Prologue POV: The meeting with the God of Moon, Tsukuyomi

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There was a goddess whose interactions had long since died out.

Her only contact with a human was one month ago in human perception.

The world she was managing was causing troubles; humans always being the center of those problems.

“That is impossible”, I didn’t pay attention to it at first.

That’s because everyone that lived in this world was special in some way.


It wasn’t an exaggeration to call them the living beings that stood at the summit.

Depending on the circumstances even Gods would be brought down by them.

Those guys were the ones who existed at the very beginning in the original world, not even crying nor asking for the protection of a transparent God. They took their work onto their own hands. A strict world where its life was limited.

Humans were most likely not even aware of how harsh it was to live in this kind of environment. Looking at the outside of this world called Earth, they would think they have been brought into an actual miracle place, some humans may even be thankful of God for being born in such a world.

In a sense, it was a mistaken opinion.

The Gods who know the other worlds also know that that original world, Earth, was an incredibly harsh environment.

As their body capabilities were remarkably over their limits, it was natural that the thing called magic power was thin in exchange.

That’s why it was also natural for humans to live for only 100 years or so and most of them were unable to utilize a single magic spell.

That’s awful.

Just from being born in this world, not only were they stripped off from their right-arm(magic) it was also the same as saying that you won’t live long.

For a person from another world to live here, in human terms it would be like living on top of clouds or trying to live a normal life at the bottom of the sea.

They weren’t afflicted by such an environment. 

One of the reasons why the humans were evaluated as the summit was because they had the ability, they could develop it, and make use of it.


The most supreme yet worst power.

Learning from the world’s concepts, creating science, humans have invented various tools that made the world a more comfortable place to live in.

Originally, in that world, humans shouldn’t have obtained science.

There weren’t any living creatures that could have obtained it in this natural environment.

A world where the intervention of Gods was thin, wisdom was something that should have been incredibly hard to get.

But they have obtained such things in the present world.

What was originally thought to be impossible to obtain was obtained by humans; ironically, it was the severity of this world that made them obtain this ability.

In a place where Gods intervention was difficult, and on top of that, a world where spirits couldn’t properly exist in.

The nature’s phenomenons were practically all occurring by principle.

Gods and Spirits, these beings that possessed incredible power, were unable to crook nor bend the truths and phenomenons.

That’s right, if you had interest in it, anyone would be able to understand the logics in it.

At one time a human gave birth to fire, by using this logic they opened the door of what is called science.

Even between the Gods, there were split opinions about the humans using the logic(principles), and with that as the trigger, multiple disputes burst out. It was the biggest fight that had happened between the Gods that managed this world.

Leaving aside how this fight concluded…

In the actual time, humans showed a frightful amount of possibilities in this world.

It is fine right now, but in time if they were to interfere in other worlds, the ones called Gods would have to face them. That means humans will eventually meet the deities by the hands of their own technology.

At that time, will humans be humans? Or maybe they will be treated as demigods? Even now some of the Gods are questioning this.

In this original world, the humans could even oppose the Gods, moreover, obtain the thing called science. They had to prepare themselves as it was a grave situation.

These beings’ unique and abnormal nature was clear.

That’s why humans were basically living in this original world for eternity.

From parallel world Gods to Creation Gods, they sought to invite humans, but almost no one managed to do so.

Because the consequences would be too big.

They don’t know what would happen to the world if they were to summon one human being.

That world’s intended future would create considerable amounts of futures that shouldn’t have originally existed -at minimum.

It could be said that they would walk into territory they wouldn’t be able to predict.

Sometimes this power called ‘possibility’, could bring down the whole world – especially the weakest ones. It was rare for parallel worlds to obtain this power and overall only a few of them were able to do so.

For the places that are brought down, a number of problems would occur to the God that is managing that world and the one managing the origin one, but no big events have happened as of now.

I obviously refused the request of the goddess.

She didn’t have a proper reason, and it wasn’t like an incident had occurred or anything, and yet, she is asking me to send a human to a parallel world? Don’t joke with me.


That goddess told me something very interesting.

‘Then it’s fine if it’s not human’, that’s what she said.

When I asked her in detail, she told me the world that the she was managing had a race called hyuman.

It seemed to be a creation based on humans that the Goddess modified to be an appropriate existence.

When I checked it out, they certainly were there.

On top of it, a modern styled or so to say “home ground” Japan.

The misleading name of hyuman was aggravating but it was more like a different brand of the same kind of thing.

Their body capabilities were comparably weaker than that of humans. Instead of being those monsters of possibilities, they were more on the lenient side.

