WG – Chapter 73: The most beautiful thing in this world

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(The Hisame event flag has come back? Why?!) (Souma)

I was on the verge of panicking here and desperately turned the gears in my brain. 

I should have been able to avoid the ‘Hisame calling me to her house’ condition with the sexual harrassment attack. 

But then why is the flag standing right now? 

Could it be that the key point of this event wasn’t to be invited into her house. 

Is it because my ability was recognized by Hisame with that duel? 

No, it is hard that’s all there is to it. 

You could even say a new flag has been established because I saw the skin of Hisame. 

Maybe there’s a family precept like ‘you must marry the person that has been your naked self?’.

Considering the Hisame event, it does sound plausible. 

If that really is the case, it would mean that I have taken a nosedive instead. 

(Wait, calm down! What’s most important right now is to confirm whether the Hisame event has actually come back!) (Souma)

Telling myself this, I look at the person that has pushed me into this spiral of confusion.

The innocent girl at a glance looked at me as if saying ‘Is something the matter, Onii-chan?’, and I gulped. 

The despairing battle begins. 

I tried talking with Poison-tan for a bit after that, but it seems like the situation is exactly as I imagined… No, it is worse than I imagined. 

In the past when the event was about to get established, the ‘information about Hisame’s house’ was inserted unnaturally into the talk of the citizens. 

But it is different now. 

“Uuh, so can you tell me once again what you came here to do?” (Souma)

When I ask this…

“Ahaha, so funny~. Even though I am saying it countless times. Onii-chan’s brain is on the level of a goblin. I think you should go quickly to the house of Hisame~.” (Poison)

Poison-tan responded to me with a pure and evil smile. 

This is not like the incomplete state of before. I should take this as the event having begun completely. 

It is not like the information about Hisame’s house is being inserted in a conversation, but all the conversation itself is about Hisame’s house. 

(This is bad.) (Souma)

I could have broken an incomplete flag, but when the flag has been completely established, is it even possible to undo it? 

And most importantly, the current problem is…

“Even though you could just obediently go to Hisame’s house. Why are you trying to put it off, Onii-chan?” (Poison)

“Do you know the meaning of the phrase ‘taking responsibility’, Onii-chan?” (Poison)

“The Hisame dojo lies west. Know what west is, Onii-chan?” (Poison)

“Could it be that you can’t say anything anymore, Onii-chan?” (Poison)

“You are not taking the criminal mindset that things might fix themself if you stay silent, right, Onii-chan?” (Poison)

I have to do something about this poison-spitting girl in front of me before my heart breaks!! 

“R-Ringo…” (Souma)

The one I sought for succor in this moment when my spirit was in critical state was of course my partner. 

Ringo looked at my state for around 3 seconds and then whispered something to Poison-tan.

I observe this in prayer and…

“I see. Then there’s no worries.” (Poison)

Poison-tan easily listened to Ringo’s words and then walked to the exit of the room. 

“See ya, Onii-chan! Hisame’s dojo lies to the west of the capital! Don’t forget that!” (Poison)

Poison-tan pushed the information of the Hisame household even at the end, and left the room.

“Hey, Ringo, what was the business of Poison-tan…?” (Souma)

I asked Ringo who had seen her off to the entryway. 

“…She said the guild had prepared the money.” (Ringo)

“So it really was that.” (Souma)

I sigh heavily as she said this. 

So the business of Poison-tan really had nothing to do with the house of Hisame. 

The Hisame chain event has totally begun here. 

“Eh? But you are talking normally, Ringo.” (Souma)

“…?” (Ringo)

Ringo tilted her head lightly. 

Looks like she isn’t aware of it herself. 

“Hey, Ringo, can you try saying something?” (Souma)

“…Sexua—” (Ringo)

“I’m sorry! Forget I asked!” (Souma)

We have talked a whole ton until now. 

It is clear that Ringo doesn’t get affected by events. 

And it has also been proved here that Ringo is still in a sour mood.

I don’t know if this means Ringo is the exception or Poison-tan is the exception. 

I decided to confirm outside. 

The conclusion was…

“Yo, Nii-chan, the item here is going for cheap right now, but you should go to Hisame’s house first!” 

