Root: The Ancient Dragon Laughs as the Academy Town’s Peace is Destroyed [143-150]

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Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchu -POV Root chapters 143-150

The Ancient Dragon Laughs as the Academy Town’s Peace is Destroyed

The variants’ rampage, in the cities, has been continuing for a few days already.

The damage done to the city is enormous.

The city has stopped moving and is not able to get in contact with the neighbouring cities at all.

The situation is awfully serious.

The information being relayed in this shelter, which is also operated like an HQ for the city officials, has not received a single bit of good news.

In all of this city’s history, it has never been involved in wars. Therefore, the city being burdened to the point of closely approaching destruction is obvious.

They have evacuated key people from various countries, but seeing the situation play out in this fashion, the young man gave a small sigh.

The sigh was not from despair or pessimism, but out of disappointment and pity. This young man’s eyes did not contain fear, even in this situation.

This school has stagnated for too long. If the founder had seen this, he would have immediately re-thought establishing this school. They have been at peace for too long and have been too negligent in the preparations for attacks and emergency situations.(Root)

The youth’s name is Falz, the leader of the adventure guild.

Although this name, along with many others, is just his aliases, his real name is Root.

He is the oldest dragon in the world, and barely anyone left in this world knows his name.

Lancer, Grount, Clad, and etc. are all superior dragons known to the public, and Root is the superior dragon that stands above them all.

In the past, people had worshipped this dragon and called it “harmony” because of the harmony of colours on its body.

However, this is all an old story.

Currently, this superior dragon serves as the leader of the adventure guild. He does not interfere with the world anymore and is now just relaxing, a spectator of the world.

Well, since my guild does not have an active branch in this city we are only responsible for some paperwork here and there. I have sent a small fighting force, but I told them to pretend to fight and nothing more. The only ones fighting are the school’s purple guards and the mercenary force they have in this city. The situation is quite devastating.(Root)   

Root goes over the current situation in a very nonchalant manner.

The first variant was the mutation of the Hopelace child … what was his name … oh well. Then, several other variants had appeared and the city’s forces could barely kill any of them.

The number of variants did not stop either and their numbers just kept increasing. Some of the shelters have been destroyed as well.

Also, other information suggests that 30% of the townspeople have either been killed or are missing.

It is quite the disaster.

The demons are quite clever with this plan. Although I do believe detonating this place is to be done much later. I guess the heroes are that much of an eyesore to them, from seeing this plan … I am 70% sure that their target is the hero in the kingdom. Well, I do understand why too, that child has already figured out the most effective strategy to beat the demons.(Root)

He knew that this was a plan made by the demons, and he knew that this city is not their goal.

If you were to ask why he knew, it would be because he is the adventure guild leader… no, because he knows what this world is up to.

Root is a superior dragon and not a god. Thus, he is more informed of all worldly matters.

He is not a friend to demons, nor is he a friend to hyumans.

If we were to say who he is an ally to, it would be adventurers as he is their guardian.

Whether it be the hyumans or the demons, he knows that neither side has a problem with the existence of adventurers.

That is why he did not speak to anyone about the demons’ plans, or inform the demons of the heroes existence in advance. He does not care about what kind of future will be chosen and he does not care about what kind of damage will be done, for as long as it does not involve adventurers or his world.

Naturally, this ideal applies to Makoto as well. Despite currently being Root’s favourite, Root would still not change this ideal for him.

If you were to ask him anything, you will obtain more questions than answers, and with maybe the one answer you could infer is that he will not move right now.

“Falz-dono, do you have a moment?”(Saritsu)

“Oh, is it something difficult to speak of here?”(Root)

“…… Yes, just a bit.”(Saritsu)

“…. How honest. Well, then shall we depart?”(Root)

“Let us go forth then.”(Saritsu)

The woman who had come up to Root, and is also making the same bitter face as everyone, is the woman who has a very vital position in the country of Lorel. In the past few days, Root has been called out to talk to by the King of Limia, prince Joshua of Limia, and princess Lily of Gritonia as well. Therefore, it is no wonder that both Aion and Lorel will also come to talk to him. The school is currently noticeably busy with the variants and protecting important guests, so the two were allowed to leave the headquarters quietly.

