Chapter 16: The rise of the TS medic

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Chapter 16

“Good work, Touri-chan. You can rest for a bit.” 

“Alright, thank you very much.” (Touri)

I report how I finished my work in the emergency examination room, and was given around an hour of break time. 

I managed to have a delicious meal and take a nap.

“Touri, I leave the treatment of the 13th bed to you!” 

“Yes.” (Touri)

But that’s all the rest I got. 

I ended up being swallowed by the treatment of patients on their sickbed that were getting worse at night. 

The sickbed patients are different from the patients of the emergency examination room in that they will die if you mess up their treatment. 

The alarms notifying of danger that are here and there in the vicinity of the beds were ringing, and we were made to run around here and there under the orders of the person in charge. 

“There’s no saving the person on the 18th. Give up and understand. Concentrate on the ones that can be saved!” 

“Supervisor, the 15th is also in critical state.” 

“That one can still be saved. Increase the external fluids! Keep an eye on their vitals.” 

What’s so frightening about all this is that I have realized I was getting pretty favorable treatment. 

From what I heard, the supervisor and the seniors have not slept for a week now. 

“S-Supervisor, the blood pressure of the 4th bed is lowering.” 

“That’s sepsis! Any antibiotics?” 

“We only have enough for the other patients we planned on using them on.” 

“…Then, give up.” 

The sickbeds at night are truly a hellscape. 

There’s so many patients, the medical supplies are not keeping up at all. 

When we have no means to treat them, we would have no choice but to choose which patients to cut off while they are unconscious. 

“18th has perished.” 

“Carry him away. And then, bring in the high triage injured that have been left outside.” 


I might have ended up being the one sleeping in this bed if I had been unlucky. 

And if I were to die here, I would be mechanically carried away from the sickbeds and thrown to a shared grave under the orders of the supervisor. 

The frontlines and the field hospital are hell on earth. 


“Ooh, you guys, this is the highly anticipated day for the offensive.” 

Tomorrow morning, at 5 a.m.

I worked all night to a dizzying degree, and the first thing the captain declared after being called early in the morning was this. 

“An offensive again with our current forces?” 

“It has been estimated that the damage to the enemy soldiers is higher than ours. We should be able to turn the tables if we attack now.” (Gaback)


In theory, the ones who attack in a trench battle are the ones that come out harmed the most. 

We had heavy casualties because of the consecutive attacks of the enemy, but the casualties on their side must have been even higher than that. 

“Chance presents itself in the direst of moments. The bombardments of our mages will begin soon. All units, be ready to charge in.” (Gaback)

“Yes, Captain.” 

This war is a repeat of the same. 

If the enemy forces themselves do an offensive, we will stab at that opening from their exhaustion to do our own offensive. 

And then, the borders of us -Austin- and the enemy -the Sabat Federation- are approximately tens of meters in diameter. 

The life of a mass number of us soldiers is being expended for the sake of just these short meters in the borders. 

“Let’s bring divine retribution to these idiots that got ahead of themselves and attacked too much.” (Gaback)


Rodley-kun was extremely excited at the words of Captain Gaback.

Speaking of which, this is the first time Rodley-kun participates in an offensive since joining this platoon. 

“Allen Squad, at the front; the Verdy Squad, just follow me without thinking about anything; Tori, stay right behind me as always. The Verdy Squad and I will strengthen the defenses of both sides of Touri.” (Gaback)

“Yes sir.” 

It seems like the formation of the Gaback Platoon is the same as usual. 

We let the skilled squad go at the front, and have them clear the path for the rushes of Captain Gaback.

The other squad will strengthen the sides of Gaback to increase the destructive power of the front. 

“Verdy, you are the last one. Strengthen the rear of Touri.” (Gaback)


And so, Corporal Verdy has been stationed behind me who is unskilled. 

The people who are behind the captain are most likely treated as rookies. 

“I will be by your side today huh, Touri-chan. Pleasure working with you.” 

“I will be counting on you, Gray-senpai.” (Touri)

The one who strengthened my side was Gray-senpai. He is also from the Verdy Squad. 

The Verdy Squad was originally led by the veteran assault soldier called Maryu-san. 

But with Corporal Verdy, who is higher in rank, joining in now, the line in command has been rewritten, and the Maryu Squad has now become the Verdy Squad.


“It is okay for me to take command for today, right, Corporal?” (Maryu)

“Yes, please do, Maryu-san.” (Verdy)

Maryu-san is far above him when it comes to commanding power in actual combat. 

