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“This could be called a platinum room.” (Makoto)

I was overwhelmed.

I thought I would end up in a room with a starry sky, but this time I came to a white shining room that was not kind to my eyes.

“Ara, you are already here?” (Goddess)

Her tone of speech was just like the one a Goddess would have.

“That power of that old man Tsukuyomi has become pretty weak, huh. Being in that barbaric world, there is no helping it.” (Goddess)

The second time. Goddess-like.

“Anyways, only because we haven’t seen for long, to have forgotten my personality and decided on a male candidate, it is settled that he has become senile! Ahahahahahaha!” (Goddess)

The third time. G-Goddess? Probably a goddess.

“There were two girls that were to my taste too. He should have chosen one of those, geez. If I didn’t have an insurance, who knows what would have happened.” (Goddess)

The fourth time. A G-G-Go-Goddess?

“Well, patience patience. Now, Misumi was your name, right? You were called to this world by the contract that your parents and I had made, but…” (Goddess)

The fifth time. That must be it. A joke to laugh at, right? Ah god, what a great joke.

“You see, while I wasn’t watching, the balance of the races collapsed. The hyumans are in a big pinch now. The demon race and the spirit race are doing whatever they want you see?” (Goddess)

When you were not watching, you say?

“So I remembered the contract. In a single nap… I mean, in the blink of an eye, they had made descendants, so I thought I would call them and make them help, you see?” (Goddess)

This bastard, she definitely said in a nap.

“Ahahahahaha!! You, are you really those twos’ child? Eh, wait, wait a minute. Ara, the eldest sister and the younger one seem to be nice. Ah, this is impossible. Just in case, the connection…” (Goddess)

Tsu-Tsukuyomi-sama. Th-this is impossible for me.

“Ah, your blood seems to be connected. You are pitiful, right~? In the family pictures, no, in any place, you are an ugly duck! Swan component: Zero. You are horrible, right~?” (Goddess)

Hey, I will chew you round, you.

“To give you an ability is seriously impossible. I am sorry, but can you please disappear to the surface already. Your existence is gross.” (Bug)

If, for example, there were a poisonous bug called Goddess that even lions would run away from…even that would still be lovely compared to this. If I had to choose between those two I would begin to get along with the poisonous bug.

It may be because of my rage, but my thoughts had become extremely clear. I hadn’t known such a self in me existed.

At the very least, for this thing to drag a person from another world and then try to make them do what she wants, is that something that she should be saying?!

There is no way anyone would want to help when faced with a situation like this. Even a pitiful high school girl that only sees fashion would have a better attitude.


No good. Even when I try to insult her, the words don’t come out.

How to say it, my mouth is just hanging up and down.

“What are you doing? For you to not even be able to do conversation. In this world, I am the only deity and a maiden deity, you know? For someone like you to be in the same room as me is already a sin. If I get pregnant, how will you compensate?” (Bug)

Th-This bastard is a goddess. A unique deity.

In galges, a girl with a 100% tsun ratio would be more loveable than this, many many times more loveable!

It was an important thing, so I said it two times with all my energy.

I don’t want to. Don’t wanna. Going to a world this goddess is managing is definitely not a proper world. There is no way I would want to go.

Tsuki-sama, please help me get out of here. This is seriously impossible!!

“Well in the regulations it is said that you can only be transferred one time. Since it’s already done, I would want to have a cooling-off on this.” (Bug)

“Y-You! You were the one calling me here because of your own circumstances, don’t give me that!” (Makoto)

“Uwaaa, barbaric! The moment you finally speak, and it is this? Not even your voice is beautiful. I don’t care anymore about you helping.” (Bug)

“What?!” (Makoto)

“I have already prepared heroes that are fit for my world’s saga. You are fine already. Stay still in my world and don’t cause problems to it. Heard me? Really,   getting an insurance was the right thing to do.” (Bug)

Like hell that is fine!!! What is up with that?!

I had to bring out quite the resolve to come here!

I had prepared myself in my own way, I had abandoned my previous world to come here, and yet…!

“Ah~ I’m already looking for a place to throw you to, okay~? It seems like even if you fall from here, you won’t die. Ah~ the people from that world are truly tenacious, huh? I am shocked.” (Bug)

I have come here for only a few minutes, yet, she can manage to say those words with such selfish reasons. If I die and I have to do a trial, I would definitely call her with murderous intent! In the first place, there is no reason to receive this kind of treatment! Right?!

“And also, I will tell you one thing okay? Don’t even try to spread your unsightly seed in the beautiful inhabitants of my world. Also spare me from marriage, okay? Because the world would get filthy.” (Bug)

It’s okay. I have already given up on receiving anything from my ears. This is a first for me.

The times when the dojo sensei or the clubs *senpai* gave me impossible requests were a lot…a whooole lot better than this. [*Upperclassmen or senior]

There was also an event that almost became a trauma. And that time too! And also at that time as well!

That’s not it.

