WG – Chapter 95: A terribly proper battle

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[The infamous Nekomimi Neko developers gave birth to…two monstrosities in the game industry.

The first one is obviously the VR game, New Communicate Online. 

An amalgamation of malice and bugs, and a VR game in development among VR games development. This era’s worst shitty game. 

And the one other one is…]

An extract from the blog of a gamer. 

(It is here!) (Souma)

Magic and arrows were flying at me after I charged in. 

Even if it is only a part of them that noticed me, their numbers are massive. 

The number of attacks reflects this as well, but most of them are angled highly so as not to hit their allies. 

Most of them can’t keep up with my movement speed and are falling behind me. 

(This one is…going to hit me?!) (Souma)

A number of the attacks drawing a straight line were heading at me for a direct hit. 

If I move to the sides, I might be able to avoid it, but…

(If I do that, I won’t be able to get through here!) (Souma)

I want to avoid any time loss here, so I intentionally change my route. 

I take the route of running directly into the magic attack. 

([Step][HighStep]…) (Souma)

I zigzagged with Step and High Step to match the distance, and after I pulled the spells and arrows right before my eyes…

(…[Ground Compression]!) (Souma)

I jumped into the thinnest part of the barrage with Ground Compression.

An instant of tension! 

Get through!” (Souma)

I entered the inner area of the barrage as I shouted. 

In the system of Nekomimi Neko, the character’s hitbox won’t disappear while you are using a skill. 

That’s why there’s no invincibility frames just because you are using skills, but Ground Compression ‘slips away’ from the hitboxes of the first few meters because of its speed. 

The moment you use the skill, your hitbox jumps around 3 meters ahead in one go. All attacks that were at the location where I used the skill will end up missing as a result.

You can’t slip through monsters and walls with it, but if you get the timing right, you can avoid attacks that you definitely wouldn’t be able to avoid. 

(It has been a while since I have done this, but it went well.) (Souma)

I was relieved at having properly slipped through. 

Most of all, I am now close to the enemies. 

Ground Compression ended and there was an instant of respite, and…

(Here it is!) (Souma)

I activate Air Hammer, and carry my body even further ahead. 

My timing was on the slow side which is something to reflect on, but with this, I have completely entered the bosom of the enemy. 

Despite that, the spells and arrows were flying at me sporadically, but having avoided the first offensive, there’s no momentum to that anymore. 

([Step][Side Slash][Step], [Side Slash][Step][Side Slash][Step]…) (Souma)

I mixed Long and Short Cancels as I avoided narrow margins using Godstep Cancel, approached the enemy, and…

(…[Step][Side Slash]!!) (Souma)

I used the last Side Slash to wipe out the mages in front of me. 

(Good feedback!) (Souma)

Fortunately, there’s barely any high level monster within the long range group. 

My Side Slash easily sliced the monsters in two like butter, and the semi-circle of over 3 meters created by the Otachi skill killed every single monster inside of it. 

A good start. 


(It really is impossible to advance!) (Souma)

The corpses of the enemies are obstructing me, so I can’t immediately move forward. 

The Nekomimi Neko feature that the corpses of the monsters remain for a while is biting me here. 

If I try to force a movement skill here, I will end up crashing onto the corpses. That said, I can’t just stand here mindlessly, waiting until they disappear. I would just be an easy target. 

In that case, what I should do here is…

([Jump], [Instant Charge]!) (Souma)

I used Jump to spring up over the enemies. 

At the highest point of the Jump, I activate the dagger skill that allows movement in midair, Instant Charge. 

It isn’t as fast as Step, but my body cut through the wind and moved forward.

(And from here…!) (Souma)

My back was pushed by something, and I flew off to the front with good momentum. 

The Air Hammer that I had Time Activated had pushed my body to the front with perfect timing. 

You can’t adjust the vertical angles of the Air Hammer. 

That’s why you can’t fly in the air with just that alone, but it is perfect to move horizontally in midair. 

([Instant Charge], [Air Hammer], [Instant Charge], [Air Hammer], [Instant Charge]…) (Souma)

I chain the Instant Charge and Air Hammer, and go over the monsters that were looking up dumbfounded. 

