Chapter 67: Curse Nightmare Party

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Chapter 67: 1st Nightmare Heat – 7


“There it is.” 

After a few minutes of traversal. 

Two players come into sight.

The two players readied their weapons on what seemed like a grassy plain, and were moving around as if searching for each other while wary of their surroundings.

“Let’s see. The current Curse Density is 9. If it is a Monstrosity Degree 5…they would barely be able to see around 125 meters. But it is just barely, so their actual view distance is most likely around 50 meters.” 

If it is just as I speculate here, the arrow showing the location of the player will disappear when you are within 100 meters of distance from the player. 

From what I can judge by the appearance of those two players, they are around Monstrosity Degree 3. 

In that case, the barely viewable distance they have is less than 100 meters. It might be pretty rough for them to search for their enemy in that state and fight them. 

“At any rate, this is convenient for me. [Poison Demonic Eye – 1 Taruwiveno].” 



The stalemate is broken. 

The player that got hit by my 8 eyes [Poison Demonic Eye – 1] raised their voice, and the other player reacted to this voice and moved.

The two then encountered each other and began battling. 

“[Poison Demonic Eye – 1 Taruwiveno].” 


“It is not you?!” 

The moment they did, I delayed the charge to shift the timing, and hit the one other player with a [Poison Demonic Eye – 1] of 5 eyes.

With this, the poison the two have been hit with is around 90 and 50.

I would like to hit the 50 one with a bit more poison, but the both of them are almost certainly going to die. 

I pay attention to the direction of the other arrow as I take distance from the two. 

“Damn it! I can’t keep u—” 


It went more easily than I expected.

I thought the 90 one would give a healing item to the 50 one, and have them chase after me though.

“Well then, next one.” 

I pick up the loot from where the corpses of the two were, and use the HP Healing Crystal at once. 

I don’t know where I could take a break from here on after all.

“Wait, there’s already only 4 left…no, 3, huh.” 

Looks like being able to tell the location of the other players -even if just an approximate- moved the status quo in an instant. 

By the time I noticed, there were only 2 long arrows now. 

“…Monstrosity Degree of 9 or more, or a way to tell the location aside from sight; I better prepare for such scenarios.” 

Players who have gotten this far wouldn’t die by accident. It would either be that the remaining 2 players defeated them or they struck each other down.

Also, even if the remaining 2 defeated the others, the decrease in players was way too fast. 

Even when including the time it took to kill with poison.

In other words, those 2 have a method to find and defeat the enemies efficiently. 

It would be better to even assume that they might be able to use sorcery just like me. 

“I would say it is around 300 meters.” 

The 2 arrows were getting shorter. 

That means the 2 of them are heading my way. 

That’s why I tried to make them meet in the middle and have them crush each other, but…no good.

They noticed.

The two of them stopped moving at around 300 meters of distance between each other. 


“Well, if the two of them were to begin battling first in this current situation, they would be at a disadvantage after all. It would be obvious that the remaining one would take advantage of this.” 

I cover Zarichu again and reconfirm the situation. 

I am currently at the edge of the forest. 

I have a general idea of the remaining 2’s locations, and I managed to see them for an instant, so I can tell to a certain extent. 

But because of the obstructions, I can’t see them directly right now.

“One of them had a shining flower on their head.” 

They were hiding in the shadow of a rock on a plain with short grass, but I could see the shining flower on their head. They were holding what seemed to be a lance, their body covered in what seemed to be metallic armor. 

They clearly looked like they specialized in close quarters combat and didn’t seem to have a way to search for my location, but they must have something.

Maybe a curse on their body, an item, or sorcery; I don’t know.

“The other one had lightweight equipment.” 

They were hiding in the shadow of a rock at a wasteland, covering themselves with what seemed like cloth, and their weapon is most likely a dagger or something of the sort.

This one looks like the type who senses their target and ambushes them rather than close quarters combat specialized. 

Hm? Did they react a little bit to my mutter? 

Then, it might be a hearing enhancement. 

I should test it out a bit. 

“The one in the wasteland, the other one is in the shadow of a rock at the plains. Their weapon is a lance. They are in full metal armor aside from their head. There’s a shining flower on their head.” 

