Tsuki – Chapter 13.5: Even if you tell me it is the role of the master

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“You want a name?” (Makoto)

Aah, as expected.

I personally did think that it wouldn’t be good to call her Shen all the time. 

Thinking about it in that way, I don’t even know the name of the spider’s race.

I would also dislike to be called human or hyuman forever after all.

“That’s right-ja. Rather than being called Shen, I would prefer a proper name. That is also the duty of the contractor-ja zo.” (Shen)

“I myself am not in a hurry, but I do want a name sometime.” 

Looks like both of them feel the same way. But that’s surprising. I thought the spider would be the one wishing for it the most.

Even though it would be pitiful if I continued calling her like that.

“Hm? Are you not in a hurry?” (Makoto)

“Yeah, I don’t mind going after Shen-san-desu wa. I am a newcomer after all.” 

She smiles.

What a flower. If Shen is a warrior, then this one would be a princess.

“So that means you don’t mind being called Nameless or Spider-san or Number 2. Got i—” (Makoto)


I felt like I heard that kind of sound.


“Uoh?” (Makoto)

“Danna-sama! That’s not a name you should call a woman with!” 

And I am telling you to stop calling me Danna-sama. <Danna has many meanings, one being husband and other master.> 

“But I don’t know your name. In the first place, what’s your race?” (Makoto)

“…Race? Mine?” 

“Yeah, can you tell me?” (Makoto)

“I wonder what I am. I have been pushed by hunger this whole time, so I don’t know anything about myself-desu wa.” 


So, memory loss? No, there’s no memory to begin with?

“Then, for now, how about Black-chan?” (Makoto)

“Obviously no! I desire a name to be given at once.” 

“Hey there! Didn’t you say it was okay to get a name after me?” (Shen)

Shen seems to bite at that.

Uhm, is this something so important that you need to decide on the order of it beforehand? 

“But Shen-san, those temporary names were all ones I can’t agree with. You already had a neutral kind of name, so you are fine, but…” 

“Hoho, then we can scrap the talk about yielding the first bed, right?” (Shen)

“Kuh, it is vexing, but…” 

You even had an agreement with that? 

“In the first place, when I tried to give you a name, you rejected it with all your might, Shen.” (Makoto)

Even though I gave out a number of candidates since she said she didn’t want to continue being named Shen.

“I don’t want western names like those-ja!” (Shen)

“Well, being nameless is honestly cruel, so I actually thought of a name for the spider.” (Makoto)

“Oh my!” 

“Whaaaat?!” (Tomoe)

“What’s the matter?!” (Makoto)

“No-ja no-ja no-ja!! I should receive a name first! That’s just how it should be-jaaaa!!” (Shen)

Are you a child? 

On the other hand, the spider girl was saying ‘Aah, you were thinking that much of me…’ and was in a trance.

So these are my travelling companions, huh.

I endure a sigh. I want to avoid anymore misfortune in my life.

In the future, I will keep the sighs inside my heart.

“Aaah geez!! I get it. I will also give a name to Shen. And so, we are gonna begin with Shen…!” (Makoto)

I look at the two to confirm if that’s alright with them.

A slightly displeased gaze and an incredibly pleased gaze. Looks like they are mostly in agreement. 


“Then, Shen.” (Makoto)

“Yes, I want a name overflowing with power!” (Shen)

“Let’s seeeeee.” (Makoto)

“*Tremble in excitement*” (Shen)

What to do. The spider was pitiful, so I honestly only thought about hers.

“Fuuuumu.” (Makoto)

“*Waku waku* Umu?” (Shen)

“Fuuuuuuuuuumu.” (Makoto)

“Oi, Master, don’t tell me you are thinking about it now?” (Shen)

“Naaah.” (Makoto)

“Uuuuh, why is this spider first-ja…” (Shen)

Is it enough to bring you to tears?

Is a pact and naming that important of a thing? 

I still don’t know the details of it, you know.

“Shen, I will give you a name. From now on, you can be called Tomoe.” (Makoto)


“That’s right, it is the most brave female samurai I know of.” (Makoto)

“There was a female samurai?!” (Tomoe)

“Yeah. A woman that’s said to have even run in the battlefield together with her husband.” (Makoto)

If I remember correctly, they were breast milk siblings. Family, little sister, wife, and comrade; just how blessed was that husband of hers. That already surpasses the level of bond…To the point that it is beyond fate.

“Ooh! I have certainly received the name Tomoe!” (Tomoe)

It is clear that this name is way too unmerited for her, but it is the name that came up when I thought of a samurai and a woman, so let’s leave it at that. It would be a pain to think again.

I actually thought of the name Yodo <Yodogimi, a spouse of Toyotomi Hideyoshi> as well, but I felt like with that name she would get out of hand with the scheming, so that’s a no. That’s solely what I imagine of it though.