“The hottest dungeon right now is this one, but the most recommended one for you is the Hisame dojo that lies west of the capital!” 

“Oh my, what a handsome man. This place fits you the most. It is a place that’s located west of the capital, and it is called the Hisame dojo…” 

“Ooh, sorry, but we are full here! Go wait at the dojo in the west until seats are opened!” 

“Thanks to you, Blue has gotten this lively… What I can do to repay you is tell you where the house of Hisame-san is. Her place lies west of the capital…” 

“Souma-oniichan, it has been a while! My little sister is doing well. Just leave this place to me and go to the house of Hisame!” 

“Here you go, 2 apples. Then, I will tell you one juicy gossip in exchange for buying from me. The dojo that the Hisame household manages lies west of the capital.” 

It basically went like that. 

With this much proof, there’s already no room for doubt. 

Or more like, I feel like what they say is more diverse now. 

But it seems like it is still the same in that other events don’t happen and I can’t use the shops. As for the greengrocer Oba-chan, she simply took away my 100E without giving me anything.

Ringo not being affected is probably because she is a bugged character. 

Ringo might not have event flags. 

At this rate, even if we meet Maki, there’s even the chance that she would end up talking about Hisame’s house in the worst case. 

It would be nice if the player attribute is applied as well, but if not, I would have gone through the trouble of reuniting with the princess and end up hearing about Hisame. 

No, even if the Knight Order came to my house, the chances of them telling me the place of Hisame’s dojo and leaving are high. 

(…No good. We have to do something about this current state of affairs.) (Souma)

That’s what I think, but I don’t have any idea of what to do to avoid it. 

The sure method would be to go to Hisame’s house, but if I do…

(Wait a moment…) (Souma)

The next event is probably visiting the dojo together with Hisame, in order to avoid the situation where characters only talk about the house of Hisame. 

At those times, Hisame would wait at her own house in the game. 

But in this situation, will Hisame really be waiting properly at the house? 

According to my game knowledge, Hisame has barely returned to the dojo for several years. 

But it is in order to introduce her possible marriage partner, so she came back home after a really long time. 

I don’t know why, but the Hisame visit flag has been raised, and yet, Hisame herself still hasn’t told me she wants me to go to her house. 

Would Hisame return home in this situation? 

If the location of Hisame is also part of the event, I think she has properly returned, but I also feel like she is in a different location because of the irregular situation. 

If Hisame still hasn’t returned home, what would happen? 

I would begin the event officially, and in order to solve this event suspension state, I would have to find Hisame first, and I would have to convince her to go to the dojo together with me. 

(No no, that’s impossible!) (Souma)

I have to find Hisame who-knows-where with no hints, then convince her when I have sexually harrassed her like that, and have her agree to come together with me to her house; that’s way too impossible. 

There’s a limit to worsening situations. 

(Might as well just go to the dojo…) (Souma)

I am having regrets here, but it can’t be helped anymore. 

The reason we could do shopping before was because I had postponed the time we would have the duel.

I want to believe that wasn’t a waste.

“Anyways…” (Souma)

I must search for the location of Hisame. 

With grim resolve, I head back to the city where the information of Hisame’s house is flying around. 

But unfortunately, I don’t have items or skills that can help me find the place of Hisame, and no matter what I ask the people of the city, I only get information about Hisame’s house. 

I feel like it should be fine for them to talk about Hisame since it is related to Hisame’s family, but it looks like there’s no such consideration. 

It was only after a good while that I noticed that it is only me who gets all the information about Hisame’s house if I ask, but if Ringo asks, there’s no problem. 

When Ringo began to ask around, we managed to get information as if the struggles of before were a lie. 

There were a number of people who saw Hisame run out of the gates with incredible speed. 

Her speed was so outrageous that barely any people could follow her with their eyes, but that alone was enough to tell them who was the one. 

“It is around here, right?” (Souma) 

There’s a number of fields in the direction the information pointed us at. 

But within all those fields, I feel like she went to Legus Lake. 

There’s a rising cape at Legus Lake after all.

Cornered people always head to cliffs. 

“To think she would actually be there…” (Souma)

It is far, but I could see someone standing at the tip of the cape. 

