Chapter 13: The garden seems to have increased its level


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Persist, me.

Presently, I am facing a sudden turn of events that I can’t understand and, for now, I have tried to encourage myself.

Asora has clearly gotten bigger. It has turned more and more into something I can’t understand.


At the horizon I can see a pitch-black forest. That place was supposed to be a green prairie before. Moreover, another forest was made close to our vicinity.

Also, a river that looked like it was here from the very beginning was now flowing. It traversed the distance, crossed the orcs village, and continued heading downstream to somewhere. Maybe there is a sea in the end?

It’s not an optical illusion.

I investigated but, physically, the topography had expanded and changed as well. The wall that was in the far distance of Asora, I now have to use [Sakai] to be able to see where it is. The water flow disappears somewhere inside it so, in the future, it may become even bigger.

The size may even compete with Hokkaido. I said whatever came to mind, but I think that this place is just too vast to call it a prefecture.

In its entirety, I get the impression that the vegetation and water has increased. I am worried that it feels like the lands of Japan more and more. There are no houses or paddy fields, but it’s the atmosphere.

J-Just how unstable is this place? Seriously, this place, is it safe to reside in it?

And then, I lifted up my hands and breathed in. Because I recalled it…


I woke up in the tent that the orcs had prepared for me.

When I did that, a woman with black hair was beside me, bowing while pressing three fingers on the floor. (TN: a REALLY formal way of presenting yourself. Mostly when you are greeting your fiance.)

In a horribly awkward silence, the girl lifts her head up.

“Thanks for the meal, Master-sama. Thanks to you, I have tasted the experience called full stomach for the first time since I was born♫.”

With tears surfacing, she said these words in great joy.

I don’t understand the situation at all.

“Wait for a second, stay there.” (Makoto)

I ignored the girl that was saying something and one-sidedly stated this, and went out of the tent for now.

I was just planning on calming down but, in that place, I was faced with even more disorder.

Damn Asora, what is so fun in driving me into a corner when I am already in a confusing situation. If you are going to change the scenery, I want you to at least tell me beforehand.

But I can’t seem to find an escape to this situation. It is already late, huh. It seems like no one was close. I have no choice but to return to where that girl is.

Let’s return.

“Welcome back.”

The only person I can talk to is with this beautiful woman. There was no other choice, so I decided to ask her a number of things.


That girl was the spider.

It was that full throttle perverted black thing. It eats magic. No matter how much I cut the spider, it regenerated. I could only end in agony.

To my surprise, she said something incomprehensible like “I have made a pact” and deeply lowered her head.

Pact. From the words, I thought it was something that needed the approval of both parties though.

In reality, it looks like it doesn’t matter. It may be that there is something, but I don’t understand at all.

Maybe she took my thumb print while I was sleeping and that worked. I really have doubts about the rules of this world.  Ah, I see. That Goddess was the one who decided them -then it is hopeless.

With my intuition, I began approving the words of the girl.

I could feel that everything was beginning to connect.

I understood.

You can’t cancel it and there is no cooling-off. It is an extremely unaffectionate system to the related party.

“So, tying all that that I have said, me being in human form and restraining in front of you is because of the great favor you have given me. I have, for the first time, felt a sensation different from starvation. In all of my life that is to come, I will offer you both my heart and body to serve under you.” (Spider)

It must be her true feelings. I can’t imagine the times when she was just a spider driven by her instincts, but this was surely not a lie.

Besides, if I make the conversation turn worse, I would have to face random encounters with this hungered lady -for who knows how many times.

I don’t want to do that again. I really don’t want to. I have, for the first time, experienced facing a bulldozer.

That’s why I nodded. It is the first rule of reality.

Uooooo!! There are too many forced events, and the development is way too fast!

This is weird. I had confidence in my skill to walk smoothly in the world though. In the end, it was only the self-confidence of a high school student; ‘a frog in a well’, is what you could say.

“By the way, where is Shen?” (Makoto)

I could tell that this is my own tent.

It must be late at night right now.

