Chapter 17: The rise of the TS medic

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Chapter 17

The gunshots that were flying in the trenches were different from the ones I know of my world. They were shining rainbow.

A starry sky was shining in the daytime trenches.

I am sure it is not like they just shine because they are weapons from this world, but also because they are weapons that use magic.

I heard that the magic crystals shine in different fashions. But at a glance, it was a vibrant color like a game window and gave off a pop vibe. 

If I had to compare it to something, it would be an aurora. 

This mysterious and wondrous veil was coloring the boundaries of the trenches. 

The ear-piercing noise and the beautiful rainbow that would make me want to sigh. 

That is…

“Charge in as if you plan on dying!!” 

That’s the scenery I saw when I stepped into the 3rd defense line. 


The captain came out from the trenches and ran while maintaining the Shield.

1st class soldier Maryu and Gray-senpai followed that, and at the back there were me and Rodley-kun as if they were protecting us. 


The resistance of the 3rd defensive line was far more vicious than what I imagined. 

The moment everyone crawled out from the trenches, 1st class soldier Maryu…the one that was commanding the assault squad, had his stomach shot through and knocked down into the trenches. 

He groaned in pain for a few seconds and stopped moving. 

It wasn’t instant death, but he will probably die if left be.

“Don’t mind him, run!” (Gaback)

Now there’s 4 remaining. 

2 of those are me and Rodley… Rookies. 

“Follow me without a thought in your mind!!” (Gaback)

In other words, the only proper fighting force we have right now is Captain Gaback and Gray-senpai. 

What do you want us to do by advancing in this sorry state? 

“We can manage as long as I am alive!” (Gaback)

Maybe Captain Gaback was thinking about conquering this line by himself to begin with. 

Stationing a medic like me in his own unit also…

“My left leg was shot! Heal it at once, Touri!!” (Gaback)

“Y-Yes!” (Touri)

It is possible that he doesn’t trust his own subordinates and can only trust in himself. 

He prepared a first-aid box by the name of Touri to end this war, and made the plan of charging into the battlefield while being treated in the frontlines. 

“[Heal]!” (Touri)

“Drink a potion. We might need to use it again!” (Gaback)

“Understood.” (Touri)

The captain didn’t show signs of stopping his feet despite his leg spurting out blood and me treating it. 

And so, I had to do the healing while matching his pace. 

Gaback was enduring the pain like a lonely beast, charging right through the harshest line in this battlefield. 

“Captain, my arm and leg!” (Gray)

“Follow with the intention of dying, Gray!!” (Gaback)

Gray-senpai, who was following after Captain Gaback, was covered in blood in an instant. 

He has been shot at least 3 times. But it fortunately seems like the wound on his leg is just a graze. 

A thick vein from his arm was pierced. It doesn’t seem like it is fatal, but it looks like something that must be treated at once.

“You have the job of protecting the trenches that I secured!! I don’t mind you dying after 10 minutes, so run right now!!” (Gaback)

This is obvious, but there was no permission to treat Gray-senpai.

I can at least stop the bleeding if we enter the trenches, so please endure, Senpai. 


Right now I think we have run for around 20 meters. 

There’s a difference in distance between trenches. The trenches are dug while crawling after all. 

An athlete would be able to run 20 meters within 4 seconds. 

But we soldiers take a lot of time to run 20 meters. 

That’s because we can’t do a crouching start, the battlefield isn’t maintained like a track field, and we are carrying 20 kilograms of equipment.

“Gray, throw your grenade!!” (Gaback)

“Yes sir!” (Gray)

Also, we have to fight in between trenches in this fashion. 

This is obvious, but we have to eliminate the enemies in the trenches to a certain degree before jumping into the trenches. 

The only thing awaiting us if we were to jump in without doing anything would be death. 

“Fire in the hole!” (Gray)

Gray-senpai has injured his left arm, so he took off the pin of the grenade with his mouth and threw it towards the trench.

The grenade drew an arc and flew beautifully into the trench where the enemies were hiding. 



But the grenade of Gray-senpai didn’t kill the enemies.

A wind bullet was shot by the enemies in the trench, and the grenade flew to nowhere. 

The anti-air magic that Aren-senpai did before.


But it seems like Captain Gaback already predicted this. 

He took advantage of that opening, raised his speed in an instant, and jumped into the trench.

Looks like it was enough to distract them for an instant. 

“Let’s go, Rodley!” (Touri)

“Nuooooh…” (Rodley)

We were left behind, but we can’t fall behind. 

I am sure the captain is already suppressing them inside the trench. 

If we have time to stand all dumbfounded like this, we have to hurry and assist them as soon as possible…

“Gray-senpai, hurry as well!” (Touri)

“…Yeah, ahaha.” (Gray)

And yet, the response of Gray-senpai was a weak one. 

I was bothered by this and looked back, and there was Gray-senpai collapsed on the ground without a left leg. 

“Sorry, I can’t go on.” (Gray)


Everything after the left thigh of Gray-senpai is gone. 

This is bad. Gray-senpai was either shot by an enemy spell, or got caught in a magic trap, but his leg was injured. 

“Come on, go ahead already.” (Gray)

Gray-senpai urged us to advance. 

But we won’t be able to secure the trench after entering it. 

It is impossible for a medic like me and Rodley-kun to defend the base. 


The moment my thoughts reached that far, I had unconsciously run to Gray-senpai, and supported him with my shoulder.

“Wa, you idiot! Leave me and go ahead!” (Gray)

“If we leave you behind, the suppression of the base from the captain will be wasted.” (Touri)

I might have abandoned him if he had collapsed a bit further back, but Gray-senpai fortunately collapsed around 2-3 meters away from the trench. 

