Tsuki – Extra 67: Anime Celebration SS The great delight of Tomoe

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※Warning: This story is a complete extra with meta elements involved. If there’s people who don’t like reading stories where the author is speaking to the characters or characters that talk while breaking the 4th wall, it is recommended to not read this. 

This story has nothing to do with background elements of the main story, so there won’t be areas that would make it hard to understand even if you don’t read it. 

For the people that don’t mind it since it is an extra story, I would be glad if you were to scroll down and enjoy this story. 

Well then, enjoy! 


“Hum~! Hum hum~! Fuufufuhn~!” 

Tomoe was walking ahead in an extremely good mood. 

It goes without saying that she is currently advancing in one of the most dangerous locations of the world, the wasteland, while humming. 

The ones following behind her are 2 adventurers who understand plenty well the dangers of the current location. 

They are Toa and Hazal. 

They are the adventurers that were saved by Makoto and the others when in great peril, and they also have a great amount of debts towards Tomoe. 

And so, if Tomoe asks them with a big smile that she has something she wants to request of them, there is no option of refusing. 

“Toa, where are we being taken?” (Hazal)

“Don’t ask me. She already promised that it has nothing that would be life threatening, so whatever happens happens.” (Toa)

“I thought I had already tasted a lifetime of choices that I can only say yes to in Zetsuya…” (Hazal)

“Speaking of which, this area reminds me of the place where Zetsuya was…or maybe not?” (Toa)

“…Get a grip, Toa. We only left Tsige last night, so at most, we are close to the first base. Even if we are talking about Tomoe-san here, we are following behind her, so there would be some limits to the uncommon.” (Hazal)

“Hazal…I am impressed you can call her Tomoe-san all familiarly. It is impossible for me.” (Toa)

“It is not like I will be treating her differently just by calling her with a -sama. She did say to call her in any way we please.” (Hazal)

“You are…quite the person. You are also good at closing the distance with Raidou-san.” (Toa)

“My disposition served me we—ooh?” (Hazal)

“? Ah, something…is there…” (Toa)

Toa and Hazal, who still had energy left, were making distant looks as they followed after Tomoe. 

It is a state where they could understand their mental states despite not looking at each other’s faces. 

The two of them stopped their conversation in that state and frowned at what entered their vision.

“Hm! Everyone is gathered!! Sorry for having you walk all the way here, Toa, Hazal! Don’t worry, you just have to tag along with my pastime for half a day. Something joyful happened, so I had to move!” (Tomoe)

“A-As long as it makes Tomoe-sama happy, we are happy to go along. Yeah. We have been helped out by you all the time after all. Fufu…fufufu…” (Toa)

“It would be nice if our mere presence can be of use. Ha…hahaha…” (Hazal)

This really is the first time they see Tomoe in such a good mood. 

They don’t know what’s awaiting them and don’t have a shred of a good feeling about the horde of mamonos they could see at the front, but they had no choice but to answer with a stiff smile. 

Their distance to the horde of mamonos shortened, and it eventually became zero. 

Toa fell in despair about this situation where there were mamonos everywhere. Every single one of them would leave them with no choice but to run away. 

For Toa who is a nimble frontline and makes the many techniques she has a weapon of hers, overwhelming numbers is a big disadvantage for her. 

Hazal is an alchemist class that specializes in the backline to begin with. 

Even if he provides support to Toa, he must have understood that this is already not on a level where anything can be done by battling, so his expression was blank. 

“Good work, everyone!” (Tomoe)

““Yes ma’am!!””

The horde of mamonos immediately responded to Tomoe, stood on attention, and did their respective salutes. 

Hazal noticed that this was a group mixed with demi-humans and monsters, but ‘what if I notice that?’ is what he seemed to think and didn’t have any intention of acting. 

Despite Toa’s face being pale white, she was showing a peaceful smile.

The both of them were in a weird state. 

“Now then, we are going to be doing an animation production test! This will be an important strategy that will help the Kuzunoha Company greatly in the future! This is the best opportunity to show your dedication to Waka. I am expecting great things from everyone!!” (Tomoe)

““Yes ma’am!!””

“Hey, Hazal…what is an animeishion production test? Is it dangerous?” (Toa)

“I have never heard of it before. I do get that it will be helping out the Kuzunoha Company though.” (Hazal)

“Calling adventurers, bringing them to the wasteland…there’s…no way it would be safe, huh…” (Toa)

“Let’s just prepare ourselves. It apparently won’t kill us. Even I ended up making medicine at the residence of the Rembrandt Company’s top when they spoke to me nonchalantly. What’s left is to cover it up with spirit.” (Hazal)

“Spirit…” (Toa)

The mamono horde team was filled with spirit in contrast to the dejected adventurer team. 