It is most likely Hisame judging from the clothes. 

Looks like my hunch was actually right. 

Hisame should be afraid of heights, but she is probably that cornered.

“Then, let’s go.” (Souma)

I tried walking ahead after saying that, but…

“…I won’t go.” (Ringo)

Ringo didn’t follow after me. 

“O-Oi, listen here, right now…” (Souma)

I thought she was still in a bad mood from back then so I was about to complain, but Ringo shook her head.

“…It would probably be better…for you to go alone.” (Ringo)

Seeing her face, I was ashamed that I was placing selfish assumptions here. 

Ringo made a complicated expression as she looked at me. 

“But what do you mean by it being better for me to go alone?” (Souma)

“…If it were me…I would be happier that way.” (Ringo)

I don’t really get what she means by that making her happier, but Ringo doesn’t seem like she intends to speak any further. 

“…Got it. I’m off.” (Souma)

I also know that Ringo is unexpectedly stubborn. 

Also, Ringo wouldn’t leave my side at any moment because she was worried about my safety, and yet, she is saying this. It must be necessary. 

I decided to go alone. 

Hisame is standing at the very tip of the cape. 

The wind blows and her hair flutters.

It looked as if Hisame would fall at any moment from being pushed by that wind, and it shook my heart. 

“This is probably the first time that you have come to me even though I haven’t called you.” (Hisame)

Seems like she really detected me by my presence. 

Hisame spoke to me without even looking back. 

“Now that you mention it, yeah, you might be right. Did I make you wait today too?” (Souma)

Hisame shook her head softly to the sides. 

“No. I actually planned on going to your place to call you. I didn’t expect you to come to me.” (Hisame) 

‘It is a happy coincidence’, is what Hisame added as she turned around. 

The drenched clothes were now dry, and her turned around face was as beautiful as ever, but her cat ears seemed to be tired and scared. 

Seeing that, even I get hit by guilt. 

“Uhm, about before…” (Souma)

Before I could say sorry, Hisame asked me. 

“You saw it…right?” (Hisame)

I choked. 

Her naked body that I could see through her wet clothes replayed in my mind. 

“I-I…” (Souma)

“I don’t mind. That reaction is enough.” (Hisame)

I tried to say something, but Hisame stopped me with a sad gesture. 

“I actually noticed…where your gaze was going. Because I could see it clearly after all.” (Hisame)

“Ugh… Sorry.” (Souma)

I have no excuses. 

Was I looking at her with such a lecherous look?

It is a bit sad that I can’t firmly say I didn’t. 

Hisame simply made a short ‘don’t mind it’ as she continued speaking. 

“But now that you have seen me like that, I must report it to my father. I am sorry for doing this after I promised I wouldn’t call you to the dojo, but I will have you come with me too. Of course, I won’t make unreasonable requests like succeeding the dojo or to fight the disciples. I am inviting you solely as a guest.” (Hisame)

“…Okay.” (Souma)

Does she judge both the promise and this as two different cases? 

Or is this matter heavier than keeping the promise? 

I nodded calmly as I screamed internally. 

(So it really was an instant marriage route when you see her naked body?!!) (Souma)

Hisame’s household is a family of old customs. 

Moreover, it is an old customs family that was made with the half-assed prejudiced knowledge of the Nekomimi Neko staff.

Marrying someone after showing their naked bodies might not be a setting that was put out at the open in the game, but it wouldn’t be strange at all if they did have that set up on the shadowy corners. 

But if that’s really the case, this world is replicated to an abnormal degree. 

It is perfectly replicating things that weren’t even applied in the game. I can’t tell if it is faithful to the game or not. 

Just how good of a job did it make? 

“…Is it displeasing to be with me?” (Hisame)

However, Hisame suddenly muttered this, most likely assuming something from my silence while I was deep in my thoughts.

“Eh? No, not really…” (Souma)

I reflexively denied it, but it seems like that had the opposite effect. 

“It is okay. I showed you something like that after all. I can understand your reaction.” (Hisame)

“No, as I said…” (Souma)

Even if I am trying to desperately refute it here, it isn’t resonating. 

She showed a self-deprecating smile.

