WG – Chapter 108: The Last Strike

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“Looks like it went well.” (Souma)

I saw the Yellow Slime that came out from the underground dungeon and let out a sigh of relief. 

It goes without saying, but my plan was ‘gather the equipment items into the Seal Space and have the Yellow Slimes consume it. Then pull the Evil God Fragment there, and have it be eaten by the increased number of Yellow Slimes. 

You may remember this, but I put a single Yellow Slime inside a bottle and stored it in the Cooler Box with the intention of using it for the Attack on the Capital. 

I turned that Cooler Box over within the Seal Space that had the equipment piled up and freed the Yellow Slime inside the bottle. 

That single freed Yellow Slime ate the items closeby as planned, and increased its numbers at an accelerated pace. 

It was actually rough to stay on standby there until the Evil God came. 

I had the Yellow Slimes eating and increasing in numbers on my peripheral, waiting for an Evil God that I didn’t know when it would come. 

I didn’t know when the Yellow Slimes would target me as prey too, but if I were to move my attention away from the door, there was the risk of dying instantly from the Evil God’s beam. It really felt like I was being strangled out of my breath there. 

But that pain bore fruit, and we successfully managed to lock up both the Evil God and the Yellow Slimes on the same room. 

Even if they are Yellow Slimes, they are still level 120 monsters. 

The Evil God Fragment may be weaker here, so you might think they would immediately be defeated by it, but in my eyes, the compatibility of the Evil God Fragment is bad against the Yellow Slimes. 

The Kill Beam and the tentacles are troublesome attacks, but they are both single target attacks. 

Against enemies that attack with numbers like the Yellow Slimes, they aren’t that effective. 

Moreover, their HP is 1. 

With this, the forced stun of the tentacles and the HP absorption won’t be of much use. 

They will certainly die after one hit before the stun even comes into effect, and even if they absorb their HP, it won’t be much with just 1. 

That’s why my biggest worry when I thought of this plan was the Genocide Wave. 

If they get hit by that AOE attack, there’s the chance the Yellow Slimes would be wiped out instantly. 

I was thinking about crushing the head at any cost before running away, but thanks to the awakening being incomplete, there was no need for that. 

The fact that the Yellow Slime came out instead of the Evil God must mean that it at least managed to overwhelm the Evil God. 


“…Don’t really feel like it, but let’s go.” (Souma)

If we don’t do something about the Yellow Slimes, it might turn into something worse than the Evil God Fragment. 

The people around making a ruckus despite having been told the situation by Mitsuki was a bit strange, but I need to do what I need to do first. 

I prepare myself and drink the poison I prepared. 

Poison ran through my body and I felt dizzy. 

Now that I think about it, this is the first time in my life I have been poisoned. 

It is an unpleasant feeling that’s hard to describe, but it can’t be helped. 

I have to do something that will be even more unpleasant than this after all. 

“…Souma?” (Ringo)

Ringo’s slightly uneasy voice rang on my back as I approached the Yellow Slimes. 

I purposely had the Yellow Slimes eat at my arm and provoke a chain reaction of death. 

I tried putting it simply like that, but when the Yellow Slimes wrapped around my arm, that disgusting feeling was indescribable. 

Even if I know I won’t be dying from this, it is an experience that I don’t want to have again, but the effects fortunately occurred soon after. 

“Uwaaah! What’s that?!!” 

“The colors…the colors are changing!” 

“Cannibalism?! Are they increasing in numbers by cannibalizing each other?!” 

“Wait, they are dead…” 

Poison coursed through the Yellow Slimes, and after seeing that their colors changed as they disappeared, the people around grew even noisier. 

But I don’t have the time to mind them. 

“Let’s hurry!” (Souma)

I shouted to Mitsuki, Ringo, and the others, and ran into the dungeon as if chasing after the chain of poison and predation. 

Mitsuki seemed to be flustered like the other adventurers for some reason, but she soon ran by my side. 

“Where?” (Mitsuki)

“The Seal Space! We have to confirm what happened to the Evil God!” (Souma)

I tilt my head at how strangely confused Mitsuki is right now. 

Now that the Yellow Slimes have overflowed all the way here, it is certain that they weren’t defeated by the Evil God, but that doesn’t ascertain that the Yellow Slimes have defeated the Evil God. 

On the contrary, the intense speed in which the Yellow Slimes are increasing tells me that the Evil God Fragment has survived for that long, and there’s the possibility that the Evil God and the Yellow Slimes are still in the middle of their battle. 

The HP of the tentacles is low, so I thought the Yellow Slimes wouldn’t lose to the Evil God Fragment, but winning is a different story. 

The damage of the Yellow Slimes is proportional to the surface area of the target. 

That’s why, it would be one thing if it is the arms and tentacles which are shaped in a way that are easy to stick onto, but the main body has a massive amount of HP despite its small size, so it is hard to say whether they can defeat the gem part. 

In exchange for the tentacles absorbing HP, the main body doesn’t regenerate on its own. 

I think the Yellow Slimes would win eventually, but it is not like I can just ignore the Yellow Slimes that have come to the surface. 

I tried to lock them up by closing the door to at least buy some time, but the door that has turned into just a plain and simple door after the seal was undone wasn’t enough to keep the Yellow Slimes in place. 

It would be really great if the Yellow Slimes defeated the Evil God, but being too optimistic…

“Ouch?!” (Souma)

I suddenly felt an impact on my head. 

My thoughts were cut off. 

When I look behind me in reflex to check what happened…

“Upu?!” (Souma)

Something flew onto my face as if aimed…

And exploded.

(Ow!! …Or not?) (Souma)

I was prepared for the pain, but there was nothing. 


“Ah, the poison…” (Souma)

The poison that I had left as it is because of my hurry had been cleansed off. 

