Chapter 28: I get off the carriage and the babysitting ends

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[You leave me no choice. Then, I will be doing the last one] (Makoto)

“Eh?!” (Rinon)

The first thing that came out was the wonder of Rinon.

*fidget*fidget. Just how low are her expectations of me?

“U-Um Raidou-san? We will be doing as well you know?! Let’s ask Mio do it!”

The other people are also desperately trying to stop.

A tear-jerking assessment must mean something like this.

I couldn’t even collect raw materials so I can tell how much of a novice they think I am.

I rummage for my bow and arrow and take them out. I exchange looks with Mio and stop the carriage.

As expected of the bicorn horse-san. He isnt even fazed by the strong looking bugs that are heading straight to us. He is listening to my orders by the letter.

Uhm, the ant’s weak point was the head right? Where was it for the bees?

[Uhm, the weak point of the Size Ant’s the head right? The one called Rubee-eye, was it the head?] (Makoto)

“That’s why I told you its impossible!”

“Also, for the Rubee-eye, its no good if you only aim at the head!!”

“You haven’t heard about them, to fight them is…!”

They are really telling me off. I will cry you know? But, they certainly did tell me not to aim for the head, I messed up a bit.

[Its fine, just tell me where I should be aiming at for the Rubee-eye, please] (Makoto)

“Uwa… This guy intends to shoot without even knowing the range of a bow!”

“Please, we can still convince Mio to do it”

“… The weakness of the Rubee-eye, if I remember correctly, its the abdomen-desu” (Toa)

“Hey Toa?!”

Toa silences the noisy bunch. Umu, this girl has good eyes. It seems that she was able to see my ability the moment I took a stance with the bow. Fufu, I am scared of myself.

The head and the abdomen huh.

Hmph, with ‘how close’ they are, there is no way for me to miss.

If it’s just archery it would be another case, but I also master the art of archery. If its necessary I can even do close quarter combat. Ah, that’s right. Next time, lets ask the dwarfs-san to make ‘that’ for me.

I am of course, used to moving enemies.

I prepare my bow. There are still a lot of arrows that the dwarfs gave me. There is no problems with this equipment.

(Hey hey, Toa?!)

(Shut up! It looks like he is concentrating) (Toa)

(No, like I am telling you, its impossible. This distance is something only magic can manage)

(And also, he is a level 1. What is he thinking?)

These bunch, h-how disrespectful. The words of the calm elf-looking girl pierce right though my heart. Even though she calls Mio with honorifics!

But from the 10 enemies I have already locked on 6 of them.

7, 8, 9…

Then, lets answer the expectations of Toa-san.

Is what I thought but…

(If push comes to shove we still have Mio-sama with us) (Toa)

(Oh, I see. We are going to let him do what he wants and have her move out)

(Also, he might be someone awesome if Mio-sama left it to him)

(… No no no… That’s impossible for a level 1)

(It’s not Raidou-san, it’s that bow. It may be an incredible object. It may have something like aiming or critical that will kill them off in one hit) (Toa)

(… I see, I didn’t think about that. Certainly, leaving the bow aside, the arrows are pretty well made)

The damn that keeps the tears of my heart might break down at any point. You go straight to denying my own ability?

It’s the bow huh!

Should I make you all aiming targets?! All you fools… uh…

I don’t care anymore! Just watch and be amazed!

“Onii-chan, are you okay?” (Rinon)

Jeez, I am beginning to see Rinon as the sweetest girl here.

The distance is around a 100 meters huh.

I have finished locking on all the enemies. Lets begin with the bees.

“… Fu~”

I quietly let out the air in my lungs. And then, the first arrow. From the two Rubee-eye that were leading the group, one was brought down.

Following that, another one. Of course, the bee from just now had a hole in its abdomen and fell to the ground.

3, 4, 5…

I was smoothly locking them on and bringing them down.

From my back I could hear things like ‘No way’ or ‘What is going on?’, did you see that you bastards?

Do you understand now? When I use a bow I am pretty incredible you know?

I may have the worst face but in my department I can be considered the best.

8, 9…

With this one it’s the end, *tou.

The last ant’s head is pierced.

It has been 30 seconds.

The enemy was surprised by the first attack so they stopped their movements, by the time I began my moves it was already over.

