Chapter 68: Curse Nightmare Party

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Chapter 68: Bulletin Board – 5


[Ominous] CNP Preliminary Matches: Block 13’s Thread [Death God]

1: Admin

This is the thread to discuss Block 13 of the Curse Night Party’s event: ‘the Nightmare Banquet the Holy Maiden thinks of’. 

In the case a post is morally disrespectful, there will be cases when admins will delete it under their jurisdiction. 

Since there’s no character limit, there’s no need to create a thread of your own. 


54: Anonymous Pestilence.

I died! Magma Diver!

55: Anonymous Pestilence.

I dieeeeeed!! 

56: Anonymous Pestilence.

Oof… [Image].

57: Anonymous Pestilence.

Man, the death reports are coming one after the other…

Ah, if you bring out stuff like images or videos, there might be people who will console you.

58: Anonymous Pestilence.

Boob Fairy… [Image].

59: Anonymous Pestilence.

Ginyaaaaaa! Fisherman got fisheeeeeeed!

60: Anonymous Pestilence.

Everyone is strong… [Image].

61: Anonymous Pestilence.

Hm? Boobs?

62: Anonymous Pestilence.

>58 Wait, that’s some incredible image.

63: Anonymous Pestilence.


64: Anonymous Pestilence.

Crap, even though there was something that looked good, it got scrolled away.

65: Anonymous Pestilence.

>58 I am going to make an exclusive thread! I request a reupload of the image! 

66: Anonymous Pestilence.


67: Anonymous Pestilence.

What’s that humongous monsteeeeeer?!! [Image]

68: Anonymous Pestilence.

If there’s any noteworthy or interesting images or videos that just get washed away, make another thread for it! 

They are gonna get washed by the death reports!!

69: Anonymous Pestilence.

>65 >58 Okay. 

70: Anonymous Pestilence.

This is way too impossible. What’s this…?

71: Anonymous Pestilence.

The first ones to die are the unlucky ones. I knew that. [Image]

72: Anonymous Pestilence.

Alright, separate thread! This player [Image] will be posted in this thread!


73: Anonymous Pestilence.


74: Anonymous Pestilence.

It is truly hell on Earth. Nothing can be done.

75: Anonymous Pestilence.

This crap is scrolling down like crazy, lol.

76: Anonymous Pestilence.

>67 Ah, I was also hit by that. I was smashed like a fly by that giant.

77: Anonymous Pestilence.

>72 Thanks. Then, I will talk about what happened over there.

78: Anonymous Pestilence.

Alright, separate thread 2! >67, >76, the [Image] for those players go here! 


79: Anonymous Pestilence.

Pro gamer, don’t come!! [Image]

80: Anonymous Pestilence.

There’s way too many seasoned monsters!!

81: Anonymous Pestilence.

There’s quite a big gap between the top and the normal players, huh…

82: Anonymous Pestilence.


No, if it is just this much, it should simply be a difference in the actions you take.

83: Anonymous Pestilence.

This is going too fast! 

If someone wants to talk about the person that defeated you, make a new thread yourself! 

It won’t even see the light of the day here!!

84: Anonymous Pestilence.

I died! Impossible! 

Seriously impossible!



Preliminary Match Individual Player Thread @1 [Boob Fairy].

1: Anonymous Pestilence.

This is a thread to talk about a certain player [Image] that’s participating in Block 13 of the preliminary matches.

I am waiting for information regarding this player.

To the person herself: my apologies for calling you Boob Fairy. 

However, I couldn’t think of any other good nickname, so I had no choice but to make this the thread title. 

If the admins have an issue, they will most likely deal with it. If you find it displeasing, please report it yourself. 

I once again extend my apologies. 


There’s most likely no need for an exclusive thread, but if needed >950.


10: Anonymous Pestilence.

And well, by the time I noticed, I was defeated.

11: Anonymous Pestilence.

Ain’t that a reward?

12: Anonymous Pestilence.

Ooh, to be hugged by such a beauty. Are you prepared for what’s to come?

13: Anonymous Pestilence.

I wish that were me.

14: Anonymous Pestilence.

Well, I did thank her. 

Anyways, what was done to me?

Poison of 3 digits is just abnormal no matter how you think about it.

15: Anonymous Pestilence.

Cheats are impossible in CNP after all…

16: Anonymous Pestilence.

Oh, I know her player name. She is apparently called Taru.

She has been seen together with Cactus-chan before the preliminary match.

Her appearance is pretty different, but her attire is the same, so there’s almost no doubt about it.

17: Anonymous Pestilence.

>14 No video?

18: Anonymous Pestilence.

Sorry, no video.

Taru, huh… I feel like she whispered into my ear ‘Taruwiveno’ just before I was poisoned…

19: Anonymous Pestilence.

It looked like magic, but is it magic or something of the sort?

20: Anonymous Pestilence.

Does this world have magic? 

This world is pretty low fantasy and post-apocalyptic. 

21: Anonymous Pestilence.

Hello, this is the second casualty. [Video]

The last one seemed to have surprisingly worked. 

