero to destroy the demons, it became a pretty exaggerated thing.

But the real oracle’s content was not that kind of exaggerated thing.

“I will give you a hero. Attack the demon race”

That was it. Anyways, they had to question the disposition of the girl with the Goddess. It wasn’t like she was a brat placing a slip memo. This kind of explanation was an oracle that could be interpreted freely, it was to the point that it troubled the one that received the oracle.

This oracle. The ones who were given the responsibility of receiving the hero, their messiah, was Limia. From the 3 persons that came from the other world, the one that has received the best treatment was the hero of Limia.

Changing the place from the noisy area near the castle to the temple. Since it was destroyed by the demon race, the religious country Elision is no more but, there was a Goddess temple that was used to carry out rituals the whole year.

That place that was included in one part of the castle, a golden light suddenly appeared, overflowed, and exploded. The lights that were spread out, scattered the offerings and in the place that was blown off, a single girl was standing there. A hair that was so black that it felt like it could engulf the light just seconds ago, her age seemed to be around 15 years. Her height was 170 centimeters and her face had a proper style.

The priest was very troubled by the sudden appearance of the girl.

She was a suspicious person but, the golden light is the color of the Goddess. That she was clad in that light was the reason of his bewilderment.

There, the cry of a crane rang out.

It was the voice of the Goddess that hasn’t been heard in 10 years.

“She is a hero. Treat her well”

The priests shouted in joy. There were old aged priests that went from Elision to Limia and they have heard the voice of her before, so they didn’t hear wrong.

The Goddess has returned. Moreover, she has send us a hero!

Is what they said.

The hero that was on the altar, Otonashi Hibiki, reacted to the surroundings around her with a bitter smile. The bewildered people and the offering and food that were blown off because of her arrival, there was no other reaction she could do.

In the beginning, she thought that she was in a dream that was shown after going to sleep.

In the strange sparkly golden space, she was told by an incredibly beautiful blond woman the details of the situation so she understands the circumstances to a certain extent.

‘The world that I am in charge of is being raided by the ‘wicked’ demon race. I will give you as much power as I can so please, lend me your help’. If it’s a person of ‘that’ world it was possible to travel to another world, moreover it had to be a lady that would have the same wavelength as the Goddess.

In short, she begged to an unnatural level.

On top of mixing quite a bit of lies, she didn’t touch the reason of the raids a single time. The part about being ‘wicked’ was a total falsehood.

Thinking about the friends in her original world, she refused once.

With the Goddess being pretty persistent about it, the girl thought ‘Ah~ this is not a dream’. And so, the girl began to consider.

If she can ‘really’ go to another world, it would be one of the wishes the girl had.

The Goddess enhanced her physical strength and gave her strong magic power, on top of that she gave her the charisma to attract other people and conferred her a sacred treasure.

The girl had lost interest in her world. She didn’t have any lingering feelings for her previous life.

The household she was born into was rich and she was blessed with good looks, moreover she was good at both studying and exercising.

She did put effort in it but the girl was in the winners’ side. Moreover, she was able to enter in any type of society and by the time she noticed it she was practically at the top of the winners.

Even inside her own family.

Even at primary school. At middle school. And there was no change in the high school she was attending to.

She was beautiful and her smarts were at the nation-wide level, fighting for the top spot. In physic she is at the kendo club and is in the country-wide section, she also assists in other matches and becomes a power. She also became the unanimous school president.

Kind, caring and has a good reputation.

It must be because she was able to do anything. She doesn’t remember a time where she has been in problems with anyone else.

Therefore. She had a hell lot of friends but, she didn’t have a single true friend. At least one that she could think of that way.

There was one student that was in the same school that she thought was interesting but it wasn’t to the point that she could call that student a true friend. No, there won’t be a chance for that anymore.

Because she was so fulfilled, she didn’t have that much attachment to reality, to the world.

So when she was told about being a hero, she was slightly attracted.