I didn’t let a single one get close. I defeated them all with one hit! Don’t underestimate the super-strong long range class!

Umu, I am a bit rusty in my loading speed but my accuracy has no change. I haven’t been to Asora for a while so I haven’t been able to practice my bow, I am relieved now.

“… Incredible” (Rinon)

I thank you for your honest opinion Rinon. With this they should have changed their opinion of me. Umu umu.

[It’s as easy as this. Have you changed your way of seeing me?] (Makoto)

I say it to the bunch at the back. More like, I will show them all that this bow has no special traits to it.

“In-credible. Even though I only see it as a normal bow…”

That’s-why-I-am-saying it’s NOT the bow!

Just how much is their disbelief? Is being a level 1 such a deciding factor? Damn it.

[… This bow is a normal bow. By the way, the arrows are made by skilled artisans but there is no magic in them. I have been specialized in the bow since little] (Makoto)

Saying that, I give the bow and arrow to them. I did an incredible act and yet, for some reason, my heart feels dejected.

I order Mio and have us advance through the place where the corpses are.

Heh~ Its true, this one is different from the Red Bee, the eyes shine like gems. Rubee-eye, I understand now.

“This, the making was done well but, without doubt, there is no magic placed in them”

An alchemist young man checked my bow and said his conclusion. Of course, I forgot his name.

And to remember the name of a rude person, I will not remember them anymore. To not believe what they have seen with their own eyes.

“… Imposible”

An elf woman that uses a bow just as me, whispered lowly. Her name is on the lowest of my priorities.

“The strength, range, accuracy, I have never seen such a thing”

“Right” (Toa)

Toa shares the same opinion. They were thinking it was the tools performance all this time so this must be out of their expectations. <TN: weird, I thought Toa saw Makoto send Mio and Tomoe out the window… or was she sleeping with Rinon?>

I am also a level 1 after all.

[Everyone, is it fine now? Lets collect the materials quickly and head to Tsige] (Makoto)

Going ahead, I move next to the Size Ant and cut off the sharp foreleg that looks like a sickle while I hurry the 4 people that were checking out the bow.

At these times, having writing to communicate is good. If I just write it in the place I want then I can transmit what I want, even in places where my voice can’t reach.

I am not used to calling people in a high voice.

The four people come hurriedly.

It must be because we have been together for several weeks, even though they are not in a party of any sort, they have formed a collective feel in them.

And after that, in the time we were arriving to Tsige.

The 4 people that were looking at me as if I were a different person, it felt a bit pleasant.

When Rinon saw through my feelings and said ‘Isn’t it great?’ I felt a bit embarrassed.

It has been three weeks since the destruction of the base. It has already been two weeks since we came ‘here’.

When the day was already at its zenith.

We finally arrived at Tsige. It was the first place that looked like a proper town since I came to this world.


“What?! The ‘Zenno’ base has been destroyed?!”

Toa-san reports the details to the adventurer guild.

Of course, she didn’t report the whole truth about it.

I had 3 other adventurers inserted as well, make a good story and have their stories match.

I haven’t told Toa-san and Rinon about what I did. She must be thinking that her story matches that of other people.

Anyways, that town, no, that base had such a name like ‘Zenno’, it’s the first time I have heard of that.

The average level was over 100, for a town of hyumans that place was quite the place. If you think that those kind of people had disappeared in a moment, it’s actually an impressive occurrence.

Well, it was a place that ran in a dirty way.

These people as well, in the end, were sacrifices for those evil merchants or nobles (because of various reasons I wasn’t able to obtain the name of the one behind all)

That may be why but, it seems that the people here don’t have that much of an attachment to that place.

Rinon is also like that but… it seems that Toa-san had her own reasons.

She didn’t have any objections in leaving that place but it seems that she has some lingering feelings.

By the way, the story that was made was incredibly random.

Just a single thing. The big outbreak of mamonos.

Even though it wasn’t that strange of an occurrence given the place, I felt it sounded like a web-novel event.

And so, we ran away for our lives and arrived here.

Also the guild that my two followers had registered to, wasn’t able to relay the information of them to the other guilds so the information of Tomoe and Mio’s cards has disappeared.

I don’t know how they do it but how sloppy of them.

When I asked the details from the base that was near it, they said that the establishment of the base at the borders that shares the information, can’t leave the place so it’s normal for the information to travel slowly.