And also, compared to humans, this side has an inclination to have more girls. Them being able to use magic power easily might be the effect of having their body tampered with.

In an easy to understand way, the Goddess’s taste showed in the fact that it was easier for women to be born, and you could say they were weak and low possibility humans.

For her it could be an improvement, but they were degraded in the quality department.

Most of all, what was she thinking by making the girls more prominent?

Was it because you are a female god?

Nah, being a Goddess, creation was something habitual. This kind of regulation was something I haven’t seen anyone doing.

She is doing something I don’t understand.

Anyways, those hyumans were living in that kind of world.

They settled down with their children in a makeshift Japan. They are presently in good health.

It seems they were somewhat receiving the protection of their Goddess.

It’s quite the thing.

Though, the way the goddess does things is…how to say it? Amazing to say the least.

Instead of clever it was more like shrewd.

Instead of skillful it was more like crafty.

I was against the way this girl operated.

In the time she was managing various worlds, had a change occurred in her?

She was not the type of girl that interfered in this stuff.

Of course I also was opposed to those so-called accidents.

In the same way that the origin world could spill out to a parallel world.

A parallel world could possibly -even if few- be able to as well.

But that is something that wouldn’t bring much interest.


Because most of them would die.

They wouldn’t be able to adapt to the origin world.

Even if some of them were to survive, the cases where they would affect the world were almost nonexistent.

The werewolfs, the yuki onna; those famous examples. The gigantic life forms that were suddenly discovered.

They would be able to cause uproars, but in the end they were not beings that could create new possibilities.

Of course, in such rare occurrences where it happened, Gods would provide assistance to humans in order to cope with it.

Even if they are able to survive, they will mostly not cause any kind of trouble to humans. They would normally live in peace by receiving the protection of the Gods.

But well, there are agreements and issues in regards to them. That was the reality of it.

The goddess seemed to be trying to use that as a pretext.

If in the origin world they could live by adapting to it, that person would make contributions worth seeing over when the goddess summons them. 

“But they are people that are living in this world right? If they are summoned, it would mean that they would have to throw all of that away. Will you be able to provide conditions that can make them agree?”

“You are always like this. For a God to take the people’s circumstances into consideration, I think that is useless concern.”

“I will tell you this, if you do it forcefully, you will be declaring war against me. You haven’t even obtained permission to do the transfer, so I will not create the gate.”

“I understand. It’s not like I was saying I would do it forcefully. I have already discussed this with the Misumis, as they were transported a long time ago. That’s why there won’t be a denial.”

“Fumu, I see, they were already transported once. In that case the one who will be transported is one of their children, right?” 

There aren’t many out there who have a body that can handle multiple transfers to other worlds.

Though if it’s a human, it’s a different story.

“Yeah. All is fine if you just give me your cooperation and create the gate. I will not trouble you. I will handle the rest”

“That’s no good.  At best, to create a fitting gate I would have to wait until January. I will look over it.  I will also be present with you the moment the gate is created.”

“!!? Aren’t you being really distrustful?”

“Of course. There is no change in the fact we will be transferring a living being from the origin world, moreover they are the words of someone who is trying to make me agree to a summon by using underhanded means. I won’t swallow them so easily.”

“Is that what you should be saying to someone who will carve her name in the world of creation deities? Only having done plain jobs, you mere moon deity.”

“Because you have the ability of creation, you are great? I will throw those words right back at you. It seems you have grown quite conceited. Our work doesn’t have such things as ranks. Everything is necessary, everything we do is something that we should respect. You being a high class goddess should feel ashamed that someone else has to point it out to you.”

“Who cares? I leave it to you to do the selection. Well, see you in January.”

Feeling that she was going to get preached at, she closed the conversation and disappeared.

Good grief.

I don’t have that much free time though.

Remembering the conversation with her, I breathe out a sigh.

Today is the day.

The suitable day to create the parallel world gate.

The other day I went to see the Misumi family’s kids that the goddess nominated.

Because we would have to choose one of them to transfer.

From the oldest to youngest it was: a girl, a boy, and a girl.

There were 3 kids in the Misumi household.

The oldest daughter’s endurance was low and her physical ability was normal, she only had experience in judo, but she was incredibly good at it.

From her body I could sense the power of a god.

It seems that, thanks to the god’s divine protection, her physical abilities were at the minimum. Her ability in judo was the result of her training. It’s a case where her talent bloomed.

Right now she isn’t aiming on having official matches. She was attending university and was aiming to be a physician.

Her romantic partner was a person with a favorable wind.

The body of the second daughter was slightly weak. She learned karate, and again it seems she had talent in it.