One who overcomes difficulties and accomplishes a goal. To have a goal is nice.

There was no need for the Goddess to add a function in her body that would make it impossible to get fat even if she ate too much, the answer of the girl was already decided.

It was most likely one of the triggers though. Having received the freedom to eat anything without minding about it, the girl gave the Goddess an affirmative response. And that’s how we are in the current situation.

“Oh, Hero-sama. Will you please tell us your name?”

Lined up, one priest that is probably the highest in rank stands in the front.

“Hibiki. My name is Otonashi Hibiki” (Hibiki)

The whispers of people. The ripple that seemed to chew through was beginning to spread.

On the other hand, Hibiki was relieved. The Goddess did say that she shouldn’t worry about the language after all.

As expected, when people from a foreign country that have different color of hair and eyes stand in front of you, one would feel uneasy the moment you try to exchange words.

It seemed to be a needless anxiety. She also felt that the meaning of her words was properly delivered.

“Hibiki-sama. What a nice name”

“So, where is this? Your name?” (Hibiki)

“This is… please forgive my rudeness. This place is the castle in Limia. My name is priest Henry Luminas Ira Potaga Elision”

“W-What a long name huh” (Hibiki)

Hibiki said those words without thinking. Not only did they have their own family name, they also had their place of origin and the previous family name of both parents.

“Then call me Harry please”

It became one word.

“Hibiki-sama has descended to this lands as a hero. Its fine to take it like this right?”

The priest that had shortened his name for Hibiki, asked her.

She thought ‘That’s right, I have been called by the Goddess to fight’.

“… Yeah, the Goddess asked me to exterminate the demon race” (Hibiki)

They made a simple ‘Oh~’ at that.

There were some that were surprised by the tone of Hibiki that was like she was on equal standings with the Goddess.

“Is Hibiki-sama a Goddess of war?”

He respectfully called her. It was because even if she was called a hero, to be a human being or a God would change the way of treatment after all.

“No, I am only a human. I have received a number of blessings and tools from the Goddess though” (Hibiki)

She shows them her silver band. This can repel darkness, moreover she was told that it had the effect of increasing the magic power.

A person said that it was a sacred treasure and then lowered his head back. It was certainly more appropriate to receive a sacred treasure instead of a magic item from a God.

“A human… it’s what the ancestors of us hyumans are called. I see, you do have resemblances. No, your appearance is like mirror image”

“A hyuman you say? From what I see, you look the same though” (Hibiki)

“However, the inside is different. We are not existences that can have that much amount of magic power inside after all”

Hearing the words of the priest, Hibiki lifts her eyebrows. ‘Did they do an inspection of me at some point? If they did so then it makes me feel uncomfortable’

But the sharp sighted priest was able to read her expression and flustered, he waved his hands horizontally.

“We haven’t done anything. The great you exudes such a mighty magic power so”

That he knew was just by chance. Is what he was trying to say.

That the magic power that was lend to her was something that would make others prostrate like this made her feel bad. But the girl felt that it would be troublesome if it was naturally leaking out.

If the enemy knows her power from the beginning, they will be able to read it to some level and the hands she will be able to play will lessen.

She silently decided to learn a way to hide her own magic power. The magic power was something that she originally didn’t have, she might have a bit of difficulty learning how to handle it.

Difficulty, even if she thought that, it brought a smile to her face partly because of her personality.

“Well, that is fine. So, what should I do? Is it fine for me to be here?” (Hibiki)

With a face of forgiveness rising in her face, Hibiki spoke with the priest.

In the surroundings, a feel of relief was born. For a conduct that she has done herself to affect so much the other people was something that didn’t happen often. The girl thought that this was a bit fun.

“Ah, no! I am sorry for the suddenness but I would want you to meet the king, I will soon obtain the permission for an audience so”

“Is it something that will let me meet the king so suddenly?” (Hibiki)

“Lady is a hero-sama after all. A special existence after all!”