Even if he is a corporal right out of military school, the amount of experience is just way too different. 

And so, Corporal Verdy must be entrusting the leadership of the assault today to Maryu-san. 

“Corporal, I won’t ask for something complicated at first. Just run and strengthen the back of the Medic Touri.” (Maryu)

“Yes.” (Verdy)

“There’s rarely any people who would shoot from behind, so just go without being scared.” (Maryu)

And well, that’s pretty much a wrap when it comes to the briefing before the assault, but…

“Why am I at the back even though I am in the Allen Squad…” 

“You would just break coordination with your degree of training.” 

Rodley-kun was brimming with excitement, thinking that he would be able to lead at the front, but was smacked down to the back under the order of Allen-san.

That’s right. 

He is a recruit just like Corporal Verdy, so he is stationed at the back of Captain Gaback. 

“Learn and become stronger. If you do, you will be able to join the assault squad.” (Allen)

“How am I going to kill people from all the way back here…?” (Rodley)

That’s wonderful killing intent as always. 

He is someone I wouldn’t want to get involved with in a normal situation.

“Are you showing dissatisfaction at the orders of a superior again, Rodley?” (Gaback)

“N-No!” (Rodley)

He was groaning and complaining here, but stepped back with a pale face after a single glare of the captain. 

Looks like the discipline of yesterday worked. Even he is scared of Captain Gaback. 


Rodley-kun was urged on by the captain, and he silently went to his position at the back in low spirits. 

I got a peek of his pouting dissatisfied face. 

He gives me the impression that he is pretty young mentally, but I wonder how old he is. Maybe he is 15 just like me as the youngest. 



After a few hours of a whole ton of bombardments…

“It is now time. We will begin charging in!” (Gaback)

The Gaback Platoon sortied at the shout of the captain. 

Units from both of our sides also came out from the trenches and charged in.


We shouted loudly and ran at the back of Captain Gaback. 

We win if we can jump into the trenches of the enemy and seize their base. 


But there’s a dazzling amount of gunshots in between those trenches. 

The only one who would be able to run without getting any injuries is someone like Captain Gaback.

The Allen Squad that’s at the front is already looking pretty exhausted. 

Ah, one of them had their head shot. 

Allen-san seems to have been shot on his right shoulder as well. 

“Seize them. Expose them to death.” 

We followed after the Allen Squad with all that going on, and Captain Gaback charged into the trenches.

He didn’t spare a single thought about a comrade having died, and caused a storm of blood as usual. 

The captain seized the base in just a few seconds of having jumped in. 

“I will seize the bases on both sides! At least finish the treatment of Allen while at it, Touri!” (Gaback)

“Yes.” (Touri)

The captain said this and ran off across the trenches. 

Allen-san was injured….on the brachial plexus of the right arm… This… I doubt he will be able to move his arm unless he gets it treated at the backlines.

Let’s stop the bleeding at least. 

“Looks like this is as far as I go. I am sorry, Maryu. I leave the rest to you.” (Allen)

“Got it.” (Maryu)

Allen-san has tapped out here.

We leave the people who can’t move anymore from injuries, and advance through the trenches we secured. That’s safer after all. 

Now there’s only 7 people left in the platoon.

“Alright, we finished securing the northern base. We are seizing the southern side!” (Gaback)


The captain ran here with incredible speed while I was doing the bare minimum treatment on Allen-san.

Speaking of which, it was taking my all just to keep along with Captain Gaback in the first assault, and yet, I am managing to follow along just fine now.

I doubt I could get stamina from just a few weeks, so I think I managed to learn an efficient way to run. 

“T-This is reckless. This is unreasonable!” (Verdy)

“What are you doing? Run, Corporal. You will be left behind.” (Maryu)

“Isn’t this weird?! Why is he seizing stuff when his allies haven’t caught up?! This is way too abnormal!” (Verdy)


I could hear something close to screams from Corporal Verdy.

This assault really is weird, huh. 

Leaving behind your comrades far in the back and charging in alone is just dangerous. 

“Run if you have the time to shout!” (Maryu)

“This way of charging the enemy is not written in the textbooks! On the contrary, this is a textbook example of the wrong way of charging the enemy!” (Verdy)

“Corporal, let me teach you something nice. Textbooks are toilet paper written by cowards that escaped to the back!” (Maryu)

1st class soldier Maryu, who was now the commander of the assault squad instead of Allen-san, answered Corporal Verdy in a teasing manner. 