I heard that the time of Asora is connected with the outside, so there is no doubt.

“If it’s Shen, she is outside on standby.”

Eh, I was sure that there was no killing intent but…

I check my surroundings.

All of a sudden, there is. The one that is just outside the entrance is Shen without doubt.

It is so late in the night and she is outside on standby, huh. She may have some business with me, but I can’t help but have a bad feeling about it.

The times where she has brought me something that I would feel happy about are practically none.


To have been here until now and waited until I woke up. I couldn’t just leave her abandoned there. 

“Could you call her?” (Makoto)

“Yes, Danna-sama.” (TN: a really flirtatious way to call someone, it’s like calling you hubby)

“Pfft!!” (Makoto)

Danna-sama?! What Danna-sama?!

Just a moment ago, you were calling me Master-sama, were you not?! I don’t like that one either though.

A woman, who for some reason had a strangely transparent black cloth that showed her body line, stood up without making a sound.

Well~ she is refined, isn’t she?

Wait, no!

No good, if I brought these two followers to a town…


It will be super ultra-conspicuous.

With feelings anew, I watch the black haired lady from the entrance.

Bob haircut and the color is jet black, slightly lifted up long slit eyes.

White skin that could be mistaken for porcelain and brilliant lips.

A beautiful girl that could be thought of as Japanese. Well, as usual, she is taller than me. But still, not as tall as Shen.

I have been thinking this at the times of Shen and Ema as well but…why is it that the ones that approach me are not human?

Now that I think about it, she greeted me by bowing, but I haven’t heard her name.

Should I call her nameless? Or maybe number two? 

Names that should fit both beautiful girls, not names that are unpleasant.

A name, I have to think of a name. If I continue to call them like this, their disposition may come to light after all.

Talking about disposition, if Shen decides to bring in an enemy to Asora and make me fight it again, I will have to think of a suitable place to do it so the residents in here don’t get affected by it.

If that’s how things are, there is a need to talk with Shen about Asora.

Also, the city creation has not taken proper form yet, but we have to plan for the future and think about the size of it as well.

There is a lot to do. A mountain of it.

And also the luggage I brought with me when I was transported here.

It could be clearly said that it has had zero use.

Why did I even bring books here? Thanks to Shen, the books I had in my room were all taken away anyway! I thought I had made a good choice, but it just makes me tear up.

The diary and the pen are doing a great job though. But the need for it is, as expected, low.

Name, examination, lands, name, examination, lands…

Where should I begin?

The one I can take care of immediately is the name. Okay then, I will begin from this one.

And while I am at that, I will inspect the surroundings of Asora and look at this world’s actual constructions. And then the plan of city creation.

Well, beginning from the orcs’ vicinity, I should just leave a space between villages and it should be fine. Until the city’s planning is properly established, there is no need to rush.

The hands of the orcs are also full with just trying to stabilize their own village. Isn’t that right? Shen is not doing anything excessive, right?

At any rate, if I leave everything to Shen, I feel that she will actually try recreating Edo or Kyoto, and that is really scary.

Just like in the ancient times or in the medieval times of my world, she would work them like horses without consideration.

A riot in Asora is seriously no joke.

“Ooh~ Master, you have woken up” (Shen)

“Yeah, somehow. It seems that I have made a new pact though. What were you doing?” (Makoto)

“Of course, I was helping with the pact. It is a lot better than being eaten, right? Also, if we don’t make a pact or kill it and just leave it alone, in the times to come, we wouldn’t know when it would jump on us.” (Shen)

Saying this, Shen points at the girl that was once a spider.

It’s true that I wouldn’t want that. That is one of the reasons I accepted this pact.

Well, Shen is that…whatever grows, it goes.

“I have been blessed as a loyal retainer and am happy.” (Spider)

Shen smiled like saying ‘it’s not that much’ while the spider was like ‘I am so happy-desu’ with her cheeks blushing.

Neither of them notice a speck of my ill will.

“And, what is it that you need me for? That you are here at this hour must be because of some business, right?” (Makoto)

“Oh, that’s right. Hey, it’s fine now.” (Shen)

She faces towards the entrance and makes a beckoning gesture.

