WG – Chapter 94: Outbreak of War

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“It is in sight now.” 

We found the horde of monsters when we were right in sight of the capital. 

“That’s impressive…” (Souma)

I thought that when I saw it in the game too, but seeing the real thing really is a different beast. 

Just by getting closer to it, I could feel outstanding pressure even though they aren’t heading our way. 

The trembling sound was resonating in my skin, and it was waking up instinctive fear. 

“I can’t tell in detail from here, but just the forces on the land are already over 1,000.” (Mitsuki)

“…Looks like it.” (Souma)

However, there’s still a plus. 

According to Mitsuki who has good eyesight, the main force of the enemies is fortunately primarily formed of low level monsters.

The horde is mostly composed of level 95 Red Cap Elites and level 110 Black Orcs.

It was the same in the game as well, so it should be fine to consider this information correct. 

However, there’s apparently one level 150 monster every ten monsters, so we can’t lower our guard. 

Even if around 5% are strong monsters, it would mean that 50 are strong monsters in every 1,000.

“As you have predicted, the enemy is divided in 4.” (Mitsuki)

“So it really is like that, huh.” (Souma)

I was a bit relieved as I said this. 

At the very least, when I saw it in the game, they were divided into groups by their speed and traits. 

They were mainly divided into 4 groups. 

The vanguard that is formed of small four-legged beasts and small fast humanoid monsters. 

The normal humanoid monsters and large sized monsters behind those would form the main force. 

The long distance attack unit that shoots stuff like magic and beams that follow from further behind. 

The flying unit that’s flying above those 3 groups formed of things like birds and ghosts. 

The vanguard and the main force have a pretty big distance between them, so there’s a decent amount of time lag in between the enemies reaching the city and the main force pushing on. 

There should be…in the game. 

Whichever the case, we don’t have the strength to fight the whole army. 

That’s why…

“We will leave the enemy vanguard to the defense force of the city just as planned. Once their vanguard and the defense clash, Ringo will keep the flying enemies at bay from an elevation closeby, and Mitsuki, who is strong against magic, will crush the long range unit. Then…” (Souma)

I take a deep breath as if preparing myself here. 

“I will pull the main enemy force.” (Souma)

I once again announce this. 

This is the best strategy to bring the most influence in the battlefield with few numbers. 

We are going to be dealing with more than half of the army with 3 people, so this is reckless beyond belief, but we won’t be able to overcome this event if we don’t do this much. 

“…Thinking it over…I am against this.” (Ringo)

But Ringo said this at this point in time. 

“Ringo, I have explained it countless times already. You are the only one who can attack the airborne enemies; the only one who can deal with the mages is Mitsuki. There’s no choice but for me to be the one stopping the movements of the main force.” (Souma)

“…But…” (Ringo)

I make the last argument towards Ringo who doesn’t seem to be convinced yet. 

“It is impossible to defend against that number of enemies. However, I don’t have the city behind me, so I can just do a preemptive strike and run around. If I do that well, I can distract a good percent of enemies. This is something necessary to protect the city.” (Souma)

“Even so…I…” (Ringo)

Even with that, Ringo wanted to say something, but she bit her lips and endured it. 

“…Let’s go. If we don’t head there quickly, the battle will begin. Ringo-san, please head to your position quickly.” (Mitsuki)

Seeing that the talk was over, Mitsuki pulled me over. 

“Ah, no, Ringo still hasn’t…” (Souma)

“Ringo-san, there’s a reason why you were positioned here. We want you to secure a path of retreat for us.” (Mitsuki)

Mitsuki ignored me and one-sidedly overwhelmed Ringo with her words.

“Securing a safe retreat path can decide the success or failure of an escape. When we think about escaping, it will be important whether you managed to put up a strong defense. It means that you will be our last haven.” (Mitsuki)

“Me…?” (Ringo)

Ringo asked back as if surprised, and Mitsuki made the last push. 

“You won’t mind taking this role, right?” (Mitsuki)

“…Got it.” (Ringo)

Mitsuki and Ringo nod at each other and begin moving soon after.

Ringo went to a point where she could immediately aim at the sky. 

Mitsuki pulled me and we headed to where the battlefield is. 

“Stop it, Mitsuki!” (Souma)

I shook off Mitsuki’s hand and complained to her while using Godstep Cancel to run by her side. 

“How can you say that? That’s as if…” (Souma)

“Sounds as if Ringo-san won’t be able to run away if we lose?” (Mitsuki)

I opened my eyes wide at her pinpointing what I was about to say.

“She won’t be running away no matter what we say. Not only that, there’s the risk she would head alone to the battlefield if she sees that you are in danger. In that case, it would be safer to make her not move from that place.” (Mitsuki)

“You…” (Souma)

It is true that Ringo would do everything she can to protect that place if she put it like that. 

