Shiki 2: Shiki in Rotsgard [167-169]

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Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu – POV Shiki 2 chapter 167-169

Shiki in Rotsgard

I reminisce about the events during my time with Waka-sama.

I thought I had always grasped this but this time again I learned the true capabilities of this body.

That is how I felt during the ordeal this time.

Far north of Rotsgard, the hyumans and demons are waging their war, and have now brought that war to Rotsgard with their large scale attack plan.

The miraculous meddling of the second son of the Hopelace house of Limia.

The unique meeting and contact we had with the dragon knight troops, from the commonwealth of Lorel.

The encounter with the goddess … no the reunion with the goddess for Waka-sama?

Oh, yes, speaking of reunion, Waka-sama’s rematch with Sofia and the dragon Lancer.

Indeed, this time was quite turbulent.

The people who are contracted with Waka-sama; Makoto-sama, are in order Tomoe-dono, Mio-dono, and me.

Tomoe-dono and Mio-dono did not participate in our battle with Lancer and Sofia, but they were given a different task, seizing Kaleneon.

I accompanied Waka-sama and … killed the superior dragon, Lancer.

That was the greatest moment of my life, I felt that clearly.

“Now that I think about it, I believe it was a somewhat reckless fight … But I got past that trial, even though it was a superior dragon.”(Shiki)

I am still nowhere near Mio-dono and Tomoe-dono in terms of strength, but I am slowly but surely growing little by little as a follower to our Master.

Also, I think it should be obvious but under a control contract, when we fight for Waka-sama’s sake in battle, we get a certain sense transmitted to us.

Despite it still being an unfamiliar sense, that sense is one of the most comfortable feelings in this world.

Now that I think about it, before meeting Waka-sama, I was just living in order to complete my research and nothing else.

It is true that if you trace my true origin … you could say it was for a friend, but as I went on, it slowly became only for the sake of completing the research.

I did not have any purpose, just the means.

To do something without a purpose is utterly meaningless

My current life is for Waka-sama.

In order to keep watching the path he treads.

I have to continue to get stronger.

“But still, those two demon instructors, I know they wanted to beat Lancer and Sofia as well but to make me fight in a simulated battle … training me right after that is cruel.”(Shiki)

It was bad on my part to say I accidently encountered Lancer during the battle when I made my report.

It was thanks to this fact that I could barely have a good rest after getting back as they made me clean up all the leftover variants that were in the city.

Well, other people did the other jobs thus it was fine.

We, the Kuzunoha Company, have finished most of the work we needed to do in the city already.

I only did what my master wanted me to do.

Now I have to wait for the results.

The remaining Variant parts in the streets were cleaned up by the Forest Oni and the Elder Dwarves and was processed safely.

Now the entire city views us as saviours … it is impossible to treat us as a threat in the eyes of the people and the principal and merchant guild chief Zara has given us their support.

Waka-sama wishes to continue cooperating with the restoration of the city.

“You have all come?”(Shiki)

I was at a café near the academy.

I was notified by the waitress that my guest had come.

I caught the sight of a familiar person in my vision.

Today the students forced Waka-sama to give them a lecture, Waka-sama, as a result, gave them a punishment called “Practice match” with the Mist Lizards.

This time there were 3 Mist Lizards and the last one used an unfamiliar form of CQC that drove despair into the student named Jin Rohan.

I was watching this match with a bitter smile as this was just trampling them down.

Thus, in the future, Waka-sama forced them to help out with the reconstruction of the city, so they had no choice but to accept it.

I had been called out by one of the students because of some business he had with me.

Waka-sama has given me permission to handle this and has also given me abundant funds.

“You can use as much as you think you will need”(Makoto)

He has allowed me to use as much I as need.

Granting we are under a control contract, he has placed this much trust in me.

Also, a part of his reasoning for saying this is because we have a great deal of money that we still do not have any plan, or idea, of what to do with it.

“Shiki-san, I am sorry to keep you waiting”(Misura)

“No, please do not worry, I did not wait for that long. Misura, why is it that you could not have just told me where the place I wanted to go is and wanted to instead lead me there?”(Shiki)

He is Misura Kazak.

He has parents that are devout followers of the goddess, and he himself also participates in these activities in service of the temple.

However, if you were to say he was a devout follower then I will say that you are wrong.

He is a type of person that is carried by the flow and cannot go against it.

In other words, he is obedient to his parents and is only doing these activities for them.

Misura himself has a neutral view in the field of religion.

His battle style of defensive walls, mastery of recovery magic, and his role as the team shield makes him quite admirable.

“I am sorry, it is just that the place you wanted to go to is by the temple, and I was also called by the Archbishop so our paths align.”(Misura)

I stand up and start walking with Misura.

There is a place I want to go to in Rotsgard, so I asked one of the students that have lived here for some time to aid me. Misura seemed to know where this place is, so he had said he would guide me.

Amelia also wanted to come but this time I refused.

So the place was beside the temple?

It is true that I am not familiar with that part of the city.

I will start making a mental map of it now.

“The Archbishop called you is that right? Well, Misura is a devout follower of the goddess just like your parents.”(Shiki)

I made a slight playful Jab at Misura.

