WG – Chapter 107: Freed Demon

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Fortunately, it seems like the resurrected Evil God is still far from having fully awakened. 

After skewering the demon nearby and drying him up, it moved its tentacles, but it seems like we are maintaining peace for now.

If we are going to make a move, now’s our only chance. 

(But what should we do?) (Souma)

The Fragment of the Evil God that was at the deepest recesses of the Hidden Dungeon, the Sealed Magic Dungeon.

That guy had overwhelming power to even bring despair to the most seasoned of Nekomimi Neko players. 

The one in front of me may be of a different size, but in terms of appearance, it is almost the very same as the hidden boss. 

Is there any hope for victory? 

I desperately replay the data of the Evil God which was in the Nekomimi Neko Wiki. 

The most dangerous part of this guy is its abnormal attack power. 

[Genocide Web]: First mechanic that makes you question the sanity of the developers. A fearsome wave is shot from the mouth of the Evil God. If you see the Evil God opening its mouth, it is the preliminary motion of this attack coming. 

It takes around 1 minute to charge, so you can avoid the attack if you destroy the head before that. But because the head is at a hard to aim position and has a ridiculous amount of HP, it is not realistic to aim for it. 

Because of how long it takes to charge, its AOE is wide, and it covers the whole seal space. Also, since it goes through obstacles, there’s no point in hiding. It holds outstanding attack power, and has the ability to nullify both defense and counter type skills. 

Even if you are a character over level 300, it is impossible to survive if this hits you. 

When this is used, your comrades will most definitely be wiped out. 

The player can get away from it with teleporting skills like Ground Compression or Infinite Mirage Prison for a do-or-die. 

Being able to pull this off stably is the first task to defeating the Evil God. 

Good luck. 

[Kill Beam]: Second mechanic that makes you question the sanity of the developers. 

A murder beam that’s shot from the gem at its chest that’s the main body of the Evil God. 

There’s no preliminary motion aside from the gem shining for a second before the attack and there’s no condition for activation. 

On top of that, the attack speed is abnormally fast. The moment you think it shone, you have already been hit, so it is really difficult to avoid. 

It has overwhelming power, so if it does a direct hit, you will die instantly even if you are level 300. 

Even if it doesn’t, if it scrapes a part of your equipment, you die instantly. 

If you grasp the timing, it is easy to defend against, but you will die instantly regardless. 

It is light element, so you can reduce the damage with accessories. Of course, you will die instantly even if you reduce the damage. 

At bare minimum, get a light element nullification one or higher. 

As long as you come prepared, it will actually become an opportunity to break through. 

[Paralyzing Tentacles]: The countless tentacles that come from the body of the Evil God. 

They are normally just wriggling around, but if you approach them a certain range, they will attack you all at once. 

They are relatively fast and there’s a lot of them. 

Each individual attack doesn’t deal much damage, but the troublesome part is that they have HP absorption and forced stun. 

The latter one is especially fatal. If you get hit, your skill will get canceled regardless of posture, and you will get stunned in place. 

If other tentacles hit you in that timeframe, the stun will continue, and you will fall into stun hell. 

Putting it simply -to no one’s surprise- you die if you get hit even once. 

Your skills are forcefully canceled if you get hit by this, but it doesn’t erase Time Activations. 

You have a chance of survival if you set an Air Hammer beforehand. 

(No, this is impossible…) (Souma)

I shook my head in the middle of it, and stopped replaying it in my mind. 

The Evil God’s Fragment also has a variety of other attacks like shooting out magic spheres from both hands. 

It would be one thing if we had prepared plenty beforehand, but in this current state, it is not an opponent we can win against. 

The only hope here would be a short battle, but…

(Those tentacles…) (Souma)

The Evil God’s Fragment is the type of enemy that has HP set for each part of its body. 

But the main body is the red gem in the middle of its chest, so even if the other parts are still fine, you can win if you drop that part’s HP to 0.

Judging from how it was resurrected, it should also be dying if we defeat the red gem on its chest. 

With this size, it might not have as much HP as the hidden boss of the game. 

If we get some good hits in, we might be able to win. 

But as long as there’s tentacles remaining, all damage to the main body will be redirected to the tentacles. 

The number of tentacles is already more than dozens, but their HP individually is actually low. 

