Chapter 65: Curse Nightmare Party

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Chapter 65: 1st Nightmare Heat – 5




4 hours have passed since the preliminary match began, and the 4th zone decrease happened.

The map has been reduced by 16% since its initial state, and the curse density is now 7.

It is pretty late now. The sun might sink completely in around 2 hours, but…the nights of CNP are pretty bright because of the moon, so it will probably be fine. 

By the way, there’s around 100 people remaining, so the numbers have been lowered quite a lot. 

“Nothing to do…” 

I mutter this as if digesting my yawn. 

Due to the increase of curse concentration, the field of vision has worsened, which plays a part in why players are not coming to the top of the pylon where I am in. 

In the first place, there’s probably no players who have noticed that I am here. Also, because the area below the pylon is unpopular with its clear stream and rocky terrain, there’s no one approaching. 

To be perfectly honest here, I have nothing to do. 

If they are going to be doing a similar battle royale event in the future, I would say they need to improve this front. 

I should send them my opinion of it on the review requests at the official site. 


Yeah, I really have nothing to do. 

That really is the case, but I am in the middle of the preliminary match, so I am keeping the minimum caution, and I have not skimped on getting a good grasp of the terrain in the surroundings for when things actually turn hairy. 

And then, the area 2 zones away from this one, even deeper from the place that’s like plains in between the wetlands, I see several shadows jumping out from the forest-like zone.

“Oh, big.” 


The first one to draw my eye was that one of the shadows was abnormally big. 

If my eyes are not mistaken, it is close to 10 meters. 

Its basic silhouette is that of a human, but it seems like they have two right arms, and there would be some sort of illuminating phenomenon like lightning happening at their back every now and then. 

There’s almost no doubt that’s a high Monstrosity Degree player. 

“I see…” 

And there’s several small shadows around that big shadow. 

These ones must be normal sized players. 

“They most likely formed an improvised party to defeat a mighty enemy.” 

Looks like the normal sized players formed a party of more than 10 people in order to defeat the giant player. The attacks are only flying at the giant player.

Well, it is not really underhanded. 

It seems like that giant player has HP to match that frame. Even when attacks were being stacked, they don’t seem to be feeling much pain. 

Their attack power is just as their appearance tells. Every time they waved their arms, a whole group of players would be sent flying, and would receive damage.

On top of that, despite appearances, the giant player seems to be pretty quick witted. They are dealing with the situation pretty well, and I can see they have high player skill.

Most players would just be instantly defeated if fought one on one.

That’s why, I may be repeating myself here, but it is not underhanded to form an impromptu party. 



In the first place, this is a ruleless battle royale.

The only ones who have the right to say something about this would be the admins and the winners. 

“I was just wondering which side would be more interesting to help out.” 


Flipping that around, it means that whatever I do here, it won’t be against the rules. 

“Now then, let’s begin. [Poison Demonic Eye – 1 Taruwiveno].” 

My Poison Demonic Eye – 1 flies off -towards one of the normal size players fighting the giant player.


And they collapsed immediately. 

Of course they would. 

The poison I dealt just now in logic was a 104. It is above the fatal line of 100.

There’s the possibility of it not being fatal because of HP and resistances, but it still doesn’t change the fact that it is a fatal level hit. 

“Now then, let’s corrode the place slowly, to a degree where they can regenerate their HP normally, and bring chaos in the place. [Poison Demonic Eye – 1].” 


My poison is affecting the battlefield. 

The normal size players must have thought the giant player did something, their attacks are getting even more intense.

There’s no one trying to save their comrades.

The giant player must have noticed my existence, their head was moving around more restlessly than before, but they were not ignoring the normal sized players and continued defeating them. 

“Aah, this is fun. This is really fun…” 

The giant player must have been a massive opponent until now for the normal sized players.

And yet, they are suddenly getting fatal poison thrown at them.

The normal size players must have thought this: ‘We must defeat this guy here no matter what or there won’t be any chance for us to win the preliminary match’.

“I can witness the strength of the normal people aiming to survive and win no matter the methods, and the strength of a warmachine that can sweep through the many with their overwhelming individual strength. The only regret is that I don’t have binoculars or something of the sort. With more than 500 meters of distance, I can’t see in detail their appearances. I would like to get one after the event is over… [Poison Demonic Eye – 1].” 

The giant player probably finds this situation hard to understand too. 

The enemies are falling one after the other from a poison that they don’t even know where is coming from and how. 

The giant player must be thinking this: ‘It is helping me, but it is only fearsome not knowing when that power will be pointed at me’.

“Aah, so wonderful. Being able to observe a battle between great powers from a safe place and be able to interfere with it. Such a chance, the unknown, there’s rarely any opportunities to taste those…” 

The battle is obviously growing more intense. 

The shots of the normal sized players were getting bigger and more numerous as their numbers were lowering…and lowering. 

The giant player’s actions are getting more wild, probably because they want to escape to a safe location, and is getting hit more often because of it. 

“Aah, I have no intention of allowing you to run away to the forest. [Poison Demonic Eye – 1].” 

My Poison Demonic Eye – 1 stabbed the giant player, and their movements stopped for an instant. 

Now then, with this, the normal sized players must have noticed.

The poison is not something coming from the giant player but a 3rd party. 

But maybe because the size of their body is so big, just one hit isn’t enough to drop them. 

“Hmm, let’s hurry it a bit. [Poison Demonic Eye – 1].” 

The giant player and the surviving 3 normal sized players must have noticed that this is the right moment, they began running away from the plains. 

It would be difficult to defeat them all. 

The HP cost isn’t anything to scoff at either.

But well…

“Yup, they collapsed properly.” 

The giant player can’t do anything against my demonic eye technique and this distance. 

I got them with 2 hits without giving them the chance to run or hide.

“Chu chua…” 

“Cause you know, I wouldn’t be able to win in an upfront battle against that. Defeating them when I can defeat them is a basic in battle royales.” 

If I were to fight in a range where the arms of the giant player can reach…I would most likely lose. 

It is not like my player skill is that high after all. 

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