“Well then, what is it that you would like to talk about? I will tell you right now though that I have no connections to those students, and I yet to have a close connection to their teacher, Raidou-dono.”(Root)

“… There have been some reports about you two being together during the festival, but right now this is not what I wanted to discuss …… Also, there is someone in the group from the Ikusabe house there and I will be hearing a report from him.”(Saritsu)

“Izumo-kun, is it not wonderful that an heir to a branch house of your country has so much power? I think it is a good thing to obtain as many powerful individuals as possible, do you not agree?”(Root)

Root speaks to Saritsu while combining both a joke and a hidden irony.

It was also a playful jab at her.

Only someone of his status is able to do this.

Because he is the leader of the adventure guild and will all be passed off as is crude remark.

The Limia Kingdom also asked about the girl Amelia, who was quite active in the stadium. The party of students were all remarkably interesting. But, I will make sure to increase my stock with Makoto by protecting them here.(Root)

Root, who was asked what the girl Amelia Hopelace was, feigned ignorance and lead them astray, for now, which includes the princess of Gritonia.

The students are getting real attention right now, but it seems like Makoto-kun does not want them to fight or get involved in this situation. Thus, he had followed this policy.

Of course, he already knew everything there is to know about these students.     

“… Ahh, please, the topic is quite a headache to me right now. I personally agree with Falz-dono, but in this age bloodline is not everything.”(Saritsu)

“Lorel seems to be in a difficult position in this war, including the topic of the wise … Oh yes, as a mention for a friend, please withdraw from this matter regarding Raidou-dono. He is a new friend of mine and I do not want to worry about little matters.”(Root)

“Raidou-dono …… he is quite the mysterious person, noticed by every single large power and is close friends with the leader of the adventure guild.”(Saritsu)

“That man is the most interesting person right now in this world, and I do not get bored when I am with him.”(Root)

“… Why do you have such an unknown person, who even with our information network could not find anything about him, as a friend?”(Saritsu)

“He is an unknown person? No, his background is quite clear.”(Root)


To the passing remarks of Root, Saritsu shows a surprised expression.

Even with the use of Lorel’s vast information network and cognition ability, they were only able to classify the man Raidou as “mysterious merchant A”. To be able to obtain that amount of power and amassing that much personnel makes him an abnormality.

“Raidou Misumi, he was born between a bureaucrat and priest of a certain country. They had then moved to a city deep inside the wilderness at the end of the world when he was young. The house was a large merchant in that city, and ever since he was little he was aiming to be a merchant. He is currently training under the arm of Patrick Rembrandt and has a store in Tsige.”(Root)


“The Rembrandt family had a very deep connection with the Misumi family and was happy to receive Raidou under his arm. Now Raidou, using Rembrandt’s cooperation as a backbone, is expanding his business. What is not clear?”(Root)

“This is the first time I heard about his birth, but a city in the wilderness at the end of the world. Does such a place exist?”(Saritsu)

“Yes, I have seen it myself.”(Root)

“By the way, I heard a report that states a base was completely destroyed at the very end of the world … How did a city survive there?”(Saritsu)

“Of course, there are powerful individuals living there as you can clearly see from Raidou-dono.”(Root)

Root does not break his smile and composure.

There is no disorder in the tone of his voice.

“Falz-dono, a certain person had once told me that the best way to lie is to mix in some truth within the lie.”(Saritsu)

“Oh, is that true? I must try it for myself, but I believe a better way to lie is to make the lie into a truth.”(Root)

“Oh, that is also an interesting opinion.”(Saritsu)



The false laughter had stopped and they both faced each other again.