22: Anonymous Pestilence.


23: Anonymous Pestilence.

New info, nice.

24: Anonymous Pestilence.

Firecracker Fruit, huh. She seems to have lowered her fire element resistance quite a lot. 

25: Anonymous Pestilence.

Now that I look closely, she has a lot of eyes… What’s her Monstrosity Degree?

26: Anonymous Pestilence.

6 wings and 11 eyes? Is that levitation? An avatar with the limit of 19, huh. 

Meaning that she also has equipment that increases the Curse Density around her. 

This girl is a lump of unknown info, including her demonic eyes kinda deal. 

27: Anonymous Pestilence.

Yeah, that really must be demonic eyes. 

The moment I thought her eyes shone, I was hit with poison digits I have never seen before. That was crazy.

28: Anonymous Pestilence.

Do you think the admins will answer me if I ask about those eyes?

29: Anonymous Pestilence.

They will. That’s a type of sorcery. 

It is possible for anyone to obtain it if you fulfill the requirements. 

They can’t disclose any further information than that though.

30: Anonymous Pestilence.

That’s personal information, you know. 

Give that back! Alakasdgahsdkgljalwkej

31: Anonymous Pestilence.


32: Anonymous Pestilence.


33: Anonymous Pestilence.


What curse level is that?! 

34: Anonymous Pestilence.

Confirmation team! Confirmation team! 

35: Confirmation Team Pestilence.

I don’t know! The most I know is rumors that there’s stuff similar to that around!!

36: Anonymous Pestilence.

Ooh, that girl was a sorcery user too, huh…

But that’s weird. According to my master, it should take around 1 month to learn… It has only been 2 weeks, you know?

37: Anonymous Pestilence.

I feel like I have seen that light before… 2 days since the game began.

38: Anonymous Pestilence.

>36 Tell us in detail within the boundaries of what you can tell. Please.

39: Anonymous Pestilence.

Even if you tell me to tell you in detail, I am still in the middle of learning it, so I will disclose what I can. 

What I can say is that there’s something called sorcery in CNP, and if you fulfill the conditions, you will be able to use it. 

Ah, the training is decently rough. 

>37 2nd day, you say… No way, no way.

40: Admin.

That’s right, we have obtained permission to do so. 

She has an inferior recreation of a beverage that is used to learn a sorcery. 

You can’t obtain the sorcery just from drinking it, but you will have the feeling you will be able to experience something if you drink it. 

The ones interested, please go ahead and taste it after signing a written vow.

41: Anonymous Pestilence.

>40 I refuse.

42: Anonymous Pestilence.

>40 Yes.

43: Anonymous Pestilence.

>40 I only have a bad feeling about this just from the mention of the written vow. 

44: Confirmation Team Pestilence.

>40 Im★possible.

Ah, as a confirmation team member,  I recommend not doing this. No joke. 

Go ahead and look at what came out when I asked for it. [Image]

45: Anonymous Pestilence.


46: Anonymous Pestilence.

So she was a real life cheat, huh… No, that goes without saying.

47: Anonymous Pestilence.

Rather than real life cheat, it is more like her taste buds are dead? 

48: Anonymous Pestilence.

Sorry, I would rather train diligently over drinking this. 

49: Anonymous Pestilence.

>44 That’s bad news just from the looks alone, lol.

50: Anonymous Pestilence.

Result of Drinking: Death.

This is completely poison, or rather, a deadly toxin. 

The stimulation surpassed the limits of what I could take and was snapped out from the game once.

51: Anonymous Pestilence.

I don’t get anything anymore, lol.

52: Anonymous Pestilence.

Oi, Taru has begun interfering with the normal players vs giant. 

>From Super Long Range<


53: Anonymous Pestilence.

This is horrible, lmao.

54: Anonymous Pestilence.

This is way too one-sided, lol.

55: Anonymous Pestilence.

An attack with a range of several hundreds of meters in a game where battles are below 10 meters shouldn’t be legal…

56: Anonymous Pestilence.

>50 Now that I look closely, there’s talk about going over the stimulation limit…

57: Anonymous Pestilence.


58: Anonymous Pestilence.

Low life!!

59: Anonymous Pestilence.

She cut off the giant-san that worked hard! 

You monster! Demon! Taru! 

60: Anonymous Pestilence.

Good work, Mantodea-san~. You had a bad opponent. Yup.

61: Anonymous Pestilence.

This is bad. This girl is the real deal. She is serious trouble. That mutter of hers was dangerous.


100: Anonymous Pestilence.

Her sleeping figure is seriously cute though.

101: Anonymous Pestilence.

Her sniping range is truly nasty…

102: Anonymous Pestilence.

Hm? She woke up?


103: Anonymous Pestilence.

The timing was good…or not. 

There must be some sort of trick to that hat of hers. 

104: Anonymous Pestilence.

This girl really is a cluster of unknown.

Or more like, jellyfish.

105: Confirmation Team Pestilence.

