Chapter 27: Just in case, I will be doing it too you know?


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I heard an ‘Ah~’

A deep sigh was let out.

From the cargo of the carriage.

When I send a fleeting glance, I could see 4 heads peeking out to look at the tall wall in front of us.

There is still some distance but even from where I am I can see that it’s pretty tall. That it’s a big town might be true.

In the end, the 5 of people that were in the ‘once’ last town, wished to accompany me to Tsige.

I didn’t have a reason to refuse them, or more like, I couldn’t refuse them.

I felt guilty about my followers destroying a whole base so I heard their wish.

A distance of approximately two weeks, with a carriage filled of people, we didn’t push ourselves and leisurely advanced increasing the time to three weeks.

Right now, beside me is Mio who is wearing a kimono and Rinon that was overwhelmed by the tall wall.

I had two flowers in both sides. Though one side is the pervert follower, and the other is a child.

Even though I call it a kimono, it’s something that the dwarfs made by copying the designs of Tomoe.

That’s why there is no classification, but its clothes that can be safely used as casual wear. It’s what they call pongee.

It has long sleeves, as expected, so I wanted to stop her. It must inconvenient when she is walking.

With the reason of ‘training’ I had Tomoe take separate conduct, just as planned, thanks for the meal.

The people that were accompanying us were looking at me with a horrifying gaze.

They were looking at the guy who said okay to the separate conduct.

I had things to do and Tomoe is completely fine by herself so I gave her the okay though.

If I had Mio go with her, I felt that my part would become a complete mess so I had Mio to stay with me.

… Honestly, Mio is still not that unreasonable. As long as I am watching though.

Rinon is quite attached to Mio and me, with the exception of the sister Toa-san, the people that are accompanying us have not conversed with us that much.

I think that’s something regretting but, when I think about the trigger that made them accompany us, I thought that it wasn’t surprising at all so I gave up on trying to better our relationship.

I should be happy that at least one is attached to me.

Anyways, I don’t feel the need of being friendly to the bunch of adventurers that look like spectators.

I will just do them a favor, arrive at Tsige and leave them as just acquaintances.

My ‘experiment’ went well after all.

Tomoe’s mist, Mio’s darkness and the knowledge.

Using those, I tried to make them forget a little bit faster the events that occurred in the town, this was unexpectedly a big success.

It takes time but, in at least 2 weeks it will be able to deviate their recognition.

For the sake of not touching the topic too much.

I will have to move carefully.

We haven’t ‘disposed’ of the problem with Toa-san and Rinon though.

Well, I will think about that at a later time. I am planning on staying at Tsige for a while after all.

“Incre~dible!! A big wall~!” (Rinon)

Rinon finally raises her voice and gets merry.

It’s certainly big.

But she was at an even deeper part so, hasn’t she come here at least once?

[Rinon, you haven’t passed here before?] (Makoto)

“Eh, ah, Onii-chan. I was transferred here with a magic formation so I actually haven’t been outside that much” (Rinon)

Rinon is completely using Onii-chan to call me now. Though, a magic formation huh. They have quite the convenient system.

“Ara, transfer magic-desu ka. Then, wouldn’t it have been faster and safer if all of us used that to move?” (Mio)

Mio-san says that. She is unexpectedly diligent in her learning of society, she is getting better at hiding that she is a pervert. I am thankful for that. I pray that one day she can cure that perverted behavior of hers.

“Uhm, the cost for a transfer is incredible so it’s something we can’t ask of you~” (Toa)


When I turn to my back I see Toa-san that, at some point in time, had poked out her head from the carriage.

She has already began to call Mio as Mio-sama, she is even hoping for Mio to take her as a disciple. For now I am not letting her though.

Such a complicated relationship like ‘the disciple of my follower’, I want you to spare me from that!

[How expensive is that?] (Makoto)

“If it’s up to Tsige then one person would cost 20 gold coins. The luggage is separate and comes in turns” (Toa)

Uee~ such a celebrity.

Even if I say that, I got an absurd amount of money from the products that I got for free in Asora, to take out that much money won’t hurt me that much. Counting that it’s a demerit for these guys that are accompanying me.

For the guys who are aiming to train and get rich, I don’t think they would throw away the chance for training and money and use the transfer magic. I should think of this as a luxury that was made specifically for merchants and nobles.

[How expensive. Well, it will only be 8 days before we arrive so, there is no way we will be transferring at this point~] (Makoto)

“A wa wa, you are right. More like, it has been comfortable till now. With how safe it is, it can even be used as a business to live by” (Toa)

The words of admiration from Toa-san.

Mio is using a folding fan to hide her smile. As always, she is weak against compliments.

The folding fan is iron-ribbed so it’s not cute at all. I wonder why Mio based the design of her weapon on a folding fan. The attack power isn’t that high. Are her iron-ribs made out of fantasy metal like mithril? Well, she is using it like that so it must be. Even if I call it a mithril folding fan, I don’t feel that way about it.

In reality, the travel has been incredibly safe.