I go over the last monster of the horde, the Old Goblin Mage, using an Air Hammer, and…

(…[Air Hammer], [Magic Steal]!!) (Souma)

I used the 9th skill of the dagger that has an MP absorption effect, Magic Steal. 

I will be replenishing the MP I used for the consecutive shots of Air Hammer as a reward for overcoming this one. 

([Step][High Step], [Ground Compression]!) (Souma)

Of course, I won’t be stopping here.

The main force that is deeper in from the backline unit is my real objective. 

There isn’t that much distance between the backline and the main force. 

I use my fastest movement combo while mixing in the KB Cancel to get through. 

“Uwah!” (Souma)

I glanced at the back, and I could see a massive amount of spells and arrows being shot from the backline unit I slipped away from as if they were giving me one last present. 

It ain’t gonna end nicely if that number of attacks hits me, but…

(I am forging on like this!) (Souma)

I decided to go forward. 

I  repeat the [Step], [High Step], [Ground Compression] and [Air Hammer] combo two times, and at the end…

(Lunge in!) (Souma)

The comparatively safe-looking place inside the horde of the main force. 

I took decisive action by lunging into the place that’s packed with Black Orcs.

([Step][Side Slash], [Step][High Step]…kuh!) (Souma)

I approached the enemy and defeated them with a Side Slash, and charged in with movement skills as if weaving through their corpses. 

By the second one -the High Step- I crashed onto an enemy, but I managed to enter the horde of enemies. 

The rain of spells and arrows rush to that place.

The Orc corpses that still remain served as an impromptu wall. 

A number of them got through the Orc wall and reached me but…

([Hide]!) (Souma)

At that instant, I used the Ninja Sword skill, Hide. 

The black aura that serves as an absolute barrier covers my body, and not only the long range attacks flying at me, it even blocked all the close range attacks of the surrounding monsters.

With this, I can’t use Hide for a while, but I managed to endure the emergency. 

(…[Side Slash], [High Step]!) (Souma)

After I eliminated the monsters around with Side Slash, I jumped back with High Step.

The wall of corpses is gone already, but there’s no second volley from the back which is what I feared.

It is probably because they stopped attacking now that the distance is too big, or Mitsuki is properly doing her part. 

With that worry out of the way, I direct my eyes to the front, and what’s reflected in my eyes are…enemies, enemies, and more enemies!

I can’t see anything aside from monsters no matter where I look. 

This situation could be called despairing, but I showed a smile.

This is what I thought in the face of the many enemies.

(This is it! This is an actual Nekomimi Neko battle!) (Souma)

Running out of breath from just chaining a few skills is laughable. 

Chaining a different skill at every passing instant, form up your next skill arrangement in the space of the KB Cancel, and form combos while desperately avoiding the attacks of the enemies. 

This is what’s called a normal and proper battle in Nekomimi Neko.

In the first place, doing a skill battle without KB Cancel -in other words, without the custom Air Hammer and the custom Petitplosion- is like telling you to do a full power sprint with a blindfold. 

Because of this, I have been having stressful battles.

But now…

I can’t really call it perfect, but I am getting the required skills, spells, and equipment. 

(In other words, this is where the real deal begins!) (Souma)

My mouth warped at the Lightning Strikes that shine above me every now and then as I lunged into the Red Cap Elite pack that was at my left.

([Side Slash]!) (Souma)

The mechanic of the enemy bodies remaining is incredibly unpopular, but there’s cases when you are fighting groups of enemies where it will work in your favor. 

Corpses remaining means that it is hard for many monsters to approach you. 

In other words, if I defeat the monsters in front of me, I can create a bit of breathing room.

([Step], [Side Slash]!) (Souma)

Even with that, if I stay in place, the corpses will eventually disappear and a drove of monsters will swarm me, and worse, from all directions. 

I use Step to jump diagonally to the side, and hit the new monsters that were trying to go around with Side Slash. 

([Step], [Side Slash]!) (Souma)

What’s left is a repeat of this. 

The Red Cap Elites and the Black Orcs are coming in force, but that’s actually convenient for me. 

That simply increases the number of enemies that die from the Side Slash in one hit. 