Hmm, the one in the wasteland reacted in an amusing way. 

I don’t know the details of what they are doing, but I can somewhat tell they are flustered.

But they must have increased their wariness towards me with that whisper, it seems like their desire to go to where the shining flower one is is gone instead? 

There’s no obstruction between me and the shining flower aside from the rock, so they are hesitant to come and attack me. 

Whichever the case, it is most likely because the two don’t have methods for long distance attacks, or they can’t see me clearly. 

They seem to be pondering what they should do from here on.


Alright, then let’s finish them one by one. 

With a method that could be said to be unfair. 


I fly into the sky from the treetop.

And then, when I arrived at the highest point I could, I began to flap with all I could, going up around 5 meters from where I was, and directed the eyes from both of my arms and legs towards the target once I reached the very limit. 

If seen from nearby, it might look like a demon nailed on a cross.

The shining flower one didn’t show any movements and stayed put at the shadow of the rock, most likely because they don’t know what I am doing with just an arrow showing distance and not altitude. 

On the other hand, the one in the wasteland saw that I went up into the air, and they must have judged the rock they are in now wouldn’t be enough to deal with the attack that’s coming, so it jumped out from the rock and headed towards me.


“[Poison Demonic Eye – 1 Taruwiveno]”


When my 13 eyes shone dark green, the player in the wasteland got hit by poison and collapsed in place. 

The poison they got hit with was certainly more than 100, so they will die eventually without me doing anything more.

However, the decision of the wasteland one wasn’t exactly wrong. 

If the enemy had something that could pierce through their protection, it is the right decision to move from that place to avoid it. 

But there’s no method to avoid my [Poison Demonic Eye – 1].

You can’t escape the moment you are in my sight. If you want to escape from my eyes that cover all directions without restriction, there’s no other choice aside from hiding behind something. 

Well, I can only say you were unlucky to face me. 

“The problem comes here…” 

Now then, the cooldown and charge time for the next [Poison Demonic Eye – 1] is a total of 15 seconds. 

The shining flower player must have noticed something after seeing the light of my [Poison Demonic Eye – 1], they ran straight towards me. 

There’s around 300 meters between me and them.

They are wearing metal armor and a heavy-looking lance, so it would normally be impossible to cover 300 meters in 15 seconds.

However, this is not reality but a game world called CNP.

The shining flower player…


Was charging towards me with their spear pointing to the front and moving at a speed that’s clearly beyond human. 

They most likely won’t even take 10 seconds to cover the 300 meters.

After that, I will have to deal with them in the forest which is a space with a lot of obstructions.

That wouldn’t be good. 


That’s why I took out one of the items created for PvP from my tool pouch, and after doing a half spin in the air to accelerate, I threw it. 

It spun intensely, and flew straight on with an appearance like that of a single stick because of the centrifugal force.

“Something like that…!” 

The reaction of the shining flower player was sharp. 

They tried to repel what I threw and was flying diagonally by quickly raising their lance.

But that’s a checkmate.


The moment the thrown object and the lance of the shining flower player made contact, the area centered around the contact point of the thrown object began to bend. 

And then, the weights on both ends of it increased in momentum as they hit the head and hands of the shining flower player, stopping their movements. 

“Take that!” 


The second one. 

The rope part made contact with the trunk of the shining flower player, wrapping around them, limiting their movements, and hitting their body intensely. 

And then, after 15 seconds…

“[Poison Demonic Eye – 1].” 


The finishing blow. 

“Now then, all that’s left is to wait.” 

I take distance from the two. 

I can’t deny the possibility of them having a method to heal the poison and survive, and there’s also the possibility that they will manage to defeat me with their last breath before the poison ends them. 

That’s why I will run away.



And so, the shining flower player, who had their HP reduced from the 2 projectiles, was the first one to lose strength, and the wasteland player was the next one. 

<<You have won the battle royale, Taru-sama! Congratulations on overcoming the preliminary round!>>

At the same time as this happened, a message notifying me of my victory showed up and a fanfare rang…

“Fuuh, that was pretty rough.” 

I sigh lightly and, the moment I entrusted my back to a tree, I was warped out from the preliminary round map. 

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