I couldn’t feel the power of a god within her.

That even without it she was able to be born healthy must be because at that time her parents’ body had already adapted to this world’s environment.

As she was the youngest child, she was used to being loved. Her family and friends would normally pamper her.

Even with her high school exams approaching and being pressed to study for them, she was facing it positively.

Right now she has no romantic partner. She is at that age where she would dream of those things.

And now, the eldest son.

This is most likely the person that the goddess was referring to.

I don’t know about the Goddess’ conversation with the parents or how she conversed with them…

But he was clearly different from the other two.

The eldest sister that was protected by the goddess’s power, the second daughter which had her parents adapt to the environment on time.

He had the appearance of someone who had come from a parallel world and looked incredibly feeble.

To the point where it wouldn’t be strange for him to have died a couple of times. It is already a miracle that he managed to surpass the infancy period.

In other words, in a bad way, he was the one that inherited the special characteristics of his parents the most.

There is supposed to be a high probability of having a unique appearance, yet he had the average face of a Japanese person.

Though his physical ability was properly inherited since he was weak just like his parents.

He must not be aware of it but he is walking an unfortunate life. 

The information that the fate goddess had provided me easily made me raise my voice.

His eldest sister, the second daughter and also his parents have a unique appearance that makes people around them envy them but only he had mediocre looks.

Putting it on a scale, it was actually a miracle though (TN: referring to how rare it is to get a non-special face). If you only look at the numbers, he only had normal strength.

In a place where it wouldn’t have been strange to have received talents, he was born as a normal person that did not receive a single one of them to a degree that would even make one want to apologize.

Moreover, since he was born in peaceful Japan, the talent he had would not have a chance to awaken.

In a sense his disadvantage spectrum was amazing.

As a result he has been living a very, very ordinary life as a Japanese high school boy.

That is in general a valid assessment.

Even if he struggles and struggles, he will still remain in that same position.

The configuration of siblings was similar to mine, so I felt a sort of connection with him.

The only similarity was that we were in between the top and bottom though.

And the only ability of Misumi Makoto…

Different from a talent —no, is it correct to call it a talent?

That is something I’m not sure myself.

The archery he had been learning since infancy.

It was his high ability in it.

Instead of a natural gift, he was more like a prodigy.

He wasn’t born with it, it was an ability that bloomed from a different place.

The ability to hit the target.

It seemed a little different though.

But in that short amount of time, I have concluded that his ability is to hit targets.

With that unique concentration, he would never miss its target with his bow.

It was truly splendid. If in the future he were to use that ability in a suitable job, there is a chance he could become a terrifying existence.

Even if that doesn’t happen, he could dig deep inside himself with his concentration ability. It should prove useful to him in the future.

From the 3 kids of the Misumi family, he was the only one who had this kind of strange ability.

In short, he was told by his parents to use it on emergencies, or so it goes.

That’s why, even when he has this ability, he isn’t aware of it.

If there is a candidate for transfer, it should be him.

If I had a conversation with him, I would be able to understand the situation more, but there are a lot of strict regulations for a God to interact with a human. In this time’s case, it would only be at the moment of the transfer.

I feel like I would be able to get along with him. That’s a shame.


The other party will have regrets remaining.

Misumi, in this one month, has been living as if nothing is happening and leading a normal high school life.

He did not sort out his personal affairs, he hasn’t even done any training concerning the transfer at all.

He was leading his life as every other day.

He would wake up, make breakfast if it was his turn, carried his bento to attend school, worked hard in club activities, studied, mingled with friends, took meals, trained his body, delved himself in his hobbies, bathed, and slept.

He is a young man in his teens after all.

He has decent tastes and there were a number of people that had taken a fancy to him in high school.

Anyone Misumi asked, at least if talking about his appearance, would tell him he is a lucky guy.

For him, it would be the first time in this world he would experience spring. (TN: As in love blossoming)

The most prominent ones in my eyes are the club’s kouhai (junior) and the club’s president.

The ones who are watching from the sides would have a lot of fun if it becomes a triangle relationship. 

The boy has not experienced a single relationship, so it can’t be helped that he would be expecting something. Watching the love affairs of the young ones brings a smile to my face.


That will not become reality.

Because I will be taking everything away, from the time he has spent to the time he will be spending in this world.

To have your whole life derailed by the selfishness of a God is indeed an unpleasant feeling.

He has the right to hate us.

I made time in my busy schedule, and yet, I have to take the role of the hated one. I am completely out of luck.

Well now, I should call him.

I dragged Misumi from inside his dreams at the same time as I created the gate. I also made a space where I invited him to.