“You must have thought it was disgusting, right?” (Hisame)

What a thing to say. 

I don’t get it at all. 

Could it be that she has a complex about her own body? 

But that’s a completely absurd fear and an extravagant worry. 

If Hisame feels a complex about her own body, then Ina… Well, that was a joke, but at the very least, Hisame has nothing to be ashamed of. 

“No, I thought it was beautiful.” (Souma)

That’s why I said something right out of a manga protagonist with a straight face. 

I said it. 

Peeking at the naked body of someone and praising it; I honestly don’t think that’s sane, but I said it straight out. 

“That’s a lie! There’s no way…” (Hisame)

But Hisame was shaken by this. 

It really must have been a complex.

Anyways, I thought this is the moment to attack, so I added more. 

“No, I thought it was the most beautiful thing I have seen until now. Your natural born beauty is charming to me.” (Souma)

But that’s the sadness of a loner. 

Because I am not used to praising someone, I ended up speaking out quite the outrageous thing. 

I simply spoke out what came out of my mind, but thought about it calmly…

‘Your naked body was the number one sight of my life! Wouldn’t it be best if you were to just stay naked?’.

Something like that.

It is without doubt the talk of a pervert. 

“…R-Really?” (Hisame)

But it must have touched a heartstring in Hisame, she was super bashful here.

A mysterious positive response! 

I went all in! 

“Y-Yeah, of course! To the point I would like to see it once more!” (Souma)

My mouth ain’t stopping. 

This can only be taken as ‘Show me your naked body again!!’.

Rather than a pervert, it is more like I am faithful to my desires. 

“…Got it.” (Hisame)

But it seems like Hisame-san has understood it for some reason!!

“Eh, no, what I said just now was…” (Souma)

Without caring about my agitation…

“Please close your eyes.” (Hisame)

If she says this while putting a hand on her clothes, I have no choice but to close my eyes. 

I was at the peak of confusion in my completely dark vision. 

(Wait wait wait! Just what’s happening here?!) (Souma)

I can hear the rustling of clothes. 

It seems like she is really taking her clothes off. 

Could it be that she is really going to be showing me her naked body again? 

Or more like, last time, it was through clothes, so it is not like I actually saw her naked, so this would be my first—

(No, that’s not it! That’s not what I meant…) (Souma)

Could it be that the Hisame Marriage Event has been accelerated? 

No, if there’s really a rule about marrying someone if they show their naked body, wouldn’t it be natural for things to flow like this regardless of the event? 

I don’t know. 

I don’t get it. 

I don’t, but I feel like I am making a crucial misunderstanding here. 

“…It is fine now.” (Hisame)

But the voice of Hisame informed me I ran out of time. 

I hesitantly opened my eyes and…

“?!” (Souma)

Hisame was holding the clothes she was wearing just now in both arms and was standing there with a blushed face. 

Her important parts are being hidden by the clothes that she has in her hands, but her shoulders and all the other areas are completely visible. 

Is this…is this for real? 

I was speechless.

Hisame then spoke while trembling in embarrassment. 

“U-Uhm…at that time, it was coiled around my waist, so you…probably couldn’t get a good look…” (Hisame)

No, it is true that I couldn’t see the most important part because she curled up before I could, but the reason I could look at her so intently before was because of the heat of the moment, and I currently don’t have that courage…

Is what I thought, but I had no time to be hesitating. 

Hisame moved despite my conflicts. 

“I-I will show you the parts of me that I have never shown anyone else.” (Hisame)

And then, she showed me ‘that’. 

At that moment, I felt all my thoughts were blown away. 

“…Beautiful.” (Souma)

I mutter the only correct word in this situation.

What was exposed in front of me was the most beautiful thing that no piece of art would even be able to compete against.

A graceful silhouette so perfect I would even believe if I was told God personally created it. 

The most exquisite suppleness and feel of touch that one can tell just from sight alone. 

Subtle and graceful movements shaking like a willow tree, bewitching the beholder. 

That’s most likely the most beautiful thing in this world.

Unable to endure my welling up emotions, I once again said it. 

“It is truly beautiful. What a truly beautiful…cat tail.” (Souma)

…Well, yeah, I figured it was something like that though! 

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