Prologue 2: The farewell gift is a secret

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Summarizing what Tsukuyomi-sama has said, it goes like this. Actually, the outlines of the transportation and procedure had all been explained.

My parents seemed to have come from another world. Since young, my grandparents had already died and I was told that we didn’t have connections with our relatives but…to think that was the reason why.

During their time there, because of fate, they made an agreement with the god of the other world. That is what seems to have brought me to this situation.

That is to say, the price of it was ‘one day I will take one important thing away from you’.

Is that guy a devil?!

And it seems that my parents agreed to it.

Now that I think about it, my elder sister, my younger sister, and I; the three of us were taught all of the domestic chores, and made to learn a martial art of some sort. To think that was preparation! For the sake of going out alone at any time?!

Nononononono don’t joke around. Something like another world, I haven’t heard one word of it from my parents.

Well, even if they told me, I would just look at them as if they were dangerous people though.

My father is said to be a writer that specializes in making fantasy novels with a lot of presence and overflowing reality, but to think that was because he has already experienced the real thing. That dragon steak depiction and the way they spoke of the comfort of sleeping in a stable were moving moments.

And the world that I would be going now is that magic filled fantasy world.

It seems that I am going to be send to that world with strength that surpassed my peers. Because of various reasons, the people that are transferred from my world are all stupidly strong.

In a sense, it felt like I would be released from really heavy clothes. It’s not like I would be given immortality so I will die if I am killed, or so I have been warned about. (TL: Shiro stop, this is not your story)

From what Tsukuyomi-sama said, it seems that just living in my world is an incredible thing.

Not only is the magic power in that place practically none, the Gods’ divine protection can barely reach. It’s a harsh world. That is the kind of place I have been living up until now, or so I was told.

Even though I have only been living normally… what a convenient quality.

“Well~ I am truly sorry for shouting at you. It seems you have been having it rough Tsukuyomi-sama.” (Makoto)

And moreover. To be in between those extraordinary and special beings like his elder sister and younger brother, the hardships Tsukuyomi must have passed because of that… I felt flooding emotions from his situation. Well, even in this one, he was shouted at by a person he barely knows. He must have been having it rough.

“Well well, to think you would understand me! How long has it been since I have felt such a blissful feeling? But if we are talking about rough, Makoto-dono has it rough too.” (Tsukuyomi)

He understood my feelings of being the only man in between two sisters. To think a day would come when I would get this kind of sympathy! I will correct myself, if there were a Tsukuyomi Mikoto religion, I would enter it! Tsukuyomi-sama banzai!

“Even so, my sisters and I have been living a normal life until now. For a goddess to tell us this would be too late anyways” (Makoto)

“From all the worlds out there, yours is the harshest one. In the eyes of an otherworlder, it would be like being in the depths of the ocean or living in a sea of lava. Anyways, that fellow is really taking its time.” (Tsuki)

We were waiting for the one in charge of the other world but…

With this, it doesn’t seem like that fellow will be coming.

It seems that world is a pretty popular place constituted by the presence of a Goddess and spirits. In what way is that popular? I honestly don’t know.

By the way, I have already signed the thing this god had presented me. After being convinced about it, okay?

After all, if I don’t go, my elder sister or my younger sister would have to go.

I was troubled, you know? Really troubled.

Because I won’t be able to play games. In a world where machines don’t exist, I wouldn’t even be able to petition a mobile game. I would have to bid farewell to all my mangas and novels.

In my PC there were obviously things that couldn’t be shown to an 18 year old or less. If it gets discovered, I wouldn’t be able to explain it at all.

I am a growing man so you should understand me, right?!

That’s why I spoke to Tsuki-sama about it and tried to request him to wrap it up in a way that my family won’t notice it.

This might not sound well, but aside from my family, I don’t care who else hears about this.

Being cornered, I understood how tiny I was. But that’s how I truly felt.

However, that was no good.

That’s why I decided to give up on thinking only about me. How to say it, I was surprised by how much I prioritized myself.

But I wanted to do something about my dark history. (TN:Badum tssss*)

It’s true he told me I couldn’t return, but for my family that I won’t be able to see anymore, to find these and those kinds of things…

“For that kid to have such hobbies!”(Makoto’s father)

“Even though he is our child, how unrefined!”(Makoto’s mother)

“Onii-chan* filthy!”(Makoto’s little sister/imouto) [*Big brother]

“What Otouto! Could it be that he has been looking at me with those kind of eyes?!”(Makoto’s older sister/Nee-chan) [*Little brother]

“NOOOOOOO!!! STOP IIIITTT!!!!!” (Makoto)

I wouldn’t be able to take it! Just imagining it makes me want to kill myself!

“Don’t worry.” (Tsuki)

But Tsuki-sama was different. While I was writhing inside the madness of my heart and was about to be engulfed by it, he said this to me.

“All those men’s dreams, books, and software, and also the insides of your HDD; I will take the responsibility of eliminating them!” (Tsuki)

Tsuki-sama said so while nodding. He understood everything, everything about it. A God, you are a divinity! Even if you are minor, you are now number one in my ranking! You have become the chief god!