When I asked them where this establishment was, they said that it was in Tsige and that we could redo the registration of the two.

Because of the circumstances we had to go through 3 other bases but they were all village level, no, it gave me the impression of a campground.

I will call back Tomoe tonight, tomorrow I will have both of them do the registration again, and then I will go to the merchant guild.

Today I will look for an inn and check out the shops…

Wu wu, finally, finally I have arrived at a town! I have a lot of things I want to do!

The person in charge that was listening to the four people, nodded his head, told them to wait and then went inside.

He probably went to look for a higher up. It’s a pretty important issue after all, for a base to be gone.

Mio didn’t join in the conversation and was just standing beside me with Rinon. I don’t want another problem caused by my appearance.

Now that I think about it, just how high is the strongest level and rank in this place?

It’s a quite big and pretty well made building so it’s hard to look for it… Oh, there it is. There is no need for me to be there when they report so, I just go there for a second.

I direct my eyes to a side of the request board. From the people that are not so hurried I can tell that this is the place.

Let’s see, the number 1 here is…

Level 201, Rank S.

Fumu, as expected, it’s low. A starter is a starter and my followers are my followers after all. I don’t even know what the standard is anymore.

The quest are also pretty low in rank.

With how this is, the rank S are probably requested personally to an individual or a party.

Most of the ones left are A or B so the parties are mostly fighting over the D to B’s, maybe?

Anyways, the collecting quests that are rank A are a lot, impressive.

They must be absurdly tiresome, are they requesting to gather something like lost metals?

… Either way, I don’t like it. I don’t want to do it either.

But, I should ask which one is easier to go for the collecting types at the very least. I feel that I can ‘use’ that.

At ‘Zenno’, because of the evil schemes that Tomoe had and a lot of other circumstances I didn’t have the chance to do it. She told me that her individual mobilization is advancing somehow but we have to start for real now.

N? How unusual, there is an S rank left. I couldn’t reach it with my height so I jumped a bit and take the request.

Maybe I stood out a bit, the surroundings grew noisy. Well, there seemed to be no one taking it so there wasn’t any competition over it.

Lets see, what is it?

‘I ask of you! We need at least 1 Rubee-eye eye. To finish we need 6 of them. We will surely give you a large sum of money for them. Rembrandt Company’


Moreover, a person from a company huh. This is good. I am lucky. What if I make personal connections from the get go?

Their name is Rembrandt Company so maybe it’s a pretty big business. It’s an S rank request so the reward must be quite high.

Umu, I should tell this to the other guys and have them give me all of the Rubee-eye eyes. I was the one who hunted them so there shouldn’t be any problems.

If it comes to it I can even take them by force. After all, even if they all come at me, Mio alone can mess them up, kukuku *evil smile*

“Onii-chan, you look a bit scary” (Rinon)

“Waka-sama, an evil plan-desu ka?” (Mio)

The scared Rinon and the ‘count me in’ Mio. The side of Rinon hurts me.

[That’s not it Rinon. I just found an interesting request] (Makoto)

“Hmph~, ah, Onee-chan and the others!” (Rinon)

The talk is over huh.

When I look, there is certainly 4 people coming here.

I glance at the rank table for a bit.

When I think about it, if it’s the top 10 then Toa and the dwarf girl can enter in it. So they can enter in the strong part even when they are like that. Umu…

Honestly, I can only think of them as a noisy bunch.

The person of the guild seems to not be here. It looks like it didn’t become a troublesome matter.

‘To explain the situation’ was a request that we got in the previous base. They showed the document to prove that, so this is practically a direct request from the guild.

They look quite happy about that.

“I am back, Rinon. You didn’t cause any troubles to the two of them right?” (Toa)

“I was behaving properly!”

The conversation of sisters~ how nice~ having a sister. I had too but, no, I can’t think about that.

Rinon was being a really good girl.

[Welcome back, did you finish the request properly?] (Makoto)

“Yeah, thanks to you. But are you okay with it? I think that the 2 of you could receive the reward for completing the request” (Toa)

I am grateful for the consideration of Toa-san but, if I said that ‘We have increased our rank while you weren’t here Tomoe, we took a request, and did our best’

I am sure it will become an annoying situation.