If they knew that the ones gathered here are the Highland Orcs, Mist Lizards, Eldwas, and Arkes that reside in Asora, people that belong to the Kuzunoha Company, they might have been able relax a little bit, but it was a mixed group of mamonos and demi-humans that you would rarely see in reality. 

There’s no doubt this is a pretty tense situation for adventurers. 

“Alright, Toa!” (Tomoe)

“Y-Yes!!” (Toa)

“Just for a bit…stand…yeah, right about there. Ah, I will take care of your weapon.” (Tomoe)

“Eh. Weapon? Eh?” (Toa)

“You would be bringing out more of an atmosphere without it-ja.” (Tomoe)

“Hmph?! Eh?” (Toa)

She had her hand pulled by Tomoe and moved, and then, her weapon was confiscated in an instant. 

Coming here, not fully armed, but with half-assed equipment was also the specification of Tomoe. 

Toa was feeling somewhat uneasy about this as she got even more nervous at the attention she was gathering. 


Several meters ahead of Toa who gulped down, there was a traumatic monster for Toa -a Liz.

A mamono that could be called a pretty big dog. 

The Liz with jet black fur have especially bigger bodies and are strong individually. 

If you see one, you have to defeat it quickly. A mamono that would threaten your life. 

Liz are mamonos that make packs, so if you don’t defeat it at once, they will attack you in groups. 

Fighting a Liz alone and fighting a pack of them is completely different. They become extremely dangerous mamonos to a point beyond comparison.

Its difficulty when alone is low, so it is known as a decently easy to hunt mamono in the wasteland, but it is also known as a mamono that has killed many adventurers. 

The materials of Liz are normally procured when large scale parties make plans to crush a nest or a pack of them, and from strays, when you fortunately find a lone one that’s scouting the area. 

In the past, Toa was cornered and had her judgment dulled, and ended up fighting a pack of Liz, barely managing to come back with her life hanging on a thin line. However, that’s by no means a rare occurrence. 

And just like the many adventurers that luckily managed to escape, Toa also was etched a deep trauma towards the Liz. 

That mamono is in front of her now. 

Drool was coming out from its two mouths, and ferocious fangs were being shown in the open. 

She unconsciously held her shoulders and tried to protect her trembling body. 

“A-Aaah…!” (Toa)

Fear dyed her thoughts. 

Toa and her group get pushed to brutal training when brought out by Tomoe. 

Considering the current ability of Toa, it wouldn’t be impossible to defeat a Liz by herself.

But the mind is a complicated thing. 

On top of that, in this current situation where her equipment is not reliable, the thought of defeating the Liz had left her head completely. 

“Woah there, Toa! Don’t go killing that Liz.” (Tomoe)


“Hm? What’s the matter, standing all spaced out. Well fine. For now, get pushed down by it and try showing a bit of resistance.” (Tomoe)


The Liz attacked Toa on the signal of Tomoe. 

Her body couldn’t move, stiffened from fear, and just as Tomoe ordered, she was pushed down on the dry ground. And so, Toa couldn’t move freely now and was desperately struggling to get away. 

“Ooh, you are quite the actress, Toa!” (Tomoe)

At the side of Hazal who was speechless, there was Tomoe creating a square with the thumb and index fingers of both hands, and would shrink or expand it while watching the Liz and Toa. 

The surrounding mamonos and demi-humans were observing Toa being assailed with serious eyes. 

“Uhm, Tomoe-dono.” 

Someone suddenly called Tomoe. 

Tomoe moved her gaze to where the absentminded Hazal is and, unknown of the reason why he hadn’t noticed until now, there was a skeleton releasing a sinister aura near him. 

“Hiih!” (Hazal)

It was clearly on a different level from a normal undead. 

A Lich, moreover, one that has been active for quite a long time. An extremely dangerous existence, Hazal concluded.

After letting out a short scream, he quickly reached the conclusion that this undead is a Lich, which undoubtedly makes him a skilled adventurer.

“What-ja.” (Tomoe)

“Wouldn’t it be better for it to be an intense battle?” 

“Hmm. As in?” (Tomoe)

“Have the woman get more scratches, dirt, and then from the right side while she is stumbling…” 

“Hoooh! Umu…umu umu! And?” (Tomoe)

Hazal’s eyes opened wide at the two who seemed to be having a lively conversation.