However, the regrowth speed of the tentacles is fast, so even if you wipe them out once, they will come back after a brief period of time. 

That means that, in order to eliminate those tentacles, we require an outstanding number of moves. 

(We don’t have enough people…!) (Souma)

It is currently impossible to win against this one. 

Then, I have to think of a different method. 

“Mitsuki, do you think it is possible to reseal this one?” (Souma)

“…Impossible… I don’t think so, but it would be difficult. I felt the flow of the air in the dungeon change just a moment ago. It seems like the door of the Seal Space has been opened with the resurrection of the fragment. If we bring that thing there and pull the appropriate procedures, it might be possible to seal it, but I don’t know the steps for that.” (Mitsuki)

Mitsuki answered with her cat ears bent as if troubled. 

I didn’t have much hopes for that, but it really does seem like sealing isn’t an option. 

(No, wait…) (Souma)

Even if we can’t seal it, it might be possible to shut it inside the Seal Space temporarily. 

As long as we can buy time well here, we can also obtain the ‘power of numbers’.

We have close to 40 adventurers and the knights that Maki brought after all.


The Evil God moved in the middle of my thoughts. 

It is heading this way even if slowly. 

But that actually works in my favor. 

I quickly put a hand in my bag and bring out a store knife which I throw towards the Evil God. 

Of course, I am not expecting much from its damage. 

The knife had reached pretty close to the Evil God, but it won’t pose any danger to it.


“Wa…wawa!” (Maki)

Maki got flustered at the tentacle piercing the knife. 

The HP of the knife was absorbed completely by the many tentacles and destroyed. 

(So it really is the case.) (Souma)

I lost one weapon here, but I got important information in exchange. 

The resurrected Evil God is not distinguishing between individuals.

The game setting of blindly attacking anything with HP is present here as well. 

With this, the chances of surviving have increased greatly. 

“There’s something I want to ask you two.” (Souma)

I faced Maki and Mitsuki with hardened resolve. 

“I want you to gather as much of the equipment of the knights and adventurers as possible into the Seal Space.” (Souma)

Just a few seconds ago, the Mitarashi Dango I threw in the air was pierced by a beam and instantly evaporated. 

“Holy shit!” (Souma)

I hurriedly retreated and turned a corner.

I turned around the black bag and scattered around the Fancy Skulls to hold it back. 

The black skulls were working well as obstructions, but the other party is slowly learning.

It seems like it has recognized that it can simply destroy these obstructions. 

The black skulls were being shot and destroyed one after the other by magic spheres. 

But it serves to buy a brief amount of time. 

I put a hand in the bag in the time the skulls are being destroyed, and prepare new items for decoy. 

I had Maki go to where the knights are, and Mitsuki to where the adventurers are in order to gather equipment. 

I didn’t give them a detailed explanation, but it seems like Mitsuki understood what I am trying to do here since I have been with her for a good while now. 

I left all the explaining to Mitsuki and had the two of them move at once. 

But there’s obviously going to take time to explain the situation and gather the equipment of the adventurers and knights. 

There’s the need for someone to pull the attention of the Evil God Fragment in that time. 

Even if asked who, Lipha is out of the question, and it would be impossible to ask this of Mitsuki who is popular with the adventurers and Maki who can move the knights. 

The role of diversion would naturally fall to me, so I have no objections there. 

I don’t, but…

(Figures this would be rough.) (Souma)

I noticed this after actually fighting, but the Evil God Fragment is pretty weakened. 

The one I fought in the game was a different fragment, so it might not be correct to say ‘weakened’, but it is far weaker than the Evil God Fragment hidden boss of the game. 

If I had to compare the difference, the size would be the first thing to come to mind, but its endurance and attack power have fallen proportionally. 

It goes especially so for endurance. When I swung Shiranui with the intention of warding the tentacle off, that alone was enough to tear it off. 

It seems like the HP of the tentacles is even lower, so considering the plan itself, this is something to rejoice about, but considering the durability of Shiranui, you could also say I can’t just swing against the tentacles willfully. 

For the reduction of attack power, I can tell how weaker it is from the long range attacks it is shooting from both hands. 

Just that, when it comes to the beams, even if they are weaker, they are still pretty strong. 

If I get hit by it, I am definitely dying. 