I am impressed he knew advanced words like HDD. Well, at this time I didn’t think a bit about that. I was only grateful that the nightmare had disappeared.

Well, after this and that, we talked about society and such while drinking the tea that was taken out. I was killing time with Tsuki-sama.

“By the way, I understand that in that world I will become awesome physically and in magic but…” (Makoto)

“Yeah?” (Tsuki)

“You see, won’t I receive a special ability or something? Like a solid barrier or the devil eyes of truth or a Rose Logia or a Heavenly phase?” (Makoto) 

Well, if I have an incredible amount of magic power, there may be none. But it is the dream of any young man to yearn for those.

There are a lot of people that get those when they go to another world, you know? That’s why I want it, you know? It’s only in the fiction world though.

From what I have heard, there are demi-humans and even beastkin so even if I had an abnormality I won’t be discriminated.

Then, it would be nice if I had one, is what I thought.

“Of course you will!” (Tsuki)

“Seriously?! What kind? What kind will I get?” (Makoto)

I thought it would be an impossible request~. You will only know if you ask, huh. 

“I don’t know. I am sorry but it will be a surprise for when you get it. I can only go there once and I won’t be able to communicate with you, so I am only going to give you a hint, okay?” (Tsuki)

“Ooh~ I hope it is something like a blank skill that lets you make any power you want.” (Makoto)

“Nope, that’s not it. I am sorry but I have limits in my abilities as a divinity.” (Tsuki)

“??” (Makoto)

“It is said that I am the one that governs the night and the moon, but my real attribute is really ambiguous. It might be like you say, a ‘blank skill’.” (Tsuki)

“That’s why I will give you as much of my power as I can, but I don’t know how it will bud. It may even become something you don’t want. I am sorry.” (Tsuki)

Saying that, Tsuki-sama beckons me to come.

Following what he said, I sat beside him and he placed his hand on me. I felt something beginning to flow inside of me. That something went to my spine and began circulating through my whole body, then it went around my chest, began to gather there, and then calmed itself. Is this the blessing he said he would give me?

“I feel like something is accumulating. Is this what you call the point of origin?” (Makoto)

“That’s right, your comprehension is fast. There’s no problems with the perception of your surroundings. When you picture yourself letting it out, the power will activate. Well, the feeling of releasing it on your palms is the easiest to understand. By the way, it’s impossible right now. This place is still your original world after all.” (Tsuki)

I wanted to try it, but Tsuki-sama stopped me while laughing.

“Also, Makoto-dono, I will tell you this even if it’s already stated in your contract, but the goddess on the other side will also be giving you an ability. You will be abandoning your current world, so we will at least give you side-benefits with it.” (Tsuki)

Tsuki-sama bows his head with an apologetic expression once more.

“No way, Tsukuyomi-sama. I am grateful. Maybe, just maybe, if I had been sent away without any explanation after rejecting you, and then, on the next day, one of my sisters were to disappear, I would have regretted it for the rest of my life.” (Makoto)

“Makoto-dono is truly kind… She has finally come.” (Tsuki)

“Finally, huh. We have been talking for long. No, we were able to.” (Makoto)

“If it is okay with you, I can record all of our conversation in a dream pillow though. Is it really okay with only this?” (Tsuki)

In Tsuki-sama’s hand, there were two letters.

When I asked Tsuki-sama if I could leave anything behind, he gave me a lot of ways in a heartbroken manner, but in the end, I decided to go with letters. One addressed to my parents and the other to my sisters.

My parents would understand if I told them about the other world, but using those words for my sisters would be hard, so I made two of them. I will leave the decision to my parents of whether to tell my sisters the truth or not after that.

Conversely, I asked if it was possible for me to take something and was told that he could make some accommodations for it.

I chose various books and writing tools (ballpens and lead pencils were a no go, so I had to manage with a pencil). I wanted to bring a bit of food too, but for some reason I was denied that too. Maybe there are numerous laws for the management of worlds. The preservation of what’s already there, huh.

“Yes, I don’t mind- Uo?!” (Makoto)

My body is going transparent. I checked, and my body seemed to have become half transparent?!

“What?! She plans to take you away without even telling me?! What is she thinking, that stupid woman!” (Tsuki)

Tsuki-sama was also panicking. It wasn’t like I was going to die, I was just being taken away, so I felt a bit relieved.

“Makoto-dono, I am sorry! The God that you will be meeting now, there is no helping if you are to hide your displeasure. She is a pretty troublesome person. But if you can, please, overlook her actions.” (Tsuki)

Tsuki-sama is a wise person. He probably has come into contact with a good amount of people already.

I smiled while nodding.

I hardened my resolve to go to another world thanks to him, and he managed to make me accept it. He talked with me and calmed my mind.

Those were the words of that Tsukuyomi Mikoto. 

Even if the one I’m going to meet in that parallel world is a troublesome Goddess, I will accept her.

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