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When speaking of the Rotsgard Academy, the first thing you would think of is the teaching institution at the top of the hyuman world that everyone knows of. 

No matter how remote of a small country it is, the name of it would still work and its worth won’t fall. 

If you have graduated from the Rotsgard Academy, you will receive a cordial welcome even in the remote city of Tsige where the strong gather. 

That trend of focusing on strength is getting even stronger nowadays. It feels like there’s the prelude of a storm, but there’s most likely no fear of being troubled in searching for a place to work. 

The Academy Town is a place where teachers, students, and researchers are the central pieces. It also stays true to its neutral stance and isn’t affiliated to any country. 

However, the truly truly sad part is that such an organization can’t leave people be as they are. 

Not only can’t it be ignored just for the very fact that it is an institution that raises outstanding individuals, Rotsgard has researched countless spells and skills, and many creations have been spread from this academy. 

The ritual magic that has high power and the counter spells regarding those were also a technique that was polished there even if countermeasures have been created and it can’t be used without proper care in war. 

The reality is that the hyumans and demi-humans, and even any country would want Rotsgard. 

The glaring between countries has become normal, and it is close to impossible for any one country to obtain it. 

However, the tug of war in spreading their influence is always being done in this Academy Town that is at a glance peaceful and full of students. 

It is not only hyumans.

This is one of the places the demons want to destroy. 

There’s no end to the bribery and honey traps from a variety of races, political influences, teachers, managers, and even lower-end employees, but even other countries don’t pay much mind to every single instance of these.

The Rotsgard Academy technically takes the stance of not allowing any type of interference, but it is not like they have outstanding leaders within their long history that would enforce this. 

And so, little by little…bit by bit…a variety of people with their own agendas entered the academy whose neutrality is suspected, and it is beginning to warp slowly. 

Considering the beliefs of the founding members, this is a sad present state. 

However, there’s exceptions.

Misumi Makoto and one of his followers have applied for the exam.

Rotsgard Academy’s general affairs department: 4th division of hyuman resource.

Makoto doesn’t know the precise names of the posts, but it is a place that still hasn’t been influenced by any country, has maintained fair yet harsh exam standards, and it is also a department where teachers from outside want to know more about. 

In this workplace of hyuman resources where there’s high temptation, they were taking the role of bringing in the stalwarts of the era mostly as temporary teachers of the academy. 

Honey traps, bribes, threats; none work on them. 

Rotsgard doesn’t accept unskilled people as temporary teachers. 

They all do their best at their job with pride. 

However, there’s a bit of a warped side to it. 

For example; if a person with only one arm were to try to become a teacher, they would be even stricter in testing their ability.

Your standing will get higher and the pay isn’t bad either. 

There are many applicants no matter the era, and the amount of people who pass is a sight to behold. 

“…How was the strength test this time around?” 

The one who spoke at the back of the subordinate arranging documents was a young woman.

A teacher needs a decent degree of smarts. 

Thinking about it like that, an exam that only tests strength is out of the question. 

Her honest feelings is that she doesn’t like how the exam is 80% dependent on the strength of the person. 

That’s why the man knew that what she was asking here was how many reckless challengers there were. 

“20 people.” 

“Quite the number as always. And…?” 

“There are…people with only strength within those.” 

“…That’s the one system I want to get rid of no matter what.” 

“You really hate that a lot, don’t you. It is a legacy of the first academy principal, so there’s nothing we can do. Also, there’s rarely anyone who passes, so I would say it is best to not worry about it.” 

The man answered with a light tone to the superior at his back.

That said, he simply said them without any weight behind it.

Having the leisure to have a casual talk is a rare thing in itself.

“Gather 3 balls of different colors. There really are people who rarely manage to do it.” 

The faces of extremely capable temporary teachers surfaced in the mind of the woman. 

There’s some that have already become full-time teachers and there’s also some who have already left the academy. 

However, all of them were prodigies unmatched in one area. 

Even if she holds doubts towards the test that is tilted more in favor of power -or is even against it- she has no complaints when it comes to the strength the teachers showed. 

No, she even respects them. 

What this female employee doesn’t like is the people who come to take this strength test as their last resort. 

“It seems like the ones in history that passed were all really outstanding. I still haven’t seen a single one that has passed, so it would be nice if at least one passes this time around. Well, there’s a few demi-humans mixed in it, so the chances are low though.” 

“Race and strength aren’t always correlated. Rather, demi-humans are the better ones when it comes to excelling in one area, you know? There’s a lot of beastmen who pass the red one.” 

“There’s beastmen and elves this time around.” 


The woman noticed something strange happening at the reception and directed her gaze there.

“Is there some sort of dispute?” 

“Good grief. If you want to take the exam, even if it is a last resort, I would like them to have the bare minimum etiquette. I’ll be going.” 


“It is thank you. I told you to stop that. An academy employee using slang is unbecoming.” 

“Roger. Sorry about that!” 

He looked at the back of his superior that was quickly heading to the reception and lowered his head. 

However, his expression didn’t seem apologetic. 

“It wouldn’t be interesting for that court lady to be in a cheery mood, but you don’t have to worry. No one will be passing this time around. I prepared a surprise. I’ve tweaked it to be one notch more difficult than normal.” 

It is difficult for the 4th division of hyuman resources to interfere. 

But the ability to interfere by increasing the difficulty of the exam is beginning to show.

This capable but conceited man was offered the idea of playing a prank in the exam by a full-time teacher. 

It is apparently an exam where they select the most capable of the teachers by having them go around collecting balls and reducing the numbers. 

The full-time teacher that suggested this is probably going to joke about the result of this time’s exam. 

With that degree of understanding, he received quite the advance payment and accepted to do it -without asking even one bit about what the real reason behind it was. 

First, make them cheat no matter how small it is. 

Control people, threaten, or maybe recruit people to your side. 

“Excuse me.” 

“!! Y-Yes! What is it?!” 

“What’s the matter? It wasn’t really that big of a deal. There’s 1 more added to our group from the strength exam of the 3rd division. Counting on you to process it.” 

“Achaah, there’s quite the unlucky guy out there, huh.” 

“…Unlucky? Are you looking down on the exam?” 

“! Y-Yeah…that might be it! I thought they wouldn’t be passing anyways. Haha…” 

“…True. The applicant didn’t seem like a promising one either. See you then.” 

“Thanks for your hard work in dealing with the issue!” 

3rd division’s exam. 

The red qualifier, blue qualifier, and the yellow qualifier; the ones who passed the exam are called like that, and it is a high barrier that brings no small amount of respect. 

A certain participant in the exam that didn’t know the criteria to pass would be clearing the exam with a method never seen before…but no one even imagined that would happen at this point in time. 

Of course, the bookmaker that obviously began a bet of there being no qualifiers for the red, blue, and yellow was laughing out loud, but the related party that was running desperately around the exam grounds and was exclaiming at the difficulty was not aware of this. 

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