The one that came in was the fuzzy haired guy.

Oh~. This very short and stout body.

It’s a person that is shorter than me! And its face is normal -from what I think!

Ooh~ in this world there is someone that is the same normal as me.

Now I remember. Before the spider appeared, Shen was doing a princess carry to someone that looked like him.

“Dwarf?” (Makoto)

Shen, the spider girl, and the dwarf(?) change their facial expressions at the same time.

“That’s right, you are really insightful-ja no.” (Shen)

Shen came in as the representative and praised me. The dwarf-san seemed to be surprised that I knew of its race. The spider was nodding.

Are dwarfs a rare race?

“And furthermore, it’s not a simple dwarf! It’s an ancient race that has made sacred treasures and legendary tools. A dwarf that has the name of elder-ja yo.” (Shen)


Does it mean it’s an impressive dwarf?

Well, it should be rare.

When I tried to think for a bit, the dwarf took a step forward and brought me back to reality.

“It is an honor to meet you. As you have said, I am a dwarf. I am truly grateful that you have saved me.” (Dwarf)

“Ah, don’t worry. My name is Misumi Makoto. Call me Makoto please. Um…” (Makoto)

“I am sorry for my rudeness!!!! I am called Beren.” (Beren)

“Thanks for your courteousness. So, Beren-san. You said I have saved you but, if my memory serves right, it was Shen that saved you though.” (Makoto)

“Mu? That’s not it. The moment he was about to be eaten I just brought him to Asora.” (Shen)

Shen, who was silent and just listening, had interrupted.

No, well, it is normal to think you have saved him with that.

“Yes. Shen-sama brought me here to hide from that giant spider and…” (Beren)

He cuts it off for a moment. Beren looks at the girl and makes a complicated expression. He was attacked by her, so it’s no surprise.

For a brief moment, I could feel his eyes looking at her as if finding fault. That it was only for a second is as expected from his thick facial expression. Even though it was a person who tried to eat him not too long ago.

“And that giant spider…you have taken care of it. I have heard that its curse has been lifted and it has turned into that girl over there.” (Beren)

Moshimoshi? (TL: Hello?)

It was just a spider that was starving, right? Why did it become a fairy tale like the time with Shen?

I talk to her with my eyes.

‘Well, Master, with this, it should be resolved swiftly, won’t it? And it seems we will be able to make these dwarfs our comrades.’ (Shen)

‘No, you see. You only want to make a katana, right?’ (Makoto)

‘They were almost going to be eaten, so they should not have any objections. This is just fine.’ (Shen)

The eye exchange ends.

Ku… What a wicked woman. I feel a bit of pity for this dwarf.

When I looked at Beren-san, he seemed to have noticed my gaze and continued his talk.

“That spider has, since ancient times, devoured everything and then disappeared. It was an entity that could be called a Calamity. In the past, it devoured works from us and the orcs.” (Beren)

So you even eat metal. Everything is fine with you, huh!

When I look at the girl that was once a spider, the thin waist Japanese beauty turns bashful. So it’s true.

But it really might be better to just leave the story as it is. As the dwarfs are going to be staying here, it would be best that they think the spider has turned a new flower.

Well, it’s fine.

He seems to still want to continue to talk. Let’s hear him out.

“And so, I have a favor to ask of Makoto-sama, who possesses such a domain.” (Beren)

What is it? Another event flag? I want to seriously head to the town though.

“What could it be?” (Makoto)

“We live in the wasteland and we produce tools for others. That we live in such a dangerous place is for the sake of protecting our creations from usurpers such as the black spider. But…that place is just way too barren.” (Beren)

Yeah, you can consider that place safe. That place is hard to locate and the ones that try to infiltrate the place are few.

That’s why there are few who would try to steal from them. And it also seems that Shen didn’t even know that the dwarfs had a stronghold there.

Taking off the fact that it’s a barren land, that place is safe.