If I think about the situation and atmosphere until now, I feel that even if we don’t try so hard for it, we will be able to increase our rank.

[No no, our reputation as adventurers is too low so, this time I will give it to you guys] (Makoto)

I see! With this as trade condition, I can get the eyes! <TN: No seriously. You were the one who got them anyways>

“For all the things you have done for us, I am truly grateful”

What a proper young man.

“Experience, money, rank and materials, you have truly helped us out. I pray that Raidou-dono can have the blessing of the spirits”

The dwarf girl.

“Tell me where you learned to use the bow later”

The elf girl. That is impossible.

“Thanks to you, we have increased our level and rank. Its like a dream. Here here” (Toa)

Toa-san. Her caution is fading~

Lets see. Everyone is happily showing me their guild cards.

Toa-san is level 125, Rank A, Shadow Thief. What does Shadow Thief mean? What a dangerous name, there is no doubt I don’t want to get close to something like that.

The dwarf girl is, level 122, Rank B+, Priest Warrior (Earth). It must mean that she is a knight that can use earth spirits.

The proper young man is, level 114, Rank B+, Alchemy Meister. Can’t they just call it alchemist? It sounds like he can even ride a Gundam, oi.

The elf girl is, level 108, Rank A-, Bless Gunner. A gunner you say? She uses guns?! But you are holding a bow?! This world had guns?!

Certainly. Every one of them has leveled up.

The elf girl was not even level 100 after all, she leveled up quite a bit.

That means that, I, who has worked so hard, must have increased at least 30 levels, maybe?

[Our business here is over so let’s leave. Or, do you guys still have something to do here?] (Makoto)

“We don’t have any but, Mio-sama and Raidou-san must register”

All of them nod simultaneously. Impressive synchronization.

Why is it that you guys are looking forward to it?

[We plan on doing that when Tomoe reunites with us so, we are not going to do it today. Tomoe will sulk if we don’t do that] (Makoto)

“If its Tomoe-san, she would sulk. You are right” (Mio)

Mio also understands very well that point.

Even though she is taking separate conduct right now, she is the type that would mind if we don’t do the critical things together.

“Eh~? I wanted to see everyone surprised though~!” (Toa)

Toa-san, what an irresponsible thing to say.

[We are going to come here tomorrow so, if you are here tomorrow you will be able to see] (Makoto)

It’s sudden but we are in different lodgings, no, we are separating, that’s how this is.

I can’t carry them around all the time after all.

Because our objective is to have a pleasure trip around the various countries, or something like that.

Also, it seems that in this world you can’t make a party with other adventurers if there is a certain difference of level between them.

The system that the adventurers utilize to make big parties, it’s too unbalanced for us.

If I’m not mistaken…

“… You are right, until now we had to accompany you but, certainly, from now on our destinations are going to differ a lot”

“Raidou-dono, its hard to believe but if he is going to be walking the path of a company business then it will certainly be different”

“If the level difference is of 20 or more, it won’t be allowed”

It was 20 huh. Then Tomoe and Mio can’t form one either.

[Yeah, that’s why, lets eat something light for lunch and distribute the luggage of the carriage. After that we will be going our ways for now] (Makoto)

“For now?” (Toa)

Toa-san asks me back with a hint of expectation. I can’t answer that expectation though, I have some kind of feelings as well so, I am thinking about it too.

[If everyone is not in a hurry, we can go together for lunch and then do a farewell party. In commemoration for the success of your guild request] (Makoto)

“We are in!”

I thank you for your consent.

“Waka-sama. I don’t want something like last time-desu yo” (Mio)

Mio, I understand what you are trying to say. This time we will be going to a bar-like place to munch as much as we want.

Also, we have been eating preserved food and a lot of other things that had no flavor so.

[You are right, Mio. Everyone has come here in the past right?] (Makoto)

Each one of them nods. Then I will leave it to them.

[Then I will leave it to you guys, so please choose a place where we can eat a lot of food and drink at ease. I will be eagerly expecting it] (Makoto)

[Of course, a place that is fine for Rinon-chan to be] (Makoto)

I add words to what I said.

Then, the night has been decided so, for now its lunch. A place where we can lightly pick up and distribute, where we can converse huh. Umu, let’s have them do that as well.

[Then, let’s go] (Makoto)

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