([Step], [Side Slash]!) (Souma)

I cut the enemies in my range, jump to the side, and once again cut the enemies in my range; rinse-and-repeat. 

After repeating that around 4 times more…

([Air Hammer]!) (Souma)

Moving with a Time Activation Air Hammer is the basic strategy. 

It would actually be easier on me if I used High Step instead of Step, but Side Slash can’t be chained with High Step because it is a lower tier attack skill, and it costs a lot more stamina. 

4 rotations of Step and Side Slash. 

That’s the limit of the stamina I recover in the middle of the Air Hammer. 

([Step], [Side Slash]—?!) (Souma)

But it looks like I can’t just go on auto-pilot here.

I found a giant half-beast half-human monster holding a giant axe deep in the packs of Black Orcs in front of me that were approaching.

Savage Minotaur.

A troublesome enemy that has massive attack power despite being level 155.

I can also see a level 140 Great Lizard slightly further away. 

It would be problematic if they were to get me unaware. 

(I will get them first!) (Souma)

I eliminate the enemies before the Minotaur by priority before the next Air Hammer is ready, and while in the middle of the Air Hammer’s knockback…

([Power Up], [Air Hammer]!) (Souma)

I chant not only Air Hammer but Power Up too, and set the Time Activation.

And then…

([Step], [Side Slash]!) (Souma)

I match the timing of the Power Up’s activation and use Side Slash.

That caught the Savage Minotaur perfectly and it also sliced the surrounding Orcs. 

“I did it!” (Souma)

I raised a cheer in the heat of the moment and…

“Eh?!” (Souma)

Because of that, I didn’t notice the one other giant body approaching. 

It was already too late by the time I noticed its presence. 

(Great Liza—?!) (Souma)

The giant body of the Great Lizard at close range! 

I can’t avoid this charge! 

“Gah!” (Souma)

I was sent flying.

I blacked out for a moment there. 

After that…

(It hurts! It hurts! It hurts!) (Souma)

A hard to endure pain attacks my whole body. 

It hurts. It certainly does hurt but…

([Bloody Stab]!) (Souma)

The pain will go away with just this. 

The negative dark element Bloody Stab immediately heals my body.

(…I’m okay.) (Souma)

If it had been a stun, that would have been a different story, but that was a knockback.

As long as I don’t die in one hit, I am okay. 

I can still get back up.

What vexes me the most here is my own naivety. 

I lowered my guard from having defeated the Minotaur and had forgotten about the one other enemy. 

It is a mistake that would have been impossible for me to make in the game days. 

However, I have no time to reflect for a long time here. 

([Oboro Zangetsu], [Ste—kuh!) (Souma)

I placed an Oboro Zangetsu on the Great Lizard who I have gotten distanced from as a result of the knockback, and tried to move away soon after, but because of that very knockback, the Air Hammer’s timing got messed up to a fatal degree.

I got distracted by the pain, and completely forgot about counting the seconds. 

It is a clear mistake that really would have been impossible on the game days. 

I head towards the enemy in a defenseless state with movement that wasn’t planned. 

The Black Orcs were swarming at me as if seeing this as a chance.

“…Damn it!” (Souma)

Even with that, I set the Air Hammer before the knockback is over. 

The moment my legs touched the ground, I swept the Orcs with a Side Slash and…

“Wa?!” (Souma)

Overcoming a wall just to hit another one. 

The Great Lizard and the many Orcs died from the Oboro Zangetsu, and this time around, a creature that looks like a giant pill bug rolled this way. 

The level 150 monster, Huge Bug. 

It is a really half-assed name that really encapsulates Nekomimi Neko itself, but that rolling of his has a forced stun on it, and his defensive power is abnormally high. 

A close range attack with no Power Up will most likely be deflected. 

([Step], [Ground Compression]!) (Souma)

I jumped back with Step to purposely make the homing roll catch up, and then jump to the side with Ground Compression to avoid it by a narrow margin.

But at the place I avoided to…

“Are you kidding me?!” (Souma)

Level 170 Death Armor! 

Not only is it high level, but it is clearly a boss class monster! 

(There’s even something like that here?!) (Souma)

I cursed internally as I unleashed a Side Slash reflexively, but…

(It didn’t get through…?!) (Souma)

It was stopped by the armor. 

It is the same as the time when I attacked Master Torch. 

When you lack way too much power in close range attack skills, the attack will be registered as having been deflected, and you will be skill stunned. 

The Death Armor lifts his greatsword at me who was stopped in place. 

“Crap…!” (Souma)

Chills ran down my back. 

But right before that, my body was blown to the back at high speed.

I was saved by the Air Hammer that I had set to Time Activate directed at the back. 

However, when I look back, I could see the Huge Bug that turned around and was heading my way again. 

On top of that, there’s the Death Armor that is still unscathed and targeting me. 

(Damn it… Can I do this?!) (Souma)

It would be one thing one on one, but I don’t have the strength to deal with them at the same time. 

The speed of the Huge Bug and the behavior of the Death Armor; I remember those and…

(No, even if it is impossible, I have to do it!!) (Souma)

I finish the incantation of Air Hammer as if praying, and set it.

“You are in the way!” (Souma)

I sweep the Orcs coming at me from the right and use Step to go forward. 

I get to the front of the Death Armor who had its weapon ready again, and invite its attack. 

The attack came as expected but…

(Of all things…!) (Souma)

It came with a sweeping slash which is the hardest to avoid. 

I want to escape to the back with Ground Compression, but…

(Damn it!) (Souma)

Even so, if I avoid it with anything other than Step, the timing will be messed up. 

I used Step directed at the raised arms, prepared for death.

I aim to avoid the attack of the enemy as if slipping by the enemy! 

(That was close!!) (Souma)

It truly was a paper-thin difference. The greatsword roared above my head as it passed by. 

My heart shriveled there as if a cold hand had squeezed it. 

But this is where the real deal comes. 

(And here…!) (Souma)

There’s no breathing room in the timing. 

I move back with Step using Godstep Cancel. 

I return to my original position. 

(With this…it is here!!) (Souma)

The Huge Bug approaches from behind with a thunderous sound.

I am completely pincered here, but…

“[Eternal Heaven Soaring Blade]!” (Souma)

I activate this sword skill. 

My body jumps up with speed incomparable to that of Jump. 

The Huge Bug that had its target evade right before it hit couldn’t stop, and it crashed onto the Death Armor in front of it! 

(Alright!) (Souma)

The Huge Bug had its rolling stopped by the Death Armor, skill stunning it; the Death Armor was forcefully stunned by the rolling. I have managed to seal the movements of the two at the same time. 

Before the fall of the Soaring Blade began, Air Hammer activated in midair. 

I fly to the back while still in the air. 

While I soared in the air…

([Power Up][Power Up][Power Up][Power Up]!!) (Souma)

I do the incantation in the time until the fall. 

I set several spells with a time lag. 

The exact moment I landed, I raised Shiranui and…

([Oboro Zangetsu], [Step][Oboro Zangetsu], [Step][Oboro Zangetsu]…) (Souma)

I adjust the positioning to hit both the Huge Bug and the Death Armor…and activate 3 Oboro Zangetsus while matching the activations of the Power Ups. 

On top of that…

([High Step], [Jump], [Side Slash]!!) (Souma)

I mix in a Side Slash at the last Oboro Zangetsu and…

“[Oboro Cross Slash]!!” (Souma)

I put my fighting spirit in that shout! 

The Side Slash this time around didn’t bounce off the armor, and it sliced through the shell of the Huge Bug and the armor of the Death Armor. 

The cross slash was engraved in the two monsters. 

Even the Huge Bug and the Death Armor couldn’t endure the 4 attacks that had the effect of the Power Up, and both of them became light particles and disappeared. 

“…Shit!” (Souma)

I grinded my teeth as I saw that. 

My body can’t move because of the skill stun. 

Overlapping 3 Power Ups took me my everything, and I can’t use magic to cancel the skill stun now. 

Also, the angle of the 2nd shot of Oboro Zangetsu was off, and it only hit the Death Armor. 

“I am still lacking.” (Souma)

The skill stun wore off while I was muttering this. 

I was feeling annoyed at how my own battle mastery has degraded, but the battle still continues. 

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