She is humming ‘Tomoe Tomoe’. Is it my imagination or is there also a dim light enveloping her?

“Light?” (Makoto)

“Muh? Oh, right. When given a name, our power will increase according to it-ja. It strengthens the bond between our master.” (Tomoe)

Oi oi.

Ain’t that something quite important?

Is it okay to have decided it on a whim? Well, she seems to like it, so it should be fine. 

“Anyways, it feels really fitting. Tomoe, I really like it! From today on, my name is Tomoe-ja! Alright?!” (Tomoe)

She looks at me and the other follower. 

When we agreed to it, her face turned red and a wide smile showed. An adult being this merry is a rare sight to behold.

“You say it increases your strength. There’s not some sort of guideline or anything like that, I hope.” (Makoto)

“Of course there is~♪” (Tomoe)

“Say that beforehand then!” (Makoto)

“It is okay, it is okay-no ja. Rather than an efficient name, it makes me happier to have a name that my master truly wants to give me♪.” (Tomoe)

“But, you know…” (Makoto)

Is it okay to have a short lived person like me decide something that will stick for the rest of your life? It really bothers me, you know?

“It is okay♪. I don’t want a name that’s bound by rules. Well then, I will go tell everyone my name now!” (Tomoe)

Tomoe ran off faster than she could finish that sentence.

She looks like a child that has received a present in their birthday.

“Ara ara, it really makes me jealous. Danna-sama, I will be receiving a name as well, right?” 

“Y-Yeah, that was my intention, but before that, can you please stop that Danna-sama thing?” (Makoto)

“Oh, my bad. Is Goshujin-sama better?” 

Went a full circle there.

“No, I would like you to just call me Misumi or Makoto.” (Makoto)

“That’s impossible-desu wa. *smile*” 

An instant refusal coupled with a smile.

“Why?!” (Makoto)

“Because I am a subordinate. There’s no way I could call my master without honorifics. Even the prideful Shen -I mean, Tomoe-san, is calling you master.”  

Uugh, but even so, being called Danna-sama makes my back itchy to an unbearable extent.

Should I just order her to?

But I feel like even if she did call me by my name, the itch still wouldn’t go away.

“Is Misumi-san not good either?” (Makoto)

“It is not.” 

“Anyways, you can discuss it with Tomoe, so please search for something that’s not Danna-sama or Goshujin-sama! This is an order!” (Makoto)

“Haah, an order… If that’s what you wish, I will try discussing it with her later-desu wa.”

Trembling and blushing at the word ‘order’…

I have to get used to this, too. This is better than a random encounter, this is better than a random encounter, this is better than…

“And so, about the name.” (Makoto)


“If there’s rules, can you please tell me even if it is just lightly? It is a heavy responsibility, so I want to rethink it a bit.” (Makoto)

“I politely refuse. *Smile*” 


I seriously don’t understand this person! 

“Uhm, with all this about names making you stronger, you see…” (Makoto)

“Tch, that damn Shen, she should have just stayed silent.” 

She spit out poison just now in a really low voice, didn’t she?! 

“How to say it, it bothers me and I want to think about it…” (Makoto)

“You already thought of a name, right?” 

“It was a name I thought of without knowing the details…” (Makoto)

“That! I want that!” 

Oh, so strong.

Her face got closer at each word she spoke.

This is kinda embarrassing.

“In the first place, who would find happiness in a name bound by rules? I would like a name that my master naturally wished to give me rather than one aimed at strength.” 

“Even if that makes you weaker?” (Makoto)

“I won’t become weaker. Also, at this point, I am not interested in strength. Please give me the name that you have already thought of.” 

After saying that much, I feel like I just have to.

“Then…” (Makoto)

She gulps.

“I will give you a name. From now on, your name is Mio.” (Makoto)

“Mio…” (Mio)

“A name where the character that denotes zero in my country is added the character of water which is my forte.” (Makoto)

She said she had nothing but hunger in the past.

In that case, now that she has been satisfied, she will be starting from zero. And in that, I will be adding water which is my specialty into her name, making Mio. It might be a bit simplistic.

“I gladly accept it. From now on, my name will be Mio. Thank you very much, Danna-sama.” (Mio)

“As I said, no Danna-sama.” (Makoto)

“Ah, yes, I will refrain from it… Mio. Ufufufu. A name that’s mixed with the element of my master. Ufufufu.” (Mio)

“Oi, earth to Mio~.” (Makoto) 

“Hah! The character of my master in the word zero? That means…I will be dyed by the color of my master?! Aah!!” (Mio)

This is hopeless. Completely hopeless. The signal is not reaching.

For some reason, there’s only weird people around my vicinity.

Pushing the back of Mio who is currently in her own world, I take her out from the tent.

Even though I just woke up, I was already tired and went to sleep again.

The settlement is already at walking distance though…

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