I am somehow blocking them with decoys, but I can’t even relax for a second. 

The biggest saving here is that the Genocide Wave I was the most wary about isn’t showing signs of happening. 

The awakening must have been incomplete. 

The head of the Evil God is making noises as if groaning, and both of its eyes are not even open. 

Looks like it hasn’t regained the faculties of its head yet. 

It of course isn’t shooting the Genocide Wave from its mouth either. 

With this, you could say my biggest worry has been solved. 

But, on the other hand, you could say a new problem has shown up. 

“?! It is here!” (Souma)

When I look back, I saw the Evil God turning the corner while using its tentacles like spider legs. 

But the amount of tentacles is more than twice compared to before, and it is already easily above the hundreds. 

Looks like it is regaining its faculties by recovering its energy through the absorption attacks of its tentacles. 

(It would be dangerous to have it absorb any more items.) (Souma)

If it were to recover its head and got the ability to shoot the Genocide Wave, we would be wiped out in an instant even if we were to attack it in a group.

Considering that a number of items will be absorbed in the Seal Space, I want to avoid using any more items as decoy, but…


The moment I began worrying, a Lightning Strike flashed by my side. 

It shot the tentacle that was stretching over to the consumable item between the both of us. 

“Ringo!” (Souma)

The one standing deeper in the corridor was Ringo. 

The Bear was riding her shoulder. 

“Preparations are done. Please hurry to the Seal Space.” (Mitsuki)

Mitsuki was also behind her. 

Looks like the preparations are finally done. 

“That’s a relief. You saved me there!” (Souma)

I sighed in relief at this and ran to where Ringo and the others are. 

Ringo was assisting my retreat with her Lightning Strikes. 

“…Hurry.” (Ringo)

The Lightning Strikes are destroying the tentacles, but the Evil God isn’t such a softie that would be stopped by something like that. 

Even with that, I took advantage of the Evil God’s speed lowering there and used a skill at the end to jump into the corner Ringo and the others showed up from. 

“What about the evacuation of the other people?” (Souma)

“We are already the only ones remaining in this dungeon.” (Mitsuki)

“I see. I am sorry for making you all tag along in this dangerous act, but…” (Souma)

I was trying to apologize, but…

“…It is okay. If you had left me behind…I would get angry.” (Ringo)

“As if this is the first time.” (Mitsuki)

—*Pat pat*

They stopped me beforehand and told me that. 

The only one I didn’t know what was trying to say was the Bear, but it is probably telling me to not worry about it. 

I run while dropping skulls from the black bag. 

This place is fortunately close to the Seal Space. 

At this pace, we will be able to pull the Evil God. 

While I was thinking that, I saw the door. 

It certainly is open. 

“Then, please close the door once it enters. Make sure to not let it find you no matter what.” (Souma)

When I stopped my feet for a second to say this…

“Godspeed.” (Mitsuki)

Mitsuki bowed her cat ears and ran off. 

“…Don’t die.” (Ringo)

Ringo held my hand for an instant and left. 

I waved back at the Bear who was waving at me from her shoulder.

“…Now then…” (Souma)

I also enter my last preparations. 

I drop Mitarashi Dangos as if creating a path and enter the door. 

“Woah…” (Souma)

It really turns into an incredible amount when it comes to the equipment of several dozens of people. 

There’s equipment piled up to the point that it felt like they were making a mountain here. 

It is quite the sight. 

But this is unfortunately not the time to be fascinated. 

“With this…it is done!” (Souma)

At the end, I bring out the Cooler Box from the bag, put a hand in and turn it around with force. 

The insides of the box fell out and hit the ground. 

The plates and bottles broke, making ear-piercing sounds, but this is fine. 

I confirmed the results of this and nodded heavily. 

To be honest, food items have way too low HP, so they aren’t of much use. 

Bluntly speaking, there was no need to scatter the food inside the box, but it should serve as a bit of an extra. 

I pay attention to both my back and front, and wait for it to come. 

If I were to get attacked in a place like this with no escape, I wouldn’t be able to do anything. 

I want to escape from this place as fast as possible, but it would be the worst if I were to move and it doesn’t come to this room. 

I stay in place with that internal conflict. 

The fear of not knowing when I will get attacked is scraping away at my sanity here. 