No good. I almost ran away from reality.

But this is quite the despairing reality.

The world I had to go into no matter what, I have confirmed that their unique goddess has a spiritual disorder. It’s an alarming situation.

“Ah, that’s right. That I wouldn’t give you any power was not a joke but I can at least give you a ‘comprehension’ power. There is no other way, I have to give in to at least this, for future’s sake.” (Bug)

For some reason she is reaching  an agreement by herself. Seriously don’t joke around with me. More like, is it normal for a God to have such a high pride? Is Tsuki-sama special or is this thing special? I want to believe in the tea I was offered. For my own health of mind.

“Hey, the Misumi. Are you listening?” (Bug)

Finally my name has a ‘the’ in front of it. It’s better than ‘this’ or ‘that’ right? Everyone, I am the Misumi family’s eldest son, Makoto Misumi is my name.

“What is it?” (Makoto)

I don’t even feel like speaking in a polite way with her. But it will definitely be forgiven. That’s right, because from anyone’s perspective, I am the right one.

“I have made it so that you will be able to talk with the demonic race and mamonos* so you will be able to ‘comprehend’ their words. That’s why try your best and go make friends with goblins or orcs, okay? Don’t go making trouble for the other races okay? Then, go.” (Bug) [*Monsters]

“What a way of talkin- wa? Wawawawawawa?!” (Makoto)

“Aahh?! Even his shouting voice is not beautiful! Nymphs! Clean every nook and cranny of this room! If it spread, I wouldn’t be able to bear it.” (Bug)

Suddenly I was attacked by the feeling of dropping.

The last words I heard. Am I some sort of devil’s incarnation?!

Even germs are living their lives to their fullest you know?!

At least at this place,

“Ah, I’m sorry. Actually, since the first time I saw you and I had fallen in love with you. Because I had to show my divinity. To be so harsh with you, I’m sorry.” (Makoto) [TL: Makoto is imagining if the Goddess spoke like that.]

“Ah, father(who is that?). Why did you make him face such harsh treatment? To have given him such a trial.” (Makoto)

Like that, and if she teared up while saying it, I would have forgiven her for a bit.

Nah, there is no way.

Her tone said it all. It was a really natural display, yes.

That damn Goddess!!!!!

No, like hell I would call her a Goddess again!

DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!

Close to my vision is a surface of darkness. And moreover, COLD!!


What was displayed in my eyes was the surface of a wasteland.

The cold night wind that continued to hit me.

My eyes that had been exposed to the cold chilly wind were dropping tears.

It was in no way tears that were driven emotionally by the situation, I want to make that clear.

From the glittering room to the sudden night sky.


That bastard goddess, she really dropped me down~. 

It was an altitude where I could tell that below was a wasteland. If it were bright, I would be looking at it as if it were a picture taken from modern times.

But you know. This could easily be counted as falling down from an incredibly high building. No matter how I think of it, I would die, right?

It’s definitely impossible not to die from this.

So strong that it is troublesome, they said.

I would easily be broken into pieces! 

Did I have an affinity with gags?

I didn’t even need to think about it. My standing in the group was the number 2. In human relationships, I was a mediator that solved problems and also helped out the leader. What a nice thing.

I sometimes tried being a comedian, but it was impossible. The gag affinity is already a skill in itself. If there is magic, there might be skills too though. But sadly, I don’t think I have those.

No good.

Then, what? Like that bastard pillbug said, I will be dying? Right here?

A way! There must be a way somewhere!

I check my surroundings.


A wasteland looking ground (or so I think). 

The end.

As expected, it’s no good!

Father, mother. Thanks for giving birth to me in that other world.

To not have ended up living in a world that’s under that goddess’s protection, I truly feel thankful for it. That goddess gives no divine protection, she may have even cursed me.

Yuki-neesan and Rin, since I have come to this world, you will not face any dangers.

It has only been 10 years, but to have lived with you both as one of you, I am proud o-

Ah, I bit my tongue.

I can’t bring it to a closure~ even though it’s my end. With this maybe I will get the gag affinity.

That’s right. At the very least I will close my eyes.

I pray that it won’t hurt.

For every one of you that have read Tsuki ha Michibiku Isekai Douchuu…

“…-Dono! Makoto-dono? Makoto-dono!”

“Tsukuyomi-sama, I am even beginning to hear your voice. I wonder, why you are not the god of this world, it is truly regretting” (Makoto)

“Get a hold, get a hold of yourself! You can hear me right?!” (Tsuki)

It’s the real one?!

But wasn’t it supposed to be impossible to come in contact?

“What a thing. I have heard all the conversation. I am sorry, I apologize for both of us. To think she would do this kind of reckless action” (Tsuki)

“Tsukuyomi-sama! Iwantedtomeetyouseriously!”

For some reason speed talking. But I didn’t care.