“Well then, what is it that you wanted to talk about? Surely, he was not the topic.”(Root)

“He is related, but yes that is not the main topic. I am sorry for the derailment.”(Saritsu)

“No, please, it was I who had done so in the beginning. The topic is similar, so is it about Tomoe-dono’s sword or the Kuzunoha Company itself?”(Root)

“It is the Kuzunoha Company itself. I will ask you straight, why are they not moving? I do know that the students that fought before were his own students, and you had mentioned before he is strong … Therefore, why does he not move? I do understand that he and his aides are much stronger than all of us here … What is your opinion Falz-dono?”(Saritsu)

“I must say, I am quite tired of this topic. I have been asked this too many times over the past several days.”(Root)

“This incident is no doubt the demons doing. But, the silence from the Kuzunoha Company is leading to me to believe … as you can guess. You seem to know more about Raidou-dono than me, so I would like your opinion on this.”(Saritsu)

“Haha, him a demon?”(Root)

“I guess I shall take your laughter as him not being related at all to the demons. It is a very nice conclusion I must say.”(Saritsu)

“…… Teplasodai Company”(Root)


Root, who suddenly started laughing at the idea of Kuzunoha Company being part of the demon troops, gave Saritsu the answer she was looking for.

Then, suddenly he said the name of a company which made her shocked and made him in turn smile.

The serious face she had from before is gone.

Nevertheless, ¾ of the superpowers are considering Kuzunoha Company to be a part of the demon troops. If this was true, then this war would have been over and a new war would have started. They have the power to end this war without a single loss. They are better than demons and hyumans combined in terms of weapons, magic research, and information gathering. Well, I guess it was a fortune for them to have met Raidou here as a magician. I do think it will be interesting to see them ride this mistake into their little heads, but I will stop it right now and tell her a bit of the truth … this plan could be interesting too.(Root)

“Do you know the name?”(Root)

“Yes, it is a company my uncle has been dealing with for some time now. I believe it is stationed in Rotsgard.“(Saritsu)

“You do know the products they sell right. They also have considerable influence in the merchant guild here.”(Root)

“Yes, they specialise in medicine and is a company that is quite open in my country. Their pharmaceutical technology is also quite superior.”(Saritsu)

“Yes, I am glad you are familiar with it … You also must know that the Kuzunoha Company mainly handles medicine as well … Well, they do have other products but their main product is medicine.”(Root)

“Of course I am aware of this. The scale of the two companies are quite different, so are you trying to say that they are competing? No matter what the price and size are, they will not engage with each other…”(Saritsu)

It was then that he shook his head.

The troubled feeling she had in her heart was growing.

No, there is no way … it must not be possible? Teplasodai Company tried to absorb Kuzunoha Company, tried to crush Raidou? But, wait a moment … then the story the representative of the company who spoke to me the other day … the story is different.(Saritsu)

“The effectiveness and price of the medicine at the Kuzunoha Company far excel anything in this world, so it first leads to friction among the small stores. But, as their reputation increased, Kuzunoha Company soon affected them as well. The representative of that company pushed the guild chairperson to crush the Kuzunoha company. He had also falsified documents and spread rumours about the link between the demons and Kuzunoha Company.”(Root)

“No way, I will … this must be a lie?”(Saritsu)

“Of course there were other players, but the all of those threads will lead back to Teplasodai”(Root)

“How foolish.”(Saritsu)

“The CEO of Teplasodai, himself had come in the end, because you personally had met with the  Kuzunoha Company CEO. I am guessing he felt endangered or something along those lines?”(Root)

“…… What is the relationship between the merchant guild of this city and the Kuzunoha Company?”(Saritsu)

While feeling like she had lost power in her legs, she fixed her posture.