“And since the opportunity is there, we can have the guy also be in the same situation…” 

“But Hazal is a mage-ja. Might as well make it a flashy spell or something. Maybe even have you be the one who does the spell instead…” (Tomoe)

“No, he has a decently good body. In that case, we could make full use of the fact that this is fiction and have him hold a sword or something.” 

“I see, there’s that option! It is true that we can use my sword or Mio’s spells for the flashy parts at any time.” (Tomoe)

“Yes. That’s why, we can bring the other memories of Waka-sama and mix them…” 

“!! Well done. That sounds interesting!” (Tomoe)

“It is an honor.” 

Hazal couldn’t understand what was going on here anymore. 

He watched in confusion at Toa who was being attacked by a Liz without being able to defeat it or run away, and yet, for some reason, wasn’t getting fatally injured. And then, he looked at Tomoe who was completely hitting it off with a Lich and reached a conclusion.

No matter what outrageous a waterfall awaits amidst raging streams, there’s nothing he can do in his small boat. 

“Listen here, Hazal!” (Tomoe)

Being called by Tomoe, Hazal obediently approached her. 

He had already given up and had the mindset of ‘bring it on’.

“Yes? What should I do?” (Hazal)

 “Umu! We have decided to change the plan a bit. Here, hold this.” (Tomoe)

What Tomoe gave to him was a pretty common one-handed sword. 

Yes, a sword.

“Swo…rd?” (Hazal)

Hazal is an alchemist. 

The weapon he uses is of course something called a staff, and the most he has held is a knife. 

The one-handed sword he was forcefully made to hold was heavy, and it clearly felt off to hold it. 

Hazal was instantly snapped back from his absentminded state. 

The Liz had at some point in time taken distance from the screaming Toa. 

Hazal was positioned at the other end with a sword in hand. 

“Uhm, could it be that you are telling me to defeat the Liz with a sword?” (Hazal)

Hazal could only imagine the impossible here, but even with that, he tried saying out loud the only thing he could think of. 

“Nah.” (Tomoe)

“Right?!” (Hazal)

“Come on, take a stance with the sword. That’s completely off-ja na. No, a bit higher. That’s right! Alright, get pushed down together with Toa.” (Tomoe)


Toa, who had been trembling profusely and crying, had raised her upper body. 

Voices of confusion leaked out from Hazal and her. 

Two Liz attacked Toa and Hazal right after. 

“Cut! Come on, the one in charge of Hazal! I told you to come a little after!!” (Tomoe)

The Liz shook at the angry shout of Tomoe, and its ears fell to the back. 

It is hard to believe that the ferocious and merciless wasteland mamono and this beast looking straight at Tomoe with a subservient posture are the same.

“Well then, Tomoe-dono, let’s have a number of retakes with that idea in mind, and let’s increase the quality of the promotional video.” 

“Umu!” (Tomoe)

“I will go talk to the Arkes for a bit.” 

The Lich gives the reason for leaving. 

“Hm?” (Tomoe)

“There have been questions about what the next take will be, so I am thinking about telling them first.” 

“I see. Thanks for the help.” (Tomoe)

“I am honored.” 

“But why the Arkes-ja?” (Tomoe)

“Their numbers have increased for some reason after all.” 

“…They indeed have.” (Tomoe)

“It seems they are puppets controlled by Hokuto. I don’t know if it is in order to compete with the other races or because Mio-dono ordered them, but…I will go there to ask them about it.” 

“Well, of course Mio would get pumped up by it too. If it is her order, just leave it as it is. It is true that Arkes would be losing out when it comes to their presence on the screen after all.” (Tomoe)

“They hold plenty enough strength to compensate for that, so they shouldn’t worry about it though…” 

“Of course they would worry…Mio mainly.” (Tomoe)

“…Yeah, that person certainly would.” 

“Well, you being here was unexpectedly a great help. Now then, let’s have our own style of advertisement so that even more people can see Waka shine. Counting on you today, Shiki!!” (Tomoe)

“I won’t let you regret putting me in the Asora production team. I will do my best!” (Shiki)

Tomoe and Shiki were laughing loudly and were getting lively without limits. 

Toa had a face as if it were the end of the world and Hazal was sweating bullets. 

The Orcs and Lizardmen were giving off outstanding pressure with orderly movements like those of an army.

A sight as if the chaos of the world had been gathered in one place. 

The production team of Asora had dragged 2 pitiful sacrificial lambs while devoting their effort in creating the best promotional video.

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