What a stupid thing have you done!!!

That goddess’s reckless actions. With a face of disbelief, I look at Makoto who has disappeared from in front of me. I was feeling indescribable anger I hadn’t felt before.

Here I was wondering why the creation of the transfer gate was taking so long. Not only the appointed person, she even took away 2 other pure humans.

I wanted to talk with the person regarding the transfer, so I asked the details about it, but that boy didn’t know anything at all.

Not only the fact that he had not discussed this with his parents, he still didn’t even know that he was a hyuman.

That’s reasonable.

Even if he noticed it when he was in the parallel world, I wouldn’t be able to be by his side. I can only pray that he makes a good friend.

When humans begin to question their birthplace and environment they were raised in, the ones who will become their support will not be Gods.

The past he has walked upon, friends he can depend on, a figure one looks up to.

It’s those kinds of things that will be their support. 

Subsequently, I regret making a statement that sounded like I was trying to cover for that goddess.

By habit I requested Makoto to turn a blind eye on the actions of the goddess.

Of course, it would be desirable that his relationship with her goes well, but in the case that the boy listens to what she says and it turns out the result was different from expected… 

He would be way too pitiful, with all the bad treatment he has suffered. 

There’s no other remedy.

I expended a great amount of power, even so, I wrung all the strength I had left to send some of my power into his vessel.

It was really hard to endure with this old body.

But when I think about how that boy chose to be transferred in place of his sisters, this pain is trivial.

I will use my consciousness to head over there and track down those 2 that have been taken away.

It took me time but it seems that the two of them have already come in contact with a hyuman settlement.

Both of them had numerous blessings from the goddess and were even granted sacred treasures.

It looks like those two have no problems.

Leaving aside the world’s influence, their eyes didn’t seem to harbor any inconvenience.

Maybe it’s because of the rules that state the transferred ones must agree with it. Those two, even if they were confused, I didn’t feel any feelings of rejection from them.

Now then, about Makoto.

I heard that goddess’s ramblings to the point of rotting my ears, but I wonder how much of what she said was serious.


Makoto is really in the sky?!

Forget sacred treasures, I barely feel the power of the goddess within him!

I can feel it faintly but…language understanding?

That not something you give to someone, and moreover it was thrust upon him in an incomplete state.

But to think he would be thrown away in this border without a single thing!


To the ends he falls, a star into the wasteland, a body descents.

Haiku of the season.


Why am I thinking about a haiku?!

I shortly escaped because of this unrealistic occurrence.

He was transferred to this world by the calls of a God, and yet, he is suddenly falling from the sky head first!

That stupid girl, even if you are a god, that doesn’t excuse you to do as you please!

I will contact Makoto as soon as possible.

A bit of vitality had appeared in the face of the boy that looked like he had given up on life while he was falling.

On top of telling him that he wouldn’t die even if he fell, I told him that two other people have also been transferred along with him.

As expected, Makoto asked worried if one of her sisters was in those two that were transferred. I told him that wasn’t the case.

When I told him that the two of them had already come into contact with people, a complex expression appeared on Makoto’s face.

Even so, when I requested him to treat them well if he were to meet them, he showed me a face of amazement, and then, he nodded with a kind expression.


As I thought, I do get along well with him.

Finally, I felt like my power was drying up.

The time limit is close.

I wanted to talk with him about a lot more things, but it seems that won’t be possible.

That goddess, I hope she is prepared to be punished.

Even if she is a creation deity with lots of authority, I won’t let this finish without repercussion.

“This kind of situation… The role of hero that was supposed to be yours was taken away by the goddess herself, so you don’t have to hold back. By the name of Tsukuyomi, I permit it. You, Misumi Makoto, I give you freedom in this new world. Do what you want!”

Makoto doesn’t need to listen to the goddess.  He would feel uneasy if I were to just give him my word, but I promised him freedom with my name on the line.

Makoto seemed to be happy at my words.

That’s right, with this kind of poor treatment, who would follow anything that goddess says.

In any way you want, for the rest of your life, it is okay to live it as you want!

“By the will of the spirits, I pray that we will meet again. At that time I hope you will tell me about your way of living in this world. Please, let Makoto have good fortune in the future that is to come.”

It is already impossible for us to meet in this world anymore. With a prayer that we will meet again, I disappeared from the world of the goddess.

My consciousness turned muddy.

Using this much power is a first for me.

It was the worst feeling, terrible.

Overexerting myself, I barely managed to request the assistance of a number of acquaintances. And then, I finally collapsed.

Please, let Makoto have a blissful future.

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