Chapter 1: Standing on a new world

I am Misumi Makoto.

Second year high-school student attending the local Nakatsuhara high school.

My club is the archery club, my specialty is archery.

Grades are so-so, physical strength average.

Appearance, probably not so good but not so bad.

Hobbies are somewhat otakuish, though my range is pretty big so I normally try out everything I can.

Interests that will not change are the bow and period dramas.

The good part in my life, the look of me utilizing the bow.

Though, I still think I have a normal background.

It definitely doesn’t suit me to be in such a place.

A reddish-brown wasteland as far as the eye can see.

This looks like the places I have heard about in my classes.

In the day it would get hot, at night it would become chilling; those kinds of places.

From the time I have been sent here I have already faced 2 nights.

I haven’t eaten anything, yet for some strange reason I don’t feel hungry.

I have been told that in this other world I can display physical abilities that surpass human capability, so maybe that’s the reason why.

Ah… why am I in this kind of place?

Answer: the result of a prank by God.

I get it, I get it already.

I don’t know how many times I have asked and answered myself this question.

What should have been a normal day with nothing happening.

Being called by one of the Mikos, Tsukuyomi Mikoto, then being abducted by that weird goddess, and now…here I am.

The first one gave me an impression of being a kind God, the later God is one that I don’t even want to acknowledge.

So the later Goddess, no, that being lower than a bug threw me out to an unknown wasteland where not only people but even the presence of animals could not be sensed.

Really, I don’t understand anything.

In this situation with no belongings at all, I walked through the vast unchanging scenery of the wasteland all day.

Instead of kidnapping, this was closer to murder.

No good, the more I think about that bitch the more depressed I get.

My surroundings are already pitch black.

There was the light of the stars but it was not suitable for walking.

Because this body had already gotten used to electric light, the darkness in this place instilled fear.

But even if that’s the case, sleeping is a no go.

I have been feeling drowsy, but if I fall sound asleep, dangerous things might approach me.

That I can’t see anything doesn’t mean there isn’t anything at all.

I am starting to feel that it wouldn’t be bad to follow what the Goddess said and encounter some orcs or goblins.

A place where I can sleep peacefully -I didn’t think that such a place would feel so important to me.


Tomorrow for sure.

I pray for a change to occur.

If possible, please let me have a conversation with someone. I won’t even care about the looks. 

I also want to find food.

Ha… I hope morning can come soon.

An incredibly long night that can’t compare to when I watched anime on the net in my room to pass time.

Second day of living in the parallel world; the same as the first. Nothing happening.

I rolled up my knees and waited for morning to come in the shadow of a rock .

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