As a member of the Confirmation Team, her vision in her perspective is clear and incredibly easy to tell the surroundings. It is wonderful.

She is most likely the one who can see the surprise the clearest this time around. 

106: Anonymous Pestilence.

Her decision to run away was fast!


135: Anonymous Pestilence.

Grats on advancing in the tournament! 

136: Anonymous Pestilence.

Was the last thing used on a member of the Light Flower Crew a bola? 

It is a simple thing made from vines and stones though. 


137: Anonymous Pestilence.

She can battle properly too, huh. So strong.


138: Anonymous Pestilence.

She is good at having a grasp of the battlefield, or like, seizing it. 

It felt like she was always in control aside from the times with the Firecracker Fruit and the jellyfish.

Good job, good job.

139: Anonymous Pestilence.

She is plain strong. Maybe she can make it even in the main matches? 

140: Anonymous Pestilence.

Rather, isn’t sorcery way too broken? 

You are practically dead if you get hit by that.

141: Anonymous Pestilence.

She is someone you are required to have poison countermeasures or even status ailments in general…

142: Anonymous Pestilence.

>136 What’s a bola? 

Congratulations on advancing in the tournament! 

143: Confirmation Team Pestilence.

A bola is a type of throwing weapon. 

As you can tell from its appearance, you can seek plain destructive power from it, but you can also restrain the target you threw it at by wrapping it around them, and can also immobilize them.

She is most likely not strong in close range combat, and this is her countermeasure. 

Congratulations on advancing in the tournament!!

144: Anonymous Pestilence.

I see. She is a candidate for champion? 

145: Anonymous Pestilence.

This is a tournament after all… Who knows who she is a bad match against…



Surprise of Preliminary Matches Thread @1 

1: Anonymous Pestilence.

This is a thread to talk about the surprise monster that appeared in the preliminary matches of Curse Nightmare Party’s event: ‘the Nightmare Banquet the Holy Maiden thinks of’. 

In the case a post is morally disrespectful, there will be cases when admins will delete it under their jurisdiction. 

Please make the next thread after >950.


255: Anonymous Pestilence.

Screw you, damn jellyfish!!

256: Anonymous Pestilence.

I was munched… I was crunched…

257: Anonymous Pestilence.


258: Anonymous Pestilence.

This is most likely the most hellish Bulletin Board in CNP right now. 

259: Anonymous Pestilence.

<<You have seen something you must not>>

What’s with that…? What the hell is that…?

260: Anonymous Pestilence.

What are you telling me to do if I get Interference Power Lowered (40)…?

261: Anonymous Pestilence.

So this is what they call an impossible game, huh…

262: Confirmation Team Pestilence.

Compilation of Jellyfish from passersby: 

-Surprise appeared in order to smoothen the progress.

-Its main body is a supergiant jellyfish, and a whole lot of offshoots (that are pretty big too) appear. [Video]

-If you touch the feet of the jellyfish, you will get an Interference Power debuff. You apparently get a stack of 1 for each leg. 

-If you get caught, you will get carried to the inside of the umbrella that has teeth and get crunched to death. 

-When you appraise it, you will get a message <<You have seen something you must not>> and your head will be blown up. Dead.


-Just run.

-Don’t fight, run.

-I am telling you to run! 

263: Anonymous Pestilence.

That’s just bad news…

264: Anonymous Pestilence.

Even if it is a surprise, I didn’t even imagine a monster like this would show up…

265: Anonymous Pestilence.

>262 I was running away like a surging wave though. I didn’t do anything wrong…

266: Anonymous Pestilence.

But a thread somewhere mentioned that this is inside the dream of the Holy Maiden, right? 

Ain’t this bad? 

267: Anonymous Pestilence.

Hm? Why is it bad? 

268: Anonymous Pestilence.

Cause you know… There’s the possibility that it is exactly because the Holy Maiden-sama knows about it that it showed up, right? That jellyfish.

That means, even in the main story of CNP…

269: Anonymous Pestilence.


270: Anonymous Pestilence.


271: Anonymous Pestilence.

Not good.

272: Anonymous Pestilence.


273: Anonymous Pestilence.

Wait! Even if we were to fight that, it would be a raid. No, a legion. This is not an opponent you can fight solo. 

Or more like, this should be an enemy from far off in the future. No doubt about it. 

Please let it be! I implore you!! I will do anything!!

274: Anonymous Pestilence.

Hm? You said ‘anything’ just now… Nah, this is not the moment to joke around. 

275: Anonymous Pestilence.

Gotta gather info when I return to the main story…

276: Anonymous Pestilence.

There’s also talk about sorcery having been discovered. The amount of new information is crazy… As expected of an event. 

277: Anonymous Pestilence.

If we were to fight something, our limit at the moment would be an offshoot jellyfish…

278: Anonymous Pestilence.

Well, we should be able to manage somehow. If worst comes to worst, we can just forcefully get through it with a kamikaze strategy. 

279: Anonymous Pestilence.

I look forward to the information that the remaining players in the tournament will be bringing back…


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