“…… No, It is just the wishes of my parents, there are many devout followers in the temple but I am not one of them. It is easily misunderstood too, but the current Archbishop is an interesting person so I am not that bothered going there.”(Misura)

“Hmm, the Archbishop is an interesting person … is it because she is also a very beautiful person?”(Shiki)

“No, Shiki-san, that person although an Archbishop, a high-ranking priest, she still smokes. There is no opinion regarding beauty for that person. In fact, most people think she is quite ugly because there is no way someone who could make it to such a high ranking position could be beautiful”(Misura)

“Ah …… tobacco? Really?”(Shiki)

That woman, a smoker?

This is certainly unusual.

Because Waka-sama hates smokers he asserted to the people of Asora to try and not to do it as much as possible, but if you are going to do it then please stay far away from children.

I do know for a fact that it is not good for your health, but whether it does something to your beauty I have yet to confirm.

The elder dwarves and Highland Orc have people who smoke.

“The archbishop had said this: ‘Even if it is bad for the body, helping the heart will keep my beauty intact for far longer.’”(Misura)

“That is a very honest opinion, she does seem to be interesting.”(Shiki)

Does she mean that stress will affect her more than smoking?

To me who knows the truth, it just sounds like an excuse to keep smoking.

“That person is quite flexible in regards to faith and service to the temple … so I kind of like the current Archbishop that handles things loosely.”(Misura)

“Hmm, another honest opinion …… so the current Archbishop is flexible  … hmm, is that so?”(Shiki)

“She does not only praise the devout followers but also the bottom grass roots who are doing the work.”(Misura)

“I see”(Shiki)

… It is a troublesome type of person.

She seems to want to connect the people and the temple quickly.

Well, we have no fear for now of the residents turning on us.

Should I give thanks to the variants and demons that attacked?

“Today, she wanted to hear stories about the reconstruction of the city.”(Misura)

“Oh, is she trying to pull you in?”(Shiki)

“I am acquainted with both the temple and academy, so they probably are watching me from somewhere.”(Misura)

“Using Misura as a bridge to rope the others in huh?”(Shiki)

Is she also planning on using Misura to rope us in?

If she is, then I must have overestimated her.

“Well, that is a weird way of putting but yes that may be her aim.”(Misura)

“… No, it was a rude remark, I should not have called the archbishop a schemer. I am sorry Misura”(Shiki)

After all, she does not see us in plain view.

What a pity.

I become relaxed.

“Oh, Shiki-san … here is the place you wanted to go. Just take a left and then go straight.”(Misura)

“Oh, is that so? Thank you Misura, it really was close to the temple. Please tell the Archbishop sorry for having you guide me and keeping her waiting.”(Shiki)

“… No, it is no problem …… by the way.”(Misura)

“Hmm, what is it?”(Shiki)

“What kind of business do you have in the residential area ahead? Is it a lover?”(Misura)

“Haha, Misura did Amelia tell you to probe my errand?”(Shiki)

“No, of course not Shiki-san, she definitely did not say to find out if you have a lover or even a kid.”(Misura)

… What does she mean by that?

Daughter? Lover?

What are you thinking Amelia and even asking Misura to do this.

It must have been troubling for him.

But …… this will be fun.

Let’s play with them for a bit.

“Oh, How smart.”(Shiki)


“You are exactly right, Misura. There are a woman and child ahead. Please keep it a secret from everyone else. Well, then I shall see you later.”(Shiki)

“Oh, yes”(Misura)

I put my finger over my lips and smile at him.

Well, I am certain there are a woman and child.

… Just they are not mine.

Misura did not follow me after that and just watched my back while I was walking away.

Eventually, he got out of his stunned state and headed for the temple.


When I said to keep it a secret, I considered that Misura is the one person who can never keep a secret. He will tell everyone in this city that I have a woman and child.

What fun.

I could not stop my laughter for awhile.

Oh, I have arrived.

I stopped at one of the houses.

I knock on it and wait.

“Excuse me, I am with the Kuzunoha Company, is this the home of Chloe Narga?”(Shiki)

Even if it was something I planned in that fight to happen.

I was in the end aided by that adventurer to defeat Lancer.

I do not know what he said in his last words.

Because he was turned into a sword by Lancer and disappeared.

That gesture, soul, and thought were not conveyed to me.

But at least.

Let me repay my gratitude to you in some form.

…… I know this is selfish.

“… Kuzunoha Company, I am sorry but keep your stuff-“(Chloe)

“Adventurer Seelie Bait has passed away … I am to inform of his passing as a soldier and as a friend …… I also have been entrusted to hand you the inheritance he has for you.”(Shiki)

I tell the story to the woman who had come out.

There are 5 women who are related to him.

Even as an adventurer, it seems Seelie had time to play around.

He was successful as an adventurer.

He kept sending money to these women who he has never lived with even once.

This person named Chloe is the first person on my list.

After this visit, I have to go to 4 other places …… I have to tell them about his death and the inheritance.

Whether they had a close relationship with him and broke down like this woman in front is not my problem either.

But I will make sure that they receive the inheritance.

Of course, this inheritance is a fake, I have prepared the amount of money with Waka-sama’s permission.

I am sure it will be necessary for them in the future.

Seelie Bait has disappeared without even leaving a soul.

I could not defeat Lancer without his cooperation, for my weakness caused him to die.

Therefore, I will make sure they receive the proper compensation.

I know this is just selfish on my part, but I want to do this.

Hopefully, you can rest in peace Seelie Bait.

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