“Oh, that relationship is just terrible. I believe he had told Raidou-dono to ‘pack your bags and get out of town.’ Raidou-dono was quite affected by this, and I do think this is the main reason he does not move yet.”(Root)

“I do feel sorry for him. But, right now with the amount of damage to the town, I do not think that will work”(Saritsu)

“Feel sorry, hahaha, well this will be a serious problem for the Teplasodai Company and for Raidou-dono. I will tell you this, he is too pure of a person.”(Root)

“He is too pure?”(Saritsu)

“Well, I would not worry any further as he should move very soon since this would be the right time to move. I believe you will take care of the other matter on your end.’(Root)

“Of course, although it is not a major crime, for the sake of the future of the country, the cooperation of Kuzunoha company is needed. That is why that stupid business and my foolish uncle will both be punished. They have distorted my words and unjustly hurt this country’s interests.”(Saritsu)

“How scary, I see you have been tolerating that company for quite a while now.” (Root)

“I had only tolerated it because they were good for the country and the people. But, now that they have hurt the nation’s interests, they will be punished.”(Saritsu)

“As I have said before, I quite like Lorel for flexibility and ruthlessness. A particularly nice combination.”(Root)

“I thank you. I feel as I now know how to deal, or at least negotiate, with the Kuzunoha Company.”(Saritsu)

“That is good then.”(Root)

Root and Saritsu now walk in opposite directions to each other.

This was the end of their conversation.

She was not expecting much from Root, but thankfully she had obtained valuable information.

She learned that someone had been hurt while she was unaware.

But, this was a common situation in her world.

However, this individual if hurt could be on the verge of never being recovered.

Root seeing Saritsu attitude knew one thing.

She believed that she could repair the relationship with Raidou.

Perfectly transmitting this idea with her eyes.

“Well, I guess she will handle this situation quietly. It is not like he will care if this company disappears, and I don’t believe he will care about it, even after he finds out. What a scary person she is … Well, I believe that the Kuzunoha Company will now start moving today. I wonder what will happen to this town and the heroes? Well, at least I know this, that company will be annihilated from this day forward. They will lose a representative and a powerful supporter at the same time. That company is one of the big 5 in this town. What a pity, what a pity.”(Root)

Root mutters leisurely.

Although the reason he is happy is mostly from self-interest but he is also happy that he could eliminate a trouble for Raidou.

Root felt strong affection towards him.    



There is an optimal time for action for everything.

The Kuzunoha company knew this and acted exactly at this optimal time.

It was only a few days ago that relief from the various countries had arrived, but contact was still down.

It was exactly the day Root had predicted that Raidou and the Kuzunoha Company started to move.

In the streets full of the bodies of variants and mercenaries, they came in like a hero and cleaned up each street they went to.

It was the same way a sweeper does his job, wherever he goes the place is clean.

In just one day.

The residents deeply carved the name Kuzunoha Company into their hearts.

Despite having been with them for so long in the shelters, they had no idea until they started to lead the relief efforts.

They distributed food which was not in sufficient quantity but was enough to ensure basic survival. They then secured each evacuation centre.

They created countermeasures for the variants and cooperated with the school to subdue them.

It was on this day that they engraved the name of the saviour of the city, Kuzunoha.

“They had sent Makoto to the merchant guild to show his power huh? You guys were that angry. Rembrandt has fixed the situation there and the wind is changing for that place too.”(Root)

Makoto’s magic was shining in the night sky. Root who had seen this light from the same place where Tomoe was is still standing even after she had left. He muttered a small monologue.

“A simple arrow was able to destroy thousands of those devices that the demons had built with their blood, heart, and sweat. Makoto-kun is amazing but the demons’ anger is also amazing …… Now Kuzunoha Company will be a saviour on the same level as the goddess in Rotsgard. If the temple is not careful there may be people who may start a Kuzunoha church. “(Root)

The Kuzunoha Company’s reputation in Rotsgard was assured now.

But, if they had done this when the damage to the city was low then no one would have cared. Only when people are genuinely in despair can they truly appreciate the hope others give them. This truth was revealed by Tomoe’s mocking of the hyumans.

Makoto-kun saving the city will now be known to the world.

This will surely help them in their business.

This was a very funny situation for Root.

“But still, what is most amazing is your timing of the shot. Although I have said this to Tomoe, right now the Goddess is unable to move and is being bound to obedience. Fate must truly exist for such a thing to happen. I thought I would give you a full score because of Tomoe’s words but you have far exceeded any score I could give … truly never a dull day.”(Root)

Root’s words melted away into the darkness of the night in the city of Rotsgard.  

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