Chapter 64: Curse Nightmare Party

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Chapter 64: 1st Nightmare Heat – 4


Right after. 

From the shade of a rock at a different direction of the sound, a man with a spear jumped out.

I knew about it. 

That the chances of a player that managed to move all the way here without making a sound would mess up at the very end. 



That’s why I spin in the air immediately, swing the flail with that momentum, and repel the spearhead. 

At the same time, the striking part of the flail detached and attacked the man. 



But the man managed to avoid my attack by quickly jumping backwards.

It looks like they also properly considered the possibility that I wouldn’t be falling for it. 



The thicket at my back made slight noises as the man landed on top of a rock and looked straight at me. 

The weapon is a spear and the head is metallic, but the handle is wooden. 

He is wearing a mix of leather and plant leaves to create camo clothes. He is properly covering his head and mouth, so the only thing that can be confirmed by outside appearance are the eyes and…the ears that look like fish fins. 

He most likely has something close to underwater affinity. 

But Zarichu assured me that this man isn’t a fish. 

Meaning that there must be something else. 

“[Poison Demonic Eye – 1 Taruwiveno].” 


Whichever the case, as long as he is showing himself, he can’t escape from my demonic eye. 

For now, I hit him with poison (78), so he would either need a lot of HP healing items or poison healing items, or he will be done for. 


The man rushed at me as if to at least bring me down with him.

He most likely won’t be stopping with just a few shots.

“I refuse.” 


I jumped high and used the wings on my back too, jumping over the grass and crossing the stream several steps long in one go. 

Now that I look closely, there’s a number of simple traps hidden in the grass to trip people over or tangle their legs. 

It seems like this place was set as the hunting ground of this man. 

Thanks for that. I will gratefully use this once you are dead. 

“Now then…” 

I head towards the pylon that is conspicuously rusty and has a part of it broken. 

Maybe because there’s way too much difference in mobility between me who can ignore the terrain and the man who has to avoid his own traps, the distance between me and the man increased more and more. 

What’s the way for this man to get back at me in this situation?

The only choice is a long range attack.


The man that was crouching raised an incomprehensible shout and began making motions to throw the spear he has in his hand. 

Seeing this, I quickly landed on a rock below me and ready my flail. 


The spear was thrown.

It is flying straight at me. 

With what seemed to be a tool bag tied at the end of it. 



Seeing this, I quickly jumped to the side. 

Right after, the spear landed on where I was, bounced off the rock, and with the impact of it, the insides of the tool bag…what looked like red fruits were scattered about. 

A number of those fruits flew to where I was. The ones that touched the ground and the rock bounced high once, dyed bright red in midair, and…


Exploded. Scattering sound and sparks like that of a firecracker. 

It is most likely used mainly for distractions, but my fire resistance has been lowered quite a lot because of my gear. 

My HP was lowered close to 30% in one go.

“Until the very end… [Poison Demonic Eye – 1 Taruwiveno].” 


The man was holding a dagger that seemed to be his sub-weapon, and was approaching me slowly. 

It would be an annoyance if he were to move any further and it actually ended up in both of us falling here. 

I only activate 5 eyes of the Poison Demonic Eye – 1.

I made it so that the poison the man was hit by is more than 100, and turned it fatal so that he can’t move from where he is. 



And then, at the same time as the man collapsed, the red fruits of just before must have spilled out from the bag of the man, sounds of explosions echoed around. 

Anyways, this should have dealt with the man. 

The issue is that others might have heard the sound just now and come here… At the very least, it doesn’t seem like there’s anyone rushing in immediately. 

“Alright. We are heading up the pylon while we’ve got the chance.” 


I keep an eye on the direction where the man was and don’t lower my guard on him until he is completely dead.

But there’s no reason to stop my feet because of him, so I head to the pylon while at it. 

I begin climbing up the stairs. 

“The rust has spread quite a lot…” 

The pylon seems to have become pretty brittle. A number of stairs have fallen down. 

There’s also a number of rotten steel frames.

With this degree of rust, if someone were to do a powerful attack at the base of it like an explosion, the pylon itself might easily collapse. 

Well, even if it does collapse, I can just fly off, so it won’t be that much of an issue though. 

“Ah, he died.” 


That’s when the man just now died and disappeared. 

Speaking of which, the man didn’t say a single word since the time the battle started. Was that roleplaying, or did he have a curse that gave him no choice but to…? Well, who cares at this point.

“And…I am here.” 

I continued climbing the pylon, switching from stairs to a ladder partway, and arrived at the top. 

I don’t know the original use of this pylon. 

It feels a bit different from the ones used to supply energy or the ones for radio waves. 

Well, this is inside the nightmare of the Holy Maiden-sama.

There might be no point in thinking too deeply about it, just like the mosaic shaped terrain. 

“Now then, let’s take a break for a while.” 


My remaining HP is around 600.

Those fruits dealt far more damage than I imagined. 

The curse density of the map is still low. 

It seems like it would be better to wait for a while.

And so, I entrust my back to one pillar, and decided to wait for time to pass while watching the scenery around. 

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