“You are right. The treasures may be safe, but the food and materials seem to be scarce.” (Makoto)

“Yes. And so, the request I am talking about is…” (Beren)

I stay silent. Well, with how the conversation has moved, I already know where he is trying to lead it to though.

“Will you please accept us here?” (Beren)

Yeah. Compared to the wasteland, this place is safe and has materials too.

Furthermore, with the migration of other races in the future, the knowledge and goods should increase.

And the ones supervising this world, Shen and the spider that was once a threat -also me.

There is no need to say it.

Shen is super happy that it wasn’t only one person. She gets to migrate their whole race. It is good that Beren-san doesn’t see it. I have never seen such a happy face on her.

The girl, who has the figure of a japanese person and a calm bearing, slightly licked her lips with her tongue. She also looked as if it was delicious… I mean, she looked happy as well. I have to tell her that she can’t eat the products.

“It is fine.” (Makoto)

“Immediate response?!” (Beren)

“Well, we do have land. If you can manage to coexist with the orcs, then you are free to do whatever.” (Makoto)

“T-That’s a given.” (Beren)

It’s a face as if saying ‘is it fine with just that?’ But well, if it’s just living here, I have no big issues with it.

“Also, to cooperate with the construction of the city. Supply us with tools. And, in the future, we will also be requesting land rent. By the way, I will have you guys acknowledge that the lord of this place is master” (Shen)

Shen begins to give out additional requirements one after the other.

This fellow actually had all of the conditions prepared beforehand.

“A city, huh? The tools and land rent is a matter of course. I don’t mind.” (Beren)

It seems that this Asora looks really comfortable to live in for him. I had the image that dwarfs were pretty stubborn people but Beren seems to be an understanding person.

He continuously accepts all of the conditions Shen is putting out.

“That’s right-ja. We are planning on creating a city in the future. Of course, I don’t mind it if you guys want to bring in your village over here.” (Shen)

“That… sounds pretty interesting. On the other side of the mist there is a bountiful land and a city huh. Truly interesting!” (Beren)

Beren-san seems to be all into the city creation plan. Shen is lucky.

“I am also thinking about providing you 3 with weapons and armor as well.” (Beren) 

To the spider as well? She must have been a real threat for them though.

No, it is true that she was scary.

To have been called ‘delicious’ by someone that I tried to kill is a first for me.

In a sense, it must have been scary that the dwarfs’ brethren also got their creations devoured without any say to it.

And moreover, it was because she was hungry. It is a lot scarier than any simple and extremely poor evil.

“Fumu, then, it is okay to bring your brethren here. I will make you a path.” (Shen)

“Yes. Then, without any delay… I think I will be able to return in one or two days, but will you please wait for me?” (Beren)

“It’s okay. When you finish collecting everything necessary, tell me. When I receive your call, I will transport the whole village.” (Shen)

Again with that. How grand. And it’s also the easiest way to move. The packing could be kept to the minimum as well.

Just by leaving it inside the house, it can be transported, huh.

So is it that? If you use Asora as a relay, would you be able to do something close to instant teleport?

Fumu, in places that we will be stopping often, let’s confirm if Shen is able to create gates there.

“I will be taking my leave!!” (Beren)

Beren-san went flying out as if he was a bullet. Even so, as expected…

“I can talk with him normally.” (Makoto)

I didn’t feel awkward while I was talking with Beren-san. Maybe I just need tuning at the beginning?

No, dwarfs are humanoids. It could be that on the other side he was able to understand human language?

“As expected of master-ja.” (Shen)

“Yeah, impressive-desu.” (Spider)

It seems that’s not it. No, to even be able to talk with a spider is an impressive thing in itself. If you can call that ‘talking’ though.

“It seemed like you could understand the words that this spider spoke as well. It is truly unbelievable.” (Shen)

“And that magic power is so sweet. He is truly the ideal gentleman-desu wa.” (Spider)

Umu, I am not happy!

A boyfriend that can be eaten. That kind of context is not going to be popular. Meal boy? I definitely don’t want to become that.

“Now then, there is actually one thing I want to request master” (Shen)

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