My impatience accelerates. 

At the time when I was beginning to doubt the Evil God was not chasing me anymore…

“…It is here.” (Souma)

The resurrected Evil God finally showed up.

Despite having a fearsome appearance, I even felt relieved at it showing up. 

It entered the room without any hesitation. 

There’s a whole lot of ‘food’ in the room. 

With this, this guy won’t be running away anymore. 

The gem in the chest of the Evil God shone and was about to pierce me with that light, but before that happened…

“[Infinite Mirage Prison]!” (Souma)

I escaped that room with the random teleport. 

“Woah!” (Souma)

I got hit by the explosion of Petitplosion, and my body stiffened for an instant there. 

I hurriedly looked around, and I was now outside the Seal Space. Realizing this is most likely a corridor close to the Seal Space, I felt relieved. 

Looks like I managed to succeed in the wall jump in one go. 

Tension drained from my body and I was on the verge of collapsing right then and there, but it is not like it has ended just yet. 

I immediately turned back to the Seal Space to confirm whether the door was closed, but…

“It looks like it went well on their side too.” (Mitsuki)

Mitsuki came before that. 

“By ‘too’, do you mean…” (Souma)

“Yes, there weren’t many issues. It is probably moving its tentacles busily right now inside there.” (Mitsuki)

Those words truly drained me completely. 

Looks like the plan has succeeded for now. 

“With this, we have bought enough time. Let’s escape too.” (Souma)

I won’t go as far as saying I have no regrets anymore, but there’s already nothing I can do here. 

I abided with Mitsuki and hurried to the exit. 

When we got out, all the adventurers welcomed our return together. 

I was a bit happy that they went through the trouble of doing that for us. 

Raiden stepped to the front as if representing the adventurers. 

“Man, that got hectic, didn’t it? Well, after coming this far, we have also resolved ourselves here, ya know? The enemy is big, but there’s no need to fear. Let’s show the Evil God that numbers are the strongest power.” (Raiden)

Even though he didn’t do anything this time around, he still spits out nice stuff. 

I am not really satisfied by that, but I also nodded. 

“For now, can you tell us how to fight in the case the Evil God shows up?” (Raiden)

“Alright, then…” (Souma)

On the suggestion of Raiden, I kill time by telling the others about the countermeasures if the Evil God shows up.

The other adventurers aside from Raiden and the knights also listened to what I was saying, and they seemed somewhat happy somewhat not. 

I understand being scared of the Evil God, but isn’t everyone a bit too nervous here? 

An hour passed without anything happening. 

The other exit has already been destroyed with explosives for quest use. 

If anything is coming out, it will be from this entrance. 

After talking about the plan when the Evil God shows up, we made a semi-circular formation to surround the entrance. 

I wanted to talk to Sazan in this opportunity, but everyone is making grim expressions, so it is a situation that’s a bit hard to have a conversation in. 

Ringo, Mitsuki, the Bear, and Maki have gathered up around me. 

Within those, Maki, who is the one that’s the least used to this world, asked me.

“Will it really come?” (Maki)

“We did lock it up with the door, but it is probably ineffective. It will naturally be coming.” (Souma)

When I said this, Maki made an even more uneasy expression.

“Can we…win?” (Maki)

“It is okay. I said this is the strongest enemy in the game, but it is an enemy I have won against before. Countermeasures have been put in place, so there’s no problem.” (Souma)

“R-Right.” (Maki)

Even if it is Maki, it seems like she still feels fear towards an unknown enemy. 

Because I had to pull the Evil God, I left all the explaining to Mitsuki. 

Mitsuki might have exaggerated the threat of the enemy. 

(Good grief. If it is coming, it should come already.) (Souma)

When I was beginning to think that, the cat ears of Mitsuki stood up. 

“So a mere door like that couldn’t stop it, huh.” (Souma)

Me standing up after that mutter and Mitsuki’s call of attention happened almost at the same time. 

“It is coming… No, this is…?!” (Mitsuki)

The next instant, from inside the dungeon…

“W-What’s thaaaat?!” 

“Evil God? Is that…the Evil God?” 

“Isn’t that just a yellow slime?!!”

—The strongest enemy of Nekomimi Neko, the Yellow Slime, appeared. 

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