Hibiki felt her own lips loosening.

She wasn’t someone that indulged herself that much in games but.

She felt that she somehow understood the feelings of the people that like RPGs.

That you are special. And from now on you will experience a special and unique adventure.

That beginning was an exalting and comfortable feeling that was hard to obtain.

“Ara, now that you mention it” (Hibiki)

Hibiki that was being led by the priests and was walking in the interiors of the luxurious castle, suddenly stopped her feet.

It wasn’t that she was fascinated by the ornaments of the castle.

“Is there something?”

“Yeah, aside from me there is one more, there is supposed to be one more hero though, where is ‘he’* right now?” (Hibiki) <TN: he = gender neutral>

*Zawa*Zawa <TN: sounds of commotion>

“You say there is one more?”

“Yeah, the Goddess said that she had send one more before me” (Hibiki)

Those words stirred the surroundings.

It was not a comfortable commotion at all.

“One more, then can the talk about the empire obtaining a hero be true?!”

“There is no way the Goddess dispatched a hero to a country like that before us!”

“Why didn’t she grant both of them to our country?”

Bla Bla.

‘It seems that the other hero has been sent to a country that is not that friendly with this one’ is what Hibiki thought.

If the objective is the same then there will be a chance to meet, is what she thought but she didn’t care at all about that time.

“I see, it seems that he isn’t here. What we are going to do is the same so I don’t mind though” (Hibiki)

“… You are right. How reliable”

With a look that seemed to have a hidden meaning, he didn’t speak anymore after that.

With audience as the reason, the girl was let in.

“Lady, are you the hero-dono?”

(The scene is exactly as I imagined it)

In a wide space there is a red carpet, at the front there are stairs and at the top two thrones.

A middle-aged man and a young woman were sitting on them. They were probably the king and princess. It may even be the king and the queen. She decided not to mind about the difference in age.

“Yeah, I am Hibiki Otonashi. I don’t know the propriety in this world so please pardon my rudeness. Is it okay to call you King-sama?” (Hibiki)

The reply of the girl that informed about the courtesy first to the king. There was no bashfulness in it. It was as if she was talking to a person of equal standing and she was looking at them in the eye.

There wasn’t a single retainer that called this out as rude.

“Of course, I have heard from the Goddess-sama that you have been summoned from another world after all. I don’t mind it. But, fumu. You are certainly a hero. From the magic power that is enveloping your body, there is no questioning about it. I am the king of this country, Nhornir. Because it’s too long, it’s fine if Otonashi-dono just remembers me by this name” (Nhornir)

“I thank you for your consideration. I myself don’t understand that well about magic power but, that the Goddess has sent me here must mean that I will be fighting the beings called demon race in this country. Is that right?” (Hibiku)

“… You are right, I didn’t think a lady like you would be a hero but, the war with the demon race, it may be skirmishes right now but the ones carrying the defense line are us. In time it will come. But right now you have to learn about the world first” (Nhornir)

(In time? They must have some flexibility. It’s a lot better than not having a single room for flexibility though)

Nevertheless, Hibiki had been interested in the eyes that the surrounding had.

It wasn’t in the area of inquisitiveness. They had admiration or like trance. It wasn’t that comfortable.

By the way, the reaction of the girl’s beauty and of being a hero, the reaction directed to her mysterious black hair and eyes that carried the same color were what affected those gazes but the girl didn’t have that much self-awareness of this.

Anyways, the girl that wanted to get out of this place, her method was…

“I am truly happy by that proposal. I don’t know anything about this world so I am thinking about being taught one step at a time. To face the situation I want to know how much is my power so I would want to ask for a bout with someone though…” (Hibiki)

To migrate to a place where she could move.

With this proposal, the gazes that were directed at her gained strength all at once. In a good direction. Maybe it was the effects of the charisma that was given to her.