Moreover, the base is currently being seized by the captain. It is a state where the attacks have stopped. 

I have judged that it is a state where it is possible to help him.

“Uguh.” (Touri)

“Oi, don’t push yourself!” (Gray)

But I noticed the mistake of my decision the moment I shouldered his body. 

The body of Gray-senpai is too heavy. 

Soldiers carry a variety of equipment. 

A male soldier with a good physique like Gray-senpai is probably over 100 kg. 

There’s no way a woman with a small build like me could rescue him quickly. 

I should have shouldered him after having Gray-senpai throw away his equipment. 

“One step…!” (Touri)

But I can’t help what I have already done.

I will reach the goal after a few steps. 

I drag the body of Gray-senpai as I take a step with all I have. 

“O-Ooh?” (Gray)

“I won’t let you die just yet, Senpai… I want you to protect us in the base…” (Touri)

I glanced at the state inside the trenches. The captain is slicing off the enemy heads and slaughtering them. 

There’s barely any enemies left. 

That’s a relief. Looks like it should be fine to jump in immediately. 

“You can die 10 minutes later, so please defend the trench that the captain has secured. This is a superior’s order.” (Touri)

“…So I am not allowed to die just yet, huh. You really treat men rough, Touri-chan.” (Gray)

Gray-senpai was extremely heavy, but I managed to advance after doing my best on the first step. 

It is my territory once I manage to drag him into the trench. 

I can just defend the secured base while performing the treatment to stop his bleeding.

“A bit more…” (Touri)

Right before doing that last step…I carelessly lowered my guard.

Cover fire came from the neighboring enemy base.


—A spherical thing came flying at us. 

The enemies in the base that’s on my right side were heading to the trench and threw something at us. 

It was already too late by the time my brain registered that reality. 


The [Shield] didn’t make it in time. 

I can’t make an oblique Shield unless I have both hands to the front. 

In this situation where I am shouldering Gray-senpai and using both arms, I could only form a plane Shield. 

“What’s the matter, Touri-cha—” (Gray)


No, in the first place, there’s no way my crude shield would be able to stop the explosion of a grenade so close to me. 

I should have abandoned Gray-senpai and evaded to survive. 

And yet, I must have relaxed right before the goal, my head went completely blank when we were thrown a grenade. 




What played in my mind vividly was the future of dying cruelly like Sarsa-kun. 

You could say I fell into a panic. I can only be called incompetent for having short-circuited at an emergency like this one. 

But a grenade has been thrown right in front of my eyes in this state where Gray-senpai is leaning on me and I can’t move freely, so I had no choice but to just stare at the approaching death. 

And then, the world…the flow of time turned slow. 

Is this what you call a revolving lantern? I am getting flashbacks of my life until now. 

On the other hand, there was the grenade thrown by the enemy falling by my feet in slow motion.


Aah, I am going to die so easily like this, huh. 

I am sorry, Sarsa-kun. The life you protected will be dying pointlessly here. 

I shouldn’t have come to war. I shouldn’t have become a soldier. 

I hate my past life for shooting people to death in a game without much thought in my mind. 

I want to curse my own foolishness and thoughtlessness for joining because of my past experiences. 

Can I reincarnate again?

I would like to live in a peaceful world without war in my next life even if it is a plain one. 


“Found ya…!!” 


And so, I had completely accepted my death at this moment. 

I heard this mutter of joy cutting into my short 15 year flashbacks and negative emotions. 

“Gave me some good stuff…!!” 


And so, a hand poked from the side into this world in slow motion…from the side where the grenade was slowly going to land.

That hand scooped the grenade before it landed on the ground. 

And then…

“Thank you very muuuuuch!!!” 


And threw it back into the base where it was thrown from together with a loud laugh. 

The enemies must have not been able to react because of how unexpected this was, the grenade was not shot away with magic and fell right into the enemy base, playing an intense explosion. 

“Explosive…kill!! Ahyahyahyahya!!!” 

That’s right, it was Rodley-kun.

Rodley-kun pulled off the insane feat of reacting to the grenade thrown at us, catching it, and throwing it back. 

“T-Touri-chan, take this opportunity!” (Gray)

“Y-Yes!” (Touri)

We survived because of the godly move of Rodley, and managed to get in the trench safely. 

I am uninjured and Gray-senpai is heavily injured but still alive. 

Isn’t this…a great military achievement from Rodley-kun? 

“Muh, you are injured, Gray? Can you defend the base?” (Gaback)

“My left hand is questionable, but I can still fight if I can stabilize a gun.” (Gray)

“Hmph, that’s fine then. Touri, stop his bleeding.” (Gaback)

Captain Gaback has already wiped out the enemy units in the base. 

The captain swung his sword to scatter the blood on it. It doesn’t seem like he has any big injuries. 

“Hm? Everyone is dead already…” (Rodley)

“You are fine too, huh, Rodley. Then, you all will be defending this base.” (Gaback)

“Yes sir.” (Touri)

“I wanted to kill too.” (Rodley)

The captain said this and ran off to the neighboring base. 

He has insane stamina as always.


“What are you looking at?” (Rodley)

I stared at Rodley-kun as I treated Gray-senpai.

Seriously, what should I do? He insulted me to death when I thanked him before. 

But I am extremely grateful for the courageous act of before. 

I should thank him properly even if he gets angry. 


…But he probably wasn’t trying to save us. He just wanted to kill his enemies. 

In that case, me thanking him would most likely just be annoying. 

What I should be saying is…

“Uuh, n-nice explosive kill.” (Touri)

“Hah? What are you saying? I’m gonna murder you.” (Rodley)

Looks like that wasn’t the correct choice either. 

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