The fellows that know the strength of Mio don’t get close so, the ones that don’t know are taken care of instantly. It was faster than a 1 turn kill. It felt like a safe-encounter field.

It didn’t feel like there was a turn at all.

More like, the collecting and skinning, those times were longer.

We thought of leaving them there but Toa-san and the other adventurers had a ‘what a waste’ face on them and were like ‘are you leaving the materials behind?’, so I let them.

Because they were looking at the beasts and bugs’ corpses as if they were going to cry.

Especially Toa-san that looked exactly like my Kohai. Looking at the animals that looked like they were involved in a traffic accident and the bugs that were smashed, as if they were gems, it truly got me.

Thanks to that, I was able to learn quite a bit about the way of taking certain parts and other basic things.

Of course, the materials that we collected were left inside the luggage part of the carriage.

Because of that, the adventurers that are sleeping there were slowly losing their space.

But even with that, they had a pleased face. Just how happy can they be when they have to bend their bodies to sleep?

For now I had one of each kind packed inside a box apart.

It will serve me as study material.

Well, it should be fine to just distribute the goods the moment we are going to separate. It gets in the way after all.

[I don’t have any intentions of living in the borders. I am a merchant by profession but I am thinking of going around the various countries] (Makoto)

“I see, what a waste. You have that much power and yet” (Toa)

From the perspective of Toa-san that’s how it is. For adventurers, the income is important. That the ‘power’ she refers to is directed to my servants, makes me a bit sad.

Well, I will be able to think about it leisurely when we arrive to the town anyways.

“Onii-chan, there is something there!!” (Rinon)

“Waka-sama, over there-desu” (Mio)

Hearing the voice of the two people on the conductor seat, I turn my head to the front. Those are bugs.

Ants that used four of their legs to walk while their forelegs were like sickles and a bee that was bright red. Both of them were large scaled and their numbers were… 1, 2, 3… 10.

They said their names were Size Ant and Red Bee, maybe?

Well, it’s not that big of a deal. It’s a type that we have encountered quite a lot.


What is it?!

When I look, everyone that was inside the carriage had peeked out their head from the cloth. I wanted to say that they looked like turtles.

But, why are they raising their voices?

“Ra-Ra-Raidou-san! That, that!”

[Size Ant and Red Bee right? What about them?] (Makoto)

“That’s not it! The bee one!”

“That is, the real deal…”

“Unbelievable, Rubee-eye…”

Oh, the monster is different huh. This reaction, is it a rare monster?

“Is it uncommon-desu ka?” (Mio)

From what I see, there are 6 of them. They seem to have noticed us but it will take a while before we run into them.

“Incredibly! Rare! To the point that it’s impossible for it to be near a town!”

“And they are crazy strong! Magic doesn’t work, they are quick and their toxicity is strong!”

They are really excited huh, if they are so strong, isn’t it bad?

[So, are you guys able to defeat it? If that’s the case then, I don’t mind leaving it to you guys] (Makoto)

If they can do it then it should be fine to leave it to them. Just being there all the time will affect their skills after all.

“Totally impossible! It will annihilate us all!”

Hey hey.

“To be able to barely do something against it you need a level of over 130 party”

That means, the ones that are barely at that level would be Toa-san and that priest warrior dwarf girl huh. I forgot her name.

But they are a bunch that are merrily enjoying this trip as if it was an open car in a safari. I am able to understand that these people are stupid.

[Mio, I am counting on you] (Makoto)

“Jeez, that ant, it dissolved my clothes last time you know?” (Mio)

Saying that, she showed me the dissolved part at the end of her sleeve… it was only a few centimeters. If it’s only that, it shouldn’t worry you that much.

[When we arrive at the town I will fix it for you, for now…] (Makoto)

“There is no choice then…” (Mio)

It seems she will be accepting, that helps me.

“Mio-sama! Leave the sickles from the Size Ant please!”

“Don’t smash the head of the Rubee-eye at any cost!”

“Also the wings of the Rubee-eye…”

Before the cheers, they began demanding things. What a truly self-interested bunch.

“… Waka-sama” (Mio)

I have a bad presentiment.

[What is it?]

“I don’t want to do it-desu. I ask of you Waka-sama” (Mio)


Wow, everyone had surprise in their face. By the way, even I had it.

[T-That I should do it?]

“Jeez, every time every time every single time… it’s a pain-desu no! Leave that part, aim for that spot. Up till now I have been holding it in but, I’m already at my limit-desu!” (Mio)

[B-But Mio. They are important materials after all, it will also serve in your training right?] (Makoto)

“I have already done enough training for holding back! This will also become a good training for you Waka-sama. I leave it in your hands!” (Mio)

She turned her head angrily and rejected me.


It’s not like I don’t understand her feelings. Leaving aside if the dark magic can work or not, if she forcefully uses the darkness and smashes them while taking in mind the collection of the materials, it will truly become a source of stress.

If it’s this distance…

No choice. I thought I would go without showing it but.

It feels a bit bad if they think of me as incompetent.

I will be doing it.

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