On top of that, it seems like the HP that decreased from the poison has been healed too. 

Looks like what was thrown at me was a healing and antidote potion.

I felt relief at the fact that it was harmless and…

“Wabuh?!” (Souma)

One extra potion flew…

And smashed onto me. 

It…doesn’t hurt, but it is a bit bad for my heart. 

This one seems to have been a HP recovery potion. 

I appreciate that, but my HP is at full.

Anyways, there’s no real need to heal me. 

“Stop it. My HP is already—Owah!” (Souma)

Even though I said that, I am still being thrown potions. 

Moreover, the one doing this prank-like action is unexpectedly…

“Wa, Ringo, it is alread—puh!” (Souma)

The culprit is Ringo who is running behind me. 

She left the Wakizashi to the Bear who is at her shoulder, and she is taking out potions from her own Adventurer Bag and throwing them at me. 

I was the one who prepared the potions and bag, but I didn’t give them to her so that she would use them for this. 

When I was about to protest…

“…Souma, you were reckless again.” (Ringo)

Ringo said something incomprehensible with a displeased tone. 

I looked at Mitsuki for help, but she is chasing after the disappearing Yellow Slimes with a clear face, and cat ears-chan is facing the other way as if saying ‘you reap what you sow!’.

I looked at Maki just in case, but it seems like she doesn’t understand what’s going on here at all. She went ‘target practice? I will do it too~’ and got a potion from Ringo and threw it at me. 

I want to tell her to not participate if you don’t get it. 

“…Even though I told you so many times, you never…reflect.” (Ringo)

The added complaint of Ringo finally made me remember the previous instance. 

Now that I think about it, at the time when I jumped into the Yellow Slimes, I think Ringo and Mitsuki were angry at me and told me to not be reckless. 

If I am told I haven’t grown from that, that would be it, but in that case, I would have wanted them to say something before the Yellow Slimes showed up. 

“I am sorry, Ringo!” (Souma)

Even so, I tried to apologize, but potions were raining on me no questions asked. 

They are HP potions, so it doesn’t hurt and doesn’t lower my HP, but there’s something psychologically painful about it. 

No, if this is Ringo’s utmost effort of protest, it is in a way cute though.


 A few years ago, when I was so into the game and didn’t fulfill my promise with Maki, she angrily deleted the save file of the game I was into at that time. Thinking about that instance, this truly is a cute way of getting angry. 

(We had a serious fight that day…) (Souma)

That girl has been burning with abnormal hostility towards games by that time already. She might have a grudge towards games. 

She seemed to have had a pretty good amount of fun playing Nekomimi Neko despite that though. 

Ah, anyways, I do want to accompany Ringo in her anger, but this isn’t a situation where I can pay mind to that only. 

“Wait! …It is in sight.” (Mitsuki)

The wild dance of potions finally stopped with those words. 

The door is already in front of us. 

It probably was pushed open by the pressure of the Yellow Slimes. It isn’t broken, but it is wide open.

Is the Evil God alive, or has it been defeated? 

In this moment alone, Ringo and I forgot our quarrel and jumped into the Seal Space. 

“That’s…!” (Souma)

There was no sight of the Yellow Slimes anymore, and in exchange, there was something at the center of the room. 

—A giant pulsing red gem. 

It had expanded to a degree that it can’t be held in my hand, and it is pulsing like a living being compared to before its resurrection, but there’s no doubt it is the fragment of the Evil God. 

It looks like the Evil God Fragment had all of its parts destroyed, and there’s only the main body remaining. 

It is a rare state, but it is not impossible for that to happen. 

Even if those respective parts are destroyed, they will regenerate in a set amount of time. 

That’s why it is standard practice to aim for the central part after destroying the other parts to a certain degree, but the Yellow Slimes predate without distinction, so the central part with a whole ton of HP was the only thing that remained. 

At any rate, this is our chance now that the other parts have been destroyed. 

Let’s finish it off before some part regenerates -is what I thought as I approached the Evil God Fragment, but…

“—?!” (Souma)

The Evil God Fragment released an ominous light. 

(This is bad!!) (Souma)

That’s the animation for the Murder Beam. 

There’s already nothing in this room remaining to serve as a decoy, and there’s no time to prepare anything. 

At this rate, someone in this room will die! 

(As if I will let you!!) (Souma)

I went to the front, prepared to die for this one, but at that moment…

“Wa?!” (Souma)

But a silver light passed by me. 

That hit the red gem of the Evil God and pierced it splendidly. 

“Get down!!” (Souma)

Almost at the same time, the beam was shot, but the shot strayed because of the attack that came before. 

The beam passed overhead as we got down to the ground, and it hit the wall. 

“Are we…safe?” (Souma)

The light of the Evil God Fragment in front of my eyes doesn’t have the same intensity as before. 

Looks like that just now became the last struggle of the Evil God Fragment. 

The predation of the Yellow Slimes and the attack just now must have dropped its HP to 0.

The Evil God’s red gem slowly changed into light particles and…


The ‘something’ that pierced the Evil God Fragment dropped to the ground and made a dry sound. 

“…Waki…za…?” (Souma)

The identity of the mysterious attack was the Wakizashi thrown at outstanding speed. 

Looks like Ringo noticed the danger and used the Gouging Vajra skill to attack the fragment. 

(That was close…) (Souma)

That one mistake was about to cause a death. 

Even if weaker and on its last breath, it is still the Evil God. 

I should have remained vigilant. 

Looks like I have to pass the MVP this time around to Ringo.

“You saved me there, Rin—” (Souma)

I looked back to congratulate her, and what was there was…


The Bear with a grin on its face while still in a throwing posture. 

And so, the Evil God Fragment was subjugated…by the Yellow Demon and its group.

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