(I don’t mind that I have a lot of magic power but, for now, I want to grasp my own physical strength. They may not have katanas but thinking about the footwork of kendo it can be possible to use a sword)

She was thinking about what weapon she should be using and so, this was the beginning of the life of hero Hibiki.

~ Knight (?) ~

The girl that was called hero, in my eyes I saw her as if light was dancing around her body.

A face that was filled with confidence, proper standing figure, it was a majesty that I can only think of as equal to that of the king. Receiving the light, her glossy jet black hair was shining.

Her through words that carried her will and those gestures, even if she didn’t know about etiquette I couldn’t see it as rude. My heart was robed with a single glance of her.

The king must be thinking about the treatment a girl like her should receive in the battlefield but, most likely, there shouldn’t be any worries about that.

If she learns the combat skills and how to utilize her magic power, there is no doubt that she will become stronger than any of us. She will certainly be the ace that will allow us to take the enemy commander’s head.

The first thing that the girl asked of the king was, shockingly, to fight. She said that she wanted one of us knights to have a bout with her!

Being a girl she was different from the nobles and magic users from around, she had a simple and vigorous heart!

Far from having my heart robed, this was… one step higher than admiration. If I were able to live by the side of this lady, just how much would my life shine?

I want her. This has been the first time in my life I have thought like this.

But my surprise didn’t stop there. The existence that had been selected as a hero by the Goddess was an overwhelming thing.

Without selecting someone as lowly as me, the captain chose the knights that were superior in ability and the result of them fighting her was, her complete victory. Not being able to follow her body movements and on top of that, her sword skills were fast. I thought it was a bit too honest of a sword technique but her strength seemed to be high and a large part of the men were being send flying as if only natural.

Finally, the captain himself went to have a bout with her. Everyone in the surroundings was looking at the girl. No surprise. A slender girl was smashing the knights as if dancing. Right now she was fighting on equal footing with the strongest chief of the knights unit.

Moreover, the magic power that was overflowing from her body was not normal. To think that she has such skill while carrying such an amount of magic power. Are heroes such kind of existences?

… They are on a whole different league.


A high-pitched sound resounded in the training field.

When I look, I could see the sword of the hero broken in the middle. This is, the win of captain huh.

No! The sword of captain was sent flying into the sky. The captain was sweating violently and his hands were trembling slightly.

The hero, with a face that didn’t have a single drop of sweat, looked at the sword while pondering.

No way, are you telling me she can already use the sword up to this point? Is this lady a War Goddess?!

Her distressed face also had a different color to it and was beautiful, aside from me, there were a lot of other young knights that were charmed by it.

In time, the sword of captain pierced the ground of the training field, it was the time when we thought that our chief had his head taken*. <TN: as if defeated in the battlefield>

As if the girl was able to control those movements, she herself threw away the sword.

“I thank you deeply, people of the knight unit. The combat sword techniques are incredible things right? I was filled with admiration. I ask you to teach me again in the future” (Hibiki)

Saying that, she presented her hand. Captain takes that hand and exchanges a handshake. She must have said that taking into consideration the pride of captain.

The cheers that occurred. Tch, damn captain, its fine if you die. Oh, no good, the voice of my heart.

When the hero picks up the broken sword and gives it back to captain, the king and the priests were for some reason prompting something. Will it be performed already?

As knights, we had no choice but to see them off in this training field. As long as I am a knight I have to abide to those orders.


The hero that I was looking at, turned this way. The black eyes that felt as if they would swallow me, with a kindness filled color, she smiled.

Ah~ I am done for.

I already exist only for her. That’s what I decided. I will definitely obtain her!

I will swear by my name. By the name of the first prince of Limia Kingdom, Beruda Nosto Limia.

The reason why Hibiki smiled at the prince was because he was looking at her so much that she send an indirect ‘What is with this guy? Don’t look at me that way’ beautiful smile that was urging thoughtfulness. There wasn’t a single ulterior motive in it.


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