“It’s true that with this Makoto-dono would only feel hurt a bit, but it is not a right thinking that is fine to do!” (Tsuki)

“Anyway, are you okay? Try landing” (Tsuki)

There was still some distance before reaching the ground. Could this be the effect of the revolving lantern that are making feel as if time is longer?

“You will feel the shock of falling to a mat from the second floor. But you won’t get hurt” (Tsuki)

“Wow” (Makoto)

I am more inhuman than I expected. I am impressive. How monstrous was the load I had on my previous world?

“Makoto-dono was training especially hard in that world after all. Normally it would be a shock without the mat” (Tsuki)

“My training made up for a mat huh? It unexpectedly has its effects” (Makoto)

To think with just doing that my body performance would show a difference.

“But to fall from this height must still be scary for you. I will try to do something about it. You can have peace of mind. On another note, I have a matter I have to tell you about” (Tsuki)

Tsuki-sama seemed to have a hard time saying what he wanted to say. Now that I think about it…

“Um, weren’t you supposed to be unable to communicate with me?” (Makoto)

“Ah, thanks to that I am truly pushing myself here. I will most likely have to sleep for a hundred years or so” (Tsuki)

“Wha?!” (Makoto)

Without thinking, my words leak out. That’s quite the issue! To do all that to try and save me. That’s right, Gods are originally supposed to be like this.

I made it so it would fit my convenience but I still would like it if it were like this.

The words of Tsuki-sama didn’t contain lies and my body that was falling down to the ground was enveloped by a white light and had the fall had grown lighter.

“Anyways, during the time the goddess to come for you it took quite a lot of time right?” (Tsuki)

“Yeah” (Makoto)

“That woman has really done it now. Using the fact that the both worlds were connected, she dragged two people away from the previous world!” (Tsuki)

W-What did he say?!

Is that not a kidnapping incident?! [Isn’t that kidnapping?!]

You should be a Goddess in a way. To do something like this is it okay?!

“No, no way! Could it be?!” (Makoto)

What immediately came to my mind was my relatives.

“It’s not Makoto-dono’s relatives. Though one of them is pretty close to that. In the middle of transferring it was skillfully overlapped. Might be an acquaintance of yours. I am sorry it overlapped. It was also my negligence” (Tsuki)

This is not the kind of talk about negligence.

I don’t know about the rules of a God but from the impatience of Tsukuyomi-sama, the goddess of this world was clearly going against the faith.

“I will most likely fall into sleep soon. In the time you are alive we will not be able to meet. But this incident I will make sure to report it to the other gods and deal with it. No matter if she is a Goddess of Creation, to have done such a barbaric act. There will definitely be a punishment” (Tsuki)

His voice was growing weaker.

He is really pushing himself.

Damn it.

Really I would have liked that instead of that woman, it were this good God. That, that kind of bastard that would do such a messed up thing!

“Those two persons, are they okay?!” (Makoto)

“Yeah. Both of them seem to have been summoned to a royal castle. They have already come into contact with the hyumans safely. That goddess has given them a lot of divine protection” (Tsuki)

The last part looked like it was hard for Tsuki-sama to say.

It was incredible. That difference in treatment.

“I understand your feelings. You already have no connection to your previous world. That’s why I know I have no place to say this to you. I know it but, if you are to meet with those two, please treat them well” (Tsuki)

Ah~ this person really. To be so gently to other people.

“Even though they have received the full course of the goddess?” (Makoto)

Receiving a high amount of divine protection from a god-like goddess, it sounds pretty powerful. Is there a need to be concerned about them?

“If we take off that they have the power of the goddess, then Makoto-dono is the strongest. Even if they have magic. The you that was originally hyuman already had magic power and over that was able to survive in that world and safely grow up. There is no need to compare” (Tsuki)

Continuing, Tsuki-sama said.

“I am a vague existence that doesn’t even know what he controls. Well, when I enter dormant state there might be changes in the moons movements but the other moon gods will certainly do something about it. Moreover, for me to say it is a bit… but I have received quite a big amount of power from my parents and the power I had reserved was quite an amount” (Tsuki)

From parents it must mean Izanagi.

“To lose to that kind of goddess in divine protection will not happen. Be relief” (Tsuki)

Oh~ full of confidence. There was a bit of poison in those words though.

“This kind of situation. Originally, the role of the hero that was supposed to be yours was taken away by the goddess itself so, you don’t have to hold back. By the name of Tsukuyomi I permit it. You, Misumi Makoto. I give you freedom in this new world. Do what you want!” (Tsuki)

Tsuki-sama was actually angry! As expected, you are the best Tsuki-sama!

I didn’t even need permission to, that’s what I was going to do but!

I even got an authorization to do so!! Yahooooo!!!

Being enveloped by the same light as the moon, I slowly fall down to the ground.

“With the will of the spirits, I pray that we will meet again” (Tsuki)

The voice of the god that grew cracked and disappeared.

“YES!” (Makoto)

From the God I acknowledged I made my voice higher.


What is that bug? Is it tasty?

I gently stood up from the unknown grounds.

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