However, I didn’t expect Mitsuki to think that…no, to be able to think like that.

Mitsuki’s cat ears twitched as if upset at my gaze. 

“Even I know that she is worried about you. However, after seeing you fight just now, I decided to believe in you. That said, please try your best to not be as reckless as possible.” (Mitsuki)

“Mitsuki…” (Souma)

I was once again surprised by her words.

The Hisame family should be full of people who wish to die an honorable warrior’s death rather than a regular death by age. 

And yet, the only daughter of that Hisame family, Mitsuki, is saying something like this…

(Is she…changing?) (Souma)

I feel like Mitsuki and Ringo are getting closer from NPCs to humans with each passing day. 

Is it because this world has been enveloped in the factors of reality, or…

Let’s think about that once we overcome this. 

“It is okay. I am sorry for the people of the city, but I won’t be reckless even if asked.” (Souma)

More so when what we will be doing here is mostly an unknown battle. 

Fighting against a horde of strong enemies that I haven’t seen even in the game, in a battle of life or death without resets. 

There’s no way I would want to pull any reckless moves.

“To be perfectly honest here, I am scared and trembling even now. Rather than worrying about me being reckless or not, we should be worrying about whether I will run away or not.” (Souma)

I endure the shame and speak my honest feelings. 

There’s no delay in my speed here, but that’s because the skills aren’t affected by my trembling. 

I am completely stiffened in the face of that massive army -to the point that I am even regretting my own plan. 

“I see. I am the type that feels uplifted in the face of battle, so I don’t understand that feeling well though.” (Mitsuki)

“That’s…really like you, Mitsuki.” (Souma)

I make a wry smile at Mitsuki who is a battle junkie as always. 

For some mysterious reason, I feel like the trembling of my hand decreased a bit. 

“How about you enjoy the battle too? My grandfather said that after his life or death struggle that left him half-alive half-dead, he mourned the end of it before being happy about being alive. If you get into the battle to that degree, I am sure you will forget your fear.” (Mitsuki)

“…I am happy for the advice, but the only ones who can do that are the people in your family, you know?” (Souma)

I at the very least doubt I will be able to reach that level. 

I don’t hate Mitsuki, but I definitely can’t share her battle junkie values. 

But the present Mitsuki isn’t just a battle junkie. 

“If you really are uneasy, you could have ignored the enemies in the sky and asked for the assistance of your little sister. With that, the danger you would be facing would have decreased greatly…” (Mitsuki)

She said this as if in wonder. 

That certainly does have its logic in its own way. 

If we ignore the enemies in the sky, the harm to the city will increase, but I could have asked Ringo to assist me. 

Even so…

“Well, that ain’t happening. Regardless of the harm it will bring to the people of the city, I actually…don’t like fighting in a team.” (Souma)

It was rejected for a completely different reason. 

“It is a pain to manage stuff like the aggro of the monsters and predicting their movements. All my surroundings being enemies and them heading my way is a lot easier on me in a variety of ways.” (Souma)

When I said this, Mitsuki’s cat ears twitched as if saying ‘good grief, this person is hopeless’.

“I don’t understand a single thing of what you are saying, but I do get that what you are saying is quite baffling.” (Mitsuki)

I thought that’s rude, but I am aware of it, so I didn’t say anything. 

At that moment, Mitsuki’s cat ears suddenly jumped up as if saying ‘abnormality found!’.

“What’s the matter?” (Souma)

When I asked this, Mitsuki’s eyes turned grim as she looked at the enemy group that was raising a cloud of dust. 

“The king moved just now. The enemy vanguard must have arrived at the defense line of the city.” (Mitsuki)

“…I see.” (Souma)

After that, if the main force gets close to the city, I wouldn’t be able to achieve much even if I were to become bait. 

I have to advance here to save the city.

Mitsuki speaks to me as if concerned about my fighting spirit.

“I will say this again, but there’s no need to push yourself. Monsters tend to attack the enemy that’s closest to them. After you get a hit in and make the monsters notice you, you should be able to do your role as a bait simply by running around.” (Mitsuki)

This also implies that, once the monsters notice you, you will be chased around the whole time, but I didn’t say anything about that. 

I simply nodded obediently here. 

“No need to hammer it in, I know. Fighting against the main force alone would be reckless. I am not thinking at all about defeating monsters. The only thing I am thinking about is how to pull them and survive.” (Souma)

Mitsuki nodded at what I said with a wry smile. 

“Please do so. I am going to wipe out the rearline of the enemy as soon as possible and definitely go to assist you.” (Mitsuki)

“Got it. I will concentrate on buying time.” (Souma)

She must have finally been relieved by my words, Mitsuki made a really faint smile. 

“…Then, I will be going. Godspeed.” (Mitsuki)

“Yeah, be careful too.” (Souma)

She increased the speed even more and charged onto the backline of the enemy. 

I can’t catch up to that speed with Godstep Cancel, and there’s no need to. 

I take a different route from Mitsuki and advance as if taking a detour. 

I probably really won’t need to worry about Mitsuki. 

There’s no factor that would lead to her being defeated when it comes to compatibility and her ability. 

I looked up at the sky and lightning came flying from the back, dropping the monsters flying there.

Looks like she has begun too. 

(Now then, all that’s left is whether I can do it or not.) (Souma)

There’s something I haven’t told Mitsuki either. 

What I proved to Mitsuki there when I defeated the Living Armor was only my speed and attack power. 

I intentionally didn’t show my defensive power. 

That’s obvious. 

I only excel in attack power. My defense is barely different from characters around level 100. 

My attack power comes from my cheat-like weapon proficiency, from how high the attack power of my weapon is at this stage of the game, the weapon category modifier that takes advantage of a coding mistake, my high weapon proficiency because of my training, and my 10 times increase in Strength from Power Up. 

All these factors greatly amplify my power. 

However, there’s barely anything that increases defense, and my armor is the one sold in stores at the capital. The accessories are related to elemental attack and stamina, so there’s no defense up. 

The only special means of defense is at most the Mysterious Scrap of Paper at my chest. 

Nekomimi Neko has a lot of moments that kill you in one hit without caring about defense, so it is a game balance with resetting in mind. 

The most efficient method is to go with the stance of kill before being killed, so you could say this is the result of me applying that here as well. 

Nekomimi Neko doesn’t have level modifiers. 

It doesn’t have a simple game balance where you could solve things physically with punches once you level up, but even with that, a difference of 1.5 times your level is still fatal, and it creates a difference in parameters. 

If I get punched by a level 150 enemy, I will die in one hit…is how I should assume it will go, but I am definitely going to die in 2-3 hits. 

Or more like, there’s plenty enough chance to get beaten up if I get surrounded by level 100 monsters and get knocked back and stunned to death. 

(Aah, I might have acted a bit too tough there…) (Souma)

The enemies were coming into sight and the more I approached, the more I felt the pressure in my skin. That weakness was showing in my face. 

My body is trembling from the fear, and I feel like vomiting from the nervousness.

It even makes me think it might just be better for me to turn tail and run away right now. 

(But I can’t do that.) (Souma)

It is the fate of RPGs. 

In games, the player is a special existence, and they can easily get stronger and easily save the world. 

But the player saving the world also means that if the player doesn’t do anything, the world will perish. 

That is remarkably true for Nekomimi Neko. 

The many events that seriously come to kill the player, they can fail easily depending on the actions of the player, and the result is that it won’t only bring the doom of the player but the world as a whole. 

I can’t live in a fallen world, and I don’t want to live on knowing that it was my fault that the world will perish. 

It may be self-interested, but those are my true feelings. 

(Haven’t I fought that much in the game? I can do it!) (Souma)

It is not like I have to defeat the enemies. 

I will just hit them once and then run away to buy time. 

(Basically, it is okay as long as the attacks don’t hit.) (Souma)

The unexpected bombs would be to get hit by a long ranged attack by surprise, or to get caught in a cramped location. 

Both will be difficult to happen here. 

If I do it well, I can keep the chances of being shot low, and I should be able to lure enemies somehow. 

(A life or death escape sounds cool.) (Souma)

I hype myself up like this and direct my gaze at the horde of monsters. 

A ruckus is occurring within the army. 

Mitsuki must be rampaging. 

It looks like it is about time I get found. 

I can tell that the monster at the very rear has turned my way. 

(Finally.) (Souma)

I stop there for a moment. 

This is where I will stop moving forward with Godstep Cancel.

“…Fuuh.” (Souma)

I closed my eyes for a bit while my body skill stunned.

…I imagine myself increasing the gears by one.

The battles until now have been short or I didn’t have the chance to use my skills to the full extent because I didn’t have the adequate equipment and skills.

If it is a battle where I can overcome it by economizing my stamina, it is fine to keep it the same as always. 


(This time around, I will be going full force.) (Souma)

In the battle from here on, I will need to bring back the sensations I had in the game. Using Godstep Cancel so naturally as if it were walking, using Slash and Side-Slash more than normal attacks, moving in mid-air when traversing the city; I need that feeling back. 

It is not about using the skills in the important moments, but connecting skills in all of my actions. 

I have to match my consciousness to the late stage playstyle of Nekomimi Neko. 

“…Go!!” (Souma)

I open my eyes. 

([Step], [High Step], [Ground Compression]!) (Souma)

I jumped into the direction of the monsters that covered my whole vision. 

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