Ooh, this gives the vibe of an army. I do think it is undisciplined to be making jokes in a place like this one where lives are at stake though…

“Then, I have been gratefully memorizing toilet paper.” (Verdy)

“Corporal, you shouldn’t make fun of toilet paper. Even paper to wipe your butt is absolutely precious on the battlefield.” (Maryu)

“Aah, I see! In that case, I would have liked the brave captain to write a textbook and distribute it! I feel like a whole lot of deaths would come out from it though!” (Verdy)

“Ahaha! Oi oi, Corporal, our captain doesn’t have the culture to write.” (Maryu)

Corporal Verdy and Squad Captain Maryu were going at Captain Gaback while chatting. 

It is said that moderate tension and appropriate degrees of relaxation can bring about the best performance in actual combat. 

And so, they must be throwing jokes to relax even if this may be undisciplined. 

“We wouldn’t have enough lives if we were to charge in with Captain Gaback. I request the adjustment of the formation at once.” (Verdy)

“Actually, our Gaback Platoon has the lowest death rate, Corporal -to a degree where it is allowed to station medics.” (Maryu)

“That doesn’t make sense…” (Verdy)

Verdy-san was worn out by the unreasonableness of Captain Gaback. 

That’s right. This platoon has comparatively low death rates thanks to the defense of Captain Gaback.

The important part is: ‘comparatively’.

“Haaah… Haaah…” 

“Ooi, are you okay?” 

But the Corporal was managing to keep up with the assault even while spitting out complaints. 

It looks like his stamina has been trained well in military school. 

“…Uhm, Rodley-kun, how about staying in this trench if you can’t go on?” (Touri)

“N-Not yet. I can still run, so leave me be, plank chest…” (Rodley)

“I see.” (Touri)

The one that’s in most danger in our platoon is Rodley-kun.

He is already heaving most likely because he lacks the stamina. 

“I still…haven’t killed anyone…” (Rodley)

He is already wheezing. Is he alright? 

He is overflowing with killing intent here, and yet, his stamina isn’t keeping up…

“Alright, I am back. Second trench, charge!” (Gaback)


The captain returned while we were doing that. 

So he has already seized the adjacent bases. 

Rodley-kun’s answers alone are wonderful, but he is clearly pushing himself here.

He should have begged Captain Gaback to please let him stay behind without trying to act tough.

It would be way too sad for you to die in action when I went out of my way yesterday to provide medical treatment for you.


And so, the second trench was easily seized by the captain. 

The resistance of the enemy was far higher than we expected, and wounded have begun appearing in the platoon. 

“Touri, how much mana do you have left?” (Gaback)

“I have been saving since last night in preparation for the assault. I can use Heal twice, and I could manage a third one if I use medicine.” (Touri)

“Hmm, then use one.” (Gaback)

Fortunately, there has only been one death today.

Corporal Verdy had a bullet graze his heart just a few moments ago, but managed to stay alive with healing. 

I was given permission reluctantly after I explained to the captain that he would die if he is not treated at once. 

That’s rare.

“Captain, the back can’t keep up at all. Isn’t it about time to wrap this up?” (Touri)

“Are you an idiot? The 3rd one is where the real deal begins. If we don’t bite through when the replenishment of soldiers is thin, when are we going to?” (Gaback)

The soldier that had an injured leg and Corporal Verdy who got an almost fatal injury have withdrawn. 

There’s only 5 people left in the Gaback Platoon.

Also, the 3rd line of defense is expected to have an increase in enemy intensity.

And so, I would like to secure this place, finish the battle, and go with a strategic victory, but…

“We will break through the front after our allies catch up.” (Gaback)

The captain doesn’t seem to have the intention to fall back.

“It seems like you can still run, Touri. Hmph, you are now as good as an ant at least.” (Gaback)

“…That’s an honor, Captain.” (Touri)

Aah, I see. He plans on charging in more because I still have a surplus of stamina. 

So he was keeping his charging subdued until now to match my stamina. 

“Our allies on both sides have advanced.” 

“Oh, it really does look like we will be able to do this today.” (Gaback)

Maybe I should act like I am exhausted.

No, if I did that, he would think I have been slacking in my training and would be disciplined again.

“Alright, we are going in. We will bite through the defense line of the Federation today!” (Gaback)

And I will be taking a step into the serious defense line of the enemy for the first time.

To the 3rd line of defense where it is not just the trenches after being bombarded with magic, but units that are completely unscathed and awaiting our approach. 

“Let’s go!!!” 

…The intensity of that resistance far exceeded what I imagined.

And I didn’t know just yet that this assault would be one of the unforgettable turning points of mine.

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