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Hey guys, Reigokai here!

Whew, I can’t believe it myself, but we have now finished World is Game! And what a crazy journey it was. I have SO MUCH to say about this story. That’s how unique I felt it was.

To be completely honest with you guys, the first few chapters were pretty rough, and I am sure many felt the same way. But I am truly glad for the ones who still kept on with me on this journey because oh boy was it full of surprises. 

This story might be one of the most unique ones I have seen until now. The way they handled troupes and then turned them on its head is done in such a way I probably won’t see in any other story. The best example for this is the Demon Lord battle. You won’t find many authors who would have the balls to hype up a battle so much and end up just drowning it, literally. RIP Demon Lord, we don’t even know how you look.

The author also has a strange writing style where they build the chapter up and finish it in that very chapter instead of drawing a cliffhanger and ending it in the next one. Kind of like a 4-panel gag manga where there is always the punchline at the end. The best and most recent example of this is the battle against the Evil God. The chapter for the core battle had build up, conflict, climax, and conclusion in one chapter when in most they would cut it off in the middle of the climax and conclude it on the next chapter. That chapter was double the length of a normal chapter, so it was plenty possible to do so, yet the author still went with that style. Very peculiar.

Speaking of peculiar, the main character and the star of this story, Souma. WG is a story with pretty strong characters, but in a 1st person perspective story, you really gotta have an interesting MC. When stories say the MC doesn’t have friends yet you see them speaking like a gigolo with girls, you don’t really believe it, but I definitely see Souma not having any friends. When he risked the whole damn world to make the strongest weapon out of the Evil God, I was truly baffled. 

There’s also Ringo and Mitsuki. My two other favorite characters in this story. To be honest, I didn’t know just how much I loved them until Ringo got pierced by the Kill Beam of the Evil God and she disappeared into light particles. My hands were shaking the whole time in that chapter, struck speechless that something like that could happen. Same with Mitsuki and her desperate attempts to save Souma in that timeline. Despite not being as obvious as Ringo, Mitsuki has a different type of absolute trust in Souma where she can tell when Souma’s got it, but aside from being sharp she also has these cute moments. Really, these two are just great. 

Now onto my favorite point of this story. Foreshadowing.
This story is foreshadowing, the novel. The way it combines past elements of the story to still bring out shocking revelations or solutions is just astonishing. The marriage with Ina, defeating the fragment with Yellow Slimes, the city being a giant seal for the Evil God, the whole sequence with the Sorcery Tower and the rewind, the way to defeat the Evil God; the greatest moments of this story came out from previously given info being used to the utmost at critical junctures. I thought the author would finally pull something out of nowhere at the end, but it was actually a beautiful blend of past information we already knew working in conjunction, especially using the Underwater City as a container and proving it has been shown before with the Yellow Slime in a bottle. 

Really, what a great journey this was. Sharing those shocking moments with everyone was so great. This may have been a niche story with a rough start and a long stretch of set-up chapters, but I am truly glad that you guys continued this journey with me. I really loved this story and it is so unique it will definitely stay in my mind.

So how about you guys? Now that we are at the end, I